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Introduction 1,Croydon contacts for Key Stage 2 moderation 2. Statutory responsibility for moderation 3,Key Stage 2 moderation dates 4. Key Stage 2 moderation process 5,KS2 moderation appeals process 9. Key points for SLT and teachers to consider 10, Quality assuring teacher assessment at Key Stage 2 SLT Checklist 11. Reporting results 12,Quality assurance of the LA moderation process 13.
Croydon Summary Record of Key Stage 2 Moderation Visit 14. Appendix 1 Local agreements 17, Appendix 3 Instructions for using USO FX2 secure data transfer 19. Appendix 4 Further information on ensuring the security of data 23. shared as part of the moderation process,Notes page 24. INTRODUCTION, This handbook is produced by the Croydon moderation team in order to inform Year 6 teachers head. teachers and assessment leads about the moderation process for the end of KS2 writing assessment. This process meets the requirements of the statutory guidance for KS2 moderation. Octavo Partnership has been commissioned by Croydon Council to deliver its statutory moderation. and monitoring responsibilities for Key Stages 1 and 2. This handbook is underpinned by the statutory requirements in the Assessment and Reporting. Arrangements 2019 and the 2019 teacher assessment guidance for KS2 and should be read in. conjunction with these documents They can be found on the GOV UK website. https assets publishing service gov uk government uploads system uploads attachment dat. a file 754071 Key stage 2 assessment and reporting arrangements pdf. https assets publishing service gov uk government uploads system uploads attachment dat. a file 758373 KS2 TA Guidance 2018 19 pdf, This handbook does not substitute or replace STA key documents but should be read in conjunction. with them The purpose of this handbook is give schools information about the Croydon moderation. process to highlight local agreements and to clarify the roles and responsibilities of those involved. Teacher assessment is the main focus for end of KS2 English writing assessment and reporting. Schools are also required to report teacher assessments for science It is carried out as part of. teaching and learning Teacher assessment provides a judgement that is based on knowledge of how. the pupil has performed over time and in a variety of contexts. In 2019 KS2 TA judgements must be made using,the TA frameworks.
https www gov uk government publications teacher assessment frameworks at the end of. key stage 2,the pre key stage standards, https www gov uk government publications pre key stage 2 standards. https assets publishing service gov uk government uploads system uploads attachment dat. a file 617033 Performance P Scale, attainment targets for pupils with special educational needs June 2017 pdf. Croydon Contacts for Key Stage 2 Moderation,KS2 Strategic Lead. Shelley Davies shelley davies croydon gov uk,Moderation Manager. Ann Longfield ann longfield octavopartnership org 07920 657803. KS2 Lead Moderators,Claire Binks,Amy Blackford,Sam Coombs.
Rachel Fox,Emma Hayward,Ann Longfield,Joanne Stawman. Joanne Wallin,Bernice Warwick, Keeran Bhambra Patel English and Y6 Lead Beulah Junior School. Claire Binks English Lead SLT Ecclesbourne Primary School. Sarah Binns English Lead and Phase Leader Oasis Ryelands Academy. Amy Blackford KS2 Writing Lead Howard Primary School. Viv Bull Assistant Headteacher Rockmount Primary School. Samantha Coombs Senior Leader Norbury Manor Primary School. Arzu Devici English Lead Monks Orchard Primary School. Rachel Fox English Advisor Octavo Partnership, Rachel Glencross Year 6 teacher Oasis Ryelands Academy. Mark Gyford Assistant Headteacher Y6 Lead Fairchildes Primary School. Emma Hayward English and Y6 Lead St Cyprian s GO Primary School. Mazen Mukthar Year 6 Lead Applegarth Academy, Jo Stawman Deputy Headteacher Courtwood Primary School. Kimberley Walker Writing Lead SLT Tudor Academy, Joanne Wallin Mathematics Advisor Octavo Partnership.
Bernice Warwick Interim Co Headteacher The Crescent Primary School. John Young Assistant Headteacher Purley Oaks Primary School. Aylea Zaidi English and Y6 Lead Regina Coeli Catholic School. Performance team,Robert Marsh robert marsh croydon gov uk. Statutory responsibilities for moderation,Local authorities. LAs have a statutory responsibility to externally moderate a minimum sample of 25 per cent of. their LA maintained schools plus 25 per cent of academies that opt to be included in the LA s. external moderation provision, The information for LAs in the 2019 KS2 TA guidance includes details of the moderation process and. how to carry out moderation visits LAs must refer to the guidance and ensure they are aware of the. statutory requirements to ensure that robust moderation processes are followed. External moderation arrangements that are communicated to schools by LAs and that lie outside the. scope of the 2019 KS2 teacher assessment guidance are by local agreement only and must be clearly. stated as non statutory, Local agreements should be drawn up in consultation with and with the agreement of all. stakeholders and revised annually A local agreement should be signed by both LA and school All. schools should have a written copy Croydon LA s local agreements with schools can be found in. Appendix 1, Headteachers responsibilities for teacher assessment and moderation.
Headteachers at maintained schools academies including free schools and participating. independent schools must, give those carrying out TA sufficient opportunity to become familiar with the TA. frameworks and the pre key stage standards using funds available within the school s. overall resources, ensure the TA frameworks are used to make pupils TA judgements. ensure TA judgements are an accurate assessment of pupils attainment. comply with STA s TA guidance, submit accurate TA data to STA in English writing and science for all pupils at the end of. KS2 by Thursday 27 June this includes participating independent schools that wish to. publish and compare their national curriculum assessment results with local or national. Headteachers at academies must also, have a written agreement in place with their chosen LA for external moderation of their. KS2 TA and if they have selected a non geographical LA they must report this information. to STA via NCA tools by Friday 14 December,Key Stage 2 moderation dates.
Summer 2019, Courses are shown in italics Deadlines and other key events are shown in bold. Date KS2 General, 17 May Schools informed by the LA on or 21 May Assessment leaders update. after this date if they are going to receive an,May 2019 external moderation visit for TA. 20 May Teacher assessment section of NCA tools,23 and 24 May KS2 moderation briefings. 10 21 June KS2 moderation visits,25 June Consistency of judgement surgery.
moderated schools, June 2019 27 June Deadline for submitting end of KS2. assessments to NCA tools Data submitted late,will not be used in the DfE s performance tables. data checking exercise,LA quality assurance of data from moderated and. un moderated schools, July Schools report children s end of KS2 achievements. 2019 to parents, The deadline for the submission of KS2 teacher assessments including P Scale data to the DfE.
through NCA tools is 27 June 2019, KS1 teacher assessments including P Scale data to Croydon LA is 27 June 2019 for moderated. Schools not being moderated at KS1 are requested to submit their data by 24 June 2019. The deadline for submission of phonics screening results to Croydon LA is 1 July 2019. The deadline for the submission of EYFS teacher assessments to Croydon LA is midday on 28 June. In the event of any difficulties schools should prioritise the submission of KS2 teacher assessments. and contact Robert Marsh in the Performance Team robert marsh croydon gov uk. Key Stage 2 moderation process,Purpose of the visits. The purposes of the LA moderation visits are to ensure consistency reliability and validity of teacher. assessment for writing, End of key stage judgements are made against the standards in the 2019 KS2 teacher assessment. framework and where appropriate the pre KS2 standards or P Scales 1 4. In addition to external moderation visits conducted by Octavo Partnership on behalf of Croydon LA. schools must have their own clear internal moderation process which scrutinises teacher assessment. judgements in advance of any external moderation activity This is likely to include. senior leaders of the school scrutinising evidence provided for TA judgements against the Teacher. Assessment Framework TAF, internal and inter school moderation opportunities where teachers are able to work with. colleagues from other schools to scrutinise the evidence for judgements against each of the pupil. can statements within the standard awarded from the Teacher Assessment Framework. It is part of a school s responsibility to subject teacher assessment judgements to internal. moderation prior to an LA external moderation visit. Informing schools about the moderation visit, On 17 May 2019 the KS2 moderation manager will contact schools by email to let them know whether.
or not they are being externally moderated at KS2 in 2019. A date for the moderation visit will be agreed as soon as is feasible NB Schools will be asked to return. a form to Ann Longfield indicating which dates will be inconvenient for a moderation visit This form. should be returned by 10 May in order to expedite the process of agreeing a date Schools will be. moderated from J6une onwards, Selecting the sample of pupils for the moderation visit. The school will be asked to provide the LA with year 6 writing teacher assessment judgements 1 as. per the local agreement A spreadsheet for this purpose will be provided Schools should use the. appropriate codes for data submission Please use the column provided on the spreadsheet to. indicate any pupils who in exceptional circumstances e g prolonged periods of absence may not be. suitable for inclusion in the sample there is no need to comment on any pupils working below the. working towards the expected standard as these will not be included in the sample The school will. be asked to send this data through the secure USO FX2 system details of which are outlined in this. handbook Appendix 3 Schools that cannot access USO FX2 should inform the moderation manager. in order to make alternative arrangements for sending the data securely Data should be uploaded at. least three days before the visit Please name the spreadsheet as follows. School name date KS2, Providing teacher assessment data before the visit is part of Croydon LA s local agreement with schools In the event that a. school has not signed the agreement the sample will be chosen at the beginning of the moderation visit. The day before the visit the moderation manager or lead moderator will inform the school via USO. FX2 which pupils have been included in the moderation sample If any pupils are selected who would. not be suitable for inclusion e g a child who has had an extended period of absence the school. should inform the moderation manager or lead moderator immediately The sample must cover the. range of standards in the 2019 teacher assessment framework working towards the expected. standard at the expected standard and at greater depth within the expected standard this will form. the basis of the professional discussion A minimum of 15 of pupils across the cohort must be. sampled or in the case of a single class a minimum of 5 pupils NB If during the visit there is. insufficient evidence to support teachers judgements the LA external moderator must request to see. other examples and potentially expand the sample,The moderation visit. The purpose of the moderation visit is to confirm that teacher assessment judgements for writing at. KS2 are accurate and consistent with national standards Moderators will look at a range of. assessment information for at least five children from each Year 6 class across the standards in the. teacher assessment framework There will be at least two moderators and generally for larger. schools the equivalent of one moderator per class 2 If there are any additional personnel present the. reasons will be communicated clearly to the school e g for quality assurance purposes LA or STA QA. The lead moderator will send an agenda to the school ahead of time outlining the structure of the. visit personnel and roles, At the start of the visit the moderators will meet with a member members of the senior leadership. team to discuss the school s assessment processes and whether any pupils in the sample have been. judged by the teacher to have a particular weakness. Most of the visit will involve moderators reviewing evidence for each pupil in the sample against the. pupil can statements from the TA frameworks within the standard they have met and holding a. professional discussion with the year 6 teacher s to understand how the TA judgements have been. reached and to discuss any gaps in evidence against the TA frameworks. The professional discussion between the year 6 teachers and LA external moderator s is. essential and should be central to the process This allows the teacher to talk through their. judgements using evidence to support their decision and articulate their understanding of the. Teachers will need to make available to the moderators a range of evidence for these pupils. KS2 moderation appeals process 9 Key points for SLT and teachers to consider 10 Quality assuring teacher assessment at Key Stage 2 SLT Checklist 11 Reporting results 12 Quality assurance of the LA moderation process 13 Croydon Summary Record of Key Stage 2 Moderation Visit 14 Appendix 1 Local agreements 17 Appendix 3 Instructions for using USO FX2 secure data transfer 19

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