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Agilent Technologies Inc 2017 Warranty Safety Notices. No part of this manual may be reproduced in,The material contained in this docu. any form or by any means including elec,ment is provided as is and is sub. tronic storage and retrieval or translation,ject to being changed without notice CAUTION. into a foreign language without prior agree, ment and written consent from Agilent in future editions Further to the max. imum extent permitted by applicable A CAUTION notice denotes a. Technologies Inc as governed by United, States and international copyright laws law Agilent disclaims all warranties hazard It calls attention to an.
either express or implied with regard operating procedure practice or. Manual Part Number to this manual and any information the like that if not correctly. contained herein including but not,G7077 90018 performed or adhered to could. limited to the implied warranties of, merchantability and fitness for a par result in damage to the product or. Edition ticular purpose Agilent shall not be loss of important data Do not. Third Edition July 2017 liable for errors or for incidental or proceed beyond a CAUTION notice. consequential damages in connec until the indicated conditions are. Printed in USA,tion with the furnishing use or per. Agilent Technologies Inc,fully understood and met,formance of this document or of any. 5301 Stevens Creek Boulevard information contained herein Should. Santa Clara CA 95051 Agilent and the user have a separate. written agreement with warranty WA R N I N G,terms covering the material in this.
document that conflict with these A WARNING notice denotes a. terms the warranty terms in the sep hazard It calls attention to an. arate agreement shall control operating procedure practice or. the like that if not correctly,performed or adhered to could. result in personal injury or death,Do not proceed beyond a. WARNING notice until the,indicated conditions are fully. understood and met,2 Agilent JetClean Operating Manual. 1 Introduction,General Concept 6,Two Modes of Operation 7.
Which Mode Should You Use 8, Configure the Instrument for Operating the JetClean System 9. Set the Mode for the JetClean System in MassHunter 10. 2 Clean Only Mode,Concept 12, Running the Clean Only Mode After a Batch of Samples Concept. Running the Clean Only Mode After Running Each Sample. Concept 17, Set the JetClean Parameters for the Clean Only Mode 18. Optimize Parameters Setpoints 19,Default Methods 24. 7000 Clean Only default methods 24,7010 Clean Only default methods 25.
597X Clean Only default methods 25,Example Method for the Clean Only Mode 27. 3 Acquire Clean Mode,Concept 32,Running JetClean in the Acquire Clean Mode 33. Set the JetClean Parameters for the Acquire Clean Mode 34. Agilent JetClean Operating Manual 3,4 Troubleshooting. General Troubleshooting 36,Troubleshooting JetClean 37. 5 Hardware,Intended Use 40,Supported Systems 40,System Operation and Maintenance 41.
General warnings 41,Hydrogen supply plumbing 42,Equipment Precautions 43. Operating Precautions 44,Hydrogen Plumbing 45,General recommendations 45. Supply tubing for hydrogen gas 46,Hydrogen supply systems 46. Pressure regulator gas supply tubing connections 47. Changing the Hydrogen Supply Filter 48, Tune the 5975 5977 series MS for an Acquire Clean Mode. Tune the 7000 7010 Series Triple Quad MS for an Acquire Clean. Mode Method 50,Manually Cleaning the Ion Source 50.
General Laboratory Precautions 50,4 Agilent JetClean Operating Manual. Agilent JetClean,Operating Manual,Introduction,General Concept 6. Two Modes of Operation 7,Which Mode Should You Use 8. Set the Mode for the JetClean System in MassHunter 10. The Agilent JetClean system allows you to greatly increase the number of. samples you can process before you must manually clean your ion source This. chapter provides a brief concept of how the JetClean system works. Agilent Technologies 5,1 Introduction,General Concept. During the JetClean process a small amount of hydrogen is introduced into the. ion source s ion volume while the filament is emitting electrons reactive. hydrogen species are created Each time this process runs contamination is. removed from the ion source depending on the conditions and the nature of. the contamination Consequently,Background is reduced chemical noise.
Lost compound detection limits can be recovered,Manual cleaning will be required less frequently. However over time in spite of the JetClean process less reactive. contaminants may build up on the ion source optics and the source will then. have to be manually cleaned By careful application of the process and use of. the parameters for JetClean this manual process can become much less. 6 Agilent JetClean Operating Manual,Introduction 1. Two Modes of Operation, The JetClean application can be applied in one of two modes. Clean Only mode In this mode the hydrogen is introduced into the. system after the sample s have been processed When you use this mode. you would create a new method which will be used in the JetClean process. while your existing sample processing methods would remain unchanged. Acquire Clean mode In this mode samples are analyzed via GC MS EI. while a small amount of hydrogen is simultaneously introduced into the ion. volume to remove and reduce contaminants When you use this mode you. would modify your existing acquisition methods to include a low flow of. hydrogen suitable to your application, Each mode offers advantages and disadvantages based on the variables in. your system such as, The samples you are processing and their degree of cleanup contamination.
and matrix,The analytes you target,Your existing Standard Operating Procedures. Your current workflow or sample batches, Other considerations that will become clear as you gain an understanding of. Agilent JetClean Operating Manual 7,1 Introduction. Which Mode Should You Use, To decide which JetClean mode Clean Only or Acquire Clean is best for. you you must consider the variables specific to your system such as sample. type and cleanup effectiveness and the analyte s chemistry for example and. evaluate the impact each mode would have on your work flow. Although each situation is different some of the major items to consider are. listed below,1 What compounds are you analyzing, Polar compounds compounds containing oxygen nitrogen sulphur or.
phosphorus may react with trace trickle hydrogen flow provided by the. JetClean process to compromise your detection limits or spectral matches. In this case the Acquire Clean mode may not be acceptable The Clean. Only mode may be a better solution, Non polar compounds and other highly stable compounds PAHs PCBs. etc on the other hand will have limited reactivity in hydrogen and. therefore may work well with the Acquire Clean mode. 2 Will you need to modify your Standard Operating Procedures. When you use the Acquire Clean mode you will need to modify your. GC MS analytical methods by including hydrogen during sample analysis. If your methods are included in validated SOPs you may therefore need. to modify and revalidate your SOPs, On the other hand the Clean Only mode will not require a new acquisition. method and depending on your in house operations it may only be an. addition to your system maintenance SOPs However the existing. acquisition methods and SOPs could remain unchanged and would not. need to be revalidated,8 Agilent JetClean Operating Manual. Introduction 1, Configure the Instrument for Operating the JetClean System. Once you know which mode you will be using you must configure your system. as described here, 1 In the Instrument control view select Instrument Configure MS Gases to.
display the Gas Control Configuration dialog See Figure 1. Figure 1 Gas Control Configuration panel,2 Select a Controller Type. 3 Select Jet Clean EI only system if your flow control system does not support. Chemical Ionization CI This setting configures hydrogen as the Channel B gas. 4 Select CI JetClean EI CI system if your system is designed to support both CI. and JetClean systems This setting allows you to configure the Channel B gas. for hydrogen use with the JetClean system and Channel A for a CI reagent gas. 5 Configure the hydrogen gas supplied, For a Jet Clean EI only system controller for JetClean system use. enter a time in the Turn off hydrogen gas if inactive field This is the time to. wait before closing the hydrogen supply to the JetClean system after the. JetClean method run is completed, For a CI JetClean EI CI system controller for JetClean system. operation select hydrogen from the Channel B gas drop down menu and. enter a time in the Turn off hydrogen gas if inactive field Be sure that this. time exceeds the time between GC runs so the hydrogen remains on. Agilent JetClean Operating Manual 9,1 Introduction. Set the Mode for the JetClean System in MassHunter. Once you have decided on which mode you will be using and you have. configured your system you may select the applicable mode as follows. 1 Click the MS Parameters icon in the Instrument Control view. 2 Click JetClean See Figure 2, 3 Select a mode from the Operation dropdown menu See Figure 2.
No Cleaning The JetClean system is off Close the manual hydrogen. shutoff valve for the JetClean system The MFC must be purged prior to. use after the manual valve has been closed for any period. Clean Only During the Clean Only mode of operation no sample. analysis takes place Hydrogen is introduced to the source only during. this maintenance period Sample analysis takes place in pure helium. carrier gas as usual See Set the JetClean Parameters for the Clean. Only Mode on page 18, Acquire Clean Continuously introduces hydrogen to the sample. arriving at the ion source See Set the JetClean Parameters for the. Acquire Clean Mode on page 34,Triple Quadrupole, Figure 2 Method editor JetClean mode selection panel. Complete the screens that are displayed as applicable for your method See. Set the JetClean Parameters for the Clean Only Mode on page 18 and Set. the JetClean Parameters for the Acquire Clean Mode on page 34 for more. 10 Agilent JetClean Operating Manual,Agilent JetClean. Operating Manual,Clean Only Mode,Concept 12, Running the Clean Only Mode After a Batch of Samples Concept 16. Running the Clean Only Mode After Running Each Sample Concept 17. Set the JetClean Parameters for the Clean Only Mode 18. Optimize Parameters Setpoints 19,Default Methods 24.
Example Method for the Clean Only Mode 27,Agilent Technologies 11. 2 Clean Only Mode, The JetClean Clean Only mode is independent of your standard sample. acquisition and uses a completely different and separate method than your. sample acquisition method s You do not need to modify your existing sample. acquisition methods at all, The JetClean Clean Only mode requires an investigation to determine the. number of samples that can be run before running the JetClean Clean Only. method and what parameters to apply in the JetClean method In general all. analysts experience the same general trend When the system is clean and. leak tight compound responses and detection limits remain suitable as. samples are running At some point detection limits begin to suffer and. maintenance is required This may be the replacement of the septum and liner. column cut back tightening of the ferrule etc and detection limits are. restored Careful examination of autotune files can reveal issues specific to. the source beyond leaks or GC related problems Typically this is the time the. source would require baking updating the gain factors or manual cleaning. Before the system has reached this stage the analyst based on their. experience could apply a short and light JetClean Clean Only method to head. off source degradation In fact one way to consider the JetClean Clean Only. method is as an additional tool analogous to baking the source to remove. contamination The JetClean Clean Only method is far more effective than. baking alone An illustration of the situation is given in Figure 3 on page 13. 12 Agilent JetClean Operating Manual,Clean Only Mode 2. Figure 3 Response factor versus batches Standard operating conditions. Figure 3 shows the analytical situation for the results of the response of a. standard as the course of sequential sample batches are being run From the. left to the right as the number of sample batches are acquired there is a clear. decay in response factor proceeding from the starting response at 0 and. through to the 6th set By the 6th set the response had dropped 20 and. indicates GC servicing is necessary which is marked in the figure as a green. circle probably not using rapid intra column backflush. After the GC maintenance response has returned but not to the prior value. of 10 for batch 0 This signifies that some degradation of the source and its. contribution to response has occurred, Another 6 sets are acquired and another GC maintenance takes place at batch.
12 and this continues through batches 18 and 24, However after maintenance at batch 24 the 25th batch shows a lower. response by 15 than initial response which is deemed unacceptable and so. the MS is vented and the source cleaned which is indicated by the square. Sample analysis takes place in pure helium carrier gas as usual See Set the JetClean Parameters for the Clean Only Mode on page 18 Operating Manual Agilent Technologies 2 Clean Only Mode Concept 12 Running the Clean Only Mode After a Batch of Samples Concept 16 Running the Clean Only Mode After Running Each Sample Concept 17 Set the JetClean Parameters for the Clean

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