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First verse 14 deals with a period of time known as the. great tribulation Just as Israel of old was in physical. tribulation of slavery during the time of Moses all those. who are living outside the spiritual kingdom of God today. are in great spiritual tribulation They are in the bondage of. sin See Jn 8 32 34, Second the giving of the law of Moses on Mt Sinai was. the great physical parallel to Christ giving his law gospel. on spiritual Mt Zion See Mic 4 1 7 According to Mic. 4 7 Christ reigns on spiritual Mt Zion today therefore. those who stand on Mt Zion with him are Christians They. are described in Rev 14 as the 144 000 See the summary. at the close of this book for a thorough discussion of this. symbolic number The great truth being pictured in the. visions of this chapter is that those who are in the bondage. of sin great tribulation are coming out of that spiritual. tribulation by washing their robes and making them white. in the blood of the Lamb They then become a part of the. symbolic 144 000 who reign with Christ on Mt Zion, Verse 9 describes them as a great multitude dressed in. white robes who stand before the throne of God They are. Christians,WHO SHALL BE ABLE TO STAND, Chapter 7 answers the question asked in 6 17 For the. great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to. stand Those who stand are identified as the 144 000. sealed of the twelve tribes of Israel Verse 3 explains that. these 144 000 are the servants of God This identifies them. as Christians They are also described as a great multitude. standing before the throne of God and clothed in white. robes Verse 14 says that their robes were made white by. the blood of the Lamb This also shows that these people. are Christians This leads to the conclusion that the 144 000. and the great multitude clothed in white robes both. represent the same people Christians Christians are those. who are sealed by God and have their sins forgiven by the. blood of the Lamb They will be able to stand in the day. of Judgment, We should not view this chapter as a chronological order. of events taking place between the sixth and seventh seals. Neither is it an interlude between these two seals as. some claim It is taking place on this earth today The. servants of God are being sealed v 3 and are washing. their robes white in the blood of the Lamb v 14 all during. this Christian dispensation The first three verses of this. chapter show that God is prohibiting the final events of the. sixth seal until the events of chapter 7 are fulfilled. Verse 1 And after these things I saw four angels, standing on the four corners of the earth holding the.
four winds of the earth that the wind should not blow. on the earth nor on the sea nor on any tree, The use of the number 4 is quite evident in this verse. There are four angels standing on the four corners of the. earth and restraining the four winds The number 4 is. used in association with the physical things of this earth. Therefore this is a figurative description of God delaying. the destruction of this earth which was described in the. sixth seal God will not allow this earth to be destroyed. until certain things described in chapter 7 take place Verse. 3 states exactly what must take place before this earth will. be destroyed the servants of God must be sealed,It is also possible that the terms earth sea and. trees are figurative In Ps 1 3 a tree is used to represent. people Therefore it is possible that these terms are used to. represent certain groups of people It actually makes no. difference whether these terms are figurative or literal in. the overall interpretation of this chapter because when. Christ returns the earth as well as all those living upon it. will be affected, Verse 2 And I saw another angel ascending from the. east having the seal of the living God and he cried with. a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was given to. hurt the earth and the sea, John saw another angel ascending from the east or sun. rising as the ASV translates it Many commentators, believe he came from the east because this is the direction.
from which the sun rises to give light unto the world but. anything definite on this symbolism would be impossible to. The important concept in this passage is that this angel a. messenger from God carries the seal of the living God and. his duty is to seal the servants of God in their foreheads v. 3 This shows that the events of this chapter are taking. place during this present Christian dispensation because. Christians are being sealed today In Eph 1 13 Paul told. the Ephesians After that ye believed ye were sealed with. that holy Spirit of promise They had believed and were. sealed When we believe and obey the gospel today we are. sealed by that same Holy Spirit To be sealed is to show. that we belong to God Throughout the ages kings have. used seals or signets as stamps or symbols of their. authority When we obey the gospel we receive the seal of. God in our foreheads This is a figurative representation. showing that we belong to God We obviously do not, receive a literal seal in our foreheads This seal is. symbolically placed in the Christian s forehead to show. that he gives his mind thoughts and allegiance to the one. and only living God,Verse 3 Saying Hurt not the earth neither the sea. nor the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God. in their foreheads, This angel carrying the seal of God told the four angels. of verse 1 not to destroy the earth until the servants of God. had been sealed God will not destroy this world or let it be. destroyed until all those people who desire to obey the. gospel have done so This verse seems to be saying that. God will not destroy this world as long as people continue. to render obedience to the gospel This concept is also. present in other passages in Revelation See 6 11 18 2. We can rest assured that this earth will never be totally. destroyed by man It will exist until all the servants of God. have been sealed and Christ has returned to take his faithful. home Then God will destroy it forever,THE 144 000 SEALED. Verse 4 And I heard the number of them which were, sealed and there were sealed an hundred and forty and.
four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel. The number of people who received this seal of God in. their foreheads was 144 000 A great deal of confusion and. controversy exist in the religious world today concerning. this number Some believe that only 144 000 people will be. able to enter heaven however as we know this is, completely contrary to the teachings of the New Testament. This number should be viewed as a symbolic descriptive. number This is the case with most of the numbers in. Revelation, As we study this verse let us look first at what is meant. by all the tribes of the children of Israel In verses 5. through 8 there is a listing of the twelve tribes and twelve. thousand are sealed from each one The first thing we. notice about these twelve tribes is that they are not the. actual twelve tribes of Israel For instance there was no. tribe of Joseph Comments concerning this are made in v. 5 8 Because of this we can be sure that these 144 000. people do not come from the actual twelve tribes of the Old. Testament This shows that these twelve tribes of Israel are. symbolic rather than literal, Many times the symbols in Revelation can be understood. by comparing the spiritual kingdom of the New Testament. with the physical kingdom of the Old Testament The. spiritual kingdom the church is a likeness to the physical. kingdom of Israel The twelve tribes of Israel were God s. chosen people under the law of Moses and Christians are. the chosen people of God today The phrase twelve tribes. of Israel is used to symbolically represent the entire. church of God It represents all those people who have ever. lived upon this earth and have been faithful to God s. commands Christ s death on the cross was a sacrifice for. the sins of all men who obey his will He died for the. forgiveness of sins of those under the old law as well as. those of us under the new law See Heb 9 15 17 All who. have their sins forgiven are in the church of God and are a. part of the 144 000, The concept that the twelve tribes of Israel are symbolic. of the church is evident in other passages in the New. Testament also In Jas 1 1 James addresses his epistle to. the twelve tribes which must refer to Christians since the. actual twelve tribes no longer existed Also in Gal 6 16. the church is referred to as the Israel of God For. additional information see comments on 2 9, Since the twelve tribes represent all people who are.
faithful to God the number 144 000 is symbolic of the. saved of all ages This is exactly what we are told in 14 1 4. It states that the 144 000 are the redeemed from the earth. The 144 000 are those who follow Christ and will be able. to stand in that last day when all others will attempt to. hide The 144 000 are all those people whom God has. sealed or will seal by the time Christ returns From the. discussion of verse 2 we know that God seals those who. are obedient to his will,The number 144 000 is consistent with the use of. numbers as outlined in the introduction of this book The. number 12 is used to represent organized religion The. number 1 000 stands for completeness From each of the. 12 tribes 12 000 are sealed which indicates the complete. number of those who have obeyed God If we multiply. 12 000 by 12 for the number of tribes the product is. 144 000 This represents all the saved of all ages, One interrelationship in Revelation should be mentioned. concerning the 144 000 In 21 17 the measurement of the. wall of the holy city is given It measures 144 cubits The. wall represents the law of God that man must obey in order. to enter into this holy city the church The wall measures. 144 cubits and the people inside this wall are the 144 000. or the saved of all ages Those who obey the gospel pass. through the 144 cubit wall and become a part of the. Verses 5 8 Of the tribe of Juda were sealed twelve. thousand Of the tribe of Reuben were sealed twelve. thousand Of the tribe of Gad were sealed twelve,thousand Of the tribe of Aser were sealed twelve. thousand Of the tribe of Nepthalim were sealed twelve. thousand Of the tribe of Manasses were sealed twelve. thousand Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelve. thousand Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve, thousand Of the tribe of Issachar were sealed twelve. thousand Of the tribe of Zabulon were sealed twelve. thousand Of the tribe of Joseph were sealed twelve. thousand Of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed twelve. These four verses list the twelve tribes of Israel and. twelve thousand are sealed from each of them making a. total of 144 000 As discussed before the tribes named here. are not the actual twelve tribes of Israel that received. portions of the promised land The tribes of Dan and. Ephraim are omitted and the tribes of Joseph and Levi are. added If these were the literal twelve tribes of Israel there. would be no one saved in the tribes of Dan and Ephrairn. and those in the tribes of Joseph and Manasses would be. included twice This forces the conclusion that the twelve. tribes listed here are not the literal twelve tribes of Israel. They represent all of God s chosen people, The question then arises Why are these twelve tribes.
named individually Coffman quotes Beckwith as saying. Nineteen different arrangements of these names are found. in the Old Testament with none of which does this list. agree 1 This must be done in order to help us make a. correct interpretation of this passage If these twelve tribes. were not named we would immediately assume the tribes. of the children of Israel spoken of in verse 4 were. referring to the literal tribes of Israel We would have no. reason to consider this a figurative representation of all. God s people, This also agrees with the description of the church in. chapter 21 The names of the 12 tribes are located over the. 12 gates to the city There are 12 gates and 12 000 are. saved from each tribe Again when we multiply the 12. gates times the 12 000 from each tribe the result is. One other interesting fact is that the tribe of Judah is. listed first instead of Reuben who was Jacob s firstborn In. most cases the firstborn will be named first but since Judah. was the tribe from which the Messiah came it is placed. first in this list,THE VICTORIOUS MULTITUDE SERVANTS OF. Verse 9 After this I beheld and lo a great multitude. which no man could number of all nations and,kindreds and people and tongues stood before the. throne and before the Lamb clothed with white robes. and palms in their hands,After this indicates the beginning of a different. vision Therefore some of the symbols in this part of the. chapter may refer to the same things as the symbols used in. the first part For example in this verse the great multitude. refers to all the children of God just as the number. 144 000 did in verse 4, The great multitude which no one could number of all.
different peoples was clothed in white Rev 19 8 defines. fine linen clean and white as the symbol used to, describe the church or Christians Therefore the multitude. INTRODUCTION TO CHAPTER 7 PHYSICAL SPIRITUAL PARALLELS Chapter 7 is interpreted by using a great parallel that exists between physical Israel and spiritual Israel church This parallel gives us a Biblical basis for understanding these visions Below is a concise drawing of this parallel which was explained at the beginning of this book Please review those pages and examine the diagram

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