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Elevator Constructors Operating Engineers Painters Allied Trades Police Associations Latin American Laborers. Advancement, Metal Trades Air Traffic Controllers Football League Players National Nurses United Postal Mail Handlers North America s. Building Trades, Plasterers Cement Retail Wholesale Screen Actors Guild Seafarers Transport Workers Farm Workers. Masons Department Store, Food Mine Workers Roofers Waterproofers Utility Workers. Commercial Workers Allied Workers,100 Union Company Protecting Working Families. AG 2706 R3 19 Bug,LABOR ADVISORY BOARD, Stuart Appelbaum Morty Bahr James Boland Hon David Bonior Clayola Brown Samuel Cabral.
President President Emeritus President Former US President President. Retail Wholesale Department Communications Workers International Union of Congressman A Philip Randolph Institute International Union of. Store Union UFCW of America Bricklayers Honorary Member Police Associations. Chairman Emeritus Allied Craftworkers Labor Advisory Board. Labor Advisory Board, James T Callahan Gabrielle Carteris Bonnie Castillo Frank Christensen Eric Dean Jennifer Dorning. General President President Executive Director General President General President President. International Union of Screen Actors Guild National Nurses United International Union of International Association Department for Professional. Operating Engineers American Federation of Elevator Constructors of Bridge Structural Employees AFL CIO. Television and Radio Artists,Executive Director Ornamental Reinforcing. California Nurses,Iron Workers,Association, Dave Durkee Tefere Gebre Hon Richard Raymond Hair James V Hart James Hoffa. International President Executive Vice Gephardt President President General President. Bakery Confectionery President Former US American Federation Metal Trades Department International Brotherhood. Tobacco Workers Grain AFL CIO Congressman of Musicians of Teamsters. Millers International Union,Honorary Member,Labor Advisory Board. Paul Hogrogian Lorretta Johnson Newton B Jones D Michael Matthew Loeb Ernest A Logan. National President Secretary Treasurer International President Langford International President President. National Postal Mail American Federation International Brotherhood National President International Alliance of American Federation of. Handlers Union of Teachers of Boilermakers Iron Ship Utility Workers Union of Theatrical Stage Employees School Administrators. Builders Blacksmiths America AFL CIO,Forgers Helpers.
William Lucy Hon Ray Marshall Bob Martinez Elissa McBride Mary McColl James Bud. President Emeritus Former US Secretary International President Secretary Treasurer Executive Director McCourt. Coalition of Black of Labor International Association of American Federation of State Actors Equity Association General President. Trade Unionists Honorary Member Machinists Aerospace County Municipal International Association of. Labor Advisory Board Workers Employees Heat Frost Insulators. Allied Workers, Sean McGarvey Terrence Melvin Yanira Merino Sara Nelson Oscar Owens Anthony Marc. President President President International President International Perrone. North America s Building Coalition of Black Labor Council For Latin Association of Flight Secretary Treasurer General President. Trades Unions Trade Unionists American Advancement Attendants CWA AFL CIO Amalgamated Transit Union United Food Commercial. Workers International Union, Kenneth E Paul Rinaldi Clyde Rivers Robert Roach Jr Cecil Roberts Kinsey Robinson. Rigmaiden President President Emeritus President President International President. General President National Air Traffic California School Alliance for Retired United Mine Workers United Union of. International Union of Controllers Association Employees Association Americans of America Roofers Waterproofers. Painters Allied Allied Workers,Trades AFL CIO, Michael Sacco John Samuelsen Paul Shearon Chris Shelton Elizabeth E Shuler Bruce R Smith. President International President President President Secretary Treasurer President. Seafarers International Transport Workers Union of International Federation Communications Workers AFL CIO Glass Molders Pottery. Union Maritime Trades America AFL CIO of Professional of America Plastics Allied. Department AFL CIO Technical Engineers Workers International. DeMaurice Smith Daniel Stepano Lonnie Stephenson John J Sweeney George Tedeschi Richard Trumka. Executive Director General President International President President Emeritus President President. National Football League Operative Plasterers International Brotherhood of AFL CIO Graphic Communications AFL CIO. Players Association Cement Masons Electrical Workers Conference International. International Association Brotherhood of Teamsters. Baldemar James Williams,Velasquez General President. President Emeritus,Farm Labor International Union of.
Organizing Committee Painters Allied Trades,Chairman Emeritus. Labor Advisory Board, Labor Advisory Board members recognize that AIL NILICO. are fully organized 100 percent union companies that offer supplemental insurance plans. primarily to union members, Membership on the Advisory Board constitutes neither an endorsement of AIL NILICO nor their products. Standing Together,Solidarity,AMERICAN INCOME LIFE,NATIONAL INCOME LIFE. insurance companies,LABOR ADVISORY BOARD,Terry O Sullivan Lori Pelletier.
President Vice President,Laborers International American Income Life. Union of North America National Income Life,Chairman Executive Director. Labor Advisory Board Labor Advisory Board,Denise Bowyer Roger Smith. Vice President Chairman Emeritus,American Income Life American Income Life. National Income Life National Income Life,Secretary President.
Labor Advisory Board Labor Advisory Board,Steve Greer. Chief Executive Officer,American Income Life Agency Division. National Income Life Agency Division,Labor Advisory Board. These outstanding union leaders are members of the American Income Life. National Income Life Insurance Company Labor Advisory Board With their advice AIL and its New. York subsidiary NILICO provide substantial financial assistance to labor and labor related. causes and develop programs to best meet the needs of union members and their families. of Labor Honorary Member Labor Advisory Board Terrence Melvin President Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Paul Rinaldi President National Air Traffic Controllers Association John Samuelsen International President Transport Workers Union of America AFL CIO Daniel Stepano General President Operative Plasterers amp Cement Masons International Association James Williams General President

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