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Business Grow 1,Thanks for opening this brochure, Business Grow is a Tokyo based sustainability consultancy focused on building sources of healthy. fresh food in cities and training people to live more sustainable and resilient lifestyles. Utilizing its successful track record of teaching 750 people Business Grow takes. the simple art of gardening to a new level by providing urban farming sustainability. and disaster preparation training courses workshops seminars and lectures. With a local focus and global reach enthusiastic and dedicated consultants provide customized. garden consulting installation and maintenance services backed by extensive resources. to enable families schools offices hotels and other businesses to enjoy. fresh food in the heart of the city, Business Grow also promotes a range of CSR community support and on site urban farming. and sustainability programs to assist individuals families and companies to reduce their. environmental footprints boost self sufficiency and protect the environment. We look forward to partnering with you to build a better world. Great fun Healthy people,Great taste Healthy planet. Navigation,FOR FAMILIES SCHOOLS BUSINESSES CLUBS GROUPS. Introduction Service Summary What Can People Learn. URBAN FARMING PROGRAMS Click a title,For children schools for more.
For adults company staff information,TRAIN TEACH,Urban farming lessons. Our programs in action,URBAN FARMING PACKAGES,For beginners Beginners Food Growing Pack. For experienced gardeners Urban Food Production Kit. Teacher Self learning packs, Home Office site evaluations training Quick Start Pack. OFFICE FOOD GROWING OPTIONS,URBAN FARMING SEMINARS LECTURES WORKSHOPS. SUSTAINABILITY SKILLS TRAINING,DISASTER PREPARATION SURVIVAL SKILLS.
Information Resources,URBAN FARMING REPORTS,CONSULTANTS CONTACT. Introduction,It s never been easier to learn valuable. Business Grow s primary focus is teaching people of all. Japan specific gardening sustainability experience levels how to grow healthy no spray food. and survival skills in English where they live and work Students can learn skills that will. not only help them grow real food but also boost, self sufficiency improve survival skills and protect the. Growing your own food and living more sustainably environment With a record of success working with. in the city is easy cheap and fun but it s even better teachers parents professionals and students we offer. knowing that the food you produce and the actions you. take will lead to better health a safer environment Urban farming training. and a more sustainable future for all, We provide hands on urban farming gardening training that. After teaching over 750 people how to grow fantastic. enables people to get actively involved in the entire food. food and live more sustainably since 2012 sustainability. production cycle from sowing seeds and tending vegetables. consultant Jon Walsh and his team offer practical,to harvesting eating and sharing food in the city.
hands on training seminars and workshops in,More info see P4. Urban farming Garden building maintenance,Sustainability recycling re purposing. Need a garden to provide healthy food a CSR program. Disaster preparation survival skills and or to boost environmental awareness We can set up. and manage vibrant gardens for you as well as provide. comprehensive advice instruction and hands on, seed to salad gardening services to quickly create food. growing spaces for you on rooftops around and inside. buildings and produce delicious healthy food,What can people learn. Grand Hyatt Tokyo garden More information, How to grow real healthy food Learn key skills Education resources programs.
that will enable you to grow a wide range of fresh. tasty no spray vegetables and herbs at your We provide a comprehensive range of informative how to. home school and or workplace in 3 4 weeks guides articles food growing kits programs seminars. Skills for life that can be taught to families lectures workshops and other resources that can equip. and passed down to future generations customers with the necessary information to grow food on. How to grow food on balconies walls fences site launch food based CSR programs support the. and gates in pots planter boxes buckets raised community and help the environment. chain and suspended gardens and more, How to reduce your intake of toxic chemicals More information and see p4 7. Essential Japanese vocabulary that will make, buying gardening equipment a breeze Sustainability training resources. How to boost food independence and increase,survival chances if a major disaster strikes. How to help the community by donating food Our sustainability training program comprised of training. you grow to food banks Press release informative articles and other resources helps people kick. How to slash food miles and reduce pollution the junk habit reduce their environmental footprints and. How to reduce rubbish and energy use live more environmentally friendly lifestyles. How to boost personal family and group,More info see p8. self sufficiency, How to prepare before and survive after Disaster preparation survival skills.
natural disasters,Practical ways to utilize sustainable strategies. to strengthen communities and help others Learn how to prepare for and survive natural disasters using. tips and strategies from people who have See p9,Urban farming programs. Teaching people how to grow fantastic food in the city for life. Our programs in action,For children schools, Our comprehensive urban farming programs have been. tailor made for students of all ages and teach them. everything they need to know to grow healthy nutritious. food at school on rooftops walls fences gates and, more Students acquire key knowledge and skills to help. them grow a wide range of vegetables and herbs in just. 3 4 weeks reduce intake of poisonous agricultural, chemicals and grow food on virtually any sunlit space.
This training can equip students and their families with. important food production skills for life and be passed. down to future generations,Beginners urban farming lessons. Advanced urban farming lessons,For adults company staff. See above we can teach all levels of office and, organization staff how to grow fresh healthy food at. homes and workplaces within Tokyo, Lessons can be customized to suit requirements and. focus on utilizing available on site space to grow fantastic. food Why not launch a CSR or community support, program and grow food for staff visitors and events.
or host a seminar lecture or workshop,Customized food growing courses. Office food growing solutions,Urban farming lessons. 1 How to grow vegetables from seeds,2 How to transplant seedlings. 3 Vertical gardening,4 How to create balcony and raised gardens. 5 How to grow food without soil,6 How to collect rainwater.
7 Eco friendly ways to start seeds,8 How to build DIY greenhouses. 9 Recycling food water making compost,10 How to build a PET bottle fence garden. 11 Hydroponics and self watering containers,12 Natural pest control methods. 13 Basic hydroponics and self watering planters,Hands on training to. 14 How to build pipe and gutter gardens, 15 Recovery from disaster and more produce fantastic food.
Urban farming seminars,lectures and workshops, Urban farming sustainability and survival skills programs. seminars lectures and workshops are a great way to enable. students staff and families to learn key life skills that provide. significant physical mental and social benefits,Business Grow can run lectures seminars workshops. customized short courses and team building programs. at offices workplaces and clubs throughout Tokyo,Ideas for presentations are listed below. Pechakucha Tokyo urban farming presentation More,Schools universities. How urban farming supports student health sustainable. communities and a sustainable world,Businesses, How urban farming can produce fresh tasty food on site for.
staff lunches functions and visitors improve staff health. strengthen staff bonds promote positive mental health. and form the basis of a food focused CSR strategy,Clubs Special interest groups. How urban farming can impact health support the, Social Innovation Japan urban farming workshop More. community reduce food costs etc, How urban farming supports good health combats allergies. saves money teaches children boosts self sufficiency etc. How this all fits together, Urban farming sustainability and disaster preparedness. survival skills are 3 closely related areas that naturally fit. together Growing food is a key survival skill strategy. and sustainability supports the other two areas Hackerfarm urban farming workshop More. Sustainability preparedness,survival skills, Lakeland Japan University urban farming lecture More.
Urban farming packages,Part of the proceeds, Want to learn at your own pace Here s how Second Harvest. Japan food bank,Beginners Food Growing Pack,Learn food growing basics for life. This pack contains everything beginner gardeners need to get started including practical. food growing guides key advice useful tips and fundamental information in fact everything. you need to know to start growing fresh healthy great tasting. Value 20 500,no spray food in the city,Special price 9 995. Urban Food Production Kit for experienced gardeners. Download brochure, Reinforce your skills with the ultimate guide to growing fantastic. Learn how to successfully grow fresh tasty no spray vegetables herbs and. sprouts where you live and or work, Learn for life Equip yourself and your family with important food production.
skills that can be used for life and passed down to future generations. Improve your health Reduce your family s intake of toxic agricultural chemicals. Comprehensive 23 page urban farming manual,37 exclusive how to guides and reports. Basic advanced urban farming guidance tips resources. 10 urban farming self learning packs Value 153 000. Exclusive Japanese language support and much more Download brochure. Special price 49 995,Teacher Self Learning Packs, Teacher Self learning Packs are a range of 10 teaching self learning guides that enable. even inexperienced gardeners to grow food sustainably boost self sufficiency and help. the planet Each pack contains a detailed off the shelf lesson plan that equips teachers. and parents to teach one of 10 urban farming lessons. Download brochure,Urban Farming Quick Start Pack Most popular. Want to find out what kinds of healthy food you can grow at home in Tokyo and get the skills. information and equipment you need to do it Here s how to do it quickly and easily. The Urban Farming Quick Start Pack is the easiest way to learn about and start growing your own. fresh and healthy food in the city Especially created for English speakers in Japan this pack provides. 1 Home site evaluation Tokyo only receive an evaluation of what plants you can grow where. at your home that takes into account location available sunlight season etc. 2 1 x gardening lesson Choose any 1 lesson from 10. 3 Beginners Food Growing Pack Everything you need to know to start growing. fresh healthy great tasting food in the city special discounts and more Download brochure. Office food growing options,Grow fantastic food at work. Imagine during a busy day at work being able to go to your building rooftop and find. a lush green fragrant garden full of flowers vegetables and herbs where you could relax. pick healthy food for your lunch and mix and mingle with others in the building It s possible. Our food growing kits and garden setup service enable customers to grow food on virtually. any sunlit area And if you don t know how to grow food we provide all necessary hands on. instruction garden installation ongoing support and a highly practical education program. that will turn customers into urban gardeners within weeks Business Grow can. Set up vibrant gardens inside offices and on rooftops balconies decks walls fences. and other vacant areas depends on sunlight and other conditions. Manage gardens and grow food for you, Provide on site food production training workshops and team building sessions.
Show you how to grow 30 40 herbs and vegetables in the city. Help you grow and donate food as part of a food focused CSR program. Having an on site garden can,SUCCESSFUL GARDEN, Enable staff to learn how to grow extremely fresh tasty no spray food on site. INSTALLATIONS, Produce real food for staff lunches functions visitors etc. Improve the health of staff by reducing their intake of toxic agricultural chemicals. Strengthen staff bonds and promote positive physical and mental health. Boldly demonstrate your company s commitment to the environment Grand Hyatt Tokyo. Support the community and environment see food donation press release Tokyo Children s Garden. Boost food independence and increase survival chances if a major disaster strikes Tokyo office rooftop garden. Slash food miles and help reduce pollution,Urban farming services training. We provide a full range of seed to plate gardening services. Equipment and purchasing advice guided shopping tours Tokyo only. Garden installation ongoing maintenance and advice. program and grow food for staff visitors and events or host a seminar lecture or workshop Customized food growing courses Office food growing solutions Urban farming lessons 1 How to grow vegetables from seeds 2 How to transplant seedlings 3 Vertical gardening 4 How to create balcony and raised gardens 5 How to grow food without soil 6

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