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The third and also very important objective is to improve the customer. delivery performance while also reducing the total logistics costs For. achieving this goal it is very important to apply lean tools and systemic. improvement methods The reason is that in the same system if we reduce. inventory we normally affect the service to our customers but in lean the. challenge is to balanced inventories and improve service. The fourth goal is to create a process for implementing Kaizen processes and. never end the improving processes applying lean logistics tools at all levels of. the organization This is striving toward perfection endlessly. The fifth goal is to make the Supply Chain an Active logistics in which the. customer has controlled over suppliers 3PL s custom brokers etc in such a. way to being able to optimize the total logistics cost. INDUSTRY SITUATION, Normally lean implementation began by transforming the company into lean. manufacturing This implementation has followed internal lean logistics. improvements Many companies have being able to implement this but the. majority of the costs are not pertinent only to manufacturing but to other areas. like engineering logistics purchasing finance packaging etc and these areas. are rarely integrated in lean, Departments have different objectives that many times affect the other areas. These silos work independently trying to achieve their goals many times. affecting other areas more than the benefit they obtained For example. purchasing selecting a packaging based on lowest piece price and not taking. into account the stackability More cost will be incurred in transportation than in. the piece price saving,Escriba texto,www CorpLean com. Finally lean is not connected to external manufacturing processes and. external logistics It is fundamental to connect Lean to the whole Enterprise. that includes key business areas in which exist waste Logistics is one of these. key areas because it drives the whole supply chain cost and satisfies the. customer requirements, Normally the transportation is controlled by 3PL s third party logistics that. normally have opposite objectives for the company This means The more they. spend the more they earn In this kind of management the logistics are. normally run in a passive mode that means suppliers 3PL s custom brokers. customers etc controlled our logistics but at a very high cost in transportation. utilization unit cost inventory customs packaging etc. Inco terms are set up with delivery at Buyer s Plant which limits the. opportunities for improvements of the whole system and obstructs further. speed up of the material through consolidations milk runs etc This is the. concept of using a Taxi or a Truck Which mode is cheaper and better. The logistics management normally is focus toward keeping the operation. running and doing many firefights There is no organization structure for doing. fundamental processes like logistics design planning and control so there is no. visibility of possible cost improvements and gap analysis as well as standard. kaizen processes, Further lean is implemented to make show out of it instead of really focusing.
toward total logistics cost analysis Many times lean implementers and leaders. are evaluated by improvements around audits that are not really focus toward. cost reductions and true total logistics cost reduction. Escriba texto,www CorpLean com,LEAN ELIMINATION OF WASTE. Corporate leaves the plants alone only by giving few guidance so every plant. has to learn the hard way No standardization exist about the systems. implementation and processes Many times corporate people do not understand. fundamentals of lean logistics processes and some times forces wrong. directions toward the plants No scientific method is apply for improvement. implementation Plan try judge standardized, Some projects for cost reductions are focus on inbound logistics but many times. outbound processes are more inefficient The main issue is that efficiency is. not normally measure or not measure correctly Further other logistic. processes are not analyzed and controlled like reverse logistics for returnable. packaging etc, Purchasing is focus toward getting the cheapest company by unit base and. does not take into consideration the efficiency of the operation Logistics. companies run at low efficiency cube and weight, Normally systems are very disintegrated Excels are used for execution and. kanban sizing and standard processes are not implemented to maintain these. pull systems MRP is still driving the supply part and forecast information for. suppliers have a lot of variation due to wrong information and bull whip effects. Garbage in garbage out2, The weakest links need to be identified and improve in order to strength the.
whole supply chain, To become the preferred lean logistics consultant and advisor from our. customer s perspective because of the value added to our customers. Guide our customers on how to first identify opportunities for improving its. supply chain and on how to implement lean logistics tools and systems in order. to achieve the goals We will advice and facilitate the changing process from. traditional logistics management into lean logistics management. Open communication to understand our customer s requirements first and act. according to their needs, Strive for continuous improvement in our lean logistics systems knowledge. Escriba texto,www CorpLean com, Share all the possible useful lean knowledge to our customers in order for them. to eliminate waste and add value to their supply chain. Honesty and respect for our customers suppliers and employees. SYSTEM KAIZEN FIRST, Our strategy begins by doing a logistics assessment in both systems and. information flow as well as in the physical material flow The first goal of this. assessment is to evaluate the level of stability of the supply chain as well as the. level of penetration of the lean logistics principles in the whole supply chain. The second goal will to identify the key area for pilot projects with the highest. improvement potentials in the following areas including cost savings and. performance improvements,Inbound Make Outbound,Inventory levels and associated.
costs X X X,Transportation costs X X,Workers productivity in Logistics X X X. Warehousing fixed and variable X X X,Packaging X X X. Reverse Logistics X X X,Service Level to Customers failure. Customs and brokers costs X X,Systems Information X X X. Lot Size X X X,Set Up costs X,Ordering Costs X X,Material Handling People devices.
Supply Make Deliver,Inbound Internal Outbound, The common approach is to improve first internal logistics and internal material. flow make This is due to the fact that here is where the real value is added. The other approach is to identified the opportunities by the Outbound Logistics. first or Customer logistics then internal or make logistics and finally the supply. logistics or inbound logistics This is also following the pull logic Customer to. Finally there is no rules about how to approach the lean logistics. implementation and that is why VSM is so important to identify the biggest. opportunities for improvements,Escriba texto,www CorpLean com. At this point in time top management approval to continue the process is keyed. A team formation needs to be done with leader and members Training for the. team in Lean Tools needs to be planned Later a Value Stream Mapping needs. to be done of the whole supply chain process from customer to supplier s in. order to visualize problems causes and potential opportunities to improve. Value Stream Assessment Kaizen Here first material flow needs to be. mapped and confirmed physically Later information flow causes and effects. needs to be mapped and also confirmed Physically Processes also need to be. categorized in order to identify opportunities for improvement in operation 6. sigma and other tools Opportunities need to be segregated on internal and. external scope as well as resources per benefit and the feasibility of the project. needs to be evaluated resources control over etc Projects that can be. executed with internal resources need to have priority number one Issue. Causes Actions need to be mapped out Ishikawa tools could be used in. order to understand root causes as well as 5 W s analysis Specific Goals. targets need to be identified and kaizen process need to be correlated. Then a future value stream map or what it is also called a value stream design. needs to be done for the whole supply chain including target state and goals. measurements At this point in time priorities need to be given to the projects. and leaders assigned to each project A detailed plan needs to be done with. action sub actions responsible time and target Finally a detailed review. meetings need to be established with follow up of the improvement and status. of plan vs time Activities behind need to have a corrective action responsible. and dates before follow up meetings, On the other hand a clear strategy needs to be layout in order to implement. lean logistics principles like system integration pull system total cost flexibility. quality standardization and visual management On the other hand employee. involvement employee empowerment PDCA s and all the elements around. people engagement and development need to be addressed The most. important part to manage is people leadership follow up roles knowledge. attitude and orientation toward the True North are keyed Top down strategy. is a must and leaders need to walk the talk, Further a clear strategy toward teaching lean logistics tools and elements of the. system needs to be also addressed and executed for all levels People many. times resist lean implementation improvements due to lack of knowledge Pilot. areas in which people apply the tools is fundamental so experimentation of. system improvements takes place in a controlled way or environment. Theoretical as well as practical training is a must and gives people the. opportunity to see results Lean logistics is learned 80 by doing it. The process for System Kaizen is the following,IDENTIFY INVOLVE ANALYZE IMPROVE EXECUTE JUDGE.
Escriba texto,www CorpLean com,Evaluation Team VSM VSD Follow Up. Pilot Train Problems Plan Measure,Needs Approval VSA A3 Transparency. STANDARIZED,VSM Values Stream Map,VSA Value Stream Analysis categorization. VSD Future Value Stream Map or Value Stream Designed. After following the first round another VSM and VSD needs to be done in order. to continue de PDCA cycle and the never ending improvement processes. ASIA 3PL EDI,PORT PORT 24,7 9 13 16 17 22 21,BORDER WHSE WHSE BOR DIST CUSTOMER. Macro Value Stream Map Focus on Information and Material Flow Kaizens. ASIA 3PL EDI,BORDER WHSE,BOR DIST CUSTOMER,Ship to Line Ship to Customer.
Macro Value Stream Design Focus on Future State,Escriba texto. www CorpLean com,Material Flow,Information Flow,ASIA 3PL EDI. BORDER WHSE,BOR DIST CUSTOMER,Ship to Customer,Ship to Line. ASIA PORT PORT,7 9 13 16 17 O 22 21,USA 8 BORDER WHSE. WHSE BOR DIST CUSTOMER,A3 Summary Report,POINT KAIZENS SECOND.
After the implementation of the system kaizens standards need to be. established in the 3 key thing Inventory time takt flow process steps etc. Deviation from the defined standards need to be identified and attacked with a. standard continuous improvement processes, Standard Visualization Problem Identification Analysis Actions Monitor. Why the problem happened,Why the problem was not detected. The other source of point kaizen is the ideas of the people about improvement. PREREQUISITES, In order to do a successful implementation of Lean Logistics tools it is desirable. to have some stability in the manufacturing processes It is preferred to have. already implemented Lean Manufacturing It is necessary to learn the tools to. achieve the lean logistics,Standards Operation Procedures. Intermediate,Pull System,Flow Layout,Cell Manufacturing.
Jidoka Autonomation Poka Yokas,Escriba texto,www CorpLean com. Visual Management,Leveling Heijunka,2 Loops Heijunka. One piece Flow,Ship to Line,Ship to Truck,Ship to Supermarket. External Pull System Maquilas,Close PDCA Cycles for improvements. Basic Principles of Lean Logistics, Voice of the Customer for every loop beginning from final customer.
Lean Logistics Visibility Inbound Internal Outbound. Level of Lean Penetration,Level of Supply Chain Stability. Value Stream Mapping VSM,Value Stream Design VSD based on Lean Concepts. Implementation Strategy and people involvement empowerment. Information flow mapping Systems Integration, Standardization Transparency and CIP Continuous Improvement Processes. Lean Logistics Implementation Strategy, Measurement of Logistics Quality and Improvement Systems. Total cost of ownership and total supply chain costs Silos elimination. Holistic improvement approach, Pull system kanbans Lean Systems Standardization Utilization Pull.
Flexibility in the Supply Chain volume and mix,Continuous flow of parts and information. LOGISTICS STRUCTURE,External Logistics Source, Lean logistics model Order Mgt Supplier Management packaging pa. LEAN LOGISTICS FLOW OUR GOALS Our first goal is to reduce the total logistics costs by increasing the speed as well as the flow of material and information Waste and variation needs to be taken out from the Supply Chain Then the second goal is visualize where the waste is and allocate resources

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