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Prelims qxd 9 29 08 3 55 PM Page v,Introduction, Oh how can a great man fall so low A prince a student a soldier the. flower of his country the mirror of everyone s dreams all gone He was. so brave clever and beautiful He was the most perfect of men He filled. my ears with the sweet music of his promises But now he fills them with. the crazy words of a broken mind, Ophelia is in love with Hamlet the Prince of Denmark but. Hamlet is acting very strangely Why is he so rude to her Why is. his heart filled with so much sadness and angry pain Is he really. mad or does he have a secret plan, Only two people know Hamlet s real secret his good friends. Marcellus and Horatio but they have promised not to tell. anyone Hamlet wants revenge His wicked uncle Claudius has. murdered his father and married his mother and Hamlet wants. to punish him But how Will the young prince be strong and. brave enough to take his revenge Will he succeed in destroying. the wickedness that is destroying him, Hamlet is one of the most famous plays in the world and it. is as true and alive today as it was four hundred years ago In a. world of lies and murder Hamlet is different He is honest and. thoughtful He believes in goodness But he is not perfect He is. an ordinary man who makes mistakes Often he cannot decide. what to do This is what makes him and the play so special. There are no simple answers to difficult questions There is no. easy promise of happiness for good people in a bad world. This is a story full of death murder accidents illness and. graves But there is a message of hope It is possible for even the. weakest of people to be brave And we can learn something good. about ourselves when we are suffering the most terrible pain. Text qxd 11 6 07 16 07 Page 1,Act 1 The Ghost on the Castle Wall.
Scene 1 The largest room in the King s castle, There is a platform at one end of the room with beautiful chairs for. the King and Queen Polonius Laertes Hamlet Ophelia Voltemand. Cornelius and other lords and ladies are waiting around the platform. Music plays Claudius and Gertrude come in and stand on the. platform in front of their chairs, Claudius to everybody The memory of our king my dear. brother is still fresh in all our hearts The sadness of his death. will be with us for ever but we must begin to think of other. things So with one eye wet and the other eye dry I have. taken my brother s sister the Queen as my wife We married. with your permission and for this we thank you But some. people think that our grief has made us weak Young. Fortinbras of Norway is planning to attack our country He. wants to take back from us his father s lost land This is land. that my brother won honestly and bravely many years ago. holding up a letter I have written to young Fortinbras s uncle. the King of Norway The old King is weak and cannot leave. his bed He knows nothing about his nephew s unlawful plans. for war against us to Cornelius and Voltemand Take this letter. to the King as quickly as you can We do not have much time. Voltemand and Cornelius take the letter and leave Claudius turns. to Laertes with a warm smile And now Laertes you have. something to ask me No man at this court is more important. to me than your father so do not be shy Tell me what you. Laertes My Lord I came back to Denmark to see you become. king Now I would like to return to France,Claudius to Polonius Does he have your permission. Text qxd 11 6 07 16 07 Page 2,Polonius With a heavy heart I agree. Claudius to Laertes You have my permission too turning to. Hamlet But now my nephew Hamlet and my son, Hamlet angrily to himself I am more than a nephew but less.
than a son,Claudius Why are you still so unhappy, Hamlet with a cold smile How can I be unhappy my Lord when. you are so kind to me, Gertrude softly Dear Hamlet stop wearing those black clothes. and be friendly to our new king You must stop feeling sad. about your father We all have to die one day, Hamlet coldly Yes Madam we do But my grief is more than. just black clothes sad speeches and eyes full of tears My grief. is real It is inside me You cannot see the true sadness in my. Claudius All men lose their fathers and a son must feel sadness. But too much sadness is not the grief of a real man It is a. crime against God against the dead even a crime against. reason So throw away this useless grief and think of me as. your father After me you will be the next king And my love. for you is as great as the love of a father for his son I know. that you want to return to your studies in Wittenberg But I. want you to stay here with me Then I can see you every day. You are the most important person at my court, Gertrude Stay here with us Hamlet Don t go to Wittenberg. Hamlet to Gertrude I will do what you ask Madam, Claudius smiling at Gertrude Come Madam Hamlet s sensible.
words have pleased my heart Let s open the wine and drink to. our happiness and to the health of Denmark,Music plays Everybody leaves except Hamlet. Hamlet angrily and unhappily Why is it against God s law for. a man to kill himself Oh God the world seems a tired. Text qxd 11 6 07 16 07 Page 3, empty useless place to me How can things go so wrong. so quickly My father s only been dead for two months He. was a wonderful king and so loving to my mother He was. everything to her But less than a month after his death oh. I can t even think of it Weakness your name is Woman Less. than a month after his death this grief filled woman married. my uncle Less than a month before the salt of her dishonest. tears turned her eyes red Oh what a wicked woman to hurry. so quickly to the bed of her dead husband s brother My heart. is breaking noticing the arrival of Horatio Marcellus and Barnardo. but it must break quietly I must say nothing more,Horatio Greetings my Lord. Hamlet smiling Horatio What are you doing in Elsinore I. thought you were in Wittenberg, Horatio My Lord I came when I heard about your father s. Hamlet quietly Yes that was the worst day of my life. Horatio I saw your father once He was a good king, Hamlet He was a man There won t be a man like him again.
Horatio nervously My Lord I think I saw him last night. Hamlet surprised Saw Who, Horatio The King your father Three nights ago these two. good men Marcellus and Barnardo saw your father s ghost. while they were on guard on the castle wall They saw him. again the next night Dressed like a soldier he walked past. them slowly He then disappeared into the shadows as they. watched Last night I joined them on guard and I saw him. too It was exactly as they described it It was your father. Hamlet Did you speak to him,Horatio We did my Lord but he didn t reply. Hamlet Did he look angry,Horatio More sad than angry. Hamlet What colour was his beard,Text qxd 11 6 07 16 07 Page 4. Horatio The same as when he was alive black mixed with. Hamlet excitedly I ll join you on guard tonight Perhaps he ll. come again If it is my father I ll speak to him But please. don t tell anyone about this It must be our secret I ll meet you. on the castle wall just before midnight Until then goodbye. Horatio Marcellus and Barnardo leave My father s ghost. Dressed like a soldier All is not well No good will come of. this Something bad s going to happen and nothing in the. world will stop it He leaves,Scene 2 Ophelia s room in the castle.
In the room are a bed a chair and a table with a mirror on it. Ophelia is sitting at the mirror tidying her hair Polonius comes in. Polonius angrily I ve heard that you and Hamlet are spending a. lot of time together If it s true I m not happy Be honest with. me What s happening between you and Hamlet, Ophelia softly He s shown many signs of love for me. Polonius pulling Ophelia to her feet and shaking her roughly by the. arms Signs of love You speak like a child You re too young to. understand the real meaning of these things Do you believe. these signs as you call them, Ophelia shaking her head and crying I don t know my Lord. Polonius These signs of love are not the real thing You must. be more careful or you ll get into trouble, Ophelia My Lord he s always acted well towards me When he. speaks of love he seems to mean it, Polonius I m sure he does When a young man s blood burns. with love his tongue easily finds fine words But believe me. these words have no meaning I order you to stay away from. him turning away and pulling her by the arm Now come with. Text qxd 11 6 07 16 07 Page 5,Ophelia unhappily All right my Lord.
They leave,Scene 3 The castle wall at night, There is a full moon and the ground is covered with snow Hamlet. Horatio and Marcellus arrive,Hamlet It s cold out here What time is it. Marcellus Twelve o clock,The Ghost arrives,Horatio excitedly Look my Lord it s here. Hamlet seeing the Ghost God help us Are you from Heaven or. from Hell King Father speak to me Why has your dead. body left your grave Why do you walk around in the. moonlight in soldiers clothes, The Ghost makes a sign with his finger for Hamlet to follow. Horatio It s calling you It has a secret to tell you. Marcellus It wants you to follow it But don t go, Hamlet If it refuses to speak to me here I must follow it.
Horatio nervously No my Lord,Hamlet calmly Why not I m not afraid of it. Marcellus holding Hamlet s arm You mustn t go, Hamlet angrily Take your hands off me I ll make a ghost of. anyone who tries to stop me, Marcellus takes his hands away The Ghost leaves and Hamlet. Horatio He s listening too much to his imagination. Marcellus We must follow him We have to protect him. They leave,Text qxd 11 6 07 16 07 Page 6,Scene 4 A dark snowy forest. Hamlet arrives following the Ghost, Hamlet stopping Where are you taking me Speak or I refuse.
to walk another step, Ghost stopping and turning round I am the ghost of your father. I have to spend my nights in darkness and my days in the fires. of Hell until someone has paid for the crime against me Listen. to me and listen to me well If you love your father you must. punish his murderer,Hamlet crying Oh God Murder, Ghost Yes the worst kind of murder It was reported that I was. killed by a wild animal in the garden But that is a lie My. murderer was the animal who is now the king,Hamlet I knew it My uncle. Ghost Yes With his clever words and wicked mind he won. the heart of my queen I loved her with an honest heart. but now she has accepted the love of a dog She is a weak. woman But morning is near I must hurry with my story. One afternoon I was sleeping in my garden as usual While. I was asleep your uncle poured poison into my ears In this. way I was robbed of my life my country and my queen If you. love your father you must punish his wicked brother for his. crime But do not lift an angry hand against your mother. Leave her for God to judge Now it is almost morning and I. must hurry away Goodbye my son goodbye Remember me. Hamlet holding his head and crying Oh Heaven Earth yes. even Hell what new suffering can you throw at me But I. must be strong Remember you Oh yes dear Father None of. my other memories are important to me now I will not rest. until I have revenge,Text qxd 11 6 07 16 07 Page 7. Oh God Murder,Text qxd 11 6 07 16 07 Page 8,Horatio and Marcellus arrive.
Horatio worried Heaven protect him What news my Lord. Hamlet smiling strangely Oh wonderful,Horatio That s good my Lord Tell us. Hamlet No because you ll tell others about it,Horatio surprised and hurt We won t my Lord. Hamlet wildly No one will ever believe what the ghost has. just told me There s no one more wicked in all Denmark. But let s go our different ways you to your business I to. Horatio These are wild words my Lord,Hamlet I m sorry if you feel bad. Horatio There s no reason for us to feel bad my Lord. Hamlet Oh there is Horatio But good friends will you do one. last thing for me Tell no one what you ve seen tonight. Horatio and Marcellus We promise,Hamlet taking out his sword Promise on my sword. Horatio coldly We ve already promised my Lord, Ghost s Voice from below the stage Promise on his sword.
Hamlet laughing Ha ha Did you hear that voice from under. the ground,Horatio frightened Oh this is very strange. Hamlet There are more things in Heaven and Earth than you ve. ever dreamt of Horatio After this you ll think I m strange too. even crazy But it will be an act it won t be real You ll know. my secret but you mustn t tell Now promise, Marcellus and Horatio putting their hands on Hamlet s sword. We promise, Hamlet So dear friends let s go back to the castle together. Remember not a word to anyone These are strange times. But the unhappiest time of all was the day that I was born. Level 1300 headwords Beginner Level 2 600 headwords Elementary Level 3 1200 headwords Pre Intermediate Level 4 1700 headwords Intermediate Level 5 2300 headwords Upper Intermediate Level 6 3000 headwords Advanced Audio CD pack also available LEVEL 3 3 PENGUIN READERS Hamlet William Shakespeare Hamlet Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark His heart

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