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For the post of Written Recruitment Test for the post of Postgraduate. Assistants in Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Educational Service. Syllabus English Subject Code P02,Unit I MODERN LITERATURE 1400 1600. For Detailed Study,Chaucer Prologue to the Canterbury Tales. Spenser Faerie Queene Book I,For Non detailed Study. Spenser Prothalamion and Epithalamion, Wyatt Surrey Selections in Peacock s English verse Vol I. Ballads Peacock Vol II,For Detailed Study,Bacon Essays Of Truth Of Adversity Of Studies.
Of Revenge Of Ambition Of Friendship,Sidney Apologie For Poetrie. For Non detailed Study,The Bible The Book of Job,For Detailed Study. Marlowe Dr Faustus,For Non Detailed Study,Kyd The Spanish Tragedy. Ben Jonson The Alchemist,Unit II MODERN LITERATURE 1600 1798. For Detailed study,Donne Canonisation The Ecstasie.
Milton Paradise Lost Book IX,Pope The Rape of the Lock. For Non detailed Study,Milton Samson Agonistes, Gray Collins Blake Peacock s English Verse Vol III. Herbert 1 Affliction 2 The Pulley,Marvell To His Coy Mistress. For Detailed Study,Johnson Life of Milton,Also available in www kalvisolai com 2 of 41. For Non Detailed Study,Bunyan The Pilgrim s Progress.
Fielding Tom Jones,For Detailed Study,Dryden All for Love. Sheridan The School for Scandal,For Non detailed Study. Congreve The way of the World,Goldsmith She stoops to conquer. Unit III MODERN LITERATURE 1798 1832,For Detailed Study. Wordsworth Immortality Ode Tintern Abbey,Coleridge Ode to Dejection Kubla Khan.
Keats Ode on a Grecian Urn Ode to Autumn,Shelley Ode to the West Wind. For Non Detailed Study,Wordsworth Prelude Book I,Shelley Adonais. For Detailed Study,Lamb Essays of Elia, Christ s Hospital The South Sea House Dream children. New Year s Eve,Hazlitt My First Acquaintance with Poets. For Non Detailed Study,Shelley A Defence of Poetry.
Wordsworth Preface to the Lyrical Ballads 1850,Jane Austen Emma. Emily Bronte Wuthering Heights,Unit IV MODERN LITERATURE 1832 to the present day. For Detailed Study,Arnold Dover Beach The Scholar Gypsy. Browning Andrea Del Sarto,Tennyson Morte D Arthur,W B Yeats Byzantium. Eliot The Waste land,Also available in www kalvisolai com 3 of 41.
For Non Detailed Study,Hopkins The Wreck of the Deutschland. The selections from, i Owen ii W H Auden iii Stephen Spender in the Faber. Book of Modern Verse,For Detailed Study,Carlyle The Hero as a Man of Letters. from On Heroes and Hero Worship,Mathew Arnold The Study of Poetry. T S Eliot Tradition and Individual Talent,For Non detailed Study.
Dickens Great Expectations,George Elliot Middle March. Hardy Jude the Obscure,Virginia Woolf To the Light House. Graham Greene The Power and the Glory,Unit V SHAKESPEARE. For Detailed Study,Macbeth The Tempest,For Non Detailed Study. Henry IV Part I Measure for Measure,Antony and Cleopatra.
A general knowledge of the other plays poems and sonnets of Shakespeare is. expected of the candidates,Unit VI AMERICAN LITERATURE. Detailed study,Walt Whitman Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking. Emily Dickinson Because I could not Stop for Death. Robert Frost Mending Wall Birches West Running Brook. Sylvia Plath Daddy,Non Detailed Study,Walt Whitman Passage to India. E E Cummings The Cambridge Ladies,Hart Crane Poem To Brooklyn Bridge. Mark Twain The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,Melville Moby Dick.
Hemingway The Old Man and the Sea,Detailed study,Emerson The American Scholar. Also available in www kalvisolai com 4 of 41,Faulkner Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech. Non Detailed Study,Thoreau Walden,James Thurcer The Owl in the Attic. Detailed study,Eugene O Neil The Hairy Ape,Arthur Miller The Death of a Salesman. Non Detailed Study,Tennesse Williams A Street Car named Desire.
Edward Albee Who s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,Unit VII INDIAN WRITING IN ENGLISH. Detailed Study,Tagore Gitanjali,Aurobindo Thought the Paraclete. Non Detailed Study, Poems of Sarojini Naidu and Toru Dutt from the Golden Treasury of Indian Poetry. Poems of A K Ramanujam R Parthasarathy Kamala Das and Nissim Ezekiel from. Ten Twentieth Century Indian Poets ed R Parthasarathy. Mulk Raj Anand Coolie,Raja Rao Kantapura,R K Narayan The English Teacher. Kamala Markandaya A Handful of Rice,Detailed Study.
Ananda Commarasamy Aurobindo The Dance of Shiva The Title Essay. Non Detailed Study,Nehru An Autobiography,Detailed Study. Tagore Muktha Dhara,Girish Karnad Tughlaq,Non Detailed Study. Gurucharan Das Larine Sahib,Commonwealth Literature. Non Detailed Study,Also available in www kalvisolai com 5 of 41. E J Pratt The Dying Eagle, Judith Wright Fire in the Murdering Hut The Cedars.
Wole Soyinka The Telephone conversation,Abioseh Nicoll The Meaning of Africa. A D Hope Australia,Detailed Study,Wole Soyinka The Lion and the Jewel. Non Detailed Study,Douglas Stewart Ned Kelly,Chinua Achebe The Novelist as Teacher. Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart,Alan Paten Cry the Beloved Country. Unit VIII APPROACHES TO LITERATURE,1 Modern Drama,2 Modern Fiction.
3 Literary Movements,4 Literary Criticism and Theory. 5 Feminism,6 Teaching of English in India,7 Journalism and Creative Writing in English. 8 Post Modernism,Unit IX HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. 1 Origin of Language,2 Place of English in the Indo European family. 3 General Characteristics of Old and Middle English. 4 The rise and growth of Modern English, 5 Growth of Vocabulary Greek Latin French Italian Scandinavian and other foreign.
influences Word Formation,6 Change of Meaning, 7 The Makers of English The Bible Spenserm Shakespeare Milton and Dr Johnson. 8 American English,9 Indian English,10 Characteristics of Modern English. 11 Spelling Reform,12 The English Lexicon,Books for reference. 1 Henry Bradley The Making of English, 2 F T Wood An outline History of the English Language. 3 A C Baugh A History of the English Language,Also available in www kalvisolai com 6 of 41.
LINGUISTICS, Definitions The Nature and Scope of linguistics Speech and Writing. Form and Meaning, Words Clause and Phrase Concord Government Sentence Pattern. Morphology,Idiolect Dialect,Transformational Generative Grammar. Books for Study,Frank Plalee Grammar ELBS, John Lyons An introduction to Theoretical linguistics. Unit X PRINCIPLES OF LITERARY CRITICISM,1 Aristotle Poetics.
2 Dryden Essay of Dramatic Poesy, 3 Coleridge Biographia Literaria Ch XIV and Ch XVII. 4 Keats Letters from English Critical Tradition Macmillan. 5 T S Elliot Metaphysical poets,6 I A Richards Four kinds of Meaning. 7 William Empson The Seventh Type of Ambiguity,8 Northrop Frye The Archetypes of Literature. 9 L Trilling Sense of the Past,10 Brooks Irony as a Principle of Structure. 11 Allen Tate Tension in Poetry,Also available in www kalvisolai com 7 of 41.
For the post of Written Recruitment Test for the post of Postgraduate. Assistants in Tamil Nadu Higher Secondary Educational Service. Syllabus MATHS Subject Code P03,Unit I Algebra, Groups Examples Cyclic Groups Permulation Groups Lagrange s theorem Cosets. Normal groups Homomorphism Theorems Cayley s theorem Cauchy s Theorem Sylow s. theorem Finitely Generated Abelian Groups Rings Euclidian Rings Polynomial Rings U F D. Quotient Fields of integral domains Ideals Maximal ideals Vector Spaces Linear independence and. Bases Dual spaces Inner product spaces Linear transformation rank Characteristic roots of. matrices Cayley Hamilton Theorem Canonical form under equivalence Fields Characteristics of a. field Algebraic extensions Roots of Polynomials Splitting fields Simple extensions Elements of. Galois theory Finite fields,Unit II Real Analysis, Cardinal numbers Countable and uncountable cordinals Cantor s diagonal process Properties. of real numbers Order Completeness of R Lub property in R Cauchy sequence Maximum and. minimum limits of sequences Topology of R Heine Borel Bolzano Weierstrass Compact if and only. if closed and bounded Connected subset of R Lindelof s covering theorem Continuous functions in. relation to compact subsets and connected subsets Uniformly continuous function Derivatives Left. and right derivatives Mean value theorem Rolle s theorem Taylor s theorem L Hospital s Rule. Riemann integral Fundamental theorem of Calculus Lebesgue measure and Lebesque integral on. R Lchesque integral of Bounded Measurable function other sets of finite measure Comparison of. Riemann and Lebesque integrals Monotone convergence theorem Repeated integrals. Unit III Fourier series and Fourier Integrals, Integration of Fourier series Fejer s theorem on C 1 summability at a point Fejer s Lebsque. theorem on C 1 summability almost everywhere Riesz Fisher theorem Bessel s inequality and. Parseval s theorem Properties of Fourier co efficients Fourier transform in L D D Fourier Integral. theorem Convolution theorem for Fourier transforms and Poisson summation formula. Unit IV Differential Geometry, Curves in spaces Serret Frenet formulas Locus of centers of curvature Spherical curvature. Intrinsic equation Helices Spherical indicatrix surfaces Envelope Edge of regression Developable. surfaces associated to a curve first and second fundamental forms lines of curvature Meusnieu s. theorem Gaussian curvature Euler s theorem Duplin s Indicatrix Surface of revolution conjugate. systems Asymptritic lines Isolmetric lines Geodesics. Unit V Operations Research, Linear programming Simplex Computational procedure Geometric interpretation of the.
simplex procedure The revised simplex method Duality problems Degeneracy procedure. Peturbation techniques integer programming Transportation problem Non linear programming The. convex programming problem Dyamic programming Approximation in function space successive. approximations Game theory The maximum and minimum principle Fundamental theory of games. queuing theory single server and multi server models M G I G M I G G1 I models Erlang service. distributions cost Model and optimization Mathematical theory of inventory control Feed back control. in inventory management Optional inventory policies in deterministic models Storage models. Damtype models Dams with discrete input and continuous output Replacement theory Deterministic. Stochostic cases Models for unbounded horizons and uncertain case Markovian decision models in. replacement theory Reliability Failure rates System reliability Reliability of growth models Net. Also available in www kalvisolai com 8 of 41, work analysis Directed net work Max flowmin cut theorem CPM PERT Probabilistic condition and. decisional network analysis,Unit VI Functional Analysis. Banach Spaces Definition and example continuous linear transformations Banach theorem. Natural embedding of X in X Open mapping and closed graph theorem Properties of conjugate of an. operator Hilbert spaces Orthonormal bases Conjugate space H Adjoint of an operator Projections. l2 as a Hilbert space l space Holders and Minkowski inequalities Matrices Basic operations of. matrices Determinant of a matrix Determinant and spectrum of an operator Spectral theorem for. operators on a finite dimensional Hilbert space Regular and singular elements in a Banach Algebra. Topological divisor of zero Spectrum of an element in a Branch algebra the formula for the spectral. radius radical and semi simplicity,Unit VII Complex Analysis. Introduction to the concept of analytic function limits and continuity analytic functions. Polynomials and rational functions elementary theory of power series Maclaurin s series uniform. convergence power series and Abel s limit theorem Analytic functions as mapping conformality arcs. and closed curves Analytical functions in regions Conformal mapping Linear transformations the. linear group the cross ratio and symmetry Complex integration Fundamental theorems line integrals. rectifiable arcs line integrals as functions of arcs Cauchy s theorem for a rectangle Cauchy s theorem. in a Circular disc Cauchy s integal formula The index of a point with respect to a closed curve the. integral formula higher derivatives Local properties of Analytic functions and removable singularities. Taylor s theorem Zeros and Poles the local mapping and the maximum modulus Principle. Unit VIII Differential Equations, Linear differential equation constant co efficients Existence of solutions Wrongskian. independence of solutions Initial value problems for second order equations Integration in series. Bessel s equation Legendre and Hermite Polynomials elementary properties Total differential. equations first order partial differential equation Charpits method. Unit IX Statistics I, Statistical Method Concepts of Statistical population and random sample Collections and.
presentation of data Measures of location and dispersion Moments and shepherd correction cumulate. Measures of skewness and Kurtosis Curve fitting by least squares Regression Correlation and. correlation ratio rank correlation Partial correlation Multiple correlation coefficient Probability. Discrete sample space events their union intersection etc Probability classical relative frequency. and axiomatic approaches Probability in continuous probability space conditional probability and. Judith Wright Fire in the Murdering Hut The Cedars Wole Soyinka The Telephone conversation Abioseh Nicoll The Meaning of Africa A D Hope Australia Drama Detailed Study Wole Soyinka The Lion and the Jewel Non Detailed Study Douglas Stewart Ned Kelly Prose Chinua Achebe The Novelist as Teacher Fiction

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