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Editorial Director Allan Ascher,Series Editor Stella Reilly. Development Editors Susan Ianuzzi Janet Johnston,Director of Production Rhea Banker. Associate Director of Electronic Production Aliza Greenblatt. Production Design Manager Multimedia Paul Belfanti. Electronic Production Editor Carey Davies,Manufacturing Manager Ray Keating. Art Director Merle Krumper,Cover Coordinator Merle Krumper Eric Dawson. Illustrators Carlotta Tormey Matthew Daniel Betsy Day Andrew Lange Shelly Matheis. Gabriel Polonsky Len Schalansky Catherine Doyle Sullivan. Realia Carey Davies Eric Dawson Steven Greydanus Michelle LoGerfo Wendy Wolf. Interior Design Eric Dawson,Cover Design Carmine Vecchio.
2000 by Prentice Hall Regents,A Pearson Education Company. White Plains NY 10606 1951,All rights reserved No part of this book may be. reproduced in any form or by any means,without permission in writing from the publisher. Printed in the United States of America,10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. ISBN 0 13 096478 6,Prentice Hall International UK Limited London.
Prentice Hall of Australia Pty Limited Sydney,Prentice Hall Canada Inc Toronto. Prentice Hall Hispanoamericana S A Mexico,Prentice Hall of India Private Limited New Delhi. Prentice Hall of Japan Inc Tokyo,Pearson Education Asia Singapore. Editora Prentice Hall do Brasil Ltda Rio de Janeiro. Reviewers Peggy Armstrong Kaplan Educational Services Leslie Biaggi Miami Dade Community College Ulysses D Aquila. City College of San Francisco M Sadiq Durrani BNC Santa Cruz Kathy Hamilton Elk Grove Adult Education Peter Jarvis New. York City Board of Education Adult Division Kevin Keating University of Arizona Margaret Masterson Bethune Middle School. Joanne Mooney University of Pennsylvania Janet K Orr Shanghai Centre Beijing Cheryl Pearson University of Houston. Randy Schafer Free lance Instructor Japan Tammy Smith Firestone Edgewood Language Institute Maria Rita Vieira Yazigi. Language Schools Brasil,UNIT 1 Lesson 1 I m studying in California 1. Lesson 2 Do you have anything to declare 5,Lesson 3 From One Culture to Another 8.
UNIT 2 Lesson 1 You changed didn t you 13,Lesson 2 Do you remember 17. Lesson 3 Women s Work 20, UNIT 3 Lesson 1 We could have an international fall festival 25. Lesson 2 You are cordially invited 29,Lesson 3 Fall Foods 32. UNIT 4 Lesson 1 Excuses excuses 37,Lesson 2 You value creativity 41. Lesson 3 What is your learning style 44, UNIT 5 Lesson 1 Is this the way to the festival 49.
Lesson 2 Come to the Winter Fantasy Festival 53,Lesson 3 Yon Mi s Journal 56. UNIT 6 Lesson 1 Don t try to talk with that sore throat 61. Lesson 2 A Healthy Diet 65,Lesson 3 Alternative Medicine 68. UNIT 7 Lesson 1 I planned to buy the smallest TV in the store 73. Lesson 2 I don t have enough cash 77, Lesson 3 Can you save money when you spend money 80. UNIT 8 Lesson 1 Have you paid the tuition bills yet 85. Lesson 2 I want to open a checking account 89,Lesson 3 Each dollar is a piece of your work 92. UNIT 9 Lesson 1 I ll be glad to give you a recommendation 97. Lesson 2 Careers for Multilinguals 101,Lesson 3 Lynn s R sum 104.
UNIT 10 Lesson 1 Something wonderful will happen soon 109. Lesson 2 What will you do if you have the time 113. Lesson 3 What will you remember them for 116,Tapescripts T121. Unit Topics Functions, Getting to Know People Making formal and informal introductions and greetings asking for. Introductions greetings forms of personal information describing actions in progress using appropriate. 1 address classroom behavior cus behavior in social situations asking for confirmation confirming a. toms traditions culture shock statement engaging in small talk reading for specific information. current ongoing activities talking about everyday activities customs and traditions. The Past and Past Experiences Sequencing events asking about the past talking about past experi. Childhood personal events in the ences comparing past and present describing personal life events. 2 past historical events changing asking for confirmation about past events reading a short magazine. roles of men and women pioneers article discussing historical events and achievements writing a simple. and explorers autobiography, Invitations and Messages Talking about possibility issuing invitations accepting and declining. Homesickness holidays phone invitations orally and in writing leaving and taking a telephone mes. 3 use invitations responses leisure,activities reminiscing the right. sage writing down a message from an answering machine talking. about ongoing past activities reading for general and specific informa. thing to do in social situations tion talking about the right thing to do in social situations. Culture and Personality Making excuses comparing classroom behaviors in different cultures. Variations Excuses classroom reading about and discussing school policies identifying personality. 4 behavior school policies abilities,personality types academic goals.
types identifying abilities and talents talking about personal and aca. demic goals making predictions about the future discussing learning. interests learning styles styles writing about future goals. A Town in the United States Talking about places in a neighborhood asking for and giving direc. Directions the neighborhood hol tions comparing two places in a town or city reading for specific. 5 idays community resources past,and present comparing two cities. information talking about holidays talking about past habits and cus. toms writing a journal entry describing differences between two cities. the ideal city, Healthy Living Today Talking about health problems and remedies making suggestions. Home remedies doctors appoint making a doctor s appointment giving advice discussing a healthy. 6 ments health advice preventive diet talking about food planning a balanced meal listening to advice. and alternative medicine healthy and taking notes about a healthy diet reading about alternative medi. living nutrition cine writing a short report, The Price of Convenience and Talking about purchases writing a letter of complaint exchanging a. Comfort Stores and shopping purchase comparing features of stores and items making a catalog. 7 exchanging and returning adver purchase giving reasons for returning a purchase analyzing an ad. tising consumer scams writing an ad, Money Matters Talking about budgets talking about past actions opening a checking. Credit cards opening a checking account calling an account information line recording information in a. 8 account the American consumer check register comparing budgets interpreting a pie chart listening to. a radio broadcast for specific details making a food budget reading a. newspaper article, The Job Market Asking for and writing a letter of recommendation matching skills and.
Conflict on the job employment qualities with job requirements reading employment ads discussing. 9 ads job search strategies the, desirable jobs calling about an advertised job identifying parts of a. r sum writing an employment ad, What the Future Holds Talking about predictions making promises talking about future goals. Predictions memories future and possibilities sharing memories predicting future events talking. 10 plans and goals about future plans,Grammmar and Communication Skills. Pronunciation LISTENING AND SPEAKING READING AND WRITING. Simple present vs present con Make introductions ask for personal informa Read for specific information. tinuous affirmative and negative tion talk about everyday activities talk about set up a personal journal. tag questions and short appropriate classroom behavior confirm a. responses do does and is are statement engage in small talk discuss tradi. Tag questions tions and customs, Simple past regular irregular Sequence events ask about the past compare Write a paragraph make a time. verbs affirmative and negative the past and present describe personal life line read a short magazine. statements yes no Wh past tag events ask for confirmation discuss historical article write a simple autobiog. questions and responses Irregular events and achievements raphy revise written material. verbs the present and past forms, Modals can could may might Talk about possibility invite someone by Write a message from an.
should and their negatives past phone accept and decline an invitation orally answering machine write pre. continuous affirmative statements leave and take a telephone message talk about dictions write an invitation. and yes no questions and ongoing past activities talk about the right and a response to an invitation. responses Reduced syllables thing to do in social situations read a newspaper article. Modals have to had to must Make excuses compare classroom behavior in Read about school policies. and their negatives may permis different cultures discuss school policies talk write about goals complete a. sion object pronouns future about personal and academic goals make learning style questionnaire. with going to future predictions discuss learning styles identify personality types. Minimal pairs b p describe yourself in writing, Comparative adjectives regular Talk about places in a neighborhood ask for Write a paragraph read for. and irregular used to affirmative and give directions compare two places in a specific information write a. and negative statements and town or city talk about holidays talk about journal entry about goals. yes no questions and short past habits and customs describe differences. responses Minimal pairs b v between two cities, Imperatives affirmative and Talk about health problems and remedies make Take notes read about alterna. negative verbs followed by suggestions make a doctor s appointment give tive medicine write a short. infinitives advice discuss a healthy diet talk about prefer report read and answer letters. Statement or question ences likes and dislikes in food listen to asking for advice write about. advice about a healthy diet an illness or accident. Compound sentences and or Talk about purchases exchange a purchase Write a letter of complaint ana. but so superlative adjectives reg compare features of stores and items make a lyze an ad write an ad for a. ular and irregular comparisons catalog purchase give reasons for returning a school write about fashion. with as as purchase role play business transactions listen television ads desirable prod. Minimal pairs b d to television ads ucts and comparing stores. Present perfect statements with Talk about budgets talk about past actions Record information in a check. already yet with have has ques open a checking account call an account infor register compare and make bud. tions and responses too either mation line listen to a radio broadcast for spe gets write about learning. contractions Full forms and cific details listen to information about budgets English credit cards and saving. contractions with have money make a to do list, Complex sentences with before Ask for a letter of recommendation discuss Write a letter of recommenda. after when because desirable jobs call about an advertised job tion read and write employ. Minimal pairs listen for information about a job and a job ment ads write about skills. thank t tank interview role play an interview and abilities read about careers. Simple future will will with Talk about predictions make promises talk Write about predictions super. yes no questions and responses about future goals and possibilities share mem stitions and goals. real conditional if clauses pos ories predict future events talk about supersti. sessive pronouns tions,Contractions with will,Introduction. Welcome to VOYAGES This five level course gives become aware of some of the techniques that. adult and young adult learners a comprehensive set successful language learners have used to. of communication skills in the English language achieve their highest potential. Throughout each level language is natural and work with another student a learning partner. authentic and contextualized in lively interesting in a cooperative venture to practice English and. situations with which your students can easily reflect on their learning and. identify The lessons in VOYAGES presuppose that, its users are motivated by factors typical of adults write entries in a personal journal to reinforce.
making the series appropriate for students who are their English skills and starting in Book 2 to. high school age and older Each lesson challenges reflect on their learning styles their strategy. students by capitalizing on what they know or have use and their progress in English. learned and by encouraging them to stretch just a Your encouragement and guidance of your. little beyond their current stage of language students is an important factor in making the. development With each new step students are Strategies for Success exercises doable and. given a firm grammatical basis on which to build practical Research has found that if students are. their communication skills simply told to do these exercises if they want to. only a very small number of students will do so,So what is needed is your conviction that. THE COMPONENTS OF VOYAGES,students can gain significantly from performing. Each of the five levels of VOYAGES includes four self help exercises outside the classroom. components to make your students learning making some effort on their own without the. 1 The Student Booksconsist of ten units each Each unit is divided into three separate lessons Lessons 1 and 2 introduce new language through dialogs readings conversation practice and task based activities Grammar is treated inductively as 2 Book

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