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ministry to children com http ministry to children com walk lessons 4. Lesson Walk in Faith Walk Series Part 4,Leah Feb 19th. Pittsinger, Believers are told to Live by faith not by sight in 2 Corinthians 5 7 But what does that. look like in our lives What is faith and what evidences should be present as followers of. Christ This fourth and last part of the Walk Series will help children grasp the concept. of faith by looking at the world around them and provide appropriate methods they can. use to continually grow in their faith,TARGET AGES 10 14. OBJECTIVE To learn how evidences of faith should be present in a believer s life. MAIN IDEA Walking in faith means relying and trusting in God when we don t understand. our circumstances Others should be able tell we are believers because of our faithful. SCRIPTURE PASSAGES Hebrews 11 1 Matthew 17 20 Hebrews 11 7 Genesis 9 9 11. 2 Corinthians 5 7, MATERIAL S mustard seeds very small glass bottles with corks hot glue colorful twine. or yarn small wooden plaques paint pens glitter pens markers. Introduction 10 minutes, OPENING PRAYER God give us faith to follow you no matter what Amen.
ICE BREAKER Prepare by placing one mustard seed in a small bottle for each child Use. a little bit of hot glue to permanently affix the cork stoppers. Say Today we are talking about faith Let s read the biblical definition of faith found in. Hebrews 11 1 After reading the verse ask the following discussion questions. 1 What is something we know exists but can t see air wind gravity etc. 2 How do we know it exists because we see the evidences of its presence. 3 What evidences of faith are in our lives Can others even tell we are believers. Tell the children that Jesus said nothing would be impossible if we have faith even as. small as a mustard seed Matthew 17 20 Give a mustard seed to each child Say. These small mustard seeds become trees after extended times of growth Therefore if. we want to grow in faith we must keep moving forward in our relationships to Christ Tie. the twine or yarn around the necks of the bottles and allow the children to keep the. mustard seeds as reminders of the power of faith,Lesson 15 minutes. 1 Explain that there are many people who showed incredible faith in the bible such. as Abraham Moses David Jesus and Paul Comment Today we are going to. focus on Noah and the evidences and effects of his faith Read Hebrews 11 7 and. Genesis 9 9 11 Ask What was it that Noah couldn t see the eventual flood. What made him act in obedience holy fear and what was the result he save his. family became an heir of righteousness and God promised to never flood the. earth again Talk about the enormous task of building the ark it was 450 feet. long 90 feet longer than a football field 75 feet wide almost as wide as an eight. story building and 45 feet high as tall as two flag poles Say It would have been. easy for Noah to be overwhelmed with what God asked him to do However his. holy fear and trust in God equipped Noah to act on his faith and the entire earth. has benefitted because of his obedience, 2 Lastly read 2 Corinthians 5 7 Tell the children about a time in your life when you. lived by faith not by sight and emphasize the assurance you received when God. finally revealed his plan Say Living by faith means trusting God s promises and. that he has a good plan even when things don t seem to be going right Our faith. even if it is as small as a mustard seed will grow when we continually choose to. obey God Further discuss actions that increase our faith such as prayer reading. the bible serving others and leading others to Christ Add that it is impossible to. walk in faith if you ve never trusted in Jesus Christ and then outline how to become. a believer Allow time for questions concerning how to become a Christian. Live by Faith Craft 15 minutes, Pass out the wooden plaques and disperse the paint pens glitter pens and markers Say. We are going to make a craft that reminds us to live by faith Ask the children to write. Live by Faith 2 Corinthians 5 7 on the plaques and decorate accordingly Upon. completion encourage the children to display their plaques somewhere in their home to. be reminded of the day s lesson,Conclusion 5 minutes. RECAP Walking in faith requires daily obedience trust and prayer When we live our. faith others will be able to see that we believe in Jesus. CLOSING PRAYER Lord we believe in you through faith We trust your plan and ask. you to help us walk in faith and lead others to Christ Amen. Lesson Walk in Wisdom Walk Series Part,In Lesson Plans.
Bible Lesson Walking in the Light,Ephesians 5,In Lesson Plans. Bible Lesson Repairing the Wall Nehemiah 3 4, ministry to children com http ministry to children com walk lessons 3. Lesson Walk in Love Walk Series Part 3,Leah Feb 18th. Pittsinger, When we look anywhere other than God s word to define love an extremely sinful and. skewed view is the result In this part 3 of the Walk Series children will learn that loving. God and others must influence our actions as believers Also it will be understood that. Walking in Love requires sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to others and helping those. who stray from what is right to see the truth The children will learn that God remembers. our actions of love and will reward us for obedience. TARGET AGES 10 14, OBJECTIVE To learn that walking in love requires loving God first loving others second.
and loving ourselves last, MAIN IDEA We can t truly love others if we don t first love God with all of our being and. we must act on our love in obedience to his word, SCRIPTURE PASSAGES 1 John 3 10 Luke 10 27 James 5 19 20 Hebrews 6 10. MATERIAL S whiteboard card stock paper fine tip markers scissors glue sticks. Introduction 5 minutes, OPENING PRAYER Lord teach us what it means to walk in love and give us the. desire and strength to act on our love for you and others Amen. PREVIOUS LESSON REVIEW Remind the children of last week s lesson on truth by. asking What is truth that which is factual for all people at all places at all times Who. is the only reliable source of truth God Emphasize that the world s sinful ideas about. truth contradict the bible so it s important that we pray and read our bibles every day. Also work on James 1 5 as a class to continue the verse s memorization. Lesson 20 minutes,ICE BREAKER Types of Love, Write the following headings on the whiteboard Godly Neighborly and Family Come up. with at least four descriptions of each type of love by writing typing them on large heart. cutouts suggestions included below,Godly love perfect just eternal undeserved.
Neighborly love humble helpful sacrificial intentional. Family love protective dedicated sacrificial affectionate. Divide the paper hearts among the children and ask them to first choose the four. characteristics that only pertain to God and tape them under the heading Say Now we. will tape the additional hearts where they are most appropriate Keep in mind that the. same characteristic could go in more than one place Help the children as needed and. then discuss alter the heart placements before moving on to the lesson Emphasize that. each of these characteristics require action to truly show love. 1 Say We just identified different types of love and their characteristics Let s read 1. John 3 10 to see what it says about love Read the verse and help the children. identify that it addresses neighborly love Ask them to come up with ways to love. their brother s and sister s Suggestions may include letting a friend go first on a. game helping a friend even though it is inconvenient or giving up something to. provide for a friend Comment Many of the ways we show neighborly love are. also ways we show love to our families The important thing to remember is the. bible tells us that people who are willing to love others are true children of God. Add that walking in love means we will seek and be aware of opportunities to love. 2 Next read Luke 10 27 Ask Who are we supposed to love first or more than. anything else God How are we supposed to love him with all our heart soul. strength and mind Who do we love next others Acknowledge that this verse. doesn t address loving ourselves so walking in love requires denying selfishness. Further discuss how we are always required to show we love God first by clinging. to what is good and hating what is evil Say The world tries to tell us that we must. accept others sin if we want to be loving However the bible tells us if we love. someone then we will find an appropriate way to help them out of their sin Read. James 5 19 20 Give an example from your own life when someone s loving rebuke. protected you from danger and drew you closer to God Also discuss how loving. others means we ll share the saving message of Jesus Christ and walk the children. through the process of leading someone to salvation. 3 Lastly emphasize that God sees remembers and rewards us when we walk in. love Read Hebrews 6 10 Ask How do we show God we love him by helping. others Add that we should never pretend to love others simply to be noticed or to. gain rewards Comment God knows our motives when we act in love toward. others so we need to make sure our goal is to please him and not to get attention. Walk in Love Craft 15 minutes Attachment, Print both sheets of the Walk in Love attachment on card stock paper for each child. Using fine tip markers ask the class to come up with ways to show love to others and. write one action on each miniature heart Then the children will cut glue and color the. hearts if time allows to remind them of ways to love others Say Practice these actions. to walk in love this week,Conclusion 5 minutes, RECAP Walking in love requires selfless and sacrificial love that is freely given to God. and others We show God we love him by loving others and he will reward us for our. CLOSING PRAYER God continue reminding us to walk in wisdom truth and love We. know you remember our obedience and we give you all the praise for the good things you. are doing in our lives Amen,Lesson Walk in Wisdom Walk Series Part. In Lesson Plans,Lesson Actions that Honor Life Sanctify of. Life Part 2,In Lesson Plans,Lesson Walk in Faith Walk Series Part 4.
In Lesson Plans, ministry to children com http ministry to children com walk lessons 2. Lesson Walk in Truth Walk Series Part 2,Leah Feb 17th. Pittsinger, Truth is not defined by personal preference or conviction it is defined by the holy word of. God This lesson Walk in Truth part 2 of the Walk series will teach children that. ultimate truth is not determined through erroneous human intelligence Rather it is. created by our righteous omniscient God We can trust that aligning our lives to the. incredible truth of the bible will increase our faith and help us identify cultural and sinful. TARGET AGES 10 14, OBJECTIVE To gain assurance from God s word that we can live according to truth and. defend ourselves from sinful lies, MAIN IDEA The bible helps us recognize the truth from lies When we accept what God.
says about Jesus that he is the only way to God and about us that we are loved. forgiven and worthy of his affection then we will be able to walk in truth instead of doubt. SCRIPTURE PASSAGES James 1 5 review John 14 6 John 8 31 32 Psalm 28 7. Deuteronomy 31 8,MATERIAL S paper writing utensils. Introduction 10 minutes, OPENING PRAYER God we want to live according to your truth Help us take to heart. what you have to say about believing and acting on your word Amen. ICEBREAKER Choose the Truth exercise, Say Sometimes it s hard to distinguish the truth from a lie For example I m going to tell. you three things about myself but only one of them is true See if you can choose the. right one Proceed with your examples and have the children vote on which example they. think is the truth After revealing the correct example ask for additional volunteers to. participate Ask How did it feel to choose the wrong example silly ashamed. outsmarted etc How did we know the truth each person identified the truth Tell the. children that God tells us what is true through his word so knowing what the bible says. helps us recognize truth from lies,Lesson 20 minutes. PREVIOUS LESSON REVIEW Remind the children of last week s lesson on wisdom. Ask What does it mean to be wise to have good judgment and know when a decision or. activity isn t beneficial Knowing the truth will help us make wise decisions Read James. 1 5 and ask if anyone would like to say the verse from memory Reiterate that wisdom and. truth work together to make us more mature as believers. 1 State the definition for truth that which is factual for all people at all places at all. times Say The most important truth of the bible is found in John 14 6 Read the. scripture and emphasize that any religion idea or person who says we don t need. Jesus to have a relationship with God is wrong Further acknowledge that we can. have assurance in Jesus sacrifice when we become believers Then outline how to. receive salvation and allow time for the children to ask any questions they may. have about believing in Jesus Comment Wholeheartedly believing that Jesus is. the only way to God and the only way to heaven is the first step in recognizing. sinful lies, 2 Next read John 8 31 32 Ask What must we do if we want to know truth be.
obedient to God hold to his teachings What is the result of knowing truth it will. Lesson Walk in Faith Walk Series Part 4 Believers are told to Live by faith not by sight in 2 Corinthians 5 7 But what does that look like in our lives What is faith and what evidences should be present as followers of Christ This fourth and last part of the Walk Series will help children grasp the concept of faith by looking at the world around them and provide

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