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KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS 1 92,0100 PRO PROLOGUE, A child s whispered voice HISSES through the darkness. CHILD S VOICE V O,If you must blink do it now, A full moon fills the screen like a giant unblinking eye. An eerie wind HOWLS through the night sky and a wave. suddenly rises in front of the moon eclipsing it from view. Another giant wave swells and we CUT WIDER to reveal. EXT OCEAN STORMY NIGHT, A tiny wooden fishing boat comes into view tossed about by. enormous waves cresting hundreds of feet high, That s when we hear it weaving throughout the howls of wind. Hopeful inexplicable MUSIC A sweet chromatic MELODY. It is being played by the boat s lone passenger A beautiful. Japanese woman with long black hair whipping in the wind She. kneels as she plays a stringed shamisen instrument. CHILD S VOICE V O,Pay careful attention to everything.
you see and hear No matter how,unusual it may seem. On the woman s back we catch a glimpse of a woven bag. embroidered with the image of a beetle, Before we can get a better look our attention turns to a. tsunami sized wave rising up silently in front of the boat. threatening to consume everything in its path, The woman raises her hand strikes the strings on her. shamisen and the sea literally parts in front of her. allowing safe passage clean through the center of the chaos. The boat floats onward approaching a rocky coastline beneath. high windswept cliffs and at the sight of land the woman. gives an almost imperceptible smile,CHILD S VOICE V O. And please be warned If you,fidget If you look away.
DRAFT 01 05 16,KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS 2 92,CHILD S VOICE V O CONT D. If you forget any part of what I,tell you even for an instant then. our hero will surely perish, Before the narrator can finish his sentence another wave. larger than the others surges menacingly behind the woman. EXT ROCKY BEACH, Propelled by that huge wave the fishing boat violently rams. into the rocky shore throwing the woman from the boat. Tossed through the turbulent undercurrent the woman s head. smashes hard against a rock, And as the ocean recedes she s left lying in the sand her.
body limp and unmoving and blanketed by her tangled hair. And then another sound The CRYING of an infant,The woman s eyes snap open. Slowly painfully she begins crawling across the sand. towards the crying It s coming from inside that woven bag. CHILD S VOICE O S,His name is Kubo His grandfather. stole something from him, As she reaches the bag and draws back the folds of cloth we. see the face of a baby underneath We can see his head is. wrapped in a bloodied bandage covering his missing left eye. We watch them from a HIGH ANGLE like we re standing. somewhere up on those cliffs as the narrator adds,CHILD S VOICE O S CONT D. And that really is the least of it,0200 BRK BREAKFAST WITH MOM.
GHOSTING IN TITLE KUBO,THEN AND THE TWO STRINGS, CREDITS ROLL as we slowly FADE IN coming face to face with. DRAFT 01 05 16,KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS 3 92, A serious monkey Staring right at us Fixed expression. That s because this monkey is actually a carved wooden charm. also known as a netsuke standing about four inches high. Next to it a young boy perhaps ten years old sleeps on a. thin mat on the floor He is curled up within a robe. emblazoned with the crest of a beetle just like the one we. saw on the bag earlier, The boy rolls over revealing his left eye is covered in a. patch He is the baby from the prologue grown into a wiry. youth with thick black hair tugged into a messy topknot He. is our hero KUBO,INT KUBO S CAVE EARLY MORNING PRE DAWN. Kubo gets up and begins to tidy up the place picking up. dozens of strewn pieces of paper that inexplicably litter the. ground The paper is creased and wrinkled as if it has been. repeatedly folded and unfolded He smooths each sheet out. then stacks it and places it back on a shelf, By the light of the full moon outside Kubo walks to a little.
kitchen area and strikes a flint starting a fire, He gracefully pours and heats a pot of water preparing both. rice and tea for two place settings on the ground, He then turns to regard a sleeping woman lying on a mat in. the corner of the cave barely noticeable in the dark The. folds of her gown move gently as she sleeps, Kubo steps over and kneels down by her side and we see this. is the same woman from our prologue only now she seems older. and paler Her face is creased and wrinkled like the crumpled. paper scattered around her and her long black hair is. streaked with silvery grey She is Kubo s MOTHER, Kubo watches her for a moment then gathers himself and. extends a hand to gently push her hair out of her face. Her eyes flutter open She sees Kubo kneeling there and he. gives her a small smile An unspoken good morning, Kubo helps her up and to the mat where the rice and tea are.
waiting her movements are slow and feeble,INT DINING AREA KUBO S CAVE EARLY MORNING. DRAFT 01 05 16,KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS 4 92, Kubo serves his mother rice even blowing on it to cool it. His Mother eats just a little A bit of rice falls onto her. Kubo uses his chopsticks to gently put the grains of rice. back into her mouth There is clearly something wrong with. his mother,INT ENTRANCE KUBO S CAVE EARLY MORNING, Kubo walks his mother over and she kneels on a mat in the. shadow of the cave entrance staring down at the angry white. crests of the waves, Kubo sits beside her He works intently folding those sheets. of paper he stacked earlier into an assortment of origami. There is a tiger a deer and a snake each as impressive as. the next His nimble hands make swift and expert work of it. It s kind of incredible, Kubo leans forward grinning from ear to ear as he plays with.
a paper samurai showing it to his unresponsive mother. But then Kubo stops and gets closer to lean on his mother s. shoulder as the sun rises, A BELL CHIMES in the distance triggering him instantly into. As the orange light of dawn begins to fill the cave he. hurries over to where the shamisen leans against the wall and. scoops it up with one hand He grabs the netsuke and all his. origami figures hastily packs them into his bag and it over. his shoulder, Before he leaves he notices a strand of hair has fallen in. front of his mother s face He gently reaches out and pushes. it back into place, Kubo looks at his mother s staring empty eyes and rests his. hand on her shoulder for a moment before running off. 0300 JTV JOURNEY TO THE VILLAGE,DRAFT 01 05 16,KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS 5 92. EXT MOUNTAIN PATH DAWN, Kubo scrambles down the rocky path with practiced ease his.
shamisen occasionally smacking against his hip with a dull. harmonic BUMP like when you jostle a guitar, In the distance a cluster of buildings peek out from behind a. brightly ornate gateway Kubo plays with his origami samurai. as he walks, Kubo continues along the path over a bridge into the village. to a hubbub of activity beyond,0400 STT STORY TIME. EXT CENTRAL AVENUE DAY, It s later in the morning and the main thoroughfare has. become a vibrant pageant of peasantry and peddlers. celebrating the second day of the Obon Festival, A puppeteer operates an elaborate dragon marionette over.
the heads of SQUEALING CHILDREN, FISHERMEN proudly waggle their pungent produce Crustaceans. crawl over each other in open crates, A PATIENT DAD AND HIS YOUNG DAUGHTER browse the lanterns. being crafted by skilled artisans, HIGH CLASS LADIES barter and haggle for the most fashionable. festival garments, MERCHANTS pitch their wares to VILLAGERS from dusty carts. MEN gamble on elaborate tile games Two old curmudgeons sit. in stony faced contemplation over a chess like game of Shoji. And lining the street is the feudal Japanese equivalent of. the Venice Beach boardwalk A row of BEGGARS and STREET. PERFORMERS competing for coins handouts and attention. A hunched beggar woman KAMEYO sits in the street with a. bowl in front of her, She smiles warmly when she sees Kubo walking toward her She.
miraculously straightens up and seems much less woeful. Well hello Kubo, He slides his shamisen off his shoulder and sits down next to. her Kubo peeks over the lip of the bowl,DRAFT 01 05 16. KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS 6 92,How is it today,Not a bad crowd I got two pennies. and a lint ball, She fishes around in the bowl and pulls out a clump of fluff. KAMEYO CONT D,This is pretty good lint,Kubo CHUCKLES and the old woman turns to him.
KAMEYO CONT D,And what do you have planned today,Oh you know The usual. You think you can work in a fire,breathing chicken. Kubo fixes her with a look,The chicken again,The chicken is funny. Kubo rolls his eye but he s clearly enjoying this,KAMEYO CONT D. A touch of comedy to balance the,whole thing out They re going to.
be throwing money at you I just,thinks this over,Or they ll throw something at you. I don t know,Okay I ll see what I can do,DRAFT 01 05 16. KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS 7 92, Kubo stands to leave but the old woman has one more thing. And do you plan on finishing the,story this time young man. Kubo just smiles and walks into the center of the square. In one graceful motion Kubo drops his bag of origami. creatures on the ground and spins his shamisen around. He grabs the bachi pick from his belt and raises it into the. air ready to strike,IF YOU MUST BLINK DO IT NOW, He then brings it down across the strings striking a.
beautifully resonant chord, With this the entire dynamic of the marketplace changes. Mid haggle merchants and their customers GASP, The Shoji players look up from their game One takes. advantage of the distraction and cheats a winning move while. the other is facing the other way, Children watching the puppeteer look over and the puppeteer. turns the head of his dragon to see what is going on before. the children cheer and run towards Kubo, SHOUTING ceases CHATTER trails off Even the TRILLING of. songbirds in their cages and a distant dog s BARKING stop. Everything is silent All heads are turned, Kameyo moves through the gathering onlookers pushing a man.
Kubo stands confidently in the center his shamisen gleaming. in the sun Excited WHISPERS ripple through the crowd. KUBO CONT D,PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING,YOU SEE AND HEAR NO MATTER HOW. UNUSUAL IT MAY SEEM, As he paces Kubo sizes up the circle forming around him. KUBO CONT D,AND PLEASE BE WARNED IF YOU,FIDGET IF YOU LOOK AWAY IF YOU. FORGET ANY PART OF WHAT I TELL YOU,EVEN FOR AN INSTANT. DRAFT 01 05 16,KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS 8 92, And by this point there s really no more need for Kubo to.
shout The entire crowd has fallen still and silent. He points to a woman and WHISPERS dramatically,KUBO CONT D. Then our hero will surely perish, He suddenly shifts into a dramatic pose plucking his. shamisen like a rock star He strums a simple theme and a. red blur shoots from his pack somersaulting the full length. of the circle before landing at Kubo s feet, The crowd CHEERS at the appearance of this origami hero. Kubo puts up a hand to silence them again and continues. KUBO CONT D,Hanzo was a mighty samurai But he,was alone his family taken from. him his kingdom in ruins and his,army destroyed by the dreaded Moon.
King You may recall Hanzo was,roaming the distant Farlands in. search of a magical suit of armor,the only weapon in the whole world. that could protect him from the,power of the Moon King This armor. was made up of three pieces The, Kubo pauses waiting for the audience to participate and spins. suddenly pointing to a group of children HASHI is standing. behind them pushes his way through to answer,Oh oh oh I know I know The.
Sword Unbreakable, Kubo smiles and continues to play A sheet of paper shoots. from his bag and forms into a samurai sword that hovers in. the air before the crowd, Kubo sprints over to an adorable little girl skidding to a. halt in front of her,The second,The Breastplate Imp. struggling,DRAFT 01 05 16,KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS 9 92. Her father HOSATO leans down and WHISPERS something into her. MARI CONT D,Impen a truh bubble Yeah, The crowd LAUGHS and APPLAUDS the little girl whose cheeks.
bloom red with pride, Kubo plucks the second string and we see an ornate. breastplate form and hover next to the sword,And finally the third weapon the. final piece of the armor,I know this one Pick me,Kubo nods at her. KAMEYO CONT D,The Helmet Invulnerable, The expectant crowd turn to Kubo for affirmation He plucks. the third string and a beautiful helmet forms The crowd. CHEERS He begins circling the audience building the. Before Hanzo could claim the armor,and unite the pieces to reveal.
their true power he was attacked,by the Moon King s beasts. Kubo plucks a dissonant chord and spins suddenly, A sheet of paper shoots up folding in mid air transforming. into a monstrous spider, The spider creature springs forward and Hanzo charges to meet. it slashing at its legs with his little paper sword. The crowd cheers,Whoa Ha Ha Ha, Kubo launches into a dizzying display playing his shamisen. Kubo rolls his eye but he s clearly enjoying this KAMEYO CONT D A touch of comedy to balance the whole thing out They re going to be throwing money at you I just know it thinks this over Or they ll throw something at you I don t know KUBO LAUGHS Okay I ll see what I can do KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS 6 92 DRAFT 01 05 16

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