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Grade 11 or 12, INTRODUCTION TO THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE HUMAN PERSON. TABLE OF CONTENTS,WEEK OBJECTIVES PAGE,1 3 Welcoming the Students 1 2. a Gathering information about the,Orient Students about the following. a DepEd s Mission Vision and Core,b The school s profile teachers and. management,c School rules and regulations,d Course requirements.
e Grading System,Diagnostic Test Checking and Item. 4 5 DOING PHILOSOPHY 6 8,1 Distinguish a holistic perspective from. a partial point of view,2 Recognize human activities that. emanated from deliberate reflection,3 Realize the value of Doing philosophy. in obtaining a broad perspective in life,4 Doing a philosophical reflection on a.
concrete situation from a holistic,perspective,6 7 METHODS OF PHILOSOPHIZING 9 11. 1 Distinguish opinion from truth,2 Analyze situations that show the. difference between opinion and truth,3 Realize the methods of philosophy. lead to wisdom and truth,4 Evaluate opinions,8 9 THE HUMAN PERSON AS AN EMBODIED 12 13. 1 Recognize one s limitations and,possibilities,2 Evaluate one s limitations and the.
possibilities for their transcendence,3 Recognize how the human body. imposes limits and possibilities for,transcendence. 4 Distinguish the limitations and,possibilities for transcendence. 10 11 THE HUMAN PERSON IN THEIR 14,ENVIRONMENT,1 Take note of environmental disorders. 2 Determine things that are improperly,placed and organize them in an.
aesthetic way,3 Show care for the environment,contributes to health well being and. sustainable development,4 Demonstrate the virtues of prudence. and frugality towards environments,WEEK OBJECTIVES PAGE. 12 13 FREEDOM OF THE HUMAN PERSON 15 17,1 Realize that all actions have. consequences,2 Evaluate and exercising prudence in.
3 Rationalize that,a Choices have consequences,b Some things are given up. while others are obtained in making,4 Show situations that demonstrate. freedom of choice and the,consequences of choices,14 15 INTERSUBJECTIVITY 18 20. 1 Realize intersubjectivity requires,accepting differences and not to imposing. 2 Appreciate the talents of persons with,disabilities and those from the.
underprivileged sectors of society,3 Explain that authentic dialogue means. accepting others even if they are different,from themselves. 4 Perform activities that demonstrate the,talents of persons with disabilities and. those from the underprivileged sectors of,16 17 THE HUMAN PERSON IN SOCIETY 21. 1 Recognize how individuals form societies,and how individuals are transformed by.
2 Compare and contrast different forms of,societies and individualities e g. Agrarian industrial and virtual,3 Explain how human relations are. transformed by social systems,4 Evaluate the transformation of human. relationships by social systems and how,societies transform individual human. 18 HUMAN PERSONS AS ORIENTED 22,TOWARDS THEIR IMPENDING DEATH.
1 Recognize the meaning of life,2 Enumerate the things that one wants to. achieve in life and define projects that,one intends to pursue. 3 Explain the meaning of life,4 Reflect on the meaning of life. ORIENTATION AND INTRODUCTION OF S Y 2016 2017,DAY ACTIVITY. 1 1 Welcoming of Students, 2 The Department of Education s Mission Vision and.
Core Values,3 Teacher Introduction,4 The school s profile teachers and management. 2 1 Self Introduction, 2 Identification of school and classroom rules and. regulations,3 Election of classroom or course officers. 3 1 Introduction of the subject matter,2 Determining the grading system attendance rules. 3 Identification of subject requirement s,4 Diagnostic test checking item analysis.
4 1 Reflections,Guide Questions,a How did I perform in my academics last year. b What are my strengths and weaknesses,c What are my expectations for this school year. d How do I use my strengths in the realization of my. expectations, e What characteristics should I possess in order to. achieve my goals for this school year,2 Agreement,a Make an advance reading on the definition of. Philosophy,DOING PHILOSOPHY,OBJECTIVES, 1 Distinguish a holistic perspective from a partial point of view.
2 Recognize human activities that emanated from deliberate reflection. 3 Realize the value of Doing philosophy in obtaining a broad perspective in life. 4 Doing a philosophical reflection on a concrete situation from holistic. perspective,ACTIVITY 1 PPT11 12 Ia 1 1, I Look at the pictures below What can you say about them Describe. their similarities and differences Write your answer in your notebook. ACTIVITY 2 PPT11 12 Ib 1 2, Complete the table below Write your answer in your notebook. ACTIONS WHAT MUST BE DONE BEFORE THE,1 Buying new clothes. 2 Choosing friends,3 Eating food,4 Deciding where to study for Senior. High School,5 Attending classes in the afternoon,6 Going to school.
7 Visiting a friend,8 Joining an organization in school. 9 Playing computer games,10 Buying a new gadget,11 Asking permission if you would like to. go out with friends,12 Helping a stranger,13 Traveling without your family. 14 Going to mass or any religious,activities,15 Watching movies that are not allowed. for your age,16 Posting your opinion or feelings in the.
social media,17 Communicating to your siblings about. a conflict,18 Giving opinions,19 Going out with the opposite sex. 20 Confronting a person who verbally,ACTIVITY 3 PPT11 12 Ib 1 3. Answer the following questions and write your answer in your notebook. 1 Based on your answers in Activity 2 what must before making actions. 2 Is it helpful that you do this before making actions Why or why not. 3 As a grade 11 student what have you realized about this activity Reflect and. explain your answer in your notebook,ACTIVITY 4 PPT11 12 Ib 1 4. What can you say about the quotation below Do you agree with this Express your. answers on the space provided,METHODS OF PHILOSOPHIZING.
1 Distinguish opinion from truth, 2 Analyze situations that show the difference between opinion and. 3 Realize the methods of philosophy lead to wisdom and truth. 4 Evaluate opinions,ACTIVITY 1 PPT11 12 Ic 2 1,Choose a word from the box below. 1 Write down other related words or ideas that you can think of in relation to the. word that you chose,2 Write your answer in a one whole sheet of paper. ACTIVITY 2 PPT11 12 Id 2 2, Supply relevant information on the topics below Prepare a 2 3 paragraph essay for. each topic Make sure that you include your resources and you have read the article. thoroughly You may use the library or the internet in order to complete this task. 1 DepEd Kto12 Program,2 School Rules and Regulations.
3 The Philippine Political Structure,ACTIVITY 3 PPT11 12 Id 2 3. Divide the class into two The teacher will pick a topic from the list below The class will. prepare for a debate,1 Philippine National Viand Adobo vs Sinigang. 2 Presidential Office Davao or Malacanang, 3 Road Order Contributor Traffic Enforcers vs Traffic Lights. ACTIVITY 4 PPT11 12 Ie 2 4, What can you say about the picture below Write your reflection in your notebook. THE HUMAN PERSON AS AN EMBODIED SPIRIT,1 Recognize one s limitations and possibilities.
2 Evaluate one s limitations and the possibilities for their. transcendence, 3 Recognize how the human body imposes limits and possibilities. for transcendence, 4 Distinguish the limitations and possibilities for transcendence. ACTIVITY 1 PPT11 12 If 3 1, Complete the chart below Make sure that you ask or consult your parents or any adult. who have witnessed your development and reflect before you write your answer Copy. and fill out the chart in your notebook,Age Things that I can do Things that I cannot do. ACTIVITY 2 PPT11 12 Ig 3 2,Answer the following questions in your notebook.
1 What are your limitations as a person What are the things that you consider as. difficult or hard for you to accomplish or believe in. 2 What are your strengths What are the possible things or status that you can. reach or achieve in the future, 3 What are the factors affecting your limitations How about possibilities. 4 Do you see yourself improving in 5 10 years time How can you say that you. are improving, 5 How can you transcend from your current limitations. ACTIVITY 3 PPT11 12 If 3 1 PPT11 12 Ih 3 3 PPT11 12 Ii 3 4. Complete the chart by rewriting your present limitations with reference to your answers. in the previous activities Make an action plan towards transcendence Copy the chart in. your notebook,THE REVITALIZED ME,MY LIMITATIONS PLAN TOWARDS TRANSCENDENCE. WEEK 10 11,THE HUMAN PERSON IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT,1 Take note of environmental disorders. 2 Determine the things that are improperly placed and organize. them in an aesthetic way, 3 Show that care for the environment contributes to health well.
being and sustainable development, 4 Demonstrate the virtues of prudence and frugality towards. environments,ACTIVITY 1 PPT11 12 Ii 4 1 PPT11 12 Ii 4 2. The whole class will be instructed to interview a person who is 45 60 year. old Be guided by the following questions, 1 What are the things that you remember in your environment when. you were my age, 2 What are the things that you like doing when you were young. 3 What are the positive and negative changes in the environment. 4 Do you think environment plays a vital role in a person s. development Why or why not,ACTIVITY 2 PPT11 12 Ij 4 3 PPT11 12 Ij 4 4.
After conducting the interview the whole class will be instructed to write the. summary of their findings where the following questions are answered. 1 What have I learned from the person I interviewed. 2 How do I feel about the things that I learned, 3 Will this knowledge gained from the interview help me in. understanding the role of the environment in my development as a. 4 What should I do with the environment,WEEK 12 13. FREEDOM OF THE HUMAN PERSON,OBJECTIVES,1 Realize that all actions have consequences. 2 Evaluate and exercising prudence in choices,3 Rationalize that. a Choices have consequences, b Some things are given up while others are obtained in making.
4 Show situations that demonstrate freedom of choice and the. consequences of their choices,ACTIVITY 1 PPT11 12 Ila 5 1. I What can you say about the pictures below Have you been in this kind of. situation What are the things that you considered in making choices. ACTIVITY 2 PPT11 12 Ila 5 2 PPT11 12 Ila 5 3, As a grade 11 student you have made some important life decisions in the. past Make a time line of major decisions in your life and below the line. then write down the consequence of those particular decisions. Life decisions,12 years old 14 years old 16 years old. Consequences,ACTIVITY 3 PPT11 12 Ilc 5 4, What is the message of the picture Write your reflection about this picture in your. THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE HUMAN PERSON Activity Sheets First Quarter Department of Education June 2016 ii Grade 11 or 12 INTRODUCTION TO THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE HUMAN PERSON TABLE OF CONTENTS QUARTER 1 WEEK OBJECTIVES PAGE NUMBER 1 3 Welcoming the Students a Gathering information about the student Orient Students about the following a DepEd s Mission Vision and Core Values b The school s

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