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Administrative Junk,Who the heck is Jeremy Gibbs,Course Information. Introduction to Mesoscale,Definition of Mesoscale,Hello I m Dr Jeremy Gibbs. I All too often students are intimidated by instructors and are. timid about approaching them or asking questions,Don t be intimidated. I Completed my Ph D in Dec 2012 from SoM,I My advisor was Evgeni Fedorovich. I I study boundary layer flows turbulence numerical modeling. I I currently work as a postdoc on a the PECAN project. I Now that you know my degree and job save some time. talking and just call me Jeremy,Instructors,I Up until spring break.
I gibbz ou edu NWC 5648 TR 12 45 pm 1 30 pm,Dr Ming Xue. I After spring break,I mxue ou edu NWC 2502 TBA,Ms Rachel Miller. I rlmiller93 yahoo com NWC 5110,I Desire2Learn,I http twister ou edu MM2015. I Required Markowski P and Y Richardson Mesoscale,Meteorology in Midlatitudes Wiley Blackwell 430pp. I Optional Ray P S Editor Mesoscale Meteorology and. Forecasting American Meteorological Soc 793 pp,I Optional Lin Y L Mesoscale Dynamics Cambridge.
University Press 646 pp,I I will provide detailed notes. I Are you okay if I simply post them online that s a lot of. paper to print,I Do you prefer to have them prior to class. I I ll post them both D2L and the course website, This course is designed for you to understand by applying. atmospheric dynamics and physical analysis techniques mesoscale. and convective scale phenomena, Topics include mesoscale convective systems severe. thunderstorms tornadoes drylines low level jets mountain waves. and orographic precipitation land sea breezes boundary layer. rolls and hurricanes,I Homework sets 2 or 3 10,I In class exams 2 30.
I Term project 30,I Comprehensive final exam 30, Homework is due by the end of class on the required submission. date You will be assessed a 20 penalty per day for late work. Work will not be accepted 2 days beyond the announced due date. You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with one. another however solutions submitted under your name must. express your own descriptions and calculations and be written by. you not copied in whole or in part from someone elses work or. from a common work session on the chalkboard Cheating is. strictly forbidden and could result in suspension or expulsion from. the University Dont even think about doing it It is your. responsibility to read and understand the Student Code and. policies on Academic Integrity, Two in class examinations will be given during the regular lecture. period dates TBD Make up exams will be given only under. exceptional circumstances, The final examination is comprehensive and will be held in NWC. 5600 on Thursday May 7 2015 from 10 30 am 12 30 pm A. make up final exam will be given only under exceptional. circumstances,How to succeed, You are encouraged to visit Dr Gibbs Dr Xue during office. hours or to make special appointments The best way to reach us. is via e mail Please take advantage of office hours. Do not wait until the final exam to begin studying The best way. to ensure success is to keep up with the course material and to ask. questions Students who actively participate in lectures and avail. themselves of office hours typically learn and retain the material at. a much higher level,Attendance and etiquette, You are all adults paying to be here I have no desire to take.
attendance It is up to you decide if you attend lectures I think. you might benefit from attending regularly and I highly. recommend doing so, I realize lectures can sometimes become boring If you decide to. play Angry Birds or post embarrassing photos of your instructor to. Twitter make sure your sound is turned off, This class time is awful If you want to bring your lunch feel free. Jeremy A Gibbs University of Oklahoma gibbz ou edu January 13 2015 1 35 Overview Administrative Junk Who the heck is Jeremy Gibbs Course Information Policies Introduction to Mesoscale De nition of Mesoscale 2 35 Hello I m Dr Jeremy Gibbs I All too often students are intimidated by instructors and are timid about approaching them or asking questions 3 35 Don t be intimidated 4

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