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FOREWORD ABOUT LNP A COMMUNITY EXPERT JUDGES TALENTED WINNERS LNP 2020 CONTACTS. Jutta Urpilainen, European Commissioner for International Partnerships. Directorate General for Cooperation Development,The fourth estate That is what journalism is in. a democracy It is a mirror of truth structuring,an often complex world to the public Quality. journalism also inspires and engages, It is said that life is unevenly bright light is often. followed by shadow Journalism does not rest It,sheds light on challenges and demands solutions.
Journalism for sustainable development gives,a voice to those at the heart of the subject. Whether it is strengthening sustainability poverty. eradication fighting inequalities supporting peace. or democracy in the end it is about people It is,about their stories. Since 1992 the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize has, celebrated journalists who report on international. partnerships stories around the world It recognises. journalism s contribution to building more,sustainable fair and prosperous societies. The Prize represents the heart of our democratic,societies a community of voices who speak.
truth to power It brings together past winners,jury members and partners including leading. journalists NGOs influencers and academics all, united with a passion for international partnerships. I thus would like to warmly encourage journalists,covering such important stories worldwide to. apply and join the global community of winners,jury members and partners of the Lorenzo Natali. Media Prize, FOREWORD ABOUT LNP A COMMUNITY EXPERT JUDGES TALENTED WINNERS LNP 2020 CONTACTS.
About the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize,The Lorenzo Natali Media Prize. confirmed my belief that,constructive journalism is key. and still important today,Ousmane Drabo,2017 Freedom of Religion or Belief. outside the EU Amateur Prize Winner, For the past 30 years the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize has celebrated the talented and daring journalists who. speak truth to power The ones who give a voice to the people and stories that would be silent otherwise. It rewards journalists from around the globe who bring to light injustice and compel us to act through their. stories of human successes and perseverance, Winning the Prize is not only a mark of achievement for the journalist it gives recognition to the media that.
published the winning articles as platforms for sustainable development democracy and giving a voice to. About the European Commission s,Directorate General for International. Cooperation and Development About Lorenzo Natali, The Commission s Directorate General for Lorenzo Natali was a staunch defender of. International Cooperation and Development freedom of expression democracy human. DG DEVCO oversees the European Union s policy rights and development He was an Italian. on international partnerships and its coordination politician and served as a Vice President and. and delivers support throughout the world It works European Commissioner from 1977 to 1989 He. with partner countries to adapt to their evolving was Commissioner for Cooperation Development. needs to reduce global poverty promote human Affairs and Enlargement from 1985 to 1989. rights and democracy and ensure sustainable,economic social and environmental development. We have to do journalism with compassion It connects people at a time when. loneliness is growing,Kailash Satyarthi, 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2019 Keynote speaker at the NataliPrize Award Ceremony. FOREWORD ABOUT LNP A COMMUNITY EXPERT JUDGES TALENTED WINNERS LNP 2020 CONTACTS. A community speaking truth to power,Every year the Prize receives applications from.
journalists around the world showing not just the,huge level of talent in storytelling and speaking. truth to power but also the passion for the issues. covered by the Lorenzo Natali,I was not encouraged by news outlets. to go out and report on development,issues that matter Things changed after. I won the prestigious prize I am now,covering more stories from the ground. than ever before,Saurabh Sharma,2017 Grand Prize Asia and the Pacific.
Professional Prize Winner, FOREWORD ABOUT LNP A COMMUNITY EXPERT JUDGES TALENTED WINNERS LNP 2020 CONTACTS. With expert judges, Each year our jury members choose the winners of the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize by selecting the articles. they feel best illuminate the qualities and importance of journalism for international partnerships Every. story told is personal to the subject and the writer and each jury member is looking for the stories that. Jury members 2010 2019,Jeff Barrus Mary Harper,Communications Director Africa Editor. Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting BBC World Service. Olivier Basille Yee Chong Lee, Member of the Board of Directors NataliPrize 2009 winner. Reporters Without Borders Now TV,Nicolas Berger Richard Jones.
Head of EU Office Editorial Director,Amnesty International Devex. Eric Chinje Maroun Labaki,CEO Journalist,African Media Initiative Le Soir. Noureddine Fridhi Franck La Rue, Senior Correspondent Special Advisor Robert Kennedy. Al Arabiya Center for Justice and Human Rights,Una Galani Yader Francisco Luna Garcia. Associate Editor NataliPrize 2010 Grand Prize winner. Reuters Breakingviews La Br jula Semanal,Jim Gibbons Julie Majerczak.
Broadcaster Head of Brussels Office,Deutsche Welle Reporters Without Borders. Caroline Giraud Anne Marie Mouradian,Programme Coordinator Journalist. Global Forum for Media Development Radio France International. FOREWORD ABOUT LNP A COMMUNITY EXPERT JUDGES TALENTED WINNERS LNP 2020 CONTACTS. Kai Uwe Niklasch Ina Strazdina,Head of Studio Brussels Correspondent. ZDF Latvian Radio,Benedict Nimmo Michel Touma, Brussels Correspondent Co Editor in Chief Managing Editor. Deutsche Press Agentur L Orient Le Jour,Isabel Recavarren Jefry M Tupas.
Director Founder and Editor,Panor mica Latinoamericana NewsDesk Asia. Rana Sabbagh Mahendra Ved,Executive Director Arab Reporters Journalist. for Investigative Journalism New Straits Times,Dagmar Schumacher Toby Vogel. Director of Brussels Office United Nations Brussels Correspondent. Development Fund for Women UNIFEM European Voice,Bruce Shapiro. Executive Director Dart Center,for Journalism and Trauma.
Without journalists telling stories that aren t being covered. regularly people who can make change don t even know. these stories exist,Jeff Barrus, Director of Communications Pulitzer Center 2019 Jury Member. FOREWORD ABOUT LNP A COMMUNITY EXPERT JUDGES TALENTED WINNERS LNP 2020 CONTACTS. and talented winners,It was a huge honour to be recognised. by the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize In,times of populism and division never. has it been more important to shine a,light on human stories and examples. of sustainable development,Zoe Tabary,2019 Europe Prize Winner.
GRAND PRIZE, Glenda Gir n Castro La barrera entre el empleo GRAND PRIZE EUROPE Senior Prize. formal y el VIH Verena Toepper Maria Feck Blood Sisters. Glenda Gir n is a Salvadoran journalist with 18 Verena Toepper has been a full time journalist. years of experience She specialises in public since 2008 In 2010 she spent three months in. health issues gender equity environment Tanzania with a journalism fellowship Maria Feck. public education migration violence and citizen is a photographer specialising in reportages and. participation portraits,EUROPE PRIZE AFRICA Junior Prize. Zoe Tabary As drought keeps men on the road Karim Dini Osman Ridwan The Price of Thirst. Mauritania s pastoralist women take charge,Karim Dini Osman Ridwan is a multiple award. Zoe Tabary is an editor at the Thomson Reuters winning broadcast journalist with half a decade. Foundation where she runs its coverage of of experience. property rights including land cities and digital,identity issues among others. ARAB WORLD MIDDLE EAST Professional,BEST EMERGING JOURNALIST PRIZE.
Andrew Mambondiyani Mozambique s second, S bastien Roux Au B nin l invasive jacinthe d eau largest city is sinking. est aussi devenue un or vert,Andrew Mambondiyani is a journalist based in. Embracing the complexity of reality by immersing Zimbabwe with more than 10 years journalism. in the richness of encounters here is the purpose experience He has a special interest in climate. that S bastien Roux has given to his engagement change agriculture sustainable development. as a journalist for almost two years and the environment in general. FOREWORD ABOUT LNP A COMMUNITY EXPERT JUDGES TALENTED WINNERS LNP 2020 CONTACTS. ASIA PACIFIC Junior Prize GRAND PRIZE ASIA PACIFIC Professional Prize. Parth Nikhil Cutting cane for 2 000 hours Sharma Saurabh Shanno s Story Takes a Hard Look. at What It s Like to Live on the Streets of Varnasi. Parth Nikhil is a journalist based in Mumbai India. He is best known for his relentless reporting in Saurabh Sharma is Uttar Pradesh State Editor. the agrarian region of Marathwada in the western and core team member of 101reporters com a. state of Maharashtra where over 60 000 farmers pan India network of grassroots reporters. have committed suicide in the past ten years at,an average of 10 per day. AFRICA Professional Prize,Daniel Addeh Midodji On a juste besoin. d l ctricit pour r ussir,Togolese Daniel Addeh Midodji has been working.
By participating in this Prize as a broadcast and reportage journalist for. I know that the world almost 10 years,will hear my story. AFRICA Amateur Prize,Martin Kaba Martin Kaba Energie Solaire. 2017 Africa Amateur Prize winner,Martin Kaba regularly covers topics related to. development and matters affecting the everyday,lives of local people In addition to his job as a. journalist and reporter for radio he also writes,ASIA PACIFIC Senior Prize.
for his blog,Chitrangada Choudury Guardians of the grain. For over 14 years Chitrangada Choudhury has THE ARAB WORLD AND THE MIDDLE EAST. worked as a reporter in India s national newspapers Professional Prize. The Indian Express and The Hindustan Times and,Nehal El Sherif A Business Built on Breadcrumbs. subsequently as an independent journalist based, in her home state of Odisha Nehal El Sherif is a Middle East Correspondent at. dpa in Cairo Since she began her career in 2006,she worked as a print and multimedia journalist. EUROPE Junior Prize,for local and international media.
Ahmer Khan A school under metro bridge teaches,Delhi children. ASIA PACIFIC Amateur Prize,Ahmer Khan is an independent documentary. Umar Manzoor Shah Church in Kashmir offers hope,photographer and a radio journalist based in. to people with disabilities,Indian administered Kashmir focusing on South. Asia Umar Manzoor Shah s experiences whilst growing. up during the conflicts in the region resulted in, an early interest for journalism collaborating with.
ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, radio and local TV stations since he was 15 years old. AND GIRLS PRIZE, Achille Fatondji L excision en regression AU Benin. EUROPE Professional Prize,lumiere sur les luttes menees. Peter Lukke Lind Madagascar s 152m vanilla,Achille Fatondji is a journalist columnist and. industry soured by child labour and poverty,presenter at the Office of Radio broadcasting.
and T l vision du B nin ORTB He also writes for Danish journalist Peter Lykke Lind has covered. magazines that are primarily related to society elections human rights issues climate change. art and culture and migration in Africa and Latin America. FOREWORD ABOUT LNP A COMMUNITY EXPERT JUDGES TALENTED WINNERS LNP 2020 CONTACTS. EUROPE Amateur Prize 2015,Mar a Garc a Zornoza De la guerra en Siria a. GRAND PRIZE AFRICA PROFESSIONAL PRIZE,trabajar con 13 a os en Turqu a. Arison Tamfu Africa s billions might be buried forever. Fighting poverty and inequality through, journalism is Mar a Garc a Zornoza s dream Arison Tamfu is an award winning journalist. from Cameroon He works as an editor for the,Cameroon Journal and as an Africa correspondent. LATIN AMERICA CARIBBEAN Amateur Prize,for numerous international media outlets.
Fernanda Maldonado Mocelin Invisible Work, Fernanda Maldonado is a Brazilian journalist who AFRICA AMATEUR PRIZE. works on guidelines on labour law human rights,Nathalie Bertrams Moz Digs Garimpeiros out of. and social issues She is also a cultural columnist. and writes weekly reviews on music and literature,Nathalie Bertrams is a freelance documentary. photographer based in Istanbul Turkey In her,FREEDOM OF RELIGION OR BELIEF OUTSIDE THE. reports she focuses on environment development,EU Professional Prize.
and social justice issues,Delphine Bauer Sami et Sabrine ni Dieu ni ma tre. Delphine Bauer is a French freelance journalist,who covers women and LGBTI rights issues. Journalism for development needs to, FREEDOM OF RELIGION OR BELIEF OUTSIDE THE bring solutions to vulnerable people. EU Amateur Prize,Daniel Addeh,Ousmane Drabo Loroni ou le vivre ensemble. 2017 Africa Professional Prize Winner,Ousmane Drabo is a Burkinabe journalist with the.
Mandenkan language broadcast service of Radio THE ARAB WORLD AND THE MIDDLE EAST PRO. France Internationale He is passionate about FESSIONAL PRIZE. journalism also inspires and engages It is said that life is unevenly bright light is often followed by shadow Journalism does not rest It sheds light on challenges and demands solutions Journalism for sustainable development gives a voice to those at the heart of the subject Whether it is strengthening sustainability poverty

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