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LABOUR WELFARE AND INSUTRIAL RELATIONS, Note This paper contains seventy five 75 objective type questions of two 2 marks each. All questions are compulsory, 1 According to Henry Fayol which of 5 Match the following. the following statements is correct a Business i C K Prahallad. A Management is a part of Process and Gary,Administration Reengineering Hamel. B Administration is a part of b Core ii Chris Argyris. Management Competence, C There is no difference between c Balanced iii Michael. Management and Administration Score Card Hammer and. D There is great difference James Champy,between Management and d Learning iv Robert S.
Administration Organization Kaplan and,2 Which of the following is a long term Norton. plan regarding enterprise objectives Codes,course of action and allocation of a b c d. resources A i ii iii iv,B iv iii ii i,A Mission B Strategy C ii i iii iv. C Policy D Programme D iii i iv ii, 3 The tests to assess a person s ability 6 Which of the following is not the. to undertake a particular type of work characteristic of a transformational. or to learn particular skills are called leader,A Inspiring by communicating.
A Aptitude tests,high expectations,B Knowledge tests. B Promoting intelligence and,C Intelligence tests rationality. D Attitude tests C Treating employees individually. D Avoiding making decisions,4 Match the following styles related to. managerial grid 7 Which of the following is a, a 1 9 i Impoverished machinery for settlement of industrial. Management disputes, b 1 1 ii Team Management A National Commission on Labour.
c 9 1 iii Country Club B Wage Board,Management C Industrial Tribunal. d 9 9 iv Task Management D Standing Labour Committee. Codes 8 The New Economic Policy led to,a b c d A Weak bargaining power of. A iv iii i ii workers unions,B i iii iv ii B Strong union leadership. C iii i iv ii C Decreased managerial militancy,D iii i ii iv D Increased union membership. Paper III 2 J 55 14,A i ii iii iv,A B B iv iii ii i.
C D C ii i iii iv,D iii i iv ii,b 1 1 ii C,A iv iii i ii. B i iii iv ii B,C iii i iv ii C,D iii i ii iv D,J 55 14 3 Paper III. 9 Who was the first President of the 14 According to Robert F Hoxie the. Indian Federation of Labour Business Unionism is also known as. A M N Roy A Friendly Unionism,B Jamna Das Mehta B Uplift Unionism. C R S Ruirkar C Predatory Unionism,D V V Giri D Bread and butter Unionism. 10 Which Article of the Indian 15 Which of the following designations. Constitution guarantees just and was suggested by the Royal. humane conditions of work and Commission on Labour in its report. maternity relief A Welfare Officer,A Article 41 B Article 42 B Labour Officer.
C Article 43 D Article 45 C Personnel Officer,D All the above. 11 A Certifying Officer under the, Industrial Employment Standing 16 Which of the following statements. Orders Act enjoys all powers of a about the role of Government in. Civil Court under the section 345 of Industrial Relations in India is not. Cr P C 1973 for purposes of true, A receiving evidence A The Government Continues to. administering oaths but not for play a controller s role. enforcing the discovery or B The Government moved away. production of documents from the controller s role to. B receiving evidence administering enabler s role, oaths enforcing attendance of C The Government is generally. witnesses and or compelling reticent if not reluctant to dole. discovery production of out administrative clearances. documents for lay offs closures or,C receiving evidence enforcing retrenchment.
attendance of witnesses D The Government has hardly. compelling discovery production made any efforts to shift its. of documents but not enforcing emphasis from conflict. attendance of witnesses resolution to conflict avoidance. D None of the above,17 Which of the following states. 12 5 S Japanese Model is associated pioneered the practice of setting up of. with Labour Lokadalats for the speedy, A Quality Management disposal of industrial disputes. B Cost effective activities A Haryana B Gujarat,C Housekeeping C Maharashtra D Punjab. D All the above,18 Which of the following principles were. 13 Assertion A Labour migration taken into account while formulating. has been accentuated by the Model Grievance Procedure. globalization a Conformity with the existing,Reason R Low unionization is legislation.
both a cause and an outcome of b Make the grievance handling. migration machinery simple,Codes c Make the grievance handling. A Both A and R wrong machinery expeditious, B A is right and R validates d Designating the authorities to be. A contacted at various levels of,C A is wrong but R is right grievance procedure. D A is right but R does not A Only a B a and b,validate A C a b and c D a b c and d. Paper III 4 J 55 14,D A R A A a B a b,C a b c D a b c d.
J 55 14 5 Paper III, 19 Which of the following have emerged 23 What is the full form of AFL CIO. as new actors in the changing A Asian Federation of Labour. industrial relations scenario,a Consumers and Confederation of. b Community International Organizations,c Journalists B Asian Federation of Labour. d Environmental activists and Congress of Industrial. Codes Organizations, A Only a B a and b C American Federation of Labour. C a b c and d D a b and c,and Confederation of Industrial.
20 Which of the following statements Organizations. is are considered as the portents for D American Federation of Labour. future of Industrial Relations in India and Congress of Industrial. a The plurality of Industrial Organizations,Relations will be seen not merely. in terms of the organized and the 24 Match the following. unorganized but also union and Name of the Country in. non union firms, b Industrial Relations will Legislation which enacted. increasingly be driven by a Labour i Great Britain. contextual factors Management, c Trade unions have to search for a new Relations Act. form and structure for maintaining,voice and representation b Trade Unions ii USA. d Increasingly the young new and and Labour,diverse workforce will resist Relations Act.
joining unions c Unorganised iii India,A only a B a and b. C a b and c D a b c and d Sector Social,Security Act. 21 Which of the following statements,about tripartism in India is not true Codes. A It began in India before a b c,independence A i iii ii. B It is relatively more widespread B i ii iii,in the Central Government than.
in State Government C ii i iii,C It became virtually defunct for D ii iii i. a while and did not receive any, impetus from the economic 25 Match the following Japanese words. reforms initiated in 1991 relating to the 5S concept and their. D As carried out presently it has meanings, weaknesses both in terms of Japanese Words Meanings. structure and process,a Shitseke i Clearing, 22 Arrange the following in a b Seiton ii Cleanliness. chronological sequence sharing from, the latest to the earliest c Seiketsu iii Discipline.
a 20 point Economic Programme d Seiri iv Orderliness. b Appointment of the First National e Seiso v Sweeping. Commission on Labour Washing,c Appointment of the Whitley. Commission on Labour Codes,d Enactment of the Inter State Migrant a b c d e. Workmen Regulation of Employment A i ii iii iv v,and Conditions of Service Act B iii iv ii i v. A a b c and d B d a b and c C v iii ii iv i,C b c d and a D c b a and d D ii i iv v iii. Paper III 6 J 55 14,A a B a b C,C a b c d D a b c,A a B a b a b c.
C a b c D a b c d A i iii ii,21 B i ii iii,C ii i iii. A D ii iii i,d a b c d e,A i ii iii iv v,B iii iv ii i v. A a b c d B d a b c C v iii ii iv i,C b c d a D c b a d D ii i iv v iii. J 55 14 7 Paper III, 26 Which of the following 29 Which is not a feature of lockout. characteristics of an economy is a A Temporarily closing the. barrier to globalization of business establishment. A Shift of labour intensive B Suspending work,C Workers refraining from work.
industry to low cost technology D Employer refusing to provide. and advanced processes work to employees,B Surplus labour. C Flexible production chains 30 Which of the following Acts was. D Global production chains and passed in USA to balance the power. of employers and unions,integrated supply chain A Clayton Antitrust Act. B Narris Laguaradia Act, 27 Which one of the following is not an C Wagner Act. object of the Indian Labour D Taft Hartley Act,Conference 31 Who used the term collective. A To promote uniformity in bargaining first,labour legislation A J H Richardson.
B To lay down procedure for B John T Dunlop, settlement of industrial disputes C Sidney and Beatrice Webbs. C To mediate between labour and D Neil W Chamberlain. management to resolve 32 Which organization has made a. conflict declaration on Fundamental, D To discuss all matters of all principles and Human Rights at the. India importance between work place as one of the components. employers and employees of Decent Work,A First National Commission on. 28 Match the themes with approaches to B Indian Labour Conference. industrial relations C International Labour Organization. Approach Theme D Sachar Committee on Worker s,a Trustee i Employers are low participation. ship unto themselves 33 Which of the following states that a. providers of job socialist society is built not solely on. income and social monetary incentives but on ideas of. security service to society and willingness on, b Radical ii Conflict between the part of the latter to recognize.
employees is rational such service,A First Five Year Plan. and inevitable,B Second Five Year Plan, c Pluralist iii Production system C Fifth Five Year Plan. is privately owned D Eleventh Five Year Plan,and is profit. 34 Name the legislation which,oriented empowers government of United. d Unitary iv Holds property on Kingdom to bring settlement in an. trust for others industrial dispute in the event of the. a b c d parties not reaching an agreement,A i ii iii iv A Trade Unions and Labour.
B iv ii i iii Relations Act,C iv iii ii i B Employment Protection Act. C Conciliation Act,D iv ii iii i D Voluntary Arbitration Act. Paper III 8 J 55 14,A i ii iii iv A,B iv ii i iii B. C iv iii ii i C,D iv ii iii i D,J 55 14 9 Paper III. 35 Match the following outcomes with 39 Burnout is. the processes of Industrial Relations A Depletion of Physical and. Process Outcomes Mental Resources due to, a Conciliation i Agreement excessive striving to reach.
b Collective ii Award unrealistic work goals,bargaining B Lowest level of productivity due. c Adjudication iii Consent to excessive strikes or lockouts. Award C Depreciation of human resource, d Adjudication by iv Settlement due to changes in technology. mutual consensus D Boredom due to repetitive work, A ii iv i iii 40 Performance management is a system that. B iv i ii iii a ensures that employee s,C iii i iv ii performance is supporting. D i iii ii iv company s aims,b Starts with fixing performance.
36 Globalization refers to,standards and ends with comparing. a the process of growing,results with those standards. interdependence among elements,c Includes daily or weekly interactions. of global economy,to ensure continuous improvement in. b worldwide interdependence of,employee s performance.
resource flows product markets,d ensures that employee has requisite. and business competition,training to perform the job. c interdependence of product,A a only B a and d only. markets only,C a c and d D a b c and d,d interdependence for resources only. A All the above statements are correct 41 A business firm may opt for. B a and b are correct Voluntary Retirement Scheme VRS. C only c is correct under the following circumstances. D only d is correct A recession in business, 37 Quality circle members are B intense competition and thus.
A paid by management for firm becomes unviable, participation in quality circles C joint ventures with foreign. B formally trained for collaborations, participation in quality circles D All of the above. C external consultants who 42 How many defects per million. improve quality products or services are permitted. D led by active trade union leaders under Six Sigma Technique. 38 Which of the following models is A 3 4 B 4 3,popular for its comparison of C 2 3 D 3 2. personnel management and human, resource management on the basis of 43 Greet Hofstede s cultural dimensions. Hard and Soft approach do not include, A David Guest s Model A Individualism Collectivism.
B John M Story s Model B Power distance,C C J Fomburn s Model C Uncertainty avoidance. D Karen Legge s Model D Political dominance,Paper III 10 J 55 14. A ii iv i iii 40,B iv i ii iii a,C iii i iv ii,D i iii ii iv. B a b C a c d D a b c d,A 3 4 B 4 3,38 C 2 3 D 3 2. J 55 14 11 Paper III, 44 Which of the following does not help in 49 What is the full form of SQCDM which.
meeting the needs of dual career couples characterizes Toyota Perfection. A Flexitime A Systematic Questioning,B Compressed work week Comparing Discussing. 2 This paper consists of seventy five multiple choice type of questions 3 At the commencement of examination the question booklet will be given to you In the first 5 minutes you are requested to open the booklet and compulsorily examine it as below i To have access to the Question Booklet tear off the paper seal on the edge of this

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