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3rd Annual CFDLS Session 2,What is the 2014 CF Diversity. Learning Series About,INVESTING IN OUR INCLUSION INFRASTRUC TURES. BUILDING BRIDGES TO THE FUTURE, 2014 will be an exciting year managing traditions and change It seems every time we turn around there is. conflict between what has been and what will be The opportunity before us is to navigate the waters ahead. while honoring the past We have begun to realize more than ever before that we must be informed by the. past but can t rely on the past to create our future What we can do as someone recently said is Learn Unlearn. and Relearn That is the opportunity that is ahead of us. The 2014 Central Florida Diversity Learning Series will seek to explore the question What can we do. individually and collectively to create and sustain more inclusive organizations and communities Local. national and international events of the past year have accentuated the need to acknowledge the inclusion. gaps that exist and learn new ways of bridging those gaps We our organizations and our communities must. be pre emptive agents of change if we are going to survive and thrive. WHAT IS THE LEARNING APPROACH FOR THE SESSIONS, Our Series through our six highly interactive morning education sessions will address four questions. 1 What can be learned from our past that will inform our future as we strive to build creative innovative. inclusive organizations, 2 How can we tap into the knowledge of the past and present to create strong flexible bridges to serve the.
3 Who should we include What voices are missing How can we engage an ever increasingly diverse. marketplace workplace and workforce, 4 Why do we need to invest in our inclusion infrastructure and how do we do that differently than we have in. For more information on the Series visit http tripartners com Pages CFDLS CFDLS Home html. ENGAGE EDUCATE MOTIVATE TM,Presenters Dr Steve Yacovelli Gina Duncan. Members Make The CF Diversity,Learning Series Possible. Silver Member,Supporting Member,Individual Members. Organized by TRI Partners Inc,ENGAGE EDUCATE MOTIVATE TM.
ENGAGE EDUCATE MOTIVATE TM,Presenters Dr Steve Yacovelli Gina Duncan. ENGAGE EDUCATE MOTIVATE TM,3rd Annual CFDLS Session 2. Please welcome our 2014 Session 2 Presenters,Dr Steve Yacovelli and Gina Duncan. Dr Steve Yacovelli is Owner and Principal of TopDog Learning Group LLC a. learning and development consulting firm based in Orlando Florida that provides. guidance and solutions in change management instructional design diversity and. inclusion leadership and organizational development learning strategies and. custom e learning creation Steve has worked with such great organizations as The. Walt Disney Company IBM Tupperware Brands Corporation George Washington. University The Public Library Association The Bill Melinda Gates Foundation The. Ohio State University and BellSouth AT T, Steve holds a B S in Public Relations an M A in Educational Policy and Leadership Development and an Ed D. in Instructional Technology and Distance Education A published author Steve has written books and articles. focusing on how adults learn using technology and employee and organizational perceptions and readiness. for technology enabled learning solutions, Gina Duncan was born Greg Pingston and lived 50 years of her life as a man.
She built a successful career in mortgage banking serving her last 15 years in. the industry as Regional Manager for Wells Fargo Gina underwent her transition. while at Wells Fargo and was fully supported by the company After retiring from. banking in 2010 Gina was elected the first transgender President of a major. Chamber of Commerce in the country heading up the Metropolitan Business. Association of Central Florida She is now a national and international corporate. trainer and speaker specializing in transgender dynamics in the workplace or. classroom She has worked with major corporations elected officials school boards colleges universities. and non profit organizations to improve knowledge and understanding of the transgender journey. and the development of competencies in supporting transgender people in the workplace educational. environments and in various organizations Gina provides knowledge of the dynamics of the transgender. community with the belief that embracing diversity in the workplace increases productivity provides a. corporate competitive advantage and increases economic development in society. Gina has served as a subject matter expert on transgender equality and inclusion issues presenting to. corporations universities and governmental organizations Gina has been a consistent speaker at the. Orlando City Council and Orange County Board of County Commissioners on issues of passing Human. Rights Ordinances Domestic Partner Benefits for government employees and the passage of a Domestic. Partner Registry for both the City of Orlando and Orange County All measures passed and have served as. a template for equal rights legislation across the state of Florida. She also the author of Attraversiamo Let s Cross Over A Story of Gender Transition. ENGAGE EDUCATE MOTIVATE TM,Presenters Dr Steve Yacovelli Gina Duncan. TODAY S AGENDA,March 11 2014,PRESENTER Dr Steve Yacovelli and Gina Duncan. Session begins at 9 00 AM,Welcome and Overview of Session. Learning activities, Break at 10 30 AM and drawing of giveaways resources at end of break. Learning activities,Session ends at 12 15 PM,PLEASE TURN IN YOUR EVALUATION FORMS.
SESSION OVERVIEW,Gender Preparing Our Organizations and. Communities for Emerging Trends, The definitions of Gender Gender Identity and Gender Expression have changed dramatically calling us. to reconsider how we include these new and emerging definitions in our workplace and workforce The. infrastructures we have used for employment background checks insurance student and guest services and. many other areas are being questioned explored and redefined. In this session we will have the opportunity to consider how we individually and organizationally can flex. our infrastructures to include these changing definitions of gender. ENGAGE EDUCATE MOTIVATE TM,3rd Annual CFDLS Session 2. Presenters Dr Steve Yacovelli Gina Duncan,U nderstanding the T in LGBT. Gender Identity Gender Expression,Section 1 Introduction.
3rd Annual CFDLS Session 2,U nderstanding the T in LGBT. Gender Identity Gender Expression,Section 1 Introduction con t. Presenters Dr Steve Yacovelli Gina Duncan,U nderstanding the T in LGBT. Gender Identity Gender Expression, Don t confuse gender identity or gender expression with. sexual orientation Usually people who are attracted to women. prior to transition continue to be attracted to women after. transition Likewise people attracted to men before transition. usually continue to be attracted to men after transition. Section 2 Wow Did You Know,In a U S national survey.
26 lost their job,It s estimated that in of nearly 6 500. because of their gender,a crowd of 1 000 transgender workers. people between,three and ten 47 experienced,negative effects such as. individuals identify being fired not hired or,as transgender denied a promotion. That s 0 3 to 1,of the population 90 report harassment.
mistreatment or,discrimination on the job, At school young people face high rates or took actions like hiding. of harassment based on gender non conformity who they are to avoid it. During a school year out of every 10,transgender students approximately. heard negative was physically assaulted punched,comments from kicked or injured with a weapon. teachers and staff,were verbally harassed did not report 3 4th 78. by other students called the event to teachers of transgender. names or threatened or school officials workers felt more. comfortable at work,were reported missing,page performance.
physically harassed school for safety reasons improved. 3 pushed or shoved in the past month after transitioning. 3rd Annual CFDLS Session 2,U nderstanding the T in LGBT. Gender Identity Gender Expression,Section 3 Guiding Principles. Why is it important to understand gender identity and. expression in the workplace Well for lots of reasons. As a workplace we seek to be respectful and inclusive. of all employees, Customers seek to do business with Our society and workplace are always. organizations that are welcoming and evolving,responsive to their needs. Given that transgender and other sexual Finally it s part of who we are We strive. or gender minority individuals currently to value and respect all aspects of. experience more harassment diversity,discrimination and violence in society.
Canadian Laws U S Laws,Presenters Dr Steve Yacovelli Gina Duncan. U nderstanding the T in LGBT,Gender Identity Gender Expression. Section 4 QuickCheck My score the first time,DIRECTIONS after taking the QuickCheck was. review the answers and select the respectful,words in the space provided. Transgender Transgender Transgender,Transvestite,Trans man Trans woman.
Respectful Both are Both are,Respectful Respectful. Cisgender is,4 Use the pronoun 5 If you are,matching the person s uncertain which pronoun to. presentation or appearance use use the person s name. For example if the person rather than he or she,is wearing women s or use gender neutral. clothing use she language such as the,customer or the guest. 6 If you cannot tell the 7 If you cannot tell and,person s gender and if it is necessary to.
you must use know it s OK to,a pronoun politely ask the. avoid having a person Which,page conversation with pronoun do you. 5 or about the,3rd Annual CFDLS Session 2,U nderstanding the T in LGBT. Gender Identity Gender Expression,Section 4 QuickCheck con t. 8 When referring to 9 If someone tells you,someone in conversation they are transitioning.
a person s gender it is OK to ask how,identity is usually not things are going and. relevant and so doesn t how they are doing,need to be mentioned. 10 It s OK to politely ask 11 Never reveal people s. a person about transgender status,surgery or hormones against their will. or about body parts,Section 5 Putting It All Together. What are the,five action steps 1,that George took,before Brianna s first.
day at work 2, When George accidently called Brianna Brian in the scenario what was your reaction. What would you have done if you were in George s shoes and made the same mistake. Presenters Dr Steve Yacovelli Gina Duncan,U nderstanding the T in LGBT. Gender Identity Gender Expression,Section 5 Putting It All Together con t. Shelley has a very strong reaction to Brianna s transition What was your initial reaction. when she was sharing her feelings with George in the Conference Room. At the end of the scenario the module asks you to reflect on your own workplace and remember. four key points regarding transgender employees What are they. Before going through this module where would you,honestly rate yourself on the scale below. What about now, I probably had perceptions I probably had perceptions.
about transgender people about transgender people,10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. Central Florida Diversity Learning Series 2014 Investing in Our Inclusion Infrastructures Building Bridges to the Future Recruitment Retention and Retirement

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