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from the media desk, Welcome to this week s SAfAIDS Alert our weekly newsletter which. gives a glimpse of our weekly highlights This has been an amazing five. days which saw SAfAIDS participating in the International Condom Day. commemorations held in Harare, Our Freshcom Champions share how their lives have been transformed. by the programme as does our Leadership Academy Mentees On the. regional front SAfAIDS shared its experiences on preventing harmful. cultural practices with Traditional Leaders in Namibia This is just a. glimpse of what SAfAIDS accomplished over the past week. Happy Reading Till Next Week,Contributors,Tariro Makanga Chikumbirike. Memory Nhema,Executive Editorial,Lois Chingandu,Rouzeh Eghtessadi. Design and Layout,Fikile Gotami,2 SAfAIDSALERTWEEKLY NEWSLETTER www safaids net.
from the executive director s desk,SAfAIDS continues to set the pace in. its areas of implementation through,our interventions which is resulting in. our beneficiaries giving their voices on,the change happening to them at a. personal level and the change they are,making at community level. This has been our mantra for,the week Giving a Voice to our.
beneficiaries As the weeks progress,we will be sharing with you highlights. of all our major programmes from our,regional implementing countries We. are on course with our interventions,as we continue to respond to HIV and. Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights,issues in the region. Knowledge for action,IN THIS ISSUE,The power to make a difference.
SAfAIDS Deputy Director RIATT ESA Chairperson Raises the OVC Y Well being Rights. Development Flag 4, Traditional Leaders Commit To Preventing Harmful Cultural Practices In Namibia 5. True Achievement Lies in the Will toBecome the Best My Path of Life 6. I am a champion because of the SAfAIDS FreshCom programme 7. Fatherhood Clubs Promoting active fatherhood and positive parenting 9. SAfAIDS at the International Condom Day comemoration Harare gaderns 2017 10. A Champion in the making Assin Tembo s Story Zambia 12. SAfAIDS Latest Publications 13, Photo Collections from the Regional Programme Activities 14. www safaids net Knowledge for action The Power To Make A Difference 3. SAfAIDS Deputy Director,RIATT ESA Chairperson Raises. the OVC Y Well being Rights,Development Flag,The pioneering event has brought to. one space over 60 delegates including Gov,ernment representative from 9 SADC Mem.
ber States CSO partners from across the,region and development and cooperation. partners including Sweden NORAD Swiss,Development Cooperation USAID RHAP. UNICEF and UNFPA regional representa,tives to strengthen cross sectoral partner. ships and scale up replication adoption of,good practice and working models in ac. celerating the SADC MPS for OVC Y,Ms Eghtessadi urged participants to keep.
a passionate yet pragmatic 3 Power foci,during discussions and sharing in the. coming 2 days Power of Evidence Pow,er of Integration and Power of Partnerships. which are not competitive but are comple,mentary She highlighted the distinct syn. ergies the child health rights agenda SRH, SAfAIDS Deputy Director and RIAT T ESA HIV and SGBV needs to maintain with the. Chairperson Ms Rouzeh Eghtessadi SDGs ESA Ministerial Commitment to CSE. SADC Model Law on Eradicating Child,SAfAIDS Deputy Director and RIAT T ESA.
Marriages and UNAIDS 90X90X90 Fast,Regional interagency for children and. Track amongst other guiding instruments,AIDS in Eastern and Southern Africa Chair. Thus honing into enabling effective pro,person Ms Rouzeh Eghtessadi opened the. gramming policy into practice and strate,first Regional Linking Learning Event to. gic investment with the ultimate goal of,Accelerate the implementation of the SADC.
ring fencing children and adolescents to,Minimum Package of Services MPS for. develop as happy healthy hopeful resilient,OVC Y in Johannesburg South Afri. and confident citizens in our society,ca 9 February 2017 This event has been. hosted by RIAT T ESA with support from,Sweden and in partnership with SADC. Secretariat and REPSSI,4 SAfAIDSALERTWEEKLY NEWSLETTER www safaids net.
Traditional Leaders Commit To Preventing,Harmful Cultural Practices In Namibia. Traditional leaders in Namibia committed to working with their communities to ensure that harmful cultural. practices are prevented,The traditional leaders cited coerced. By Tariro Makanga Chikumbirike,initiation into womanhood sikenge. preparation for sex and sexual readiness, Katima Mulilo Namibia In a show of testing kutamunwa cutting and scaring. their commitment to promote women s young women s bodies kupaza drying. rights and protect against new HIV in out the vagina for dry sex kuomisa busali. fections traditional leaders in Namibia and coerced stretching of the labia minora. committed to working with their com malebe as some of the harmful cultural. munities to ensure that harmful cultural practices which need to be prevented as. practices are prevented Their commit they infringe on women s rights The tradi. ment came as the backdrop of a nation tional leaders also appealed to Namibians. al dialogue which witnessed a number to stop the practice of exorbitant lobola. of young girls and women sharing their charges as they felt these were also ex. testimonies on the prevalence and im posing women to abuse since husbands. view them as commodities that they have,pact of harmful cultural practices.
www safaids net Knowledge for action The Power To Make A Difference 5. Addressing the delegates the Namibian,True Achievement. Regional Governor for the Zambezi Region,Honourable Lawrence Sampofu implored. Namibians especially men to learn to re,Lies in the Will to. spect girls and young women by ensuring,that they are accorded the same treatment. as boys and men Through violence we,Become the Best.
are teaching our girls and young women to,live in abusive relationships This exposes. them to HIV infection Is this what we want,My Path of Life. for our girls and young women asked,Honourable Mpofu. The Namibian British High Commission,er Her Excellency Jo Lomas encouraged. women in the Zambezi region to claim,their space and let their voices be heard In.
the same vein the UNICEF Country Repre,sentative Micaela de Sousa stressed that. the prevalence of harmful cultural practices,is a reality in Namibia and the commitment. by the traditional leaders to prevent their,continuance is a step in the right direction. SAfAIDS was one of the regional organisa,tions that were invited to share their own. experiences in addressing harmful cultural,The SAfAIDS Changing the Rivers Flow.
programme experiences were shared and,were well received by the delegates who. welcomed the idea of working with tradi, tional leaders as the custodians of culture Timothy Bengo Malawi. to modify harmful cultural practices,The conference delegates unanimous. ly agreed that culture is important as it Despite living a Ghetto life where. reflects a people s identity However they sometimes temptations of misbehaving. noted that harmful cultural practices are can be overwhelming l surpassed my. not serving good to anyone hence the call enticement beyond doubt I never wanted. to prevent their continued practice the ghetto life style to infiltrate me I only. believed that good parenting comes from,a mother because my mother raised me. well without a father figure My name is,Timothy Bengo from Malawi a SAfAIDS.
Young People s Leadership Academy YPLA,My mother worked hard to make sure l. accomplished my education like other,6 SAfAIDSALERTWEEKLY NEWSLETTER www safaids net. children Little did I know that I was born the panellist charting the way for the leader. with HIV After my mother disclosed my that was growing inside me That same year. HIV status l had so many questions that I also completed my Diploma in Journalism. required answers Gradually it dawned on at the National Institute of Journalism in. me that being born HIV positive does not Malawi I am now working as a Journalist at. impede my capabilities and who l want to YFM in my country. be My status grew my passion for HIV and, AIDS issues and challenging stigma and Because l joined the YPLA programme l am. discrimination at our school That was when now empowered to share what I have learnt. l joined Youth Action Movement when l from the YPLA training I always support. was in form 3 and l was trained as a peer the saying Nothing for us without us. educator I so determined as l had many There is no us as young people and young. dreams to accomplish in my life and I had leaders if we do not bring change in our. to make it happen communities To curb HIV infections and. eradicate stigma in our communities we, Last year 2016 l managed to have a panel have to work together as young people. discussion at the National Youth Conference, where the president of Malawi was part of And yes the world is our oyster.
Nothing for us without us Timothy Bengo Malawi,I am a champion because of the SAfAIDS. FreshCom programme,My name is Takudzwa Shariwa a Form 4. student at Madangombe High school I,am a YPISA champion under the SAfAIDS. FreshCom programme I was motivated,to join the FreshCom programme by. my brother who learnt at Chibi High,school He used to come home boasting.
about the FreshCom programme at their,school He was so intent and well into the. programme such that l felt the eagerness to,join Eventually when the programme was. finally introduced at our school l became a,member full of enthusiasm and excitement. because I already had background on what,The FreshCom programme opened a new. wave of understanding on my Sexual,Reproductive Health and Rights SRHR.
Takudzwa Shariwa Madangombe High School, www safaids net Knowledge for action The Power To Make A Difference 7. and HIV and AIDS issues It empowered Officer appreciating me gave me the. and transformed in ways that are not strength to give my all which resulted in. easy to explain I was once a victim of me delivering a wonderful speech which. intergenerational relationships as l made was appreciated by many including the. wrong choices on matters of the heart I European Union EU focal person. am very thankful that Freshcom awakened, me and made me realise the need for me to When l came back from the competition. make the right choices my headmaster gave me an opportunity. to share my experience in front of other, I also developed communication and students during assembly time He. advocacy skills which helped me to wanted my achievement to motivate other. communicate with my father who was students and to attract them to learn more. a perpetrator of Gender Based Violence on SRHR I can recall suddenly bursting. GBV I started sensitizing him about the into tears because I was overwhelmed with. dangers of his actions using the various joy of receiving my first medal at my first. materials that were in my YPISA tool kit and competition. I am happy that my father is at three quarter It became an interesting journey for me. mile to transformation The Young4Real because I eventually started believing. programme built my self esteem and self in myself Because of my outstanding. confidence as I was able to participate in performance I was also linked to the NAC. quiz and debate competitions on SRHR I quiz competitions This paved way for me. was also selected as one of the best student to be elected as a child MP for the junior. at our school to represent the school at the parliament. district quiz competition on SRHR I became, one of the outstanding students who was I never stopped there because I believe a. nominated to be part of the national quiz YPISA is responsible to bringing change. competition which was held in Bulawayo in the lives of other peers I introduced an. two years back 2014 English club at our school and integrated it. with the FreshCom programme,I felt elated when we were travelling all the.
way to Bulawayo at Inyathi for the SAfAIDS This year on the parents day at our school I. National quiz debate competition Being was asked to present issues on parent to child. there for my first time and meeting other communication on Sexual Reproductive. well up schools that I thought had students Health and I was able to define myself As. who were more fluent speakers than me a YPISA champion I believe l am now a. initially intimidated me Having Mr Renias champion and I will keep being one all. Mundingi SAfAIDS FreshCom Program thanks to the SAfAIDS FreshCom program. I believe l am now a champion and I will,keep being one all thanks to the SAfAIDS. FreshCom programme,8 SAfAIDSALERTWEEKLY NEWSLETTER www safaids net. Fatherhood Clubs,Promoting active fatherhood and positive. Ndaisa tambawo nevana kana ndauya kumba asi iye zvino. ndava kuziva kuti ndaitoshota I didn t know that by not playing. with my children I was failing to participate in my home. SAfAIDS in partnership with FACT Chiredzi conducted the Fatherhood clubs session. SAfAIDS in partnership with FACT Chiredzi up and how this impacts on how they. motivated 14 community leaders and are bringing up their own children The. This has been an amazing five Design and Layout Fikile Gotami 8 SAfAIDSARWEEKLY NEWSLETTER www safaids net and HIV and AIDS issues

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