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SE A O F GA L I L E E SY RIA,Location Jenin, WEST Jenin is a city located in the northern West Bank where Palestinian. farmers used to grow the ba al succulent watermelon known as Jadu I. Under the occupation the Jadu I was nearly lost But today a new. generation of agriculturalists are trying to revive it. R A MA L L A H JORDAN,J E R USA L E M,D E A D SE A. For generations the ba al crops have sustained Palestinian agriculture despite the extreme weather in the region Though. often called rainfed these crops planted at the very end of the rainy season grow using the moisture retained in the soil. during the winter season The word ba al originates from the Canaanite Deity Ba al the god of fertility and destruction. worshipped for rain in years of drought Today this prayer is taken recourse to in Islam as salat al istisqa the rain prayer. seeking rain from Allah during times of drought 1, Given the major role that agriculture plays in the Palestinian. economy it has been Israel s specific target to suppress the. uprising through various means 2 During the first Intifada. 1987 1993 farmers growing olives the most important. crop in the West Bank were prohibited from harvesting3 and. some 184 257 trees cultivated by Palestinian farmers were. uprooted 4 Occupation forces destroyed more trees during the. second Intifada 5 a process that has continued in recent years. In 2015 dozens of olive trees were uprooted in Wadi Ahmed to. complete the separation wall and fully encircle Bethlehem and. the surrounding villages 6, Staples such as za atar plants have been confiscated at. checkpoints to protect the ecological health of wild za atar The. declaration of thyme as a protected plant by the Israeli authorities. resulted in the prohibition of a traditional practice of collecting. thyme in the wild 7, Another casualty is Jadu I the ba al succulent watermelon which.
used to be widely grown in the Palestinian city of Jenin in the. northern West Bank Farmers and agronomists today can only. reminisce about how big the Jadu I watermelon grew and how. desired it was in the region transported in trucks to Syria. Lebanon and Jordan 8, The once famous Jadu I watermelon has disappeared and been. replaced by hybrid varieties bought from Israeli seed companies. Baal with Thunderbolt c 15th 13th century BC on display. at the Louvre Photo by Mbzt used under CC BY 3 0,PALESTINE FOR LAND AND LIFE. According to Vivien Sansour a Palestinian agriculturalist. Known for its disease resistance and adaptation to the. microclimate Jadu I watermelon fields were symbolic of. Palestinian farmers lived experiences Palestinian women. gave birth in the melon fields many sought refuge in the fields. during the war and many more remember the times when the. watermelons were stored under beds to eat during the winter. This watermelon has stayed carved in peoples memories until. this day There is no one from Jenin who would not have a story. to share from their parents or their own experience of a once. loved and enjoyed melon that shaped much of the culture at. some point 9, Heritage yakteen gourd seeds from Palestine Vivien Sansour. Since 1967 with the Israeli occupation Palestinian. agricultural sector has been drowned with chemical. pesticides herbicides and fertilizers Promotion,of mono cropping has left farmers vulnerable to. middlemen who dictate prices and crop varieties,and pushed the agricultural sector towards.
labor intensive crops strawberries cucumbers,and tomatoes produced in chemically heavy. greenhouses using cheap labor,Meanwhile the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture. has failed to protect farmers from an overflow, Palestinian agriculturalist Vivien Sansour in her garden Ayed Arafah. of agribusiness products coming from Jewish, settlements and filling local Palestinian markets An. official ban on settlement goods was introduced in. For the last few years Sansour has been working to collect 2010 but is often not enforced Produce from Israeli. seed varieties used for generations by Palestinian farmers with agribusiness farms continues to flood local markets. the aim of preserving them Multiple aggressive attempts despite the presence of local seasonal produce In. and policies to practically eliminate Palestinian farmers have June 2014 the Palestinian Authority PA Ministry of. been underway since the Israeli occupation with the effort Agriculture which originally encouraged farmers to. to modernize through the introduction of new seeds and plant watermelons and made promises to promote. practices that undermine the farmers independence While and protect their crop was forced to allow an overflow. Israel promoted itself around the world as the country that of cheaply produced watermelons from Israel to. made the desert bloom Palestinian farmers lost their native enter the Palestinian market under the protection. seeds as well as large portions of their productive lands of the Israeli army This now happens on a daily. basis a consequence of the asymmetry of power, Ba al crops are even more relevant today because within.
between Palestinians and Israelis which is wreaking. this practice which is based on traditional knowledge and. havoc on the lives of the Palestinian farmers, practices farmers are fully independent of agri business and. other dominating forces These seeds are ecological and are. An Excerpt from Palestinian Farmers A Last, critical for survival in the face of climate change as well as. Stronghold of Resistance11, political dominance They carry in their DNA our heritage and. our ability to achieve autonomy over our food source and our. Samer Jarrar of the Canaan Center for Organic Research and Extension. CORE works with farmers faced with the loss of their land behind. the wall and restricted access to water Samer laments over the Israeli CURFEW. occupation which not only usurped Palestinian land but also contributed STIFLING LIFE AND LIVELIHOODS. to the demise of native crops like the Jadu I watermelon The cultivation. Under Israeli occupation the imposition, of the watermelon was a cultural event The men built tents celebrated. of curfews has severely restricted the daily, together and protected the crops as they spent nights in their fields.
activities of Palestinians With Israeli tanks, During the Intifada in 1987 the Israeli army was everywhere The city. military jeeps and snipers patrolling the, of Jenin was locked down under curfew for 40 days accompanied by. streets of Palestinian towns residents have, the disconnection of electricity water and food supply With all exports. been confined to their homes Violation, closed local markets were impacted Men could not be in their fields at. night This along with the promotion of heavy use of chemicals along of curfew venturing out of doors when. with the hybrid varieties Jenin s famous watermelon became susceptible the community is under lockdown can. to the epidemic of soil borne fungal disease The watermelon was lost 12 result in arrest and even death On June. 21 2002 four Palestinians three of them, But there is hope children were killed and 24 injured when.
Israeli soldiers opened fire on a market in, Sansour reports having found a few of Jadu I seeds in 2016 and planted Jenin at a time when Palestinian residents. them We have also made seeds from the new crop and will be planting believed the curfew on the city had been. and sharing them this upcoming summer she shares excitedly 18 lifted 13. No one can get to work or school Every,shop is closed Curfews also interfere. with the ability of Palestinian farmers,to cultivate their lands and market their. produce 14,Curfews have also affected land ownership. Passed in July 1967 Military Order 59 made,the burden of proof for the registration of.
Miri lands15 more difficult for Palestinians,in the Occupied territory If Palestinians. could not provide proof of cultivation,of their Miri lands for three consecutive. years the lands were deemed abandoned,and redefined as State lands Israel s use. of curfew orders disrupted the continuous, Jadu I watermelon seeds Vivien Sansour cultivation of land creating a situation. whereby many Palestinians lost their, In Arabic the generous ones are referred to as ahl Al thra the people.
of the soil The language has other references to the soil as our mother By 1979 over 527 km2 of land in the West. but the most telling is the word for plant and seed Zareea is the. Bank had been confiscated under Military, same word used for children I contemplate linguistically powerful yet. Order 59 and by the 1980s the supply of, disappearing words as I explore the source of medicine for my community. land that could be acquired under this, that has been suffering from the wounds of oppression and self sabotage. order had been exhausted 17, for decades I leaf through the remnants of human history where soil. and seed were as sacred as one s body and its extension represented in. its offspring Like many other women around the world I believe that. through our land and heirloom seeds we can restore our communities. as we regenerate our spirit our language and culture This is the essence. of the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library 19,PALESTINE FOR LAND AND LIFE.
in Palestine,where it is a crime to wave,the flag of Palestine in Palestine. watermelon halves are raised,against Israeli troops. for the red black white green,of Palestine Forever. I love you your color hemmed,Aracelis Girmay Ode to Watermelon20. Sprouting Jadu I watermelon Vivien Sansour, The views and conclusions expressed in this publication are those of the Oakland Institute alone and do not reflect opinions of the individuals and organizations.
that have sponsored and supported the work, The Oakland Institute is an independent policy think tank bringing fresh ideas and bold action to the most pressing social economic and environmental issues. Copyright 2017 by The Oakland Institute, This text may be used free of charge for the purposes of advocacy campaigning education and research provided that the source is acknowledged in full. The copyright holder requests that all such uses be registered with them for impact assessment purposes For copying in any other circumstances reuse. in other publications or translation or adaptation permission must be secured. Cover photo Jadu I watermelon in the planters Vivien Sansour. FOR MORE INFORMATION, The Oakland Institute PO Box 18978 Oakland CA 94619 USA. www oaklandinstitute org info oaklandinstitute org. 1 Prayer in Islam Prayer for Rain http www prayerinislam com guide to palestinian farmers a last stronghold of resistance note 3996 4 accessed. prayer nafl prayers prayer for rain accessed March 9 2017 February 21 2017. 2 Bennis P 1990 From Stones to Statehood The Palestinian Uprising New York 12 Direct communication with Samer Jarrar February 11 2017. Olive Branch Press, 13 Hanieh A West Bank Curfews Politics by Other Means Middle East. Research and Information Project July 24 2002 http www merip org mero. 4 Palestine Human Rights Information of Jerusalem and Washington Living mero072402 accessed February 23 2017. Under Israeli Occupation Washington Report on Middle East Affairs April. May 1994 14 Dajani S R Ruling Palestine A History of the Legally Sanctioned Jewish Israeli. Seizure of Land and Housing in Palestine Centre on Housing Rights and. 5 Tartir A Zurayk R S Abdelnour Farming Palestine for Freedom Al. Evictions COHRE and BADIL Resource Center for Palestinian Residency. Shabaka July 2012 https al shabaka org briefs farming palestine freedom. accessed March 13 2017 Refugee Rights May 2005 http www badil org phocadownloadpap Badil. docs publications Ruling 20Palestine pdf accessed March 13 2017 p 84. 6 Ziv O Dozens of Palestinian owned trees uprooted to build separation. wall Activestills org August 21 2015 https 972mag com watch dozens of 15 Miri lands were the most common type of land tenure under the Ottoman. palestinian owned trees uprooted to build separation wall 110821 accessed Empire Individuals landholders were given full possession and user rights. March 9 2017 over fields and agricultural lands pastures woodlands and other land. 7 Tartir A Zurayk R S Abdelnour S Farming Palestine for Freedom surrounding villages but ultimate ownership was retained by the State Ibid. Op Cit p 13, 8 Direct communication with farmers researchers and agronomists Jenin and 16 Ibid p 90.
Bethlehem February 10 13 2017, 9 Direct communication with Vivien Sansour a Palestinian agriculturalist. February 12 2017 18 Direct communication with Vivien Sansour Op Cit. 10 Ibid 19 Ibid, 11 Tartir A V Sansour Palestinian Farmers A Last Stronghold of 20 Girmay A Ode to Watermelon http www pbs org moyers. Resistance Al Shabaka July 1 2014 https al shabaka org briefs journal 07202007 girmay5 html accessed February 23 2017. The Oakland Institute PO Box 18978 Oakland CA 94619 USA www oaklandinstitute org. Another casualty is Jadu I the ba al succulent watermelon which used to be widely grown in the Palestinian city of Jenin in the northern West Bank Farmers and agronomists today can only reminisce about how big the Jadu I watermelon grew and how desired it was in the region transported in trucks to Syria Lebanon and Jordan 8 The once famous Jadu I watermelon has disappeared

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