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Introduction, Who has benefited from ISO 50001 so far . An overview of ISO 50001 2011, How to ensure energy efficiency . Key Clauses of ISO 50001 2011, Link of ISO 50001 with other standards. ISO 50001 opposed to ISO 14001, What are the Business Benefits of an Energy Management System . Why is PECB a Worthy Choice , Steps for Obtaining a PECB Certification.
PRINCIPAL AUTHORS,Eric LACHAPELLE PECB,Mustafe BISLIMI PECB. 2 ISO 50001 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, INTRODUCTION. Using energy efficiently helps organizations save money as well as helping to conserve resources and tackle. climate change ISO org, Understanding the importance of energy management is not that difficult since there is a considerably large. amount of data that needs to be gathered documented analyzed and accounted in a systematic way . ISO 50001 2011 was established to support organizations in all sectors to use energy more efficiently through. the implementation of an Energy Management System EnMS . ISO 50001 2011 affects up to 60 percent of the world s energy consumption and has the potential of a global. trade catalyst for industrial energy efficiency in the same way that ISO 9001 has for quality . The implementation of an Energy Management System within an organization requires a change in existing. institutional practices towards energy Systematic management and the behavior approach have become the. core efforts to improve energy efficiency today The purpose of ISO 50001 is to enable organizations to establish. the Energy Management System and its processes to improve energy performance and increase cost savings . Organizations of all sizes and types should engage in a systematic and comprehensive process that will help. the business in , Reducing energy related to operational costs . Increasing energy efficiency , Demonstrating commitment to sustainability .
Supporting energy conservation , Reducing greenhouse gas emissions . Improving the use of energy assets and, Refining energy procurement practices . Up to the end of December 2014 at least 6 778 of ISO 50001 2011 certificates a growth of 40 1 952 had. been issued in 80 countries and economies 58 more than in 2011 . The top three countries for the total number of certificates and growth in number of certificates in 2014 were. Germany France and Spain , The table below summarizes the statistics of the ISO 50001 certifications around the world . Number of certificates Number of certificates, Standard Evolution Evolution in . in 2014 in 2013, ISO 50001 6 778 4 826 1 952 40 , ISO 50001 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 3.
ISO 50001 is based on the Plan Do Check Act PDCA continual improvement framework and incorporates. energy management into everyday organizational practices . In the context of energy management the PDCA approach can be outlined as follows . Plan conduct the energy review and establish the baseline energy performance indicators EnPIs objectives . targets and action plans necessary to deliver results that will improve energy performance in accordance with. the organization s energy policy , Do implement the energy management action plans . Check monitor and measure processes and the key characteristics of operations that determine energy. performance against the energy policy and objectives and report the results . Act take actions to continually improve energy performance and the EnMS . Improvement, Energy policy, Energy planning, Management review Implementation and. Monitoring measurement, Checking and analysis, Internal audit of Nonconformities . the EnMS correction corrective and, preventive action. WHO HAS BENEFITED FROM 50001 SO FAR , Bentley Coca Cola Delta Electronics in China Schneider Electric of France the Dahanu Thermal Power Station in.
India and LCD TV maker AU Optronics Corp of Taiwan Province of China are just some of the organizations that. have reported bene ts of using ISO 50001 , Industry 51 world energy use The ISO 50001 standard for machines and equipment combustion engines . refrigeration and air conditioning automation systems industrial fans uid power systems compressors air and. gas cleaning equipment etc increase performance and effectiveness to reduce power consumption . Transport 27 world energy use The ISO 50001 standard for ships aircraft . road vehicles motor cycles and mopeds address issues such as fuel consumption. and emissions The ISO 50001 standard for electric and natural gas vehicles and. fuelling stations will help disseminate this cleaner technology around the world . facilitating economies of scale , Commercial and residential sector 22 world energy use The ISO 50001 standard. includes design construction operation and maintenance that help reduce energy. consumption in buildings while ensuring an acceptable indoor environment They Industry 51 . cover areas such as thermal performance insulation materials and products Transport 27 . components and elements energy use calculation climatic data ventilation Commercial and residencial. energy conservation sustainability carbon metrics lighting refrigeration and air sector 22 . conditioning ,4 ISO 50001 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. AN OVERVIEW OF ISO 50001 2011, ISO 50001 provides guidelines on how to design and implement an Energy Management System that. meets the goals and objectives of reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency . The components required for an effective EnMS include the energy policy and setting of objectives targets. and action plans ISO 50001 allows organizations to meet their energy policy requirements and take. whatever action necessary to improve upon their energy performance . How to ensure energy efficiency , Organizations shall consider the following guidelines included in the main clauses of this International.
Standard to help ensure energy efficiency , It s used to improve an existing business process . KEY CLAUSES OF ISO 50001 2011,Clause 4 1 General Requirements. Clause 4 2 Management Responsibility What is an Energy Management System . Clause 4 3 Energy Policy An Energy Management System is a set. Clause 4 4 Energy Planning of interrelated or interacting elements. Clause 4 5 Implementation and Operation to establish an energy policy energy. Clause 4 6 Checking objectives processes and procedures to. Clause 4 7 Management Review achieve those objectives . Each of these key activities is overviewed below ,Clause 4 1 General Requirements. The organization shall establish document implement maintain and improve an energy management. system based on ISO 50001 and define its scope and boundaries . ISO 50001 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 5, Clause 4 2 Management Responsibility. Top management shall demonstrate its commitment to support the energy management system and to. continually improve its effectiveness through , An energy policy .
A management representative and an energy management team . Resources human resources specialized skills technology financial resources . The scope and boundaries of the energy management policy . Communication , The establishment of energy objectives and targets and. Management reviews ,Clause 4 3 Energy Policy, The energy policy recaps the client s best approach for identifying capturing and tracking energy savings. and prevention of costs The energy policy states the organization s commitment for achieving energy. performance and improvement In addition it ensures appropriateness to the nature and scale of the. organization s energy use and consumption ,Clause 4 4 Energy Planning. The energy planning process is a critical phase as it involves the energy management system s improvement. and performance after carrying out the following requirements . Meeting legal and other requirements, Development of an energy review. Establishment of an energy baseline, Identification of energy performance indicators.
Execution of energy objectives targets and action plans. Clause 4 5 Implementation and Operation, It is recommended for the organization to use the performed action plans and other outputs resulting from. the planning process for the implementation and operation of the energy management system . The processes involved in the implementation and operation phase are . Competence training and awareness , Communication . Documentation , Operational control and, Design ,Clause 4 6 Checking. To ensure that the implementation of the energy management system was successful necessary actions. shall be taken such as , Monitoring measurement and analysis of the management system s operations . Evaluation of compliance with legal and other requirements . Conducting an internal audit , Addressing nonconformities by making corrections taking corrective actions and preventive actions .
Controlling of records ,Clause 4 7 Management Review. The inputs and outputs of the management review play an important role in ensuring the energy management. system s continuing suitability adequacy and effectiveness . 6 ISO 50001 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, Link of ISO 50001 with other standards. ISO 50001 can be easily linked with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 ISO 50001 focuses on energy efficiency . whilst ISO 14001 emphasizes the significant environmental impacts of an organization . Both standards can be either individually implemented or with each other These standards can also be. integrated with other management system standards such as ISO 9001 . In addition other International Standards related to energy management are . ISO 12655 Energy Performance of buildings, ISO 13153 Framework of the design process for energy saving. ISO TC 180 Solar energy, ISO TC 238 Solid Biofuels. ISO 14067 Greenhouse gas emissions, ISO 13790 Calculation of energy use for heating and cooling.
ISO 18292 Energy performance of fenestration windows systems. ISO 50001 OPPOSED TO ISO 14001, Although ISO 50001 is closely associated to ISO 14001 . this standard highlights more importance on the continual. improvement of energy performance including energy. efficiency energy use and consumption , ISO 50001 can either be used in combination with ISO 14001 ISO 50001. to help identify additional opportunities for energy savings or as. a single management system standard for those organizations. concerned about energy costs and their environmental impact . Energy is one of the pillars of ISO 14001 , Carbon Management. The exclusive elements of ISO 50001 are all focused on. technical activities 4 4 3 Energy review 4 4 4 Energy baseline . 4 4 5 Energy performance indicators 4 5 6 Design 4 5 7. Procurement of energy services products equipment and ISO 14001. The table below displays the relationship of the clauses in both. standards , ISO 50001 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 7, ISO 50001 ISO 14001. 4 2 2 Management representative 4 4 1 Resources roles responsibility and authority. 4 4 2 Legal requirements and other requirements 4 3 2 Legal and other requirements. 4 5 2 Competence training and awareness 4 4 2 Competence training and awareness. 4 5 4 1 Documentation requirements 4 4 4 Documentation. 4 5 4 2 Control of documents 4 4 5 Control of documents. 4 5 5 Operational Control 4 4 6 Operational control. 4 6 2 Evaluation of compliance with legal, 4 5 2 Evaluation of compliance.
requirements and other requirements, 4 6 3 Internal audit of the EnMS 4 5 5 Internal audit. 4 6 4 Non conformities correction corrective 4 5 3 Nonconformity corrective action and preventive. action and preventive action action, 4 6 5 Control of records 4 5 4 Control of records. 4 6 1 Monitoring measurement and analysis 4 5 1 Monitoring and measurement. WHAT ARE THE BUSINESS BENEFITS OF AN, ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM . As with all the major undertakings within an organization it is essential to gain the backing and sponsorship of the. executive management By far the best way to achieve this is to illustrate the positive gains of having an effective. energy management process in place rather than highlight the negative aspects of the contrary . Today an effective energy management system is not about being forced into taking action to address external. pressures but its importance relies on recognizing the positive value of energy management when good practice. is embedded throughout your organization , Predictable and effective Maintenance of vital. Protection of Better understanding, response to energy activities of the.
people of the organization, performance organization. Protection of the, Respect of the interested Confidence of. Cost reduction reputation, parties clients, Competitive Legal Regulatory Contract. advantage compliance compliance compliance,8 ISO 50001 ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. The adoption of an effective energy management process within an organization will have benefits in a number of. areas examples of which include , Root for integrating energy efficiency into management practices .
Developing better use of existing energy consuming assets . Benchmarking measuring documenting and reporting energy intensity improvements and their impact on. greenhouse gas emissions , Effective communicating on the management of energy resources . Energy management best practices and good energy management behaviors . ISO 50001 OPPOSED TO ISO 14001 Link of ISO 50001 with other standards ISO 50001 can be easily linked with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 ISO 50001 focuses on energy efficiency whilst ISO 14001 emphasizes the significant environmental impacts of an organization Both standards can be either individually implemented or with each other These standards can also be integrated with other management

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