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INTRODUCTION, This document provides an overview of the key changes between the 2011. and 2018 version of ISO 50001 there are several new requirements in. addition to changes to key definitions You will need to prepare for change. and adapt your energy management system to meet the new requirements. and transitional timelines,ISO 50001 2018 TIMESCALES. ISO 50001 2018 was published 22 August 2018 OUR VALUES. and is the replacement for ISO 50001 2011 For, organizations currently using ISO 50001 2011 We will help you understand the. there is a three year transition period to switch changes interpret the new concepts and. to ISO 50001 2018 act on the implications,Keep updated with the changes. STRUCTURE OF ISO 50001 2018 at www nqa com, The structure of ISO 50001 2018 follows the Please get in touch if you have.
high level structure being applied to all new and any questions. revised ISO management system standards,2 Normative References. 3 Terms and Definitions IMPORTANT NOTE, 4 Context of the Organization There is a three year. 5 Leadership,transition period for,6 Planning,organizations currently. 8 Operation using ISO 50001 2011 to,9 Performance Evaluation switch to ISO 50001 2018. 10 Improvement,MAJOR DIFFERENCES IN TERMINOLOGY, You will find that some of the familiar terminology of ISO 50001 2011 has either been changed or removed.
Here are the highlights but please also refer to the key concepts above for additional guidance. ISO 50001 2011 ISO 50001 2018,Documents and Records Documented Information. Energy Manager Energy Management Team,Preventive Action Term not used. Term not used Leadership,Term not used Opportunity. Term not used Risk,GAP ANALYSIS AND GUIDANCE,ISO 50001 2018 ISO 50001 2011 GUIDANCE. CLAUSES CLAUSES,4 Context of the organization, 4 1 Understanding the New requirement This new concept relates to the factors and conditions affecting.
organization and its organizational operation and energy performance improvement. context e g regulation governance and other conditions. The organization must determine external and internal issues. relevant to its activities and that can affect its ability to achieve. the intended outcomes of its energy management system. EnMS and improve its energy performance There is a. requirement for a high level understanding of the influential. factors that can affect negatively or positively energy. performance and the EnMS of the organization, 4 2 Understanding the needs New requirement Consideration should be given to who the interested parties. and expectations of might be and what their relevant interests might be e g. interested parties employees neighbours customers shareholders board. members competitors regulators etc, The needs and expectations of interested parties must also. include at this point relevant and applicable legal and other non. legislative requirements, 4 3 Determining the scope of 4 1 General requirements Consideration needs to be given to a number of specified. the energy management factors when establishing the scope of the EnMS The. system organization must have the authority to control its energy use. efficiency and consumption within the defined scope. It is not permissible to exclude an energy type that is used within. the defined scope of the system, 4 4 Energy management 4 1 General requirements Consideration needs to be given to the knowledge referenced in. system clause 4 1 on the context of the organization when establishing. maintaining and continually improving the energy management. 5 Leadership, 5 1 Leadership and New requirement Top management of the organization are now required to.
commitment demonstrate leadership and commitment to the EnMS in a. number of specified ways including a commitment to continual. improvement in energy performance, 5 2 Energy policy 4 3 Energy Policy The policy must commit to a continual improvement in. energy performance satisfying all applicable legal and other. requirements support the procurement and design of energy. efficient products processes services and the provision of. information and resources necessary to achieve objectives and. 5 3 Organizational roles 4 2 2 Management There is no longer a need for a specific management. responsibilities and Representative representative however the roles responsibilities and. authorities authorities previously assigned to them still need to be assigned. within the organization to the energy management team. ISO 50001 2018 ISO 50001 2011 GUIDANCE,CLAUSES CLAUSES. 6 Planning, 6 1 Actions to address risks New requirement Consideration needs to be given to its identified internal and. and opportunities external issues 4 1 and the needs and expectations of its. interested parties 4 2 during planning, 6 1 1 General A new concept of risks and opportunities is introduced. Planning now requires the identification of the risks defined. 6 2 Objectives energy targets as the effect of uncertainty and opportunities related to. and planning to achieve energy performance improvement Considerations of risk and. them opportunities are part of the high level strategic decision making. in the organization, By identifying risks and opportunities an organization is able.
to anticipate potential scenarios and consequences so that. undesired effects can be addressed before they occur. 6 2 1 Energy objectives 4 4 6 Objectives targets The term target has been retained by this standard When. and programme s setting objectives consideration now needs to be given to the. identified risks and opportunities, The standard requires the consideration of the views of. interested parties when establishing objectives and targets if. they are deemed to be applicable 4 2, They must include significant energy uses and take into account. opportunities to improve energy performance, There are now specific requirements for the objectives to be. monitored communicated and updated as appropriate, 6 2 Objectives energy targets 4 4 6 Objectives targets The term programme is no longer used and the standard talks. and planning to achieve and programme s about planning how to achieve energy objectives instead This. them planning now needs to include details on what resources will be. required and how the results will be achieved, 6 3 Energy Review 4 4 3 Energy Review The basic requirement for the energy review has not changed.
The review must analyse current and past energy use and. consumption identify the significant energy uses SEUs and for. each one determine the relevant variables current performance. those personnel doing work that can affect the SEU prioritise. opportunities for improvement and estimate future use and. consumption The review shall be maintained and updated if. major changes occur within the organization, 6 4 Energy performance 4 4 5 Energy Performance Energy performance indicators EnPIs must be determined that. indicators indicators are appropriate for measuring monitoring energy performance. and are suitable to demonstrate energy performance. 6 5 Energy baseline 4 4 4 Energy baseline Using information from the energy review a baseline must be. established against which energy performance improvement. can be compared The baseline should be normalised to. take into account relevant variables in energy performance It. must be revised if there have been major changes within the. 6 6 Planning for collection of New requirement Plans must be drawn up detailing how the key characteristics. energy data identified are to be measured monitored and analysed. Measurement must be accurate and repeatable,ISO 50001 2018 ISO 50001 2011 GUIDANCE. CLAUSES CLAUSES, 7 1 Resources 4 2 1 Top Management No significant change now a separate clause. 7 2 Competence 4 5 2 Competence training Persons now need to be competent if they can affect the. awareness organization s energy performance or the operation of the. The need for training has been expanded into a wider need for. taking actions to acquire necessary competences which can. also include mentoring re assignment or hiring contracting. competent persons, 7 3 Awareness 4 5 2 Competence training This section has been rewritten however the requirements. awareness remain largely the same, 7 4 Communication 4 5 3 Communication Requirements are now more prescriptive as to what the.
process for communications internal and external shall be. New requirements include the need to ensure that it is planned. what when how and with who communications are made. and that the communications take into account compliance. obligations are consistent with the EnMS and are dependable. Communication to be based on the requirements identified in. the needs of interested parties 4 2, 7 5 Documented Information 4 5 4 Documentation The communications process must enable persons working. under the organization s control to contribute to energy and. EnMS performance improvement, 7 5 1 General 4 5 4 Documentation The terms documents and records have been replaced by the. term documented information, 7 5 2 Creating and updating 4 5 4 2 Control of The organization can decide what documented information is. documents required but must be sufficient to allow for an effective EnMS. and demonstrate energy performance improvement, 7 5 3 Control of documented 4 5 4 2 Control of Controls now need to ensure that documented information is. information documents adequately protected retained and ultimately disposed of. 8 Operation, 8 1 Operational planning 4 5 5 Operational Control Specific reference is now made to the planning and control of.
and control processes related to its SEUs, Controls for processes should include effective operation and. maintenance of facilities equipment systems and energy using. Implementing the controls in accordance with the set criteria. and keeping documented records that they have been carried. out as planned, There are requirements for the control of planned changes. and the review of unintended changes It is now specified that. outsourced processes are to be controlled or influenced. Any outsourced SEUs or processes must be similarly controlled. 8 2 Design 4 5 5 Design No significant change, The consideration of energy performance improvement. opportunities and operational control is required in the design. of new modified or renovated facilities equipment systems and. energy using processes that can have a significant impact on. energy performance over the planned or expected operating. ISO 50001 2018 ISO 50001 2011 GUIDANCE,CLAUSES CLAUSES. 9 Performance Evaluation,9 1 Monitoring measurement 4 6 Checking.
analysis and evaluation of,energy performance and,the EnMS title only. 9 1 1 General 4 6 1 Monitoring Greater detail on requirements for monitoring and measurement activities. measurement and is specified, analysis There is a specific requirement for the evaluation of the effectiveness of. action plans in achieving objectives and energy targets performance. indicators operation of SEUs and actual versus expected energy. performance, Planning to be in place detailing monitoring and measurement methods. when they will be performed and how the results will be analysed and. Energy performance and effectiveness of the EnMS shall be evaluated. and EnPIs compared to baseline values Significant deviations shall be. investigated and the investigation response documented. 9 1 2 Evaluation of 4 6 2 Evaluation of No change to requirements. compliance with legal compliance with legal,requirements and other requirements and. requirements other requirements,9 2 Internal Audit title only.
9 2 1 Internal Audit 4 6 3 Internal audit of the Conduct audits at planned intervals to provide information on whether. EnMS system is improving energy performance conforms to organization s own. requirements policy and standard requirements Also to check that it is. effectively implemented and maintained, 9 2 2 Internal audit 4 6 3 Internal audit of the Audit plan to take into account frequency methods responsibilities. EnMS planning and reporting which takes into account importance of process. and results of previous audits, The audit process shall define the scope of each audit selection of. auditors ensuring objectivity and impartiality ensure that audit results. are reported to relevant management and that appropriate actions are. taken regarding necessary corrective actions, 9 3 Management Review 4 7 Management Review Changes in external and internal issues the needs and expectations of. interested parties and risks and opportunities now need to be considered. during the management review process, The consideration of the organization s energy performance now needs to. include trends in nonconformities and corrective actions monitoring and. measurement results conformity with legal and other requirements. Review is required of opportunities to improve energy performance. policy indicators and baseline objectives and targets along with actions. if they are not achieved allocation of resources and improvements in. competency awareness and communication, The outputs of the management review shall now include opportunities.
to improve the integration of the energy management system with other. business processes and any implications for the organization s strategic. 10 Improvement, 10 1 Nonconformity and 4 6 4 Nonconformities The organization needs to determine opportunities for improvement. ISO 50001 2018 was published 22 August 2018 and is the replacement for ISO 50001 2011 For organizations currently using ISO 50001 2011 there is a three year transition period to switch to ISO 50001 2018 STRUCTURE OF ISO 50001 2018 The structure of ISO 50001 2018 follows the high level structure being applied to all new and revised ISO management system standards 1 Scope 2 Normative

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