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118 July 1963 HY4, were inadvertently overlooked No attempt was made to include translations. of foreign references which are listed in ASCE Manual of Engineering. Practice No 35 Also excluded are unpublished academic theses and articles. on the hydrologic aspects of spillway design, The list of references is arranged alphabetically by authors A subject. index is also provided and is cross referenced to the list by authors. The following members were at one time on the task force and have. contributed to this project W R Barrows F ASCE A J Peterka F ASCE. E R Schultz F ASCE and M J Webster F ASCE The assistance of. these former members is gratefully acknowledged This report is respect. fully submitted by the Task Force on Hydraulic Design of Spillways Com. mittee on Hydraulic Structures Hydraulics Division. D R F Harleman M ASCE,W E Wagner F ASCE,S M Barnes M ASCE Chairman. HY4 SPILLWAY REFERENCES 119,S UBJE CT INDEX, General Refere11ces U S Department of the Interior Bureau of. ASCE List of translations of foreign litera Reclamation Hydraulic and excavation. ture on hydraulics tables, Albertson M L Barton J R and Simons U S Department of the Interior Bureau of.
D B Fluid Mechanics for Engineers Reclamation Reclamation Project Data. Prentice Hall Inc 1960 U S Department of the Interior Bureau of. Barrows H K Water Power Engineering Reclamation Water measurement manual. Bunyan J E U S T ennessee Valley Authority Technical. Chow V T Open Channel Hydraulics Report No 24 Volume I Civil and Struc. McGraw Hill Book Company Inc 1959 tural Design, Creager W P Justine J D andHinds J Wiley A J High Dams a symposium. Enginee rin g for Dams Williams G S and Haz en A Hydraulic. Creager W P and Justin J D Hydro Tables, electric Handbook Woodward S M and Posey C J Steady. Davis C V Handbook of Applied Hyd rauli cs flow in open channels. Guyten B Air Entrainm ent, Houk Ivan E Irrigation Engineering Vol Frankovic A. ume I Gumensky D B 2,Huff A N Halbronn G et al, Jaeger C Engineering F luid Mechanics Hall L S et a l. King H W and Brater E F Handbook of Hamid M A et al. Hydraulics Hickox G H 2, Lamb Owen P Incl bibliography on air Howe J W et al.
entrainment Kalinske A A and Robertson J W,Lee C C Bibliography on weirs 1882 1940 Lamb 0 P. Leliavsky S 2 Irrigation and Hydraulic Lane E w,Design Straub L G and Anderson A G 2. Linsley R K et al Appli ed Hydro logy Straub L G and Lamb 0 P 2. Linsley R K and Franzini J B Elements,of Hydraulic Engineering Cavitation. Mermal T W Register of Dams in the U S Ball J W, National Resources Committee Low Dams Carnegie I nstitute of Techno logy 2. Noy E G Knapp R T and Hollander A,Raven F A e t al annotated bibliography Lemoine R.
on cavitation Maitra B,Rich G R Poulter T C, Rouse H Engineering Hydraulics Raven F A et al annotated bibliography. Slichter F B Rouse H and Hassan M M, U S Army Corps of Engineers Office of Thomas H A and Hopkins W J. Chief of Engineers Hydraulic Design U S Army Corps of Engineers Waterways. Spillways Experiment Station several, U S Army Corps of Engineers Waterways Yennard J K et al. Experiment Station Hydraulic Design,Criteria Clos ed Conduit Spillways. U S Army Corps of Engineers Office of Blaisde ll F W 2. Chief of Engineers Tainter Gates Blaisdell F W and Donnelly C A. U S Committee of International Commission Pradley J N and Thompson L R. on Large Dams See Mermal T W Silberman E and Ripken J F. U S Department of the Interior Bureau of T aylor G A and Elsden 0. Reclamation Dams and Control Works, U S Department of the Interior Bureau of Cres ts and Crest Shap es.
Rec l amation Design of Small Dams Blaisdell F W, U S Department of the Inte rior Bureau of Bradley J N 2. Reclamation Hydraulic design of sti lling Camp C S and Howe J W. basins and bucket energy di ssipaters Cannell P J, 1963 2nd Edition Central Board of Irrigation and Power India. 120 July 1963 HY4,Chitale S V Kuttiammu T P and Rao J V. Coleman G S and Smith D Lenz A,Collinge V K Levi E and Escamilla G G. East Lewis R Liskovec L,Escande L Luthra S D L,Foster H A Marchi G de.
Ganguli M K et al Martin H M and Carlson E J,Georgescu P et al McPherson M B and Karr M H. Goodrich R D Meyer Peter E and Muller R,Grzywienski 1 A Moore W L. Ha rkauh A Narasimham R K Y 2,Hickox G H Norby J V. Ishihara T et al Novak P,Jansen R B Poggi B,Kirkpatrick K W Rhone T J and Peterka A J. McNown J S et al Roberts D F,Nelidov I M Rohatgi D P.
Paderi F Scimeni E,Puls L G Tison L J,Rajaratman N Tonini D. Rand W U S Department of the Interior Bureau of,Robinson A R Rec lamation several. Rouse H U S Ar my Corps of Engineers Waterways,Rouse H and Reid L Experiment Station seve ral. Schonfeld J D U S Army Corps of Engineers Bonneville. Scimeni E Hydraulic Laboratory,U S Army Corps of Engineers several Warnock J E. U S Department of the Interior Bureau of Wen Hsiung Li. Reclamation several,Vitols A Elllra11ce Couclitions.
Allen J and Taylor G A,Discharge Coefficients Ball J W. See Crests and Crest Shapes Binnie A M and Wright R K. Blaisdell F W,Drop Inlet Entrances Bloomer N T et al. See Morning Glory Shaft Spillways Enge l F V A and Stainsby W. Foste r H A,Emergency Spillways Pade ri F,See Fuse Plug Rouse H and Hassan M M. Energy Dissipators See also Hydraulic J11mj See Energy Dissipators. Balloffet A Fuse Plug,Barr D I H Tinney E R and Hsu H Y. Barr D W and Rosene R W U S Army Corps of Engineers Waterways. Beichley G L and Peterka A J 2 Experiment Station Misc Paper 2 374. Blaisdell F W 2,Bose N K and Pramanik H R Gates General.
Bradley J N and Peterka A J Ball J W,Bryant J W Boissonnault F L estimating data. Cabelka J Boucher P C,Campus F Buzzell D A,Chitale s V Engineering News Record anonymous. Dooge J C I Escande L,Fergusson F F Halliday B A and Hoffman C J. Fiala G R and Albertson M L Kohler W H,Framji K K Lenz A. Gandolfo J S and Cotta R D 2 Madany M el,Gedney R H Maitre R.
Harleman D R F Niederhoff A E,Hathaway G A Roberts K C. He llstrom B Simmons W J Jr,Hickox G H,Keener K B Gates Ras cu le. Keim S R Hollingshead W E,HY4 SPILLWAY REFERENCES 121. Gates Cylinder Lane E W and Lee J D,Ball J W Offitzeroff A S. Martin H M and Ball J W Peterka A J,Straub L G,Gates Roller Thomas C W.
U S Army Corps of Engineers St Paul U S Department of the Inte rior Bureau of. District 2 Reclamation several,U S Army Corps of Engineers Waterways. Gates Flas hboards Experiment Station several, Engineering News Record Anonymous Warnock J E Dewey H G Jr et al. Wright C A and Betts C A llydraulic Model Studies and Design Memoranda. of Spec ific Projects,Gates Drum Anderson Sigurd H Holcombe Dam St. Bradley J N Anthony Falls Spillway, Engineering News Record Anonymous Barnes G E and Jobes J G Muskingum. Water Shed Project,Gates Radial P arr D I H Kincardine Power Station.
See Gates Tainte r Bermel K J and Sanks R L Prown,Canyon Debris Barrier. Gates Tainter or lladial Blaisdell F W and Donnelly C A Whiting. Angelin S A Field N A A,Buzzell D A Pryce J B Stewartville. Engineering News Record Anonymous Carnegie Institute of Technology P luestone. Kenigsberg A H Dam Virginia Bonneville Dam Oregon,Rhone T J Washington Crooked Creek Reservoir. Rip ley T M Dam Pa Tionesta Creek Reservoir Dam,Schuster J C Pa Tygart River Reservoir Dam West. Streiff A Va Yaughiogheny River Dam Pa,Toch A Case Institute of Technology Mahoning Dam.
U S Army Corps of Engineers St Paul Pa Mount Morris Dam N Y. District Chitale S V Hanumannagar Barrage Kosi,U S Army Co rps of Engineers Office of River. Chi ef of Engineers Commonwealth Engr Anon Cairn Curran. Dam Victoria, High Velocity Flow See also Air Entrainment Copper Union N Y PopolopenWaterSupply. Ball J W Dam N Y,Hall L S Cornell University Almond Dam N Y. Jppen A T and Knapp R T et al Arkport Dam N Y Whitney Point Dam. Keener K B N Y,Crump E 13 F assideri Project Greece. Hydraulic Jum 1 See also Energy Dissipators DeLapp Warren Chippewa River Reservoir. Advani R M 2 Dam,Argyropoulos P A Douma J H Green Mountain Dam.
Bettess F Nagler F A and Davis A Keokuk Dam,Chitale S V Iowa. Diskin M H O Shaughnessy P S Madden Dam,Forsters J W and Skrinde R A Peter Y Kishon Weir. Hickox G H Peterka A J Fontana Dam,Howell D D Sowers G F Mount Morris Dam. Kindsvater C E U S National Bureau of Standards Indian. Lin K M and Priest M S Rock Dam Savage River Dam, Moore W L and Morgan C W U S Army Corps of Engineers. Rouse H Siao T T and Nagarantum S Binghamton District Arkpo r t side. Shukry A channel spillway,Smith C D Bonneville Hydraulic Laboratory Bonne.
ville Dam 3 Chief Joseph Dam,Hydraulic Models Dorena Dam 2 Ha rtland Dam side. Allen J c hannel Mud Mountain Dam, Ame ri can Society of Civil Engineers Denison District Denison Dam. Askin F R Garrison District Garrison Dam Town,Brown F R 2 s hend Dam. Commonwealth Engineering Anon Los Angeles District Prado F lood Con. Davis L M trol Dam Santa Fe Flood Control Dam,Harrison E S and Kindsvater C E Salinas Dam. 122 July 1963 HY4, Missouri River Division Marshall Creek Webster Dam Willow Cr eek Dam Wu.
Dam Sheh Dam Yanhee Dam Yellowtail Dam, New Engl and Division Otter Brook Dam U S T ennessee Valley Authority Boone. P rovidenc e District Union Village Dam P r oject TVA Fontana Project Fort. St Paul District Baldhill Dam Coral Patrick Hen r y Project. vi lle Reservoir Dam No 1 Missi Uppal H L Bhakra Dam. issippi River Homme Re se rvoir Or Warnock J E Grand Coulee. we ll Reservoir Worceste r Polytechnic Institute Kni ghtville. Waterways Experiment Station Allatoona Dam Mass Surry Mountain Dam N H. Dam Arkabutla Dam Be lton Dam Union Village Dam Vermont. Benbrook Dam P e rlin Dam Big Bend Zaky H Gebel Aulia Dam. Dam Bluestone Da m Buford Dam, Buggs Island Dam Bull Shoals Dam Hydraulics of Op en Channels. Canton Dam Center Hill Dam Cheat Bakhme teff B A,ham Lock and Dam Clark Hill Dam Bauer W J. Columbia Dam Conchas Dam Cone Chow V T,maugh Dam Delaw are Dam Denison Gumensky D B. Dam Detroit Dam Dewey Dam Dillon Hill R A and McConaughy D C. Dam East Branch Reservoir Enid Iowa State University of. Dam Eufaula Dam Folsom Dam Fort Mayer P G,Gibson Dam Fo rt Randall Dam Gar Thomas H A.
rison Dam Gavins Po int Dam Gene Tracy H J and Carter R W. gantslet Dam Great Salt Plains Dam U S Army Corps of E ngineers Los Angeles. Greenup Locks and Da Ha rlan Coun Distri ct, ty Dam Hartwell Dam Jackson Dam U S Department of the Interior Bureau of. Jim Woodruff Dam Markland Locks Recl amation,and Dam John Martin Caddoa Dam Viparelli M. Maxwell and Opekiska Lo cks and Dam, McGee Bend Dam Narrows Dam New Information on Specific Projects or Areas. Cumberland Locks and Dam No rfork Brace H P Kur r a Falls Nigeria. Dam Old River Overbank Structure Cochrane R B Northwest proj ects. Old Ri ver Low Sill Contro l Structure Dav is C V and Meyer A A Fontan a. Osceola Dam Philpott Dam Pike Is T VA, land Locks and Dam Pine Fla t Dam Dickinson M L Chatuge and Nottely. Possum Kingdom Dam St Lucie Canal Dienhart A V St Anthony F alls. Santee River Darn Sardi s Dam Savage Engineering News Record anon Horseshoe. River Dam Stewarts Ferry Dam Ta Dam Arizona Grand Coulee Spillway. bl e Rock Dam Townsend Dam Wap Ohio River Lake Burnt Mills Res e rvoir. papello Dam Warrior Dam Whitney Engstrom U V Enders Dam. Dam Wolf Creek Dam Fraps J A Arizona Dam Code, U S Department of the Interior Bureau of Goo dhue H W et al Apal achia and Ocoee.
Rec lamation Al amogordo Dam Anchor No 3 TVA, Dam Anderson Ranch Dam Angostura Hardin J R et al Old River Mississippi. Dam Bhakra Dam Boca Dam Bonny Hickox G A T VA Projects Norris Dam. Dam Boulder Canyon Project Studies Hoeffer H J Fort Randall Dam Missouri. Boysen Dam Cachuma Dam Canyon Fer Riv e r, ry Dam Capilano Dam Cascade Dam Holden 0 and Soare J L Niagara. Casitas Dam Cedar Bluff Dam Cherr y Keener K B Grand Coulee Dam Shasta. Creek Dam Cleveland Dam Davis Dam Dam Boulde r Dam Spillway Tunnel. Deer Creek Dam Dickinson Dam Ele Knappen T T Muskinghum Project. phant Butte Dam Enders Dam Falcon Leon ard G K and Mattern D H Watauga. Dam Fontenelle Dam Fresno Dam Gl en Proj ect TVA, Ann Dam Glen Canyon Dam Gorge High Mattern D H Wilbur Project. Dam Grassy Lake Dam Green Mountain Meyer A A Fontana Dam. Dam Heart Butte Dam Horse Mes a Dam Mundall T Watts Bar and Fort Loudoun. Horseshoe Dam Hung ry Horse Dam Key Myburgh R I D M Ebenezer Dam Spillway. hole Dam Kartes Dan1 Medicine Creek Niederhoff A E Tonoyam a Dam Japan. Dam Moon Lake Dam Navajo Dam Norby J V Holleforsen Power Plant. Nimbus Dam Ochoco Dam Olympus Dam Nowell J C Cherokee and Douglas TVA. Owyhee Dam Palis ades Dam Paonia Oliver G C S Eye BrookRese r voirSiphon. Dam Prineville Dam Robles Diversion Spillway, Dam Ross Dam Sanford Dam Scofield O Shaughnessy P S Madden Dam. Dam Shadehill Dam Shadow Mountain Pearce C E Hi wassee Dam. Dam Sherburne Lake Dam Sly Park Puls L G Hungry Horse Dam Wilson. Dam Stewart Mountain Dam Tibe r Dam Dam Alabama, Tieto n Dam Trintity Dam Unity Dam Randolf R R Jr Madden Da m.
HY4 SPILLWAY REFERENCES 123,Rich G R TVA Projects Farney H S and Markus A. Rohatgi D P Ramganga Weir Indi a Favre H,Singh S et a l Bhakra Dam Frazer W. Journal of the HYDRAULICS DIVISION PAP 19 0 HY4 Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers BIBLIOGRAPHY ON THE HYDRAULIC DESIGN OF SPILLWAYS Progress Report Task Force on Hydraulic Design of Spillways Committee on Hydraulic Structures Hydraulic Division HYDRAULICS BRANCH OFFICIAL FILE COPY

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