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Liveable may mean what you see what you feel or even what you trust about. a Jayco But one thing is for certain liveable is the reason why more people. across North America are making Jayco their choice in RVs. Jay Feather,The 1 Ultra Lite Weight,Invisible Liveables. Super light and super rigid frames coupled with our. TuffShell vacuum bonded laminated walls roof and, floors make for easier and more aerodynamic towing. 1 Jay Feather EXP s lightweight steel frame is 10 15 lighter and 2 TuffShell walls and floor are constructed using 13 Our MaxiStor system with a large oversized door gives. significantly more rigid than the frame of conventional travel trailers a vacuum bonded lamination process TuffShell you plenty of storage room for bulky items. Tapered rails place the strongest part of the frame over the axles construction results in a smoother finish and a more 14 EZ Lube axles with removable caps make maintenance a snap. Instead of welding our modular frame design features huck bolt durable body than traditional pinch roller construction. assembly and interlocking dimples 15 Heavy duty retractable entrance steps. 3 FRP layer,16 Large lockable storage compartments keep extra. 4 1 8 luan board equipment close at hand but out of sight. 5 R 7 bead foam insulation R 9 in SPORT and EXP roof 17 Enclosed underbelly with PolyFlex one piece moisture. R 17 in LGT roof R 9 in EXP LGT floor barrier covering reduces drag for better fuel economy. 6 Aluminium backing strips and protects from grime and road debris. 7 Welded tubular aluminium sidewall framework 18 Carpet pad provides enhanced durability and comfort. 8 Seamless one piece TPO rubber roof with 12 year warranty 19 Attractive easy care carpet. 9 Corrosion resistant frames are finished with a 12 stage 20 A sturdy gas bottle cover made of molded ABS offers. E Coat finishing system and come with a lifetime warranty protection from road debris EXP LGT. 10 Tor Flex independent torsion axle suspension gives more 21 All models come equipped with an outside shower. ground clearance provides a smooth ride makes towing making it a breeze to rinse off after fishing or hiking. easier and reduces wear and tear by absorbing bumps which helps keep the inside of your Jay Feather clean. 11 Tinted safety glass windows 22 A spare tire and tire carrier are included as part of the. 12 Stay cool in the shade of our Carefree patio awning Customer Value Package with all Jay Feather models. 2007 Ultra Lite Weight Travel Trailers by Jayco,2 9 10 12 13. 14 15 16 17 21 22,Desirable Liveables, The Jay Feather Sport everything you need and then some.
Full kitchen full bath and definitely full of fun The perfect. ultra liteweight weekender,Jay Feather Sport,The 1 Ultra Lite Weight. Jayco proudly sponsors Tread Lightly a nonprofit organization. whose mission is to empower generations to enjoy the outdoors. responsibly through education and restoration,2007 Jay Feather Sport by Jayco. SPORT 165 in Pear, For extra accomodations a comfortable Get cooking with this 3 burner range with The Jay Feather Sport s expertly designed interior makes the most of every inch. bunk with a 300 lb capacity is located 9 000 BTU SuperBurner 17 oven and so you can make the most of every weekend There s plenty of sleeping space. above the queen bunk residential style kitchen sink for up to 5 plus all the essentials for delicious meals and convenient storage. Expandable Liveables, Live large tow small is what the Jay Feather EXP is all about. Bedrooms expand to allow maximum liveability while weight. and towing length are kept to a minimum,Jay Feather EXP.
The 1 Ultra Lite Weight, Whip up a meal in no time in this handy kitchen featuring a microwave with Once you get where you re going stretch An internal cable support system. carousel 3 burner range with 9 000 BTU SuperBurner flush mount out in an expanded bedroom area courtesy eliminates the need for bothersome. refrigerator and double bowl sink of Jay Feather EXP s slideout models external bunk supports EXP 26L in Pear. 2007 Jay Feather EXP by Jayco,Incredible Liveables. Those who think ultra lightweights must give up space. and amenities haven t been inside a Jay Feather LGT. From 25 to 32 ft all with queen beds complete,kitchens and full baths Incredible. Jay Feather LGT,The 1 Ultra Lite Weight,LGT 29D in Ginger. Enjoy relaxing ends to busy days in the bedroom that features a queen bed. LGT in Ginger Manchester Oak shirt wardrobe and cabinets and handy TV shelf. 2007 Jay Feather LGT by Jayco,Interior Colors,Clearwater Blue.
1 Main 2 Coordinate 3 Bedspread 4 Drapery,5 Wood 6 Vinyl Floor 7 Countertop 8 Carpet. All furniture is designed and made by We designed the bathroom to feel like home. Jayco including the comfortable with an ABS tub shower plenty of storage. convertible sofa and swivel rockers and a mirrored medicine cabinet. Measurable Liveables,2007 Standards and Options, Standard Exterior Equipment SPORT EXP LGT Standard Kitchen Equipment SPORT EXP LGT Standard Safety Equipment cont SPORT EXP LGT. 110V G F C I protected exterior receptacle 3 burner range with 9000 BTU SuperBurner Smoke detector 1 2. 13 radial tires and piezo igniter Tinted safety glass windows. 14 radial tires 5 cu ft flush mount refrigerator, 2 hitch coupler select models 6 cu ft flush mount refrigerator Standard Heat Power and Water Equipment. 2 5 16 hitch coupler select models Cutting board sink cover 1 12V demand water pump. ABS fender skirts High rise mixing faucet 12V electrical system with deluxe 110V. Aerodynamic front profile Large kitchen window 45 amp power converter. Baggage doors lockable insulated and radius 2 Microwave oven with carousel 18 000 BTU furnace with auto ignition. cornered w heavy duty grab handles Oversized drawer in U dinette select models 4 20 lb propane gas bottle. Camper Tex water repellent one piece vinyl tent Oversized oven 30 amp power cord. Composite bumper extensions Range hood with light and exhaust fan A C chill grill 3 4. E Z Lube axles Wallpaper border Auto ignition furnace with wall thermostat. Fiberglass radius cornered entrance door White residential style double bowl kitchen sink Double 20 lb EXP or 30 lb LGT propane. and screen door gas bottles with auto regulator, Front window with flush mounted stone guard Standard Bedroom Equipment Gravity fill for water. select models Bi fold privacy door Hookup for city water. HDPE wheel wells Deep quilted cushions for bunk s Outside shower. Heavy duty and retractable entrance step Fan lights in bunk 2 Rotocast fresh water holding tanks. MaxiStor select models 3 Molded storage tub under bed base Systems monitor panel. Molded rain guttering with drip spouts Quilted bed mat Water heater bypass system. Painted bottom radius skirting Quilted bedspread Winterization kit 5 6. Pass through storage compartment Roof vent, Patio light with inside switch Shirt wardrobe Optional Equipment.
Prep for RVQ outside grill TV shelf select models Bedroom carpet. Self supporting lockable end bunks CSA Standards, no poles required Standard Construction Features Customer Value Package. Sewer hose storage compartment 5 8 seamless Structurwood main floor decking Customer Value Package. Stabilizer jacks 2 pair with sand pads with PolyFlex underbelly with 15 000 BTU A C select models. TorFlex independent torsion axle rubber ride 78 ceiling height 5 Drawer for exterior storage. suspension system Bead foam insulation R 7 sidewalls R 9 roof 6 Exterior entertainment center. White spoked wheels Bead foam insulation R 7 sidewalls R 9 roof and floor Heated bed mats 1 26L EXP only 7 8. Bead foam insulation R 7 sidewalls R 17 roof R 9 floor Heated bed mats 2 23B EXP 19H EXP only. Standard Interior Equipment Cabinetry crafted w screwed stile construction Heated bed mats 3 232 EXP only. Cable TV hookup with RG6 coax Cable support system for bunk ends interior mount 7 Portable outside gas RVQ grill w carrying case. Crank up antenna with signal booster E Coat protected frame Queen bed w Bunk 218 only. Manchester Oak flat panel doors and drawers Electric powered slideout select models Suspension lift kit select models. 1 Manchester Oak raised panel upper doors FRP smooth fiberglass sidewall exteriors Water purification system. and drawers in living area One piece seamless TPO roof. Overhead cabinetry is slanted when possible PolyFlex one piece covering for underbelly. Pleated night shades TuffShell vacuum bond laminated roof. Residential furniture designed and made by Jayco and sidewalls Customer Value Package SPORT EXP LGT 9 10 11. Swivel rockers select models Unitized 1 1 2 laminated construction of floor 13 500 BTU A C. Vinyl flooring Welded tubular aluminum sidewall and 312 coil Innerspring mattress w bed struts. roof framework 6 gal gas electric DSI auto ignition water heater. Standard Bathroom Equipment Weld free modular HSLA steel frame A C central 13 500 or 15 000 BTU with wall. 12V roof vent with E Coat protection,thermostat and louvered directional ceiling vents. ABS tub surround ABS gas bottle cover, Marine toilet w foot flush Standard Safety Equipment ABS tub surround SPORT EXP LGT. Medicine cabinet with mirror Breakaway switch 8 AM FM CD stereo with 2 speakers Home theater system Dolby Digital 5 1. Residential 3 panel passage door Carbon monoxide detector 9 Bathroom power vent Surround Sound w DVD. Residential 6 panel passage door Dual hitch safety chains Bi fold cover for range Outside shower. Shower curtain with curved shower track Fire extinguisher Carefree patio awning 11 Oversized oven. select models Lock and dead bolt on entrance door 10 Chrome wheels Spare tire and tire carrier. Skylight in tub shower select models Multiple egress windows 2 Microwave oven with carousel Stabilizer jacks 2 pair with sand pads. Towel holder Propane gas leak detector,2007 Ultra Lite Weight Travel Trailers by Jayco. Available Liveables,19H 23B 232 26L, 213 Hard Wall Slide 254 Hard Wall Slide 29A Hard Wall Slide.
LGT Sport 165 186,25Z 29D 29X,30U 31T 31V, 2007 Specifications Exterior Exterior Interior Unloaded Dry Hitch Gross Cargo Fresh Gray Toilet Black It is important for your safety and enjoyment that your tow vehicle be adequately sized and. Length Height Height Vehicle Weight lbs Vehicle Weight Carrying Water Wastewater Wastewater. and Measurements w opt AC Weight lbs Rating lbs Capacity lbs Capacity gal Capacity gal Capacity gal. equipped to tow and handle the GVWR of the RV you select Review weights and rating of your. tow vehicle and consult a competent advisor for questions or advice Whether you are new to. RVing or a veteran get a feel for the performance of your tow vehicle and the RV together. Sport 165 17 11 114 78 2850 450 3500 3500 30 30 11 before heading out on the roadways When you tow an RV you must drive differently than you do. 186 19 11 114 78 3 095 370 3 750 805 30 30 11 when driving a single vehicle Practice hooking up driving backing up and braking in a safe. 197 19 11 118 78 3 245 330 4 050 805 30 30 11 environment or seek out professional instruction Jayco affixes a weight label to each RV. 218 22 7 116 78 3 490 445 4 500 1 010 30 30 23 which lists weight information for that vehicle See specification chart to the left. EXP 19H 20 2 116 78 3 475 400 4 550 1 075 30 23 23 Unloaded Vehicle Weight UVW Sometimes referred to as Dry Weight UVW means the. 213 23 7 116 78 4 115 465 5 500 1 385 30 31 23 typical weight of this trailer as built at the factory The UVW as used in product literature and. other promotional materials does not include cargo fresh water propane options or dealer. 23B 24 114 78 4 035 395 4 950 915 31 30 23 installed accessories. 232 24 11 116 78 4 055 545 5 500 1 445 30 31 23, Gross Vehicle Weight Rating GVWR GVWR means the maximum permissible weight of. 254 26 10 117 78 4 520 535 5 900 1 380 30 31 23 the trailer including the UVW plus passengers personal items all cargo fluids options and. 26L 27 7 119 78 4 660 790 6 000 1 340 30 23 23 dealer installed accessories The GVWR is equal to or greater than the sum of the UVW and the CCC. 29A 30 11 116 78 5 145 590 6 500 1 355 30 31 23 Cargo Carrying Capacity CCC CCC means the maximum weight of all passengers personal. LGT 25Z 27 10 119 78 4 650 570 6 000 1 310 36 30 23 items food fresh water propane tools other cargo and dealer installed accessories that can. 29D 31 1 125 78 5 580 825 7 050 1 470 36 30 23 be carried by the trailer CCC is equal to or less than GVWR minus UVW The addition of options. 29X 31 0 125 78 5 440 705 7 050 1 610 36 30 23 will decrease the CCC. 30U 33 4 125 78 5 875 850 7 350 1 475 36 30 23 Hitch Weight HW The hitch weight as used in product literature and other promotional materials. 31T 33 4 120 78 5 425 780 6 950 1 525 36 31 23 does not include cargo fresh water propane gas options or dealer installed accessories The. addition of these types of items will either add to or subtract from the stated hitch weight. 31V 33 4 125 78 5 740 730 7 350 1 570 36 60 23 Includes water heater capacity. 2006 Tow Ratings Customer First Roadside Assistance. The following tow ratings are the highest available for the respective 2006 model year vehicles shown Certain optional equipment may be required Travel worry free in your Jay Feather with Jayco s Customer First Roadside Assistance. and other restrictions may apply Consult the latest manufacturer s towing guide available at your automotive dealership or your vehicle owner s program yours at no cost during your first year of ownership This program is. 2007 JAY FEATHER Ultra Lite Weight Travel Trailers Jay Feather The 1 Ultra Lite Weight Liveable may mean what you see what you feel or even what you trust about a Jayco But one thing is for certain liveable is the reason why more people across North America are making Jayco their choice in RVs 1 1 Jay Feather EXP s lightweight steel frame is 10 15 lighter and

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