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WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION,Webelos Leader and Webelos. The Webelos Action Camp WAC is a gathering of all Voyageur s Area Council Webelos. This year s event will be held at Driftwood Estates on September 29th through October 1st. 2017 Webelos Action Camp is a fast paced adventure that includes working on advancement. while having fun The event requires a minimum ratio of 1 adult for every 3 Scouts and as. always we follow the BSA youth protection requirements of Two deep leadership. Included in this Leader s Guide is the information you need to plan for your participation and. arrive at camp fully prepared for this event Our goal is to have all the information to answer. any questions you may have about WAC please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with. the things you need to do to be prepared The weather may be unpredictable but it is important. that you are prepared as campers, A boy s experience in Scouting is full of fun and adventuresome memories We look forward to. your joining us in making Webelos Action Camp one of those memories. If you have any questions please contact me,Chris Jarman. Fall WAC Coordinator,715 969 7464 or jarman centurytel net. 2017 FALL WAC SCHEDULE, 5 00 8 00 p m Check in and set up campsites Bring own snacks for campers.
8 15 p m Campfire and Dutch oven dessert cooking across from the lodge. 9 00 p m Cracker Barrel for ADULTS in lodge MANDATORY Please. leave at least two adults to supervise Scouts,10 00 p m Lights out. 6 30 a m Wake up breakfast in campsite, 7 45 a m Opening ceremony at flagpole behind lodge. 8 00 4 25 p m Activities Break for lunch at 11 40 in your campsite. 5 15 p m Catholic Ecumenical services all campers must attend. Catholic Mass at pavilion Ecumenical Services at canoe dock. 6 00 p m Supper provided please bring mess kits for dinner. 7 30 p m Back to campsite quiet time wait for OA, 7 50 8 35 p m Campfire bring lawn chairs and blankets. After campfire back to camp own snacks in camp,11 00 p m Lights out. 7 00 a m Wake Up breakfast served at Pavilion, 8 00 a m Campsite breakdown and Camp Service project.
9 00 a m Depart Camp,Planned Activities,Subject to change. Webelos Arrow Of Light,Canoeing Canoeing,BB Gun Tomahawk Throwing. Map and Compass Leave no Trace,Archery Shelters,Forester BB Gun. First Responder Archery,Tomahawk Throwing Earth Rocks. Trading Post Forester,Obstacle Course,Program Opportunities at WAC.
Requirements possible in campsite,Cast Iron Chef, 1 At an approved time in an outdoor location and using tinder kindling and fuel wood demonstrate how to build a. fire light the fire unless prohibited by local fire restrictions After allowing the flames to burn safely safely. extinguish the flames with minimal impact to the fire site. 4 Prepare a balanced meal for your den or family utilize one of the methods below for preparation of part of your meal a. Camp stove,b Dutch oven,c Box oven,d Solar oven,e Open campfire or charcoal. 5 Demonstrate an understanding of food safety practices while preparing the meal. 1 With the help of your den leader or family plan and conduct a campout If your chartered organization does not. permit Cub Scout camping you may substitute a family campout or a daylong outdoor activity with your den or. 2 On arrival at the campout with your den and den leader or family determine where to set up your tent. Demonstrate knowledge of what makes a good tent site and what makes a bad one Set up your tent without help. from an adult, 3 Once your tents are set up discuss with your den what actions you should take in the case of the following. extreme weather events which could require you to evacuate a Severe rainstorm causing flooding. b Severe thunderstorm with lightning or tornadoes, c Fire earthquake or other disaster that will require evacuation Discuss what you have done to minimize as. much danger as possible, 4 On a pack campout work with your den leader or another adult to plan a campfire program with the other dens.
Your campfire program should include an impressive opening songs skits a Cubmaster s minute and an. inspirational closing ceremony, 5 Show how to tie a bowline Explain when this knot should be used and why Teach it to another Scout who is not. a Webelos Scout, 7 Recite the Outdoor Code and the Leave No Trace Principles for Kids from memory Talk about how you can. demonstrate them while you are working on your Arrow of Light After one outing list the things you did to follow. the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace,Requirements possible during program. First Responder, 1 Explain what first aid is Tell what you should do after an accident. 2 Show what to do for the hurry cases of first aid a Serious bleeding. b Heart attack or sudden cardiac arrest,c Stopped breathing.
e Poisoning,3 Show how to help a choking victim,4 Show how to treat for shock. 5 Demonstrate that you know how to treat the following a Cuts and scratches. b Burns and scalds,d Blisters on the hand and foot. e Tick bites,f Bites and stings of other insects,g Venomous snakebite. h Nosebleed,i Frostbite,8 Visit with a first responder. Earth Rocks, 1 Do the following a Explain the meaning of the word geology.
b Explain why this kind of science is an important part of your world. c Share with your family or with your den what you learned about the meaning of geology. 2 Look for different kinds of rocks or minerals while on a rock hunt with your family or your den. 3 Do the following a Identify the rocks you see on your rock hunt Use the information in your handbook to. determine which types of rocks you have collected, b With a magnifying glass take a closer look at your collection Determine any differences between your specimens. c Share what you see with your family or den,Into the Woods. 1 Identify two different groups of trees and the parts of a tree. 2 Identify six trees common to the area where you live Tell whether they are native to your area Tell how both. wildlife and humans use them, 3 Identify six plants common to the area where you live Tell which animals use them and for what purpose. HEALTH HISTORY AND PERMISSION FORMS,IF A CAMPER DOES NOT HAVE MEDICAL FORMS. THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CAMP AT WAC, IMPORTANT Den Leaders are responsible for collecting and keeping all Health and.
Medical Forms When registering you will be asked to speak to the Medical Personnel. for updates on medical concerns and permissions for BB guns. Scouts Adults The Annual BSA Health and Medical Form is REQUIRED for ALL youth and adult. WAC participants You can find this form online at, http www scouting org scoutsource HealthandSafety ahmr aspx. Please complete both sections A and B of the BSA national form You do not need a doctor s. appointment or signature for either of these sections If you have attended any other BSA events in the. past 12 months and your information has not changed you do not need to complete a new form. Please give a copy of your completed forms to your Den Leader prior to this event. No one will be allowed to participate at the event. without a completed Annual BSA Health and Medical Form. Medical forms will NOT be collected when you check in Be prepared to show the completed forms. for ALL participants to the medical staff located at the registration table for review If you are aware of. any health or behavior concerns please inform medical staff We strive to make this a fun and safe. event for everyone, We recommend that you create a 3 ring binder to keep all health forms organized and confidential If. any of your participants need medical attention you or an adult you designate will be responsible to. bring the binder along with the person needing medical assistance to the lodge so that the medical staff. can review pertinent health information,PREPARING FOR WEBELOS ACTION CAMP. Because this is a Webelos event be sure that for every three Webelos you have one adult The BSA. guideline of Two deep Leadership will also be followed the entire weekend before during and after all. events If registering as a unit make sure all parents have filled out Health Forms Part A and B As. this event is in September October the weather can be warm and sunny or it can be cool and rainy or. Make sure you have correct clothing and bedding, Make sure you have adequate tents and tarps for all campers We have ATV s to help haul gear to. your campsite You will be preparing your meals on Saturday breakfast and Saturday lunch Make it. simple Include your webelos in the planning and preparation of meals to earn advancement. WHAT TO BRING TO WEBELOS ACTION CAMP, 1 Each pack is responsible for bringing their own tents ground pads food eating and cooking.
utensils trash bags and firewood Wood that is found in campsites is the property of Driftwood. Estates and may not be used during WAC We recommend that packs dens plan cook and eat. their meals together Keep the cooking simple, 2 Portable fire pit with wood and water bucket for fire. 3 One picnic table will be provided for every two campsites It may be necessary to share these. items with another group, 4 You will be walking on Saturday and Sunday and be outside the entire time wear rugged shoes. or boots and a hat with a visor, 5 Weather can change in a very short time so plan for both warm and cold weather Scouts travel. and attend camp wide events in Field uniform Activity uniform Shirt Provided will be the. uniform for Saturday s action activities Adult leaders volunteers and parents are also. encouraged to wear your uniform during this event, 6 The following items are not allowed for participants at WAC Fireworks Firearms. Ammunition Archery Equipment Bicycles Paintball Guns Pets Alcohol Illegal Drugs. ATV s Electronics,PERSONAL EQUIPMENT LIST,Scout uniform Handkerchief.
Sleeping bag First aid kit,Pillow Camera optional,Money for trading post. Mess kit optional,Eating utensils Water bottle,Rain gear Rugged shoes or boots. Life jacket for canoeing some,Jacket will be available for use. Gloves Pajamas or sweat suit,Warm hat Flashlight,Long sleeve shirt Change of clothing. Personal care items,toothbrush,toothpaste soap,WEBELOS ACTION CAMP PARKING PROCEDURES.
Safety is our first concern please drive carefully and follow the directions from one of the attendants. The parking area has limited space and a lot of activity. We are guests of Driftwood and need to follow the posted speed signs once you enter Lismore Road. Please leave driving lanes open for emergency vehicles. For safety please adhere to the following guidelines. 1 No parking on the road, 2 You will be directed where to park by one of our attendants It will be tight quarters for parking. so please pull forward Realize that you will also be parking close to other vehicles so watch. when opening doors, 3 You will be handed a car information slip Fill it out and place it on the dashboard of your car. so we can read it This is very important as it contains your contact information in case we need. you to move your car, 4 Once parked one adult should go to the registration table while the rest stay with the car and. scouts After your pack is registered return to your vehicle with your campsite number While. waiting unload your vehicle and gather all your gear together An ATV with trailers will help. you transport your gear to your campsite, 5 You will not be allowed to go to your campsite until you are registered. FOOD AND MENU PLANNING, Camp staff will be preparing a Dutch oven dessert for Friday evening You will be responsible for.
providing and preparing your own breakfast and lunch at your campsite on Saturday Because of all. the programming events scheduled on Saturday you will have limited time for food preparation. cooking and clean up Keep meals simple and easy to prepare Simple meals will require less time and. equipment allowing your Scouts to participate fully in the program Saturday supper and Sunday. breakfast will be prepared for you and served from the lodge There is a covered shelter next to the. lodge with picnic tables for your use during these camp meals In order to limit our environmental. impact you are strongly encouraged to bring and use your personal mess kit Coffee regular and. decaf and hot water will be available for adults in the lodge. COMING TO WEBELOS ACTION CAMP, Directions to Driftwood Estates the Site of Fall WAC. Proceed from your location to the intersection of Highway 53 and Lavaque Bypass Rd on the. Southwest corner of the Duluth airport,Drive north on Lavaque Bypass Road to. the crossing of Martin Road the first stop,Continue North on Lavaque Road for 5 W Lismore Rd. miles Turn left onto West Lismore,Road Cty Rd 589 Follow W Lismore. Rd to the end about 1 0 mile,At the end of W Lismore Rd veer to the.
right onto Driftwood Estates Road and,follow the signs to Driftwood Estates X Airport. Lavaque Rd,Please mind the speed limit signs,We are guests on this road. When you enter Driftwood Estates,proceed to the registration tent in the. parking lot to check in, If you are arriving on Saturday remember that the first activity session starts at 8 00a m You need to. be on site in time to set up,Driftwood Estates,5500 Driftwood Estates Road.
Duluth MN 55803,CHECKING IN,CARS AND PEDESTRIANS DON T MIX. 9 00 p m Cracker Barrel for ADULTS in lodge MANDATORY Please leave at least two adults to supervise Scouts 10 00 p m Lights out Saturday 6 30 a m Wake up breakfast in campsite 7 45 a m Opening ceremony at flagpole behind lodge 8 00 4 25 p m Activities Break for lunch at 11 40 in your campsite 5 15 p m Catholic amp Ecumenical services all campers must attend Catholic Mass at

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