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Read this story about Aaron and his unusual pet Look for information in the story. to answer the question below,A Lulu of a Pet, 1 Aaron had recently moved to Florida After a heavy downpour he found a. bedraggled half d rowned baby rat on the drenched patio Aaron dried the rat w ith. a towe l put her in a di sca rded hamster cage and named her Lulu Aaron carefully. nursed Lulu back to health feed ing her with an eyed ropper. 2 After a few days Aaron brought Lulu to a veterinarian To Aaron s surprise the. vet in for med him that he had in fact rescued a nutria a rodent like animal that is. similar to a beaver That ex plains Lulu s wh ite muzzle and big orange teeth Aaro n. sa id The vet recommended that Aaron bring Lulu to a nearby wildlife reserve where. she could be with other resc ued nutrias,What is paragraph 1 mainly about. Reread paragraph 1 and look for a sentence that states the main idea The main idea. is sometimes stated in the first or last sentence, The main idea of paragraph 1 is not directly stated so look for the releva nt. supporting details These can be used as cl ues to help you figure out the main idea. In paragraph 1 Aa ron finds a half drowned animal dries it puts it in a hamster. cage names it and feeds it w ith an eyed ropper, Think about the supporting details W hat are they all about All of the releva nt. support ing details in paragraph 1 are about Aaron and the way he rescued and. cared for a baby animal, ANSWER Paragraph 1 is mainly about how Aaron rescued and cared for a baby.
At first what did Aaron th ink the half d rowned animal was. NGSSS LA S U 3 Florida, Read the biography Use the Think About It to guide your reading. Then answer the question Use the Hint to help you,Think About It. What were the main Lady Bird Johnson,causes that Lady Bird. Lady Bird Johnson was the wi fe of President Lyndon Baines. Johnson worked to Johnson She was one of the most active first ladies in U S history. support A though she is well known for her work to fight poverty sh e was. also an environmental ac tivist Part of this work included co. founding the Nationa l Wildflower Research Center Johnson also. worked to protect and beautify the land along highways and in. Hint citi es and towns across the country, Think about which Which is the best summary of the biography. answer includes only A Lady Bird J ohnson was the wife of President Johnson and found ed. the most important the Nationa l Wild flower Research Center. information B Former first lad y Lady Bird J ohnson fought poverty. C Lady Bird J ohnson was one of th e most active first ladies in U S. D Fo nner fi rst lady Lady BirdJohnson worked to fi ght poverty and. help the enviro nment,CORRECT ANSWER Answer choice D is correct.
SUPPORTING DETAILS A good summary should mention the most important information in a. selection The most relevant details about Lady Bird Johnson are that she. was a former first lady she wo rked to fight poverty and that she was an. environmental activist The other information in the selection further. deve lops these ideas but does not need to be included in the summary. INCORRECT ANSWERS A is not co rrect because although true it does not summarize the entire. biograp hy, 5 B is not co rrect because although true it does not summarize the entire. S C is not co rrect because it is one detail not a summary. F lo ri d a N G SS S L A 8 1 7 3, Read the article Use each Think About It to guide your reading. Think About It San Antonio s Remarkable History, The title is often an 1 In 1691 a group of Spanish exp lorers happened upon a river and a. important cl ue to the Native American settlement in what is now the state of Texas They. main idea named both San An ton io It was June 13 the feast day of Sa int. What was early San 2 In 1716 the Span ish built a fort or presidio on the San Anton io. Antonio like river That same year a Catholic mission was built nearby Two years. later ten soldiers and their families started a community or villa. there The villa the mission and the fort were called Sa n Antonio de. los Llanos, 3 In 1731 fifty six men women and ch ild ren from the Canary. Islands a group of islands off the northern coast of Africa moved to. the presidio They establi shed one of the first civil govern ments in the. West Some of the descendents of the Canary Islanders still live in. Sa n Antonio today, 4 For the next 100 years San Anton io was mostly under Spanish.
control In the early 1800s the Spanish turned the old mission into a. fort They called the fort the Alamo In 1835 Texans took control of. San Antonio, How was the battle of 5 In 1836 Mexican genera l Santa Ann a tried to reclaim control He. the Alamo significant in arrived in San Antonio with an army 2 000 strong Fewer than 200. the history of San soldiers and volunteers gathered in the Alamo They held off the. Antonio Mexican army for 13 days O n March 6 Santa Anna s troops stormed. the fort All but two of the defending soldiers were killed But on. March 2 1836 Texas decla red its indepe ndence from Mexico It. became its own nation On December 28 1845 Texas became a. How big was San 6 After the Civil War Sa n Antonio prospered In 1877 the first. Antonio after the Civil rai lway reached San Antonio By 1900 five railways brought goods and. War people to and from the City Sa n Anto nio was then the largest city in. Texas It had 50 000 people, How big is San Antonio 7 Today San Antonio is the sevent h largest city in the United States. today It is home to five military bases and more th an one million people It is. also home to the Sa n Antonio Spurs and Market Square the largest. Mexican marketplace outside of Mexico San Antonio is a modern city. with a remarkable history,NGSSS LA S I 3 Florida, Hints Use the Hints to answer the questions below Circle the correct. answers and provide supporting details from t he article. Think about what the 1 W hat is the ma in idea of t his article. article tells you about A Sa n Antoni o is a modern city with a lot of exci ting allractions. San Antonio Which B Sa n Antonio bega n as a Native Amer ica n settl ement long ago. statement best C The battle of the Ala mo took place in San Antonio. describes the main idea D Sa n Antonio is a city w ith a long a nd interesti ng history. of the entire article,Suppo rting Deta ils, What details do you 2 Paragraph 6 is mostly abou t. learn about San Antonio A General San ta An n a and the Ba llle of the Ala mo. in paragraph 6 What do B how Sa n Antonio prospered after the Civil Wa r. all of these details have C whatlhe city of Sa n Alllonio is li ke today. in common D the history of railways in San Anton io. Suppo rting Details, Which headline best 3 If this article were pu bli shed in a newspaper which head line would.
captures the most best express the mai n idea, important information in A San Anto nio s Native American Sett lement. the article B Skyscrapers a nd Mex ican Ma rkets San Alllonio Today. C San An tonio From the Alamo to Today s Modern City. D Mil itary Bases of San Antonio,Supporti ng Deta ils. Witli YOUy partner,share and diso ss,your answeys and. supporting details,Florida NGSSS LA S l 7 3, Read the story The Basketball Rivalry before answering Numbers 1 through 5. OO lli Q8 DD rn w D p,by Christopher Rawlins, MARCH ll For many years my cousin Mauricio and I lived only two blocks apart but then about.
three years ago he and his family moved to Miami Instead of seeing my cousin almost daily I now see. him for only a short time every spring when he comes to visit me for a week. I enjoy it when Mauricio comes to stay for we are both big basketball enthusiasts But one thing has. changed over the years When Mauricio lived in Orlando we were both Magic fans For a while after. Mauricio moved to Miami he was still a Magic fan but over time he has become a devoted Heat fan. When Mauricio comes to visit one thing we always do is go to an Orlando Magic game Even though. Mauricio is a Miami Heat fan he will still cheer on the Magic against out of state basketball teams. However this year there is one slight problem When Mauricio comes to town the Magic will be playing. the Heat Mauricio and I will be rooting for opposing teams. MARCH 23 Mauricio arrived to stay with me three days ago Last night we went with my dad to the. Magic game only Mauricio called it the Heat game We were sitting so high in the stands that the. players looked like little specks on the basketball floor far below But we didn t care we didn t have any. trouble following the action,It was an extremely hard fought and electrifying. game and the lead kept shifting back and forth,however at halftime the Magic led by four points. I tried not to gloat too much but I couldn t help it since. the Magic were just fantastic And I wanted Mauricio. to feel miserable that he had switched allegiances so I. teased him about being a traitor, Mauricio took my ribbing in good stride so it didn t. irritate me too much in the second half when Mauricio. applauded quietly whenever the Heat pulled ahead,He couldn t applaud too loudly or the fans. surrounding him would know like me that he was,NGSSS LA B 1 7 3 Florida.
Of course whenever the Magic pulled ahead I shouted and hooted and hollered and stomped just. like all of the other fans around us I m not sure how that made Mauricio feel but I wanted him to. realize what fantast ic fans the Magic had and what he was missing by supporting the Heat. When the game was over and we arrived home my older sister greeted us at the door Who won. she wanted to know, It was an extremely close ga me and there were really no losers I told her. Congratulations Mauricio you must be th rilled that the Heat won exclaimed my sister I know the. Heat won because if the Magic had won Christopher would be gloating and dancing and hooting and. hollering Since he isn t doing any of those things I can only deduce that the Heat must have won. My know it all sister probably was right If the Magic had won I wouldn t have been able to. contain myself I would have surely let everyone know what a wonderfully competitive game it had. been and how the Magic had managed to pull it out w ith some dazzling passing and marvelous. one of a kind shots, But Mauricio didn t seem to be gloating at all at least on the outside I knew he was happy and. perhaps he was gloa ting inside but he wasn t rubbing it in I was relieved about that but I still couldn t. understand why Mauricio had changed his basketball loyalties It must have been peer pressure I. decided and I wondered if I would change loyalties if I moved to another tow n. I hoped I wouldn t but then I remembered how I had buckled to peer pressure when I was a little kid. I had this superhero lunchbox that I loved and I ca rried it to school every day But at some point the. other kids stopped ca rrying their lunches in lunchboxes and I was the only one still lugging my. superhero lunchbox to school After a while the lunchbox started to embarrass me so I stopped u sing it. even though I really really loved that lunchbox and didn t want to give it up. Maybe Mauricio really still loved the Magic how cou ld he not but he was loyal to the Heat because. all of his classma tes rooted for the Heat I decided not to give Mauricio any more grief for being a Heat. fan After all I d like to visit Miami one day and it wouldn t be pleasant if Mauricio needled me the. whole time for being a Magic fan I resolved then to keep my gloating to myself the next time the Magic. l won which I hoped would be the very next day,Florida NGSSS LA S l 7 3. Which title BEST fits the passage How does Christopher s sister know that the. Magic did not w in,A Mauricio s New Team, B His Love of the Gam e F Mauricio w as rubbing it in. C The Magic of Orlando G Christopher was not gloating. D The Magic vs the Heat H Mauricio told her that the H eat had won. I Chris topher and Mauricio were arguing,about the game s outcome.
Why does Chr istopher cheer loudly w hen his,tea m scores. F to make Ma uricio feel bad What is the main idea of The Basketball. G to show Ma uricio that he doesn t like Rivalry,A Two cousins go to a basketball game and. H to show Ma uricio how much Magic fans,cheer for opposing teams. love their team,B A yOlmg boy und erstands how peer. I to make Mauricio start cheering for the,pressure influences the choices he makes.
Magic w ith him,C A boy is upset with his cousin for. changing loyalties but comes to,e Read this sentence from the passage D. wlderstand why,A boy is teased by his sister for cheering. for a basketball tea m that always loses,After a while the lunchbox s tarted. to embarrass me so I stopped us ing,it even though I really really loved.
that lunch box and didn t want to give,In the sentence above Christopher is. indi ca ting that,A he has never buckled to peer pressure. B he w ishes the Magic had bea ten the, C he wishes he still carried a IW1Chbox Answer Form. D he unders tands w hy Ma uricio mi ght,2 CD Number. root for the Hea t Correct,N G S S S L A 8 1 7 3 F lo r id a.
identify the main idea and pay attention to the important details that tell about the main idea Sometimes a writer directly states a main idea A stated main idea is often in the first or last sentence of a passage or a paragraph But a writer does not always directly state a main idea Sometimes the main idea is implied or suggested

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