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Perspective Smartphones and a New Year s resolution. By Martin Zimmann writer for Living Lutheran,January 1 2019. A Nov 23 article from,Reuters tells of a special,vacation in Hungcheon. South Korea where for,90 per night one can be,locked in a prison cell. away from the presence,of all digital media,Business is booming Co. founder Noh Ji Hyang,said the new venture was,inspired by her husband.
a prosecutor who often,put in 100 hour work,weeks After a stay in. the prison people say This is not a prison the real prison is where we return to she said. It got me thinking none of us ever set out to become technology addicts Likes on Facebook are. gratifying to the mind but over time we often need more and more of them to generate a hit of do. pamine The average American looks at his or her cellphone 47 times per day For those ages 18 to. 24 that number is nearly doubled, As baptized and redeemed folk of God s ever emerging reign we are supposed to put God first. above all things Matthew 6 33 puts it more poetically But strive first for the kingdom of God. and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well But sanctification is a. lifelong project and the results of it are not always easy to see or feel Meanwhile there are myr. iad worldly options for instant gratification perhaps none more immediate than a notification. from a so called smartphone Eternal life or a critical mass of likes on a Facebook post which is. more important, We need more God and less Snapchat We need to communicate with God as often as we update. our Instagram stories Only Jesus can help us in the midst of our weaknesses and the Spirit. will pray on our behalf with sighs too deep for words. So often we act as if it s the latter Digital media coupled with the ubiquity of the cellphone has. attempted to replace Jesus, In 2019 we need more God and less Snapchat We need to communicate with God as often as we. update our Instagram stories We need to be more present IRL in real life and less in the mind. less scrolling of our Twitter feeds We need a little more Jesus and a lot less YouTube Only Jesus. can help us in the midst of our weakness and the Spirit will pray on our behalf with sighs too. deep for words talk about unlimited data In short it s time to put the phone and God in their. proper contexts, In his explanation of the First Commandment in the Large Catechism Martin Luther wrote I have.
often said it is the trust and faith of the heart alone that make both God and an idol If your faith. and trust are right then your God is the true one Conversely where your trust is false and wrong. there you do not have the true God For these two belong together faith and God Anything on. which your heart relies and depends I say that is really your God. How can we stop idolizing digital media and make God our God again. Here are a few suggestions some of which you could consider as New Year s resolutions. Stop putting your phone on the table at meals, Leave your phone in the car unless there is a pending emergency. Don t delete all the apps on your smartphone Instead add one that tracks phone usage and or an. app that limits it, Instruct your phone to reply to texts with the message I check text messages once a day. around at this specific time If this is an emergency call me Then only check and respond. to messages daily at your dedicated time, Start carrying a good book dare I even suggest the Good Book to read something substantial. in waiting rooms airports and other idle moments, Matthew 6 again reminds us that where our treasure is there our hearts will also be verse 21 I. don t know about you but I don t want to die only to discover that my only treasure has been a. burst of pleasure resulting from cat videos I d rather lean into the everlasting arms of God and find. peace which surpasses all understanding, As with many New Year s resolutions the journey to disown the God of technology is two steps.
forward three steps back Perhaps it is best to see the grace that pervades our human folly and. know the Spirit is able to raise up from stones the new children of Abraham even if it doesn t make. it to Facebook, New Year s blessings to you and good luck to all my siblings in Christ who are seeking to grow. closer to God s intended purpose for creation in 2019. The good news of the Gospel reaches out to us in different ways The. star in the east that drew the wise men to Jesus the angels who an. nounced the birth to the shepherds are all indications that there is no. one way to reach out to those who need to hear the message There is. no one style of worship that is better suited or more effective in attract. ing people to Jesus I am often reminded of this when I attend worship. services of other traditions or hear a debate about liturgical versus con. temporary worship We can sometimes get bogged down in details and. forget the big picture It s not about how we worship but how that wor. ship speaks to us and how we respond The lives of the wise men were. changed forever as a result of coming face to face with Jesus We are. called to be that light of a star to others who may also need to come. face to face with our risen Savior, And oh by the way Happy New Year Bishop Abraham Allende. 2019 RED CROSS DATES,Saturday February 23 Saturday August 10. Saturday April 20 Saturday October 5,Saturday June 15 Saturday December 14. As we bid 2018 farewell we can t help but to feel,blessed This has been a great year for Associated.
Charities as well as the city of Ashland Great things. just keep happening Since 1910 this agency has,been helping Ashland County with various. emergency needs and will continue to do so in the,years to come as long as there is need. Thank you to each and every one of you that have volunteered your time or. donated in any way large or small we are grateful and thankful for you. From our families to yours,we want to wish you a very. Happy New Year,Non Perishable Needs,Peas carrots and mixed vegetables. Mac Cheese,Egg Noodles,Crackers pop tarts cookies or granola bars.
Jello or pudding snack packs,Jelly Grape and Strawberry. Tea bags hot chocolate and or Coffee,Spaghetti Noodles and Spaghetti Sauce. Ketchup Mustard and Mayo,Families Receiving Assistance in November. 168 families 459 people, 134 children have received a new winter coat hat and gloves. 279 families received Thanksgiving Meal boxes,2019 Council Members.
Lillian White Freda Cook,Brenda Marker Sandy Carpenter. Emily West Nancy Boyd,Dan Bishop Ron Twining,Cathy King Craig Hovey. MENS MINISTRY,PEACE MAKERS MEN S BREAKFAST,1st Saturday of every month. Meet on the 3rd Saturday of the month Men of ALL ages are invited to the. 9am January 19th monthly fellowship breakfast,January 5th 7am at Buehler s. Anyone who is interested in wood working, please contact Dick Armstrong Come and enjoy good food good conver.
sation and share the Good News for our,lives We are on our way for our busy lives. WOMEN S CIRCLES,FAITH CIRCLE DORCAS CIRCLE, Faith Circle will not meet in Dorcas Circle meets the second and fourth. January February Wednesdays of each month in the,Fellowship Hall at 1 00p m. Dorcas Circle will meet January 9th,23rd in the new year. ALL are welcome to join us for this,worthwhile project.
J A N U A R Y A N D F E B R U A R Y M I N I S T R Y S T E WA R D S. USHERS LECTORS ACOLYTES,January 01 06 Cindi Twining 01 06 Will L. Stan Crist Sheryl Budd, Scott Parillo Dan Bishop 01 13 Amy Long 01 13 Paige. 01 20 Dan Bishop 01 20 Luke,February 01 27 Lisa Blackley 01 27 Will H. Larry Oberholtzer Dan Bishop,Dave Kowalka Joe Sparr. 02 03 Donna Breault 02 03 Darby,02 10 Dan Williams 02 10 Bethanee.
ALTAR CARE,02 17 Chris Swanson 02 17 Elizabeth, COMMUNION PREPARER 02 24 Larry Oberholtzer 02 24 Mason. Amy Long Donna Breault,Roseanne Griffith,Lucille Vaas GREETERS Nursery Attendant. 01 06 Jill Skip Hamler,COMMUNION ASSISTANT 01 06 Susan Fulmer. 01 13 Betty Harper Lucille Vaas,January 01 13 Lillian White. Lillian White 01 20 Connie Dick Armstrong,01 20 Wendy Wasnich.
Cathy King 01 27 Sharon Johnson Karla Pagano,01 27 Kim Hovey. 02 03 Shirley Beck Larry Oberholtzer,Emily West 02 03 Chris Swanson. Brenda Marker 02 10 Jim Natalie Anderson,02 10 Breaults. 02 17 Barb Dreher Jean Boreman,02 17 Jamie Spotts,CHANCEL FLOWERS 02 24 Chris Swanson Sheryl Budd. 02 24 Freda Cook,01 06 Open,01 13 Freda Cook FLOWER ARRANGER.
01 20 Open January,01 27 Open Kathy Wharton,02 03 Lillian White Jill Hamler. 02 10 Open,02 17 Open FLOWER DELIVERER,02 24 Open January. Lucille Vaas,COLLEGE CARE PACKAGES, Throughout the month of January we will be collecting items for care packages for our college. students to be sent out in the month of February We will be collecting things like pens pencils. notebooks post its and individually wrapped snack food items Items can be given to pastor. Karen or the church office If you have a college aged student who would like to receive a care. package please let Pastor Karen know,2019 PRAYER CHAIN. Norma McClaran 419 281 3065 Lucille Vaas 419 289 3743. Bonnie Oberholtzer 419 289 1715 Shirley Chandler 419 289 1219. Connie Armstrong 419 651 0243 Kathy Wharton 419 207 0610. Barb Dreher 567 203 7557 Betty Harper 419 945 2312. Lillian White 419 289 8966 Ramona Morrison 419 289 7850. Bekah Sparr 419 606 0107 Shirley Beck 419 368 6033. Donna Breault 419 685 3660 Lucille Vaas 419 289 3743. Norma McClaran 419 281 3065, Please call the next person below your name If you reach an answering machine please leave a message and continue calling down.
the list until you reach someone at home If you wish to start prayers for someone please call one of the following numbers. Church 419 281 4169 Norma McClaran 419 281 3065 Lucille Vaas 419 289 3743 Pastor Karen 216 559 3545. REMINDER Beer and Bible Study, Beer and Bible Study will resume on January 10th We will meet on the 10th and 17th of January. Jan 24 off and then will meet the 31st of Jan and 7th of February Pastor Karen. JANUARY ANNIVERSARIES,01 10 John and Carolyn Cook ANNIVERSARY HIGHLIGHT. Frank Jan Harned 68 yrs,1341 Smith Rd Ashland,JANUARY BIRTHDAYS. 01 01 Herb Heyl,01 26 Brenda Crist,01 02 Katherine Blackley. 01 28 Paige Swanson,01 10 Al Poorman,01 12 Freda Cook.
Birthday Highlights,01 14 Pastor Karen Pastor Karen Liddy. 01 16 Christine Egyedi 5604 Bilney Court,01 17 Jean Howman Medina Ohio 44256. 01 18 Ron Dreher,January 2019,Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat. 11am Bible Study 7AM Men s Breakfast,Pastor Karen s Day Off. 6 Epiphany 7 8 9 10 11 12, 9am S S Classes 1PM Dorcas Circle 11am Bible Study.
10 Worship Comm,6pm Beer Bible,Study Pastor Karen s Day Off. 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 9am Peace Makers, 9am S S Classes Pastor Karen s Day Off woodworkers. 10 Worship 11am Bible Study,6pm Beer Bible,20 21 22 23 24 25 26. 9am S S Classes Rostered Leaders 1PM Dorcas Circle Rostered Leaders Confirmation Retreat at Confirmation Retreat. 10 Worship Comm Retreat Pastor Karen Retreat Pastor Karen LMC at LMC. 11 30 Youth Group out of office Rostered Leaders out of office. Retreat Pastor Karen,out of office,27 28 29 30 31,9am S S Classes 11am Bible Study. 10 Worship,6pm Beer Bible, I would like to say thank you to everyone for your thoughts prayers cards and gifts.
throughout the holidays The love and support of this community of faith at Peace has. been one of the greatest gifts of my life and I look forward to continuing in the mission. and ministry with all of you in 2019 Pastor Karen, Thanks to all who donated to the mitten tree 27 caps 19 Mittens and 13 scarves were. donated to Associated Charities, Thank you so much for your generous donations to our shelter We are so thankful and. appreciative of your ongoing support and selfless giving Safe Haven Staff. Thank you to all who sent cards donated food and visited during the time Howard was. sick and of his passing Special thanks to Freda Cook for coordinating the funeral meal. she is a great person Pastor Liddy and Pastor Beal were fantastic in this time of need. Kitty Honaker,I N O U R P R AY E R S,IN OUR PRAYERS. George Miller Curt Hall Andrew Jan Harned Ken Rinehart. In Our Continued Prayers Pat Daniels Miriam Cunningham Bonnie Wuthrich. JoAnne Offhaus Bev Stiner Sandy Moherman Herb Heyl Lyn Sorensen Jonathan Baltes. David Winger Barb Colbow Taryn Wolfe Natalie Anderson Diana Kowalka Pat Hamler. Staff Phone Numbers,Pastor Karen Liddy Skip Hamler Custodian. 216 559 3545 Cell 419 589 4946,Cell 419 709 7754,Ron Blackley Director of Music.
Cell 419 606 0696 Larry Oberholtzer Property Grounds. 419 289 1715,Tabatha Wagner Office Manager,419 281 1469 church phone. Peace Lutheran Church,1360 Smith Road,Ashland Ohio 44805. Office 419 281 1469,Email peace2office zoominternet net. Website www ashlandpeacelutheran org, Where the Word of God is preached and people come to know the Lord. temporary worship We can sometimes get bogged down in details and forget the big picture It s not about how we worship but how that wor ship speaks to us and how we respond The lives of the wise men were changed forever as a result of coming face to face with Jesus We are called to be that light of a star to others who may also need to come

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