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TPS1100 Professional Series,More time for the essentials. Automated practical programs are the main features of the. TPS1100 Professional Series Modern functions that make. your work more productive more precise and more relaxed. Sophisticated functions for very Flexible in everyday Software for efficient Leica s proven know how. demanding high end users applications data acquisition. All the proven functions that, The TPS1100 Professional The TPS1100 Professional Information technologies and made previous models so. Series was designed to pro Series high end surveying surveying are growing closer successful are included in. vide practical solutions to instruments offer a large together This is evident the new TPS1100 Professional. make surveying processes degree of flexibility The easy in the range of software Series plus the latest techno. clear efficient and produc to read clear user interface available for the TPS1100 logical developments a light. tive The TPS1100 Professional and the professional pro Professional Series The weight practical design with. Series includes a wide variety gramming environment in application programs are tai an easy to learn user inter. of practical automated func vite you to configure the lored to acquire and process face high quality and with an. tions and optimal user com instrument to meet your in data within the instrument excellent price performance. fort to achieve the highest dividual requirement and and then to transfer the data ratio. degree of efficiency within personal preferences The from the instrument to a. the shortest time modular system assures a computer. large variety of available, One of many examples is models and options to meet. ATR the Automatic Target varying demands and,Recognition The ATR fine requirements. points to targets by itself,Manual sighting is no longer.
required Surveys are com,pleted quicker and more,relaxed leaving more time to. concentrate on the essential,aspects of your work,Reasons professionals recommend the. Rough prism alignment in the,targeting direction with EGL. Integrated EDM means quick and,precise distance measurements. High productivity with Automatic,Target Recognition ATR.
PowerSearch to find the prism,at the press of a button. User friendly endless drives Easy to read display with large. LCD graphic screen and,color coded alphanumeric,Data transfer to RCS110. without cable using the Easy centering over the ground. TCPS26 radio modem point with the integrated laser. The prism does not have to be,aimed at the instrument thanks. to 360 reflectors,Modular battery concept,in unified camcorder format. Develop your own applications,with the GeoBasic programming.
environment,Leica Survey Office the user,friendly program to create. code lists and coordinate files,exchange data and install. Efficient data recording store,data using the PCMCIA memory. card that is interchangeable with, Leica GPS and DNA instruments The RCS1100 remote control. lets you operate from,the target point,Optimal performance for every.
application with the extensive,range of accessories. Automatic Target Recognition ATR,measure without fine pointing and. Have you thought about how much time you lose by,manual targeting ATR acquires twice the amount of. measured points within the same time, This is how it works Ideal for Efficient and relaxed. After roughly targeting the Stake out Topographical ATR attains a high degree of. reflector and triggering a Surveying Free Stationing efficiency with the increase in. measurement the instrument and new measurements measuring speed Fine point. moves the telescope auto using routines such as Sets ing and focusing is no longer. matically to the center of the of Angles and Monitoring required making for relaxed. reflector and then makes working procedures ATR,the measurement assures constant precision.
under any condition and,independent of the surveyor. Automatic Target Tracking,measure with record setting speed. Mass point surveys are very time consuming if every point. has to be targeted and recorded individually ATR does all of. that for you and records all measured data point by point. This is how it works Ideal for Continuous and quick. After the first targeting the Topographic surveys creat With ATR fine pointing is no. instrument tracks the reflector ing digital models for land longer required and rough. automatically even if there scapes or acquiring data for targeting is redundant Used. are brief interruptions of the GIS systems in combination with the 360. line of sight Intelligent soft reflector even aligning the. ware routines assure reliable reflector to the instrument is. tracking even when light is not required By using dis. reflected from other sources tance tracking measured. values are recorded without,interrupting target tracking. Just press the button,RCS1100 remote control,measure from the target point. Measure from the target,point for efficient practical.
surveying You are able to,record the information,yourself or perform tasks. on your own, This is how it works Ideal for Quick and efficient. one man operation,In remote mode the instru One man operation stake. ment transfers its displayed outs and topographic mass The RCS1100 lets you work. data to the RCS1100 remote point surveys with coding from the target point You can. control which has an identical directly enter codes enter or. keyboard and display In this retrieve information whilst at. way all instrument functions the prism Intelligent search. can be remotely controlled functions such as defining a. work area joystick controls,or compass and predicting. the 3D path of the target,facilitate and accelerate.
working at the reflector,PowerSearch finds prisms,just press the button. Just press the button to find the prism and save valuable time. Never before have you been ready to measure this quickly. This is how it works Ideal for Ready to measure immediately. In PowerSearch mode the Topographic mass point PowerSearch finds your. instrument rotates around surveys in hard to access prism rapidly Just press the. its standing axis and sends landscape One man opera button and you are ready to. out a vertical laser fan tion surveys with the measure even when tracking. As soon as it finds a prism RCS1100 remote control has been interrupted No. the instrument stops rotating Machine guidance special prisms are required. and automatically targets the so you can continue to use. prism the accessories you already,have When solo surveying. PowerSearch saves you a lot,Reflectorless distance measurement. measure directly to the target, It is often very difficult to precisely measure an inaccessible. target With reflectorless distance measurement you can. quickly measure to the target with one keystroke and. without any complicated measurement programs, This is how it works Ideal for Reflectorless and precise.
Using the phase measuring Measuring inaccessible Reflectorless distance mea. method the instrument objects house corners surement lets you measure. sends out a concentrated facades and interiors With over small or even large. visible laser that clearly motorized drives surfaces obstacles in your daily work. marks the target and deter can be scanned and profiles Just measure directly to the. mines the distance with a measured object and achieve reliable. high degree of accuracy and accurate results,Distance meter IR ATR and. PowerSearch,Laser class 1 acc,IEC 60825 1 resp EN 60825 1. Laser class I acc,FDA 21 CFR Ch I 1040,LED class 1 acc. IEC 60625 1 resp EN 60825 1,Distance meter RL standard. range and laser plummet,Laser class 2 acc,IEC 60825 1 resp EN 60825 1.
Laser class II acc,FDA 21CFR Ch I 1040,Distance meter. RL extended range,Laser class 3R acc,IEC 60825 1 resp EN 60825 1. Laser class IIIa acc,FDA 21CFR Ch I 1040,TPS1100 software packages. higher performance and productivity,with the appropriate software. Standard TPS Advanced TPS Expert Auxiliary programs. Free Station Reference Line Reference Line Road Plus. Orientation COGO COGO Monitoring,Height Transfer Sets of Angles Sets of Angles.
Resection Area Area,Stake out Traverse Traverse,Tie Distance Local Resection Local Resection. Remote Height Auto Record,Hidden Point,Reference Plane. DTM Stakeout,Total Quality Management,is our commitment to total. customer satisfaction,For more information about,our TQM program ask. your local Leica Geosystems,Leica Geosystems AG,CH 9435 Heerbrugg.
Switzerland,Phone 41 71 727 31 31, Illustrations descriptions and technical data are not binding and may be changed without notice. Printed in Switzerland Copyright Leica Geosystems AG Heerbrugg Switzerland 2002 Fax 41 71 727 46 73. 732472en IX 02 RDV www leica geosystems com,TPS1100 Professional Series Technical data. Define your requirements, Overview of the models and options TC TCR TCRM TCA TCRA TCRA. Angle measurement,Distance measurement IR, Reflectorless and Long Range distance measurement RL. Automatic Target Recognition ATR,PowerSearch PS,Electronic Guide Light EGL.
Remote Control RCS1100, Standard Optional Later upgrade possible Option standard range plus. Angle measurement,Accuracy Type 1101 Type 1102 Type 1103 Type 1105. Hz V ISO 17123 3 1 5 0 5 mgon 2 0 6 mgon 3 1 mgon 5 1 5 mgon. Display resolution 1 0 1 mgon 1 0 1 mgon 1 0 5 mgon 1 0 5 mgon. Method absolute continuous diametrical,Distance measurement IR. Range average atmospheric conditions,Round prism GPR1 3000 m. 360 reflector GRZ4 1500 m,Mini prism 1200 m,Reflective tape 60 mm x 60 mm 250 m.
Shortest measurable distance 0 2 m to round prism GPR1 1 5 m to a 360 reflector GRZ4. Accuracy ISO 17123 4 time for a measurement,Standard mode 2 mm 2 ppm 1 0 sec. Quick mode 5 mm 2 ppm 0 5 sec,Tracking mode 5 mm 2 ppm 0 3 sec. Quick mode tracking 10 mm 2 ppm 0 15 sec,Display resolution 1 mm. Method Principle of phase measurement coaxial invisible infrared laser. Reflectorless and Long Range distance measurement RL. Range average atmospheric conditions, Reflectorless extended range 170 m Kodak Gray Card white side. Reflectorless standard range 80 m Kodak Gray Card white side. Shortest measurable distance 1 5 m,Long Range to round prism GPR1 1000 m 5000 m.
Accuracy ISO 17123 4 time for a measurement, Reflectorless standard mode 3 mm 2 ppm typ 3 6 sec max 12 sec. Reflectorless tracking mode 10 mm 2 ppm typ 3 6 sec max 12 sec. Long Range 5 mm 2 ppm typ 2 5 sec max 8 sec,Laser dot size. At 50 m approx 10 mm x 20 mm,At 100 m approx 15 mm x 30 mm. At 200 m approx 30 mm x 60 mm, Method Principle of phase measurement coaxial visible red laser. Motorized M,Maximum speed,Rotating speed 50 gon sec.
Automatic Target Recognition ATR, Range ATR mode LOCK mode average atmospheric conditions. Round prism GPR1 1000 m 800 m,360 reflector GRZ4 600 m 500 m. Mini prism 500 m 400 m,Reflective tape 60 mm x 60 mm 65 m. Shortest measurable distance 1 5 m to 360 reflector GRZ4. Accuracy time for a measurement,Distances 300 m 3 mm 3 sec. Distances 300 m 1 5 2 3 5 equivalent type 3 4 sec,Maximum speed LOCK mode.
Tangential standard mode 25 m sec at 100 m,Tangential tracking mode 18 m sec at 100 m. Radial tracking mode 4 m sec,Method Digital image processing laser beam. High End Surveying,Precise Quick and Intelligent,PowerSearch PS. Range average atmospheric conditions,Round prism GPR1 200 m. 360 reflector GRZ4 200 m optimal when aligned with the instrument. Mini prism 100 m,Shortest measurable distance 5m,Search time.
Typical search time 10 sec,Maximum speed,Rotating speed 50 gon sec. Method Digital signal processing laser swath,Electronic Guide Light EGL. Range average atmospheric condition,Working range 5 m 150 m. Positioning accuracy 5 cm at 100 m,Remote Control RCS1100. Method Transfer via integrated radio modem,Control unit.
Display 8 lines with 32 characters 256 64 pixels graphic LCD. Keyboard 30 keys 6 function keys 12 alphanumeric keys. Interface RS232,Type Nickel Metal Hydride NiMH,Voltage 6V. Capacity GEB111 1 8 Ah,RCS1100 0 77 kg,Battery GEB111 0 2 kg. Reflector pole adapter 0 18 kg,Working environment Distance meter IR ATR and. Working temperature range 20 C to 50 C PowerSearch. Storage temperature range 40 C to 70 C Laser class 1acc. Dust water IEC 60529 IP54 IEC 60825 1 resp EN 60825 1. Humidity max 95 non condensing Laser class I acc,FDA 21CFR Ch I 1040. General data TPS1100, Compensator Type 1101 Type 1102 Type 1103 Typ 1105 Distance meter RL standard range.
Setting range 4 0 07 gon 4 0 07 gon 4 0 07 gon 4 0 07 gon and laser plummet. Setting accuracy 0 5 0 2 mgon 0 5 0 2 mgon 1 0 0 3 gon 1 5 0 5 mgon Laser class 2 acc. Method centralized dual axis compensator IEC 60825 1 resp EN 60825 1. Level Type 1101 Type 1102 Type 1103 Type 1105 Laser class II acc. Sensitivity of circular level 6 2 mm 6 2 mm 6 2 mm 6 2 mm FDA 21CFR Ch I 1040. Display resolution of level 1 0 1 mgon 1 0 1 mgon 1 0 5 mgon 1 0 5 mgon. Telescope CAUTION,LASER RADIATION DO NOT,Magnification 30x STARE INTO BEAM. Free aperture of objective 40 mm 620 690nm 0 95mW max. LEICA TPS1100 Professional Series TPS1100 Professional Series More time for the essentials Automated practical programs are the main features of the TPS1100 Professional Series Modern functions that make your work more productive more precise and more relaxed Sophisticated functions for very demanding high end users The TPS1100 Professional Series was designed to pro vide practical

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