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Jesus Christ A Bible study in Simple English,Copyright 2009 by International Students Inc. International Standard Book number 978 0 9821494 4 7. Published by International Students Inc,Colorado Springs CO 80901. All Scripture verses taken from the Holy Bible NEW LIFE VERSION Published by Christian Literature. International Canby OR 97013 Used by permission, No part of this publication may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or. by any means electronic mechanical photocopying recording or otherwise without prior written. permission, Jesus Christ A Bible study In Simple English 2 International Students Inc. Explanations 4,Lesson One The Birth of Jesus 7, Lesson Two The Most Important Teaching of Jesus 15.
Lesson Three The Death of Jesus 22,Lesson Four Jesus Alive Again 29. Lesson Five Help From Jesus Today 36,Names and Vocabulary Words and Phrases Index 47. Jesus Christ A Bible study In Simple English 3 International Students Inc. Explanations,A Short Explanation about the Bible, The Bible is the written Word of God It has two main parts The first part is the Old. Testament It has 39 books or smaller parts These books were written between 450 and. 1 500 years before Jesus Jesus lived about 2 000 years ago The second main part is the. New Testament It has 27 books These books were written between 20 and 60 years. after Jesus died About 40 different people wrote these 66 books of the Bible The Bible. says that God inspired these people directed their thoughts and ideas about what to. Later teachers of the Bible divided the books of the Bible into chapters They also. divided the chapters into verses This makes it easy to tell where a group of words a. sentence or several sentences are found in the Bible For example the first story in this. bible study is found in Matthew 1 18 25 This means that this story can be found in the. book of Matthew chapter 1 verses 18 to 25 You can find the book of Matthew by. looking in a list of the books of the Bible found at the beginning of the Bible It is the. first book of the New Testament, The stories and other parts of the Bible written in this bible study are taken from the New. Life Version This is a translation in simple English It puts the words of the Bible s. original languages Hebrew and Greek into English that is easy to read This is helpful. for students of English as a Second Language ESL You can buy a copy of this New. Life Version of the Bible by going to www newlifebible org or by calling 1 800 324. 9734 You can also write Christian Literature International P O Box 777 Canby. Oregon 97013 A copy will not cost very much,Other Explanations.
New or special words are printed in bold print like this God Some words are in. vocabulary lists with an explanation next to each word or phrase You can understand the. other boldly printed words by reading the words and sentences around them An asterisk. looks like this In the vocabulary lists asterisks are printed next to the boldly printed. words or phrases if they are not usually used in English Titles the names at the. beginning of the different chapters and parts of this bible study are also printed in bold. For example the title of this part is Other Explanations. Answers to the questions are printed at the end of each lesson You will learn more if you. write your own answers for the whole lesson first Then read the printed answers. Jesus Christ A Bible study In Simple English 4 International Students Inc. Jesus Christ A Bible study In Simple English 5 International Students Inc. Jesus Christ A Bible study In Simple English 6 International Students Inc. Lesson One The Birth of Jesus, Lesson 1 Section 1 Read this story from the book of Matthew in the Bible Look at the. vocabulary list for help with new or special words and phrases Then write answers to the. The birth of Jesus Christ was like this Mary His mother had been promised. in marriage to Joseph Before they were married it was learned that she was to. have a baby by the Holy Spirit Joseph was her promised husband He was a. good man and did not want to make it hard for Mary in front of people He. thought it would be good to break the promised marriage without people. knowing it While he was thinking about this an angel of the Lord came to him. in a dream The angel said Joseph son of David do not be afraid to take Mary. as your wife She is to become a mother by the Holy Spirit A Son will be born to. her You will give Him the name Jesus because He will save His people from the. punishment of their sins, This happened as the Lord said it would happen through the early preacher. He said The young woman who has never had a man will give birth to a Son. They will give Him the name Immanuel This means God with us. Joseph awoke from his sleep He did what the angel of the Lord told him to. do He took Mary as his wife But he did not have her as a husband has a wife. until she gave birth to a Son Joseph gave Him the name Jesus Matthew 1 18. angel A being from heaven with a message from God,Christ or Jesus. Christ This is one of the names of Jesus It means that He was chosen for. a special job See also Chosen One in Section 4, early preacher A prophet a man who was given special messages by God for the. people This prophet was Isaiah who lived about 700 years before. Jesus The Bible has a book written by Isaiah in the Old Testament. Holy Spirit God Himself,Immanuel See question 4,Jesus or Jesus.
Christ This name means God saves, Joseph A Jewish carpenter who lived about 2 000 years ago near the. eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea This sea is between. Europe and Asia and Africa See Map 1 He was the human. father of Jesus He taught Jesus to be a carpenter also A carpenter. Jesus Christ A Bible study In Simple English 7 International Students Inc. is someone who makes things with wood including roofs doors. and farm tools,promised husband Fianc e See promised marriage. promised marriage An engagement This is when a man and a woman promise to. marry each other and tell others about this promise See also. marriage in Lesson 2 Section 1, punishment The bad result that comes to a person when he or she breaks a law. sins Evil acts and evil thoughts This word will be explained more in. son of David A man from the family of David the old Jewish nation s greatest. king David lived about 1 000 years before Jesus The old Jewish. nation was called Israel See Map 2 See also the answer to. question 18,the Lord Another name for God,1 Who was the true father of Jesus. 2 Joseph learned that Mary was going to be a mother After Joseph learned this what. did Joseph plan to do, 3 Why did the angel tell Joseph to give Mary s son the name Jesus.
4 What name did the prophet Isaiah give to Mary s son What did this name mean. Note The Bible teaches that there is only one God The Bible also teaches that God is. three Persons God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit This is hard to. understand The Bible also teaches that God made the earth and everything on the. earth He also made the sun the moon the stars and everything else So we should. not be surprised that it is difficult to understand God More bible verses about this. Isaiah 45 21 Mark 12 28 31 Matthew 16 13 17 John 1 1 2 14 18 John 10 25 30. John 14 26 John 15 26 2 Corinthians 3 3 17 18,5 What did Joseph do after the angel spoke to him. Jesus Christ A Bible study In Simple English 8 International Students Inc. Lesson 1 Section 2 This story is from the book of Luke in the Bible Read the story. below then write answers to the questions, In those days Caesar Augustus sent out word that the name of every person. in the Roman nation must be written in the books of the nation This first writing. took place while Quirinius was ruler of Syria, So all the people went to their own cities to have their names written in the. books of the nation Joseph went up from the town of Nazareth in the country of. Galilee to the town of Bethlehem It was known as the city of David He went. there because he was from the family of David Joseph went to have his and. Mary s names written in the books of the nation Mary was his promised wife. and soon to become a mother, While they were there in Bethlehem the time came for Mary to give birth to. her baby Her first son was born She put cloth around Him and laid Him in a. place where cattle are fed There was no room for them in the place where. people stay for the night Luke 2 1 7, Caesar Augustus This was the ruler of the Roman nation A ruler tells people what.
to do and what not to do He ruled many different people who. spoke many different languages So his nation was called an. empire He ruled the lands or countries around the Mediterranean. Sea See Map 1 Jesus was born in Bethlehem This was a small. town in Judea a country at the east end of this sea Jesus grew up. in the town of Nazareth This was in another country Galilee. which is north of Judea See Map 2 Galilee is where Joseph and. Mary lived before Jesus was born Most people who lived in Judea. and Galilee were Jews Jews are the main people of the Old. Testament part of the Bible,cattle Another name for cows. promised wife Fianc e See promised marriage in Section 1. Quirinius This was a Roman leader or ruler He ruled Syria a country north. of Galilee when Caesar Augustus was ruler of the Roman Empire. Augustus told Quirinius to count the people in Syria and in Judea. ruler A ruler tells people what to do and what not to do Often he or she. is ruler because his or her father and mother were rulers. 6 Why did Joseph and Mary travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Jesus Christ A Bible study In Simple English 9 International Students Inc. 7 When they arrived in Bethlehem did they stay at a house or hotel Explain your. Lesson 1 Section 3 Continue to read the story of the birth of Jesus from the book of. Luke Then write answers to the questions, In the same country there were shepherds in the fields They were watching. their flocks of sheep at night The angel of the Lord came to them The shining. greatness of the Lord shone around them They were very much afraid The. angel said to them Do not be afraid See I bring you good news of great joy. which is for all people Today One Who saves from the punishment of sin has. been born in the city of David He is Christ the Lord There will be something. special for you to see This is the way you will know Him You will find the. Baby with cloth around Him lying in a place where cattle are fed. At once many angels from heaven were seen along with the angel giving. thanks to God They were saying Greatness and honor to our God in the highest. heaven and peace on earth among men who please Him. The angels went from the shepherds back to heaven The shepherds said to. each other Let us go now to Bethlehem and see what has happened The Lord. has told us about this They went fast and found Mary and Joseph They found. the Baby lying in a place where cattle are fed When they saw the Child they. told what the angel said about Him The shepherds went back full of joy They. thanked God for all they had heard and seen It happened as the angel had told. them Luke 2 8 17 20, fields Places away from towns where grass and farm plants grow. flock A group of many sheep, heaven The place where people live with God Many angels are there too. See more in Lesson 2 Section 3, sheep This is an animal that eats grass and has a thick coat of hair called.
wool People make cloth from the wool Many people also eat. sheep This food from sheep is called lamb or mutton Sheep are. smaller than cattle The word sheep can mean one animal or. more than one,shepherds People who take care of sheep. shining greatness This a special light that shines from God It is also called glory It. shows His greatness goodness and power, Jesus Christ A Bible study In Simple English 10 International Students Inc. 8 Why did the shepherds become afraid, 9 Why were the words of the angel good news of great joy. 10 Were these words only for the shepherds Explain what you think. 11 What many things did the shepherds do after they heard the angel s words. 12 How did the shepherds know where to find Jesus, 13 When Jesus lived most people in Judea and Galilee did not think shepherds were. important people Do most people in your country today think shepherds are. important Explain your answer, 14 God sent His angel to tell the shepherds about Jesus These were people not thought.
to be important Why do you think God decided to tell the shepherds first. Lesson 1 Section 4 Read about Jesus when He was eight days old This is also from the. book of Luke Then write answers to the questions, they Joseph and Mary took Jesus to Jerusalem to give Him to the Lord It. is written in the Law of the Lord The first born male born of a woman will be. called holy to the Lord They were to give a gift of two turtle doves or two. young birds on the altar in worship to the Lord This was written in the Law of. There was a man in Jerusalem by the name of Simeon He was a good man. and very religious He was looking for the time when the Jewish nation would be. saved The Holy Spirit was on him The Holy Spirit made it known to Simeon. that he would not die before he had seen God s Chosen One He came to the. house of God being led by the Holy Spirit The parents took Jesus to the house. Jesus Christ A Bible study In Simple English 9 International Students Inc Lesson 1 Section 2 This story is from the book of Luke in the Bible Read the story below then write answers to the questions In those days Caesar Augustus sent out word that the name of every person in the Roman nation must be written in the books of the nation

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