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and free to articulate ideas or viewpoints Such a learning environment helps students to. Develop their abilities to understand the perspectives of others. Develop mutual respect, Make a commitment to understand positions that they do not understand from the context or point of view of their peers. Take risks in speaking honestly in the class in the service of their learning. Expected class norms to enhance a safe learning environment include. Students should respect confidentiality personal information or student comments should not get shared outside the. Students should listen respectfully to different perspectives let people finish sentences before responding. Students should respond to what has been said not the person saying it responses should not be personalized. Students should speak for themselves and not for others including groups to which they belong. Students have the right to be silent in large group discussions. All classroom discourse will exhibit respect for all other persons not only within the confines of the classroom but also in. general There will no denigration of anyone in any context including in relation to case materials or readings videos or any. other point of reference on account of race color religion national origin ethnicity gender disability status genetic. information veteran status sexual orientation gender identity religion political perspective any other trait that is. protected under local state or federal law, Class discussion allows for disagreement however comments must be sustained by evidence in particular evidence from. class materials and readings Class comments are not to be unsupported assertions of opinion and never ad hominem. personal attacks Incivility or rudeness of any kind is unacceptable This includes carrying on conversations during class. checking cell phones or other electronic devices for messages texting and other distractions The bottom line is this my. expectation is that you behave professionally at all times in class. 4 COURSE MANAGEMENT, As an in depth elective course we will address new topics each session endeavoring to understand their relationships as we. discuss analyze and critique leadership theory and practice I will utilize UNM Learn to post the course syllabus course. assignments lecture notes and discussions as well as some email messaging Primarily students should use my regular UNM. e mail account to communicate and send assignments electronically DO NOT submit your papers to me via UNM Learn. Mail Finally students will be able to access Supplemental Readings online at the class UNM Learn site Please do not. hesitate to contact me with your course questions or problems. As a student you are responsible for, Being prepared to discuss assigned course readings and exercises and contribute to class each session. Contributing to and assisting with the learning of your classmates. Making up any missed readings exercises and assignments made or due during his her absence. Reading for understanding the textbook chapters supplemental readings and exercises before class and actively. participate in class discussions, Finding connections with your professional experiences and aspirations consider the conceptual relationships.
among topics in the course and the practical application of course material to HR management. Regularly check the UNM Learn course homepage for updates announcements and new assignments. Preparing all written assignments per instructions in the syllabus and submit them per the course schedule. Take charge of what you want to get out of the course You can explore a new topic or challenge to satisfy a. curiosity Alternatively you can pick something close to your field of study or career goals and build on short and. medium term needs for your intellectual or professional development. 5 COURSE SCHEDULE AND ASSIGNMENTS, NOTE All reading assignments should be completed prior to class It is solely the responsibility of the student to obtain. notes handouts and summary of lesson class activities and to learn material from any missed class Every written. assignment must have compelling evidence of being proofread See Graduate Writing Guidelines Rubric on UNM Learn. Course Homepage, Because I am not sure how rapidly we will proceed through the different modules of this course the course schedule is. subject to revision and should always be considered to be in draft form Therefore the actual timeline of the course topics. and discussions held in class may change as the semester progresses and you are encouraged to give me feedback about. your learning needs, UNM PADM 590 Leadership Theory and Practice Page 2 of 8. Fall 2017 Course Syllabus Steven G Meilleur Ph D SPHR. THIS SYLLABUS AND SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO REVISION AT THE INSTRUCTOR S SOLE DISCRETION AND. SHOULD ALWAYS BE CONSIDERED TO BE IN DRAFT FORM CONFIRM DEADLINES IN CLASS. DATE TOPICS and ASSIGNMENTS READINGS, 8 23 17 Course Overview Syllabus Review Introductions Northouse Chapter 1. Introduction to Leadership Supplemental Materials UNM Learn. Additional Readings and Pre Class assignments will be posted on the Course Homepage. hosted by UNM Learn Students should regularly check the PADM 590 Course Homepage. before each class, 8 30 17 Trait and Skills Approaches to Leadership Northouse Chapters 2 3.
Schein Chapters 1 5,Supplemental Materials UNM Learn. 9 6 17 Motivation Science or Art Supplemental Materials UNM Learn. Schein Chapters 6 7, 9 13 17 Motivation Science or Art Continued Supplemental Materials UNM Learn. 9 20 17 Behavioral Approach to Leadership Northouse Chapter 4. Concept Paper Leadership and Org Culture Research Paper Due Schein Chapters 8 9. Supplemental Materials UNM Learn, 9 27 17 Situational Approach to Leadership and Contingency Theories Northouse Chapter 5. Schein Chapters 10 12,Supplemental Materials UNM Learn. 10 4 17 Path Goal Theory of Leadership Northouse Chapter 6 7. Leader Member Exchange Theory Kouzes Posner Chapters 1 5. Supplemental Materials UNM Learn, 10 11 17 Transformational Leadership Northouse Chapter 8.
Kouzes Posner Chapters 6 10,Supplemental Materials UNM Learn. 10 18 17 Authentic Leadership Northouse Chapter 9,Kouzes Posner Chapters 11 12. Supplemental Materials UNM Learn,10 25 17 Servant Leadership Northouse Chapter 10. Leadership Challenge Application Paper Due Supplemental Materials UNM Learn. 11 1 17 Adaptive Leadership Northouse Chapter 11 12. Psychodynamic Approach to Leadership Schein Chapters 13 15. Supplemental Materials UNM Learn,11 8 17 Leadership Ethics Northouse Chapter 13. Schein Chapters 16 17,Supplemental Materials UNM Learn.
11 15 17 Team Leadership Northouse Chapter 14, Leadership and Organizational Culture Research Paper Due Supplemental Materials UNM Learn. 11 22 17 UNM Thanksgiving Break No Class, 11 29 17 Gender and Leadership Northouse Chapter 15. Supplemental Materials UNM Learn, 12 6 17 Culture Change and Leadership Northouse Chapter 16. Leadership Self Assessment and Development Plan Paper Due Supplemental Materials UNM Learn. 12 13 17 UNM FINAL EXAM WEEK No In Class Final for this Class. 6 REQUIRED TEXT AND MATERIALS NOTE All texts are available at UNM Bookstore on www amazon com. Northouse Peter G 2015 Leadership Theory and Practice 7th or most current edition Thousand Oaks CA Sage. Publishers paper, Kouzes J and Posner B 2017 The Leadership Challenge How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in. Organizations 6th Edition San Francisco CA Jossey Bass Publications. Schein Edgar H 2016 Organizational Culture and Leadership 5st Edition San Francisco CA Jossey Bass. Publications Articles research reports and supplemental handout materials provided on line through UNM Learn. UNM PADM 590 Leadership Theory and Practice Page 3 of 8. Fall 2017 Course Syllabus Steven G Meilleur Ph D SPHR. 7 GRADING AND COURSE REQUIREMENTS DELIVERABLES, Course Requirements See Assignment Guidelines Below of Grade Grading Scale.
1 Concept Paper for Leadership Research Paper 5 A 98 to 100. 2 Leadership Challenge Application Paper Kouzes Posner 25 A 94 to 97 9. 3 Leadership Research Paper 30 A 90 to 93 9, 4 Leadership Self Assessment and Development Plan 25 B 87 to 89 9. 5 Discretionary Grade Attendance Participation Contributions 15 B 84 to 86 9. B 80 to 83 9,C 75 to 79 9,F Below 75,INCOMPLETE POLICY. Students are expected to behave in a professional manner and to turn in all materials at the designated time In. accordance with university regulations a grade of Incomplete will only be given when the quality of work is. satisfactory but a minor yet essential requirement of the course has not been completed for reasons acceptable to the. instructor Requests for a grade of I must be submitted in writing to the instructor no later than the date of the last. class session of the term Such requests must include a proposed timeline for submitting the work required for. completing the course and you will be required to adhere to that timeline once it is agreed to by the instructor Failure. to do so may result in a grade of F for the course. WRITING QUALITY, This is a writing intensive course Although I am far more concerned about substance than form please keep in mind. that this is after all a professional graduate level course All of your written assignments should be prepared with the. attention due to a professional presentation and expected from a Master s degree candidate Yes this means grammar. and punctuation too Written assignments require proofreading and editing prior to submission with attention to. correct grammar spelling punctuation paragraphs and sentence structure See the Purdue University OWL site link on. UNM Learn course homepage for further assistance, NOTE that writing competency is extremely important in graduate school as well as in your professional career Master. of Public Administration students must consistently demonstrate professional standards in writing if they are to be. successful in enterprise leadership positions, The grade penalty is significant for lack of simple proofing of grammar and spelling on all assignments and for a lack of.
attention to professional writing and presentation of your paper As a graduate student and a current and or aspiring. leader in public administration you have a responsibility to the profession and those you will be representing to write. professionally It is wise to have a friend serve as an editor to proofread your written assignments. FORM OF WRITTEN PAPERS AND APA STYLE, All papers are required to follow current APA Style Format Please submit all written papers via my UNM e mail account. to me in MS Word format DO NOT submit your papers to me via UNM Learn Mail I will provide feedback to you on. your written work using the MS Word Comments function Please let me know in advance if you use a word processor. other than MS Word in that case you will probably need to submit your papers in RTF format. I have included an annotated sample APA Style paper for reference on the UNM Learn course homepage My favorite. website for APA Style is the Purdue University OWL site I have included the url for this excellent website on the UNM. Learn Course Homepage The Purdue OWL site also has excellent resources to improve your writing as well as and. reference material on conducting basic primary and secondary research For further guidelines refer to Publication. Manual of the American Psychological Association Current Edition The APA Manual provides answers to all level of. detail regarding citations of references grammar and other related issues The APA is a widely held standard for. manuscripts in the social sciences including Public Administration and is a frequent standard for graduate level writing. THIS IS IMPORTANT All written assignments submitted electronically need to follow this naming. convention for your document file that you submit electronically LAST NAME FIRST INITIAL ASSIGNMENT. TITLE PA525 For example Smith S Current NPO Issues PA590 DO NOT MAKE THE TITLE TOO LONG. Proper reference sources MUST be cited for your outside reference materials Proper academic reference. sources include primary and secondary research journal articles refereed juried or peer reviewed. professional and trade journals abstracts research reports and dissertations Wikipedia is NOT a. legitimate academic reference, UNM PADM 590 Leadership Theory and Practice Page 4 of 8. Fall 2017 Course Syllabus Steven G Meilleur Ph D SPHR. NOTE Paper length guidelines do NOT include your title page abstract page bibliography of references or. appendices The guidelines refer to the length of the body of the paper. ASSIGNMENTS AND COURSE DELIVERABLES, 1 Concept Paper Leadership and Organizational Culture Research Paper. The purpose of this assignment is for you to begin thinking about the topic you are interested in exploring in depth for. your Leadership and Organizational Culture Research Paper Assignment 3 In arriving at a topic students must. develop it within a context that relates to understanding organizational structure behavior and culture I will review. your concept paper to give you feedback about your topic and resources for you to consider as you explore your topic of. interest Use APA Style Your concept summary should be no more than three 3 pages NOTE You may work in pairs. if you so choose with my prior approval, 2 Leadership Challenge Application Paper Kouzes and Posner. The Leadership Challenge Kouzes and Posner has been a recognized text on organizational leadership for over twenty. UNM PADM 590 Leadership Theory and Practice Page 1 of 8 Fall 2017 Course Syllabus Steven G Meilleur Ph D SPHR to the study of leadership theory and its practical application in modern organizations The subject matter will be applicable to all students who are currently in or who aspire to be in leadership positions regardless of the sector that they work in

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