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JMA 9100 series,performance features,Unique features. JRC s new JMA 9100 ARPA radar series integrates the latest. leading technologies and represents a significant step change in. terms of reliable performance and cost effectiveness making it. one of the most advanced radar products available today. Constaview, The second generation and patented Constaview is realised. through the use of three high speed processors in house. Tornado technology All info gathered by the radar is fully. processed within a few milliseconds before displayed generating. a smooth image rotation when sailing in Head Up mode When. changing to North Up the new radar image is displayed without. any delay caused by the scanner rotation,Real time Head Up mode. Constaview Conventional,True Trails Relative Trails. Constaview refreshes the image every 16mS Traditional technology relies on several sweeps of the scanner. Despite heading changes trails are always true to redraw the image Trails are presented as relative. Select a trail length, Other ship s movement and speed can be monitored from length and direction of their trails.
primary serving for collision avoidance The JMA 9100 radar series integrates three different. trail length modes that will show a ship s course instantly a unique operational feature that. allows for more flexibility Example real time processing. 1 min 3 min 6 min 10 min,Target Enhancement Function. Developed exclusively by JRC TEF,allows target enhancement relative to. the target size The smaller echoes are,far more enlarged than bigger echoes. giving a better on screen separation and,identification. JMA 9100 A R PA ra d a r n av i g at i o n h a s a n ew. JMA 9100 series,developed for maximum ease of use,Flexible black box configuration.
The radars are available in standalone and desktop version to suit your. type of vessel In the desktop version the processor unit is the heart of the. JMA 9100 and shares the same simple configuration as its predecessor. contributing to an enhanced system configuration TT Target Tracking. function module with up to 100 targets and AIS interface are built in. Wide dynamic range receiver,The new JMA 9100 series integrates a wide dynamic. range receiver that compared to conventional models. significantly improves the differentiation of noise and. Saturation Wide targets under sea clutter The radar system overcomes. of noises on dynamic different sources of unwanted signals maintaining a. receiver range,constant level of overall visible clutter. More powerful than ever, The JMA 9100 incorporates three Tornado processors which are exclusively developed and designed. by JRC bringing a new level of performance and reliability to radar operation The new Tornado. processors which equal the power of twelve conventional processors and advanced system. architecture make the JMA 9100 series probably the most sophisticated radar available today. As set by IMO regulations a Consistent Common Reference Point CCRP is a location. on own ship to which all horizontal measurements such as target range bearing. relative course speed closest point of approach or time to closest point of approach. are referenced,Where multiple antennas are installed different. position offsets for each antenna in the radar,system should be applied with respect to the.
CCRP If you switch between scanners up to 8,possible option the information displayed is. generated allows for consistency and uniform,output This new feature is easily accessible from. Interswitching,Optional interswitching up to 8 displays possible. s t a n d a rd,JMA 9100 series,easy user interface. New keyboard design, With its new case design the keyboard of the JMA 9100 series allows you to carry out all radar.
operations simply by using the keyboard or on screen by use of the trackball. The responsive feel keys allow logical and,precise operation and integrates function keys. for one touch access to EBL VRM GAIN SEA and,RAIN This makes it easy to navigate through all. common used tasks,Sensor info,Clear on screen info. The JMA 9100 series make your Cursor marker info,radar images more brilliant. than ever with a sharp 23 high Own ship info,resolution LCD screen Target tracking AIS info.
Menu selections via the keyboard Menu and digital info. or trackball are clearly shown on,the display allowing at a glance. interpretation of the radar image,Alarm info,You can also select from multiple. background modes e g day dusk,night and adjust the brilliance at. Signal processing info,your own convenience,JRC StarNetwork. JRC has been providing sales and support of products since 1915 Today JRC offers comprehensive assistance. through its organisation in partnership with a worldwide StarNetwork of over 270 fully trained and qualified. partners and agents assisting you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Torshavn Helsinki,Belfast Lund Tallinn,London Amsterdam.
Vancouver Antwerp Rotterdam,Seattle St John s Le Havre. Toronto Vladivostok,Chicago New York Rome Istanbul. San Francisco Lisbon Madrid,Athens Haifa Tokyo,Los Angeles Tunis Limassol Pusan. San Diego Houston Alexandria Shanghai,Miami Las Palmas. Dubai Hong Kong Taipei,Honolulu Havana Dakar Hanoi.
Mumbai Bangkok Manila,Panama Columbo,Kuala Lumpur,JRC one call Rio de Janeiro. Richards Bay Brisbane,One number to call Buenos Aires Cape Town. Melbourne Auckland,With JRC you can go anywhere and. if you need our support simply call us,at 81 3 3492 9201 anytime. JMA 9100 series,system flexibility,Theme based navigation.
With JRC s new radar series you don t have to settle for one. constant setting throughout integrating four navigation themes. facilitating the most optimised radar image particularly valuable. to the dynamically changing conditions For specific areas. decide on coastal or deep sea mode and for weather JRC has a. storm and rain mode integrated JRC designed themes are easy. to customise so you can adjust and set your radar image exactly. as you want,More built in ergo flexibility, The trackball is designed to work in perfect harmony with the operating system One of. the new features in this radar series is that you can effortlessly assign commonly used. functions to the left mouse button giving you the capability to access a preferred function. without having to take your hand off the trackball You can assign and reassign this multi. button with a range of operational features which among others are AIS info TT ACQ. show TT data property make mark,TT Target Tracking ARPA. What s standard in the box, JRC sets the highest standards for performance and flexibility With our new JMA 9100 series you have six key choices. to select from allowing you to configure your favoured radar system from unit type to cabling making it more. than ideal for your preferred installation approach. Your choices, 2 unit or 3 unit transmitting X band or conventional or desktop or cable length. type power S band high speed stand alone selection. Models available, 2 unit 6 10kW 2 X band 7 conventional 7 both versions standard and.
3 unit 3 25kW 5 S band 2 high speed 2 available in all selectable. 30kW 2 9 models max up to 65m, JMA 9110 6XA JMA 9110 6XAH JMA 9122 6XA JMA 9122 9XA JMA 9122 6XAH JMA 9123 7XA JMA 9123 9XA JMA 9132 SA JMA 9133 SA. 2 unit 2 unit 2 unit 2 unit 2 unit 3 unit 3 unit 2 unit 3 unit. 10kW 10kW 25kW 25kW 25kW 25kW 25kW 30kW 30kW, X band X band X band X band X band X band X band S band S band. C HS C C HS C C C C, cable type 1 cable type 1 cable type 2 cable type 2 cable type 1 cable type 3 cable type 3 cable type 2 cable type 3. Cable type 1, Scanner to display own choice 5 10 20 30 40 and or 65 m max 65 m. Cable type 2,Scanner to display standard 40 m max 65 m.
Cable type 3,Scanner to transceiver own choice 20 or 30 m. Scanner to transceiver waveguide own choice 20 or 30 m. Transceiver to display standard 35 m, The total maximum length for cable type 3 scanner to display must not exceed 65 m. JMA 9100 series,dimensions and mass,Dimension drawings Stand alone version. NCD 4990 MASS 130 kg,700 mm 335 mm 515 mm,Dimension drawings Desktop version. NWZ 170 MASS 25 kg,606 mm 463 mm,NCE 5163 MASS 3 5 kg NDC 1399 9 MASS 30 kg.
479 mm 363 mm,Dimension drawings Transceivers for 3 unit types. NTG 3225 x band MASS 15 kg NTG 3230 s bandMASS 33 kg. 461 mm 615 mm,460 mm 227 mm 615 mm 365 mm,JMA 9100 series. dimensions and mass,Dimension drawings 10kW X band scanner. NKE 2103 6 MASS 40 kg NKE 2103 6HS highspeed MASS 40 kg. Swing circle 1910 mm Swing circle 1910 mm,290 mm 290 mm. 348 mm 348 mm,Dimension drawings 25kW X band scanner.
NKE 1125 6 MASS 55 kg NKE 2254 6HS highspeed MASS 55 kg. Swing circle 1910 mm Swing circle 1910 mm,290 mm 290 mm. 458 mm 458 mm,NKE 1125 9 MASS 60 kg,Swing circle 2825 mm. NKE 1129 7 3 unit type MASS 51 kg NKE 1129 9 3 unit type MASS 53 kg. Swing circle 2270 mm Swing circle 2825 mm,290 mm 290 mm. 458 mm 458 mm,Dimension drawings 30kW S band scanner. NKE 1130 MASS 180 kg NKE 1139 3 unit type MASS 165 kg. Swing circle 4000 mm Swing circle 4000 mm,320 mm 320 mm.
660 mm 660 mm,JMA 9100 series,specifications, Model JMA 9110 6XA JMA 9110 6XAH JMA 9122 6XA JMA 9122 9XA JMA 9122 6XAH JMA 9123 7XA JMA 9123 9XA JMA 9132 SA JMA 9133 SA. IMO compliant v v v v v v v v v, Unit type 2 unit type 1 3 unit type 2 unit type 2 3 unit type. Performance monitor NJU 85 NJU 84,Frequency X band S band. Display colour raster scan PPI,Scanner unit, Model NKE 2103 6 NKE 2103 6HS NKE 1125 6 NKE 1125 9 NKE 2254 6HS NKE 1129 7 NKE 1129 9 NKE 1130 NKE 1139. Antenna length 6ft 6ft 6ft 9ft 6ft 7ft 9ft 12ft 12ft. Transmitting power 10kW 25kW 30kW, Transmitting frequency 9410MHz 30MHz 3050MHz 20MHz.
Beam width 3db Hor 1 2 Ver 20 Hor 1 2 Ver 20 Hor 1 2 Ver 20 Hor 0 8 Ver 20 Hor 1 2 Ver 20 Hor 1 0 Ver 20 Hor 0 8 Ver 20 Hor 1 9 Ver 25 Hor 1 9 Ver 25. Rotation speed 27rpm 48rpm 24rpm 48rpm 24rpm, Pulse width freq 0 08 s 2250Hz 0 07 s 2250Hz 0 2 s 2250Hz. 0 25 s 1700Hz 0 3 s 1900Hz 0 4 s 1400Hz,0 5 s 1200Hz 0 8 s 750Hz. 0 8 s 750Hz 1 0 s 650Hz,1 0 s 650Hz 1 2 s 510Hz, Duplexer circulator diode limiter circulator TRHPL. Range scale 0 125 0 25 0 5 0 75 1 5 3 6 12 24 48 96 nm. Motor brushless,Tuning automatic manual,Modulator solid state modulator circuit. Ambient condition temperature 25 C 55 C NTG 3225 NTG 3230 15 C 55 C relative humidity 93 40 C. Display unit,Model stand alone NCD 4990,Model desktop 3 NCD 4990T.
LCD 1280 x 1024 dot,Effective diameter 320mm,Bearing indication north up course up head up. Presentation mode RM display with true trail RM display with relative trail TM display. EBL 2 EBL1 EBL2 center independent 000 0 359 9 numerical indication in 4 digits. VRM 2 VRM1 VRM2 0 000 100 0nm numerical indication in 4 digits. Trail indication 3 stages short middle long e g short off 0 25 0 5 1 3 6 10 15 min. Navigation markers 20 000 points,Off center within 66 of radius except 96 nm. ARPA tracking numbers 100, AIS target numbers 300 sleeping activated 100 activated. Ambient condition temperature 15 C 55 C relative humidity 93 40 C. CFQ 6912 H 7AWRD0003 4 20 30 m H 7AWRD0004,CFQ 6912 H 2695110056. Installation cable max length 65 m H 2695110056 40 m 5 10 20 30 H 2695110056 20 30 m H 2695110056. 5 10 20 30 40 50 65 m 40 m,40 50 65 m H 2695110056 35 m H 2695110056.
Power supply voltage 4 AC 110V AC 100 to 115V and or AC 230V AC 220 to 240V 50 60Hz 1. avg 350VA avg 350VA avg 350VA avg 350VA avg 400VA,Power consumption max wind. max 1000VA max 1700VA max 1000VA max 1700VA max 2000VA. Optional items,Power control unit NQE 3167, Interswitch unit built in type up to 2 NQE 3141 2A. Interswitch unit box type up to 4 NQE 3141 4A,Interswitch unit box type up to 8 NQE 3141 8A. VDR I F CFQ 1891, Scanner with deicing device n a n a NKE 1125 6D NKE 1125 9D NKE 2254 6HSD NKE 1129 7D NKE 1129 9D NKE 1130D NKE 1139D. AC DC converter NBA 5135 n a NBA 5135 n a, 1 separate transmitter receiver unit NTG 3225 2 separate transmitter receiver unit NTG 3230.
3 consists of NWZ 170 Monitor unit NDC 1399 9 Radar process unit and NCE 5163 Operation unit. 4 specify power supply input for drive motor for NKE 1125 1129 1130 1139 series upon ordering NKE 2103 2254 can operate under both. Specifications may be subject to change without notice For further information contact. Since 1915 URL eng,Main Office Fujisawa bldg 30 16 Ogikubo 4 chome. Suginami ku Tokyo 167 8540 Japan,Telephone 81 3 6832 1816. Facsimile 81 3 6832 1845,Overseas Branches Seattle Amsterdam Athens Manila. Liaison Offices Taipei Jakarta Singapore Hanoi,Shanghai Hamburg New York. 28EM ISO9001 ISO14001 Certified, 2008 9 2012 8 CAT No Y9 168 No 698 5 2 D Printed in Japan.
The JMA 9100 radar series integrates three diff erent trail length modes that will show a ship s course instantly a unique operational feature that allows for more fl exibility Example real time processing Select a trail length 1 min 3 min 6 min 10 min Developed exclusively by JRC TEF allows target enhancement relative to the target size The smaller echoes are far more enlarged

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