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I Introduction Methods and Planning,Background Ball handling. Handball Court Small games and tactical games,Handball Sizes Small team games. Rules of the Game Basic Defence Skills,Basic Skills Individual tactical intentions and. Player Positions techniques,Basic Attacking Skills. II Handball at Schools Individual tactical intentions and. Handball fun passion and techniques,health Basic Goalkeeping.
The 6 phases of the game Positioning movements saves. Basic rules version for Handball at,Development of Children. Handball is one of the,fastest game sports,Coordination. athleticism creative,techniques variable and,tactical interaction. combined with a good,team spirit are the,characteristics of this. attractive sport,The objective is to throw,a ball into the opposing.
team s goal to score,The team with more goals,at the end of the game is. declared as the winner,Seven players per side,6 court players and one. goalkeeper,The Handball Court,Court Dimensions,Court 40 m X 20 m. Goal 2m X 3m,Goal area 6m,Basketball,Court 28 m X 15 m. 3 pt arc 6 25 m,Handball Sizes,IHF Size 1 50 52 cm and 290 to 330 g.
for women s youth 8 to 14 years,men s youth 8 to 12 years. IHF Size 2 54 to 56 cm and 325 375 g,for women women s youth 14 years and older and. men s youth 12 to 16 years,IHF Size 3 58 to 60 cm and 425 to 475 g. for men and men s youth 16 years and older,Rules of the Game. www ihf info,A player may,Run with the ball up to 3 steps.
Substitute anytime,A player should not,Stay inside the goal area line. except for the goal keeper,Run into an established. Hold the ball more than 3,Basic Handball Skills for Offense. Passing and Catching,Player Positions,Handball at School. Introduction to handball,for students aged 5 to 11.
Handball at school fun passion,and health,Launched by the International. Handball Federation,Worldwide training and,education program for. teachers at school,Motto Fun passion and,IHF school experts conduct. courses for teachers of 5 11,year old children on all. continents,Six Phases of the Game,from a technical and tactical perspective.
1 Changing from defense to offence, The moment where a team intercepts the ball and starts moving up the. 2 Moving up the court, Phase where the team is moving directly towards the opponent s goal. 3 Getting within shooting range, Moving close to the goal for an opportunity to score. 4 Team attack against organized defense, Trying to score a goal against the opponents organized defense. 5 Return phase and defense starts, Returning to own defense area while trying to regain the ball by putting.
pressure on the offence,6 Organized defense, preventing the opponents from getting a good scoring chance. Basic Rules for Handball at,Start playing handball on. smaller playing fields,To avoid excessive demand,of the students. Reduced number of court,To increase the number of,situations where students. can throw at goal so that,they will have a feeling of.
Modified Rules, Division into smaller areas 4 vs 4 with goal keepers. Shooting Blocking Feinting Player Positions Teaching Handball at School Introduction to handball for students aged 5 to 11 Handball at school fun passion and health Launched by the International Handball Federation Worldwide training and education program for teachers at school Motto Fun passion and health IHF school experts conduct courses for

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