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Te a c h e r s R e s o u r c e K i t,REBECCA STEAD. One day my then four year old son though fabulous the spying necessitates He especially hates lying to his. accidentally pushed my laptop off the dining room dad. table and the Very Serious Stories were gone Poof, But then it s not the only lie that s being told in. So It was time to write something new Something joyful Georges house is it. to cheer me up I was pretty grouchy about the lost. The spying and his new friendship with Safer do provide. stories I went to a bookstore and bought an armload of. a distraction though from the bad things that are, books that I remembered loving as a kid I read them I. happening at school the bullying and the forthcoming. went back to the store and bought more books I read. taste test game in Science that the bullies are sure will. them And then I began to write and I began to love. prove once and for all that Georges is the biggest freak. writing That s when I became a writer,in their class. Some people will tell you that real writers don t use. But as the spying gets more and more dangerous and. parentheticals which is nonsense The most important. he finds himself telling more and more lies Georges. thing to know about writing is that there are no rules. begins to wonder if it s all worth it And he also begins. to suspect that Safer isn t all he appears, Can Georges solve the mystery of Safer Can he come.
Georges mom always tells him that life is a thousand to terms with what s happening in his family. little dots that make up a beautiful big picture She tells. And with the help of Bob English Who Draws can he, him not to worry about the little dots to concentrate. finally beat the bullies at their own game,instead on the picture they make. All the little dots of Georges life are coming together to. Georges tries, form a big picture that is his life Will it be a life Georges. He tries when his father is laid off and they have to move is proud of Will he finally learn not to be afraid. from the family home he loved, And will he be able to help Safer too when it turns out. He tries when the bullies at school target him day after he needs more help than he s willing to admit. day calling him a geek, As Georges learns how to be a liar and a spy he also.
He tries when his best friend decides to be friends with learns how to be himself. the bullies instead of him, He tries when his mom has to work overtime at the THEMES. hospital and the only way he can communicate with,Lies and truth. her is through messages spelled out in Scrabble tiles. Georges tries to see the big picture but sometimes. it s hard especially when he has no friends to fill his Phobias. big picture with life and laughter The highlight of. Georges week is the high five he gives his sports, teacher every Friday afternoon because it means his Language. week at school is over,But then Georges and his dad spot a crumpled. Friendship, invitation to go to a spy club meeting in his new building.
and Georges dad responds Georges doesn t want Games. to go along but he s worried the note was written by a Science. young child who ll be disappointed if he doesn t show. up History, It turns out the invitation was written by Safer a boy Fear. Georges age and his younger sister Candy Safer and Education. Candy live in the apartment building with their mom. and their big brother Pigeon Pigeon got his name Financial stress. because he loves birds Candy loves to eat lollies Growing up. Safer won t tell Georges how he got his name and it s. only one of many strange and mysterious things about. Georges new friend CHARACTERS, At first Georges is reluctant to get involved with Safer s Georges The main protagonist and narrator of the. spy club He is afraid of the dangerous mission Safer is story Georges is in seventh grade He lives with his. involved in finding out what the sinister black clad Mr mother and father in New York Georges is shy and. X is doing in his apartment with the hand saw and the different and is bullied at school Georges is good at. heavy looking suitcases and he doesn t like all the lies school but terrible at sport He is fascinated by science. www textpublishing com au 2,Te a c h e r s R e s o u r c e K i t. REBECCA STEAD, and history Georges has trouble making friends and this Bob English Who Draws Bob English Who Draws is. worries his parents Georges has a strong moral code another unpopular student who attempts to make. he hates lying and is kind to his classmates even when friends with Georges Bob is also obsessed with. they re not kind to him language in particular the unnecessarily complicated. nature of the English language He prefers spelling. Georges Dad Georges dad is an architect who has,phonetically something that irritates Georges.
just been laid off from his work and is now pursuing a. freelance career as an interior designer He is creative Dallas and Carter Dallas and Carter are bullies who. and artistic and worries about his son He attempts to target Georges and make his life at school unpleasant. engage his son in conversation about his problems and They are popular kids who attain their popularity by. encourages him to make friends He has secrets too making the other students afraid to cross them. and talks in a lowered voice on his phone at night time. Jason Jason is Georges former best friend who has, Georges Mom Georges Mom is a nurse who spends rejected him in favour of becoming friends with the. most of her time at work Georges doesn t see her bullies Jason is still friendly towards Georges but does. very often and communicates with her in Scrabble tile not stand up for Georges when Dallas and Carter are. messages Georges mom encourages Georges to harassing him. look at the bright side of life and gives him tapes of. America s Funniest Home Videos to cheer him up,Safer Safer is a boy the same age as Georges and. Liar Spy is what is known as a first person narrative. lives in Georges building Safer is fascinated by spies. Wikipedia defines a first person narrative as follows. and spying and takes it upon himself to spy on the. First person narrative is a narrative mode where a. other residents of the apartment building where he. story is narrated by one character at a time speaking. and Georges live Safer also loves dogs and walks the. for and about themselves First person narrative, dogs of some of the apartment block residents though. may be singular plural or multiple as well as being. he never takes them outside instead walking them in. an authoritative reliable or deceptive voice and, the apartment block courtyard Safer spends most of. represents point of view in the writing, his time babysitting his younger sister Candy inside.
his apartment Safer is resentful of his older brother The narrators explicitly refer to themselves using. Pigeon for going to a public high school instead of words and phrases involving I referred to as the first. continuing to be homeschooled as Safer and Candy person singular and or we the first person plural. are Safer is bossy and likes to be in charge He sees This allows the reader or audience to see the point of. himself as a teacher to Georges and Candy in the art of view including opinions thoughts and feelings only of. spying the narrator and no other characters In some stories. first person narrators may refer to information they. Candy Candy is Safer s little sister She is obsessed with. have heard from the other characters in order to try to. sweet treats particularly seasonal foods lollies that. deliver a larger point of view http en wikipedia org. can only be bought at certain times of the year Candy. wiki First person narrative, acts as Safer s doorman and scout and is paid a dollar. an hour money she spends on more lollies Safer often The narrator of this story is Georges Georges can be. says he is babysitting Candy but often it seems like it s described as an unreliable narrator because we only. Candy who s looking after Safer get to hear his point of view and at times the truth of. this point of view may be debated As the story goes on. Pigeon Pigeon is the older brother of Candy and Safer. we learn more and more that we cannot always believe. Pigeon has upset Safer by choosing to go to a public. what Georges says, high school with other children Pigeon loves birds the. reason behind his name but is also enjoying being a Georges language is often quite poetic with heavy. regular teenager something else that angers Safer use of metaphors and similes A metaphor is a figure. of speech that suggests that one thing is the same. Safer s Mom Safer s mom is a bohemian who,as another thing For example He was a mouse is a. home schools Safer and Candy Safer s mom isn t an, metaphor that could be used to suggest that someone. authoritative parent instead encouraging her children. is shy and fearful A simile on the other hand suggests. to explore their passions She is a stickler for table. that one thing is like another So a simile for a shy and. manners though, fearful person might be He was as shy as a mouse See.
Mr Landau and Ms Warner Two of Georges teachers if you can identify similes and metaphors as you read. Mr Landau is a science teacher who is teaching his through the text. students about the science of taste Ms Landau is a. The chapters in Liar Spy are quite short This makes. sports teacher obsessed with Volleyball Both teachers. the book fast paced and exciting and is a common, are friendly and kind towards Georges and attempt to. technique used in spy novels, help him with his bullying problems but seem unable. to really make a difference,www textpublishing com au 3. Te a c h e r s R e s o u r c e K i t,REBECCA STEAD. PRE READING ACTIVITIES 8 Read the blurb of the book Does the blurb make. The setting you want to read more Do you think you will enjoy. this book Why or why not, Show students a map of the United States and point.
out New York City Find a map of New York City and talk 9 Liar Spy is a book about family Use ten. about the different boroughs within the city describing words to describe your family. Find current population statistics for New York City 10 Make a dictionary of all the new vocabulary words. Compare the population and land size of New York you learn while reading the book. City with that of your city and state Have students in Spy Notebook. groups use the internet and other sources to research. As you read through the text pretend that you are a. aspects of New York City e g geographical features. spy investigating the mystery that is the novel In a. social organisation religion and history Allow time for. special exercise book which you may want to decorate. presentation of the information that students find and. to make it look like a notebook a spy might use keep. for discussion of issues that are raised by it, notes about the text that might give you clues to how it. Taste might end In particular make notes about, Either before or after reading the text have your Safer. students do some research into the science of taste. Georges Mom,Bullying The bullies at Georges schoolbooks. Talk to children about issues of bullying Find examples. At certain points in the book your teacher will ask you. of bullying situations in the news and invite students to. to make suggestions as to how the book might end and. comment on their reaction to these articles, what will happen to certain characters Use your notes to. Lies and truth help you form these predictions At the end of the book. The novel raises important issues about lies and truth once you know the outcomes for the characters you can. Encourage them to examine lies and truth in their own look back over your notes and see if they provided clues. lives and to discuss the morality behind lying to what would happen. Encourage students to research phobias and to talk READING ACTIVITIES. about phobias and fears in their own lives Page 1 Using the internet or reference books find a. picture of a map of the human tongue and copy it on. Some more activities before you start reading and, a piece of paper Now think about your four favourite.
things to think about while you read, foods Instead of the four sections of taste described in. 1 Make a timeline of all the events of Georges story the tongue map add your four favourite foods Draw a. Every time something important happens in the picture of them and write a few words about the way. book mark it on this timeline You can use pictures they taste and why you like them. or words to mark out the events on the timeline,Page 2 Bob English Who Draws gets his nickname. 2 What do you know about spies Write a short because he likes to draw pictures in his school exercise. paragraph about everything that comes into your book If you were to be given a nickname like this what. head when you think of spies and spying would it be and why. 3 Write a poem about lies and liars Page 4 America s Funniest Home Videos makes. 4 When you think of New York City what are the first Georges laugh Is there one thing person movie book. five words that come into your head or television program that always makes you laugh. Write about it and why you find it funny,5 Liar Spy is a book about growing up Are you. looking forward to being a grown up Why or Page 5 Georges sports class is playing volleyball What. Candy Candy is Safer s little sister She is obsessed with sweet treats particularly seasonal foods lollies that can only be bought at certain times of the year Candy acts as Safer s doorman and scout and is paid a dollar an hour money she spends on more lollies Safer often says he is babysitting Candy but often it

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