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09 06 26 10 52 35 32Z5K610 002,SAFETY INFORMATION SAFETY LABEL LOCATIONS. Understand the operation of all controls and learn how to stop These labels warn you of potential hazards that can cause serious. the engine quickly in case of emergency Make sure the operator injury Read them carefully. receives adequate instruction before operating the equipment If a label comes off or becomes hard to read contact your Honda. Do not allow children to operate the engine Keep children and servicing dealer for replacement. pets away from the area of operation, Your engine s exhaust contains poisonous carbon monoxide MUFFLER CAUTION LABEL. Do not run the engine without adequate ventilation and never. run the engine indoors, The engine and exhaust become very hot during operation. Keep the engine at least 1 meter 3 feet away from buildings. and other equipment during operation Keep flammable WARNING LABEL. The label should be, materials away and do not place anything on the engine while it located either on the. is running fuel tank fan cover or,packaged loosely with the.
engine to be applied by,the manufacture,WARNING LABEL For EU Except EU. attached to supplied,product with product,supplied attached to. with product product,supplied supplied,with product with product. MUFFLER CAUTION LABEL For EU Except EU,not supplied. included with product,supplied attached to,with product product.
supplied supplied,with product with product,Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive. Stop the engine and let cool before refueling,The engine emits toxic poisonous carbon. monoxide gas Do not run in an enclosed area,Read Owner s Manual before operation. Hot muffler can burn you,Stay away if engine has been running. 09 06 26 10 52 51 32Z5K610 003,COMPONENT CONTROL LOCATIONS FEATURES.
FUEL FILLER CAP OIL ALERT SYSTEM applicable types, Oil Alert is a registered trademark in the United States. The Oil Alert system is designed to prevent engine damage. caused by an insufficient amount of oil in the crankcase Before. the oil level in the crankcase can fall below a safe limit the Oil. Alert system will automatically stop the engine the engine switch. will remain in the ON position, ELECTRIC STARTER If the engine stops and will not restart check the engine oil level. applicable types,see page 9 before troubleshooting in other areas. CIRCUIT PROTECTOR applicable types,The circuit protector protects the. OIL DRAIN PLUG OIL FILLER CAP DIPSTICK battery charging circuit A short. RECOIL STARTER circuit or a battery connected,AIR CLEANER with reverse polarity will trip the.
circuit protector,The green indicator inside the,circuit protector will pop out to. show that the circuit protector has,switched off If this occurs. determine the cause of the,SPARK PLUG problem and correct it before CIRCUIT. resetting the circuit protector,Push the circuit protector button. STARTER GRIP to reset,ENGINE CONTROL TYPES,EXCEPT ELECTRIC.
CHOKE LEVER STARTER TYPES,ENGINE SWITCH,VALVE LEVER. applicable types,ENGINE SWITCH,ELECTRIC STARTER TYPES. ENGINE SWITCH,09 06 26 10 53 21 32Z5K610 004,BEFORE OPERATION CHECKS OPERATION. IS YOUR ENGINE READY TO GO SAFE OPERATING PRECAUTIONS. For your safety and to maximize the service life of your Before operating the engine for the first time please review the. equipment it is very important to take a few moments before you SAFETY INFORMATION section on page 2 and the BEFORE. operate the engine to check its condition Be sure to take care of OPERATION CHECKS on page 4. any problem you find or have your servicing dealer correct it. before you operate the engine For your safety do not operate the engine in an enclosed area. such as a garage Your engine s exhaust contains poisonous. carbon monoxide gas that can collect rapidly in an enclosed area. and cause illness or death,Improperly maintaining this engine or failure to. correct a problem before operation can cause a,malfunction in which you can be seriously hurt or.
killed Exhaust contains poisonous carbon monoxide gas. that can build up to dangerous levels in closed areas. Always perform a pre operation inspection before Breathing carbon monoxide can cause. each operation and correct any problem unconsciousness or death. Before beginning your pre operation checks be sure the engine is Never run the engine in a closed or even partly. level and the engine switch is in the OFF position closed area where people may be present. Always check the following items before you start the engine Review the instructions provided with the equipment powered by. this engine for any safety precautions that should be observed. Check the General Condition of the Engine with engine startup shutdown or operation. 1 Look around and underneath the engine for signs of oil or STARTING THE ENGINE. gasoline leaks,1 Move the fuel valve lever to the ON position. 2 Remove any excessive dirt or debris especially around the. muffler and recoil starter FUEL VALVE LEVER,3 Look for signs of damage. 4 Check that all shields and covers are in place and all nuts bolts. and screws are tightened,Check the Engine ON ON, 1 Check the fuel level see page 8 Starting with a full tank will OFF. help to eliminate or reduce operating interruptions for refueling. 2 Check the engine oil level see page 9 Running the engine 2 To start a cold engine move the choke lever or choke rod. with a low oil level can cause engine damage applicable types to the CLOSED position. The Oil Alert system applicable types will automatically stop CHOKE LEVER. the engine before the oil level falls below safe limits However. to avoid the inconvenience of an unexpected shutdown always. check the engine oil level before startup CLOSED, 3 Check the reduction case oil level on applicable types see page. 9 Oil is essential to reduction case operation and long life. 4 Check the air filter element see page 10 A dirty air filter. element will restrict air flow to the carburetor reducing engine. performance,CHOKE ROD applicable types,5 Check the equipment powered by this engine.
Review the instructions provided with the equipment powered. by this engine for any precautions and procedures that should CLOSED. be followed before engine startup,09 06 26 10 53 46 32Z5K610 005. To restart a warm engine leave the choke lever or choke rod in 5 Operate the starter. the OPEN position,RECOIL STARTER, Some engine applications use a remote mounted choke control. rather than the engine mounted choke lever shown here Refer Pull the starter grip lightly until you feel resistance then pull. to the instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer briskly in the direction of the arrow as shown below Return the. starter grip gently, 3 Move the throttle lever away from the MIN position about 1 3. of the way toward the MAX position,1 3 POSITION,STARTER GRIP Direction to pull. THROTTLE LEVER, Some engine applications use a remote mounted throttle control Do not allow the starter grip to snap back against the engine.
rather than the engine mounted throttle lever shown here Refer to Return it gently to prevent damage to the starter. the instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer. ELECTRIC STARTER applicable types,4 Turn the engine switch to the ON position. Turn the key to the START position, EXCEPT ELECTRIC ELECTRIC STARTER TYPES and hold it there until the engine starts. STARTER TYPES,If the engine fails to start within 5. ENGINE SWITCH seconds release the key and wait at,least 10 seconds before operating the. starter again,Using the electric starter for more than.
5 seconds at a time will overheat the,starter motor and can damage it. ON When the engine starts release the,key allowing it to return to the ON. ON position ENGINE SWITCH,applicable types, 6 If the choke lever or choke rod applicable types was moved to. the CLOSED position to start the engine gradually move it to the. OPEN position as the engine warms up,CHOKE LEVER,ENGINE SWITCH. CHOKE ROD applicable types,ENGINE SWITCH CLOSED,09 06 26 10 54 06 32Z5K610 006.
STOPPING THE ENGINE SETTING ENGINE SPEED, To stop the engine in an emergency simply turn the engine switch Position the throttle lever for the desired engine speed. to the OFF position Under normal conditions use the following. procedure Refer to the instructions provided by the equipment Some engine applications use a remote mounted throttle control. manufacturer rather than the engine mounted throttle lever shown here Refer to. the instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer. 1 Move the throttle lever to the MIN position, For engine speed recommendations refer to the instructions. Some engine applications use a remote mounted throttle provided with the equipment powered by this engine. control rather than the engine mounted throttle lever shown. THROTTLE LEVER THROTTLE LEVER,2 Turn the engine switch to the OFF position. EXCEPT ELECTRIC ELECTRIC STARTER TYPES,STARTER TYPES. ENGINE SWITCH,ENGINE SWITCH,ENGINE SWITCH,3 Turn the fuel valve lever to the OFF position.
FUEL VALVE,09 06 26 10 54 35 32Z5K610 007,SERVICING YOUR ENGINE MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE. THE IMPORTANCE OF MAINTENANCE REGULAR SERVICE PERIOD 3 Each First Every 3 Every 6 Every Refer. Good maintenance is essential for safe economical and trouble Perform at every Use Month Months Months Year to. free operation It will also help reduce pollution indicated month or or or or or Page. operating hour interval 20 Hrs 50 Hrs 100 Hrs 300 Hrs. whichever comes first, Improper maintenance or failure to correct a Engine oil Check level 9. problem before operation can cause a malfunction in Change 9. which you can be seriously hurt or killed Reduction case Check level 9. oil Change 10, Always follow the inspection and maintenance applicable types. recommendations and schedules in this owner s Air cleaner Check 10. manual Clean 1 1 10 11, To help you properly care for your engine the following pages Sediment cup Clean 12. include a maintenance schedule routine inspection procedures Spark plug Check adjust 12. and simple maintenance procedures using basic hand tools Other Replace. service tasks that are more difficult or require special tools are Spark arrester Clean 4 13. best handled by professionals and are normally performed by a applicable types. Honda technician or other qualified mechanic Idle speed Check adjust 2 13. Valve clearance Check adjust 2 Shop, The maintenance schedule applies to normal operating conditions manual.
If you operate your engine under severe conditions such as Combustion Clean After every 500 Hrs 2 Shop. sustained high load or high temperature operation or use in chamber manual. unusually wet or dusty conditions consult your Honda servicing Fuel tank Clean 2 Shop. dealer for recommendations applicable to your individual needs filter manual. and use Fuel tube Check Every 2 years Shop, Maintenance replacement or repair of the emission control Replace if necessary 2 manual. devices and systems may be performed by any engine repair. establishment or individual using parts that are certified to Internal vent carburetor with dual element type only. EPA standards Cyclone type every 6 months or 150 hours. MAINTENANCE SAFETY INTERNAL VENT STANDARD TYPE, Some of the most important safety precautions follow However CARBURETOR TYPE. we cannot warn you of every conceivable hazard that can arise in BREATHER TUBE BREATHER TUBE. performing maintenance Only you can decide whether or not you. should perform a given task, Failure to properly follow maintenance instructions. and precautions can cause you to be seriously hurt or. Always follow the procedures and precautions in this. owner s manual TUBE CLIP, SAFETY PRECAUTIONS Replace paper element type only. Make sure the engine is off before you begin any maintenance Cyclone type every 2 years or 600 hours. or repairs To prevent accidental startup disconnect the spark. plug cap This will eliminate several potential hazards 1 Service more frequently when used in dusty areas. Carbon monoxide poisoning from engine exhaust, Operate outside away from open windows or doors 2 These items should be serviced by your Honda servicing.
Burns from hot parts dealer unless you have the proper tools and are mechanically. Let the engine and exhaust system cool before touching proficient Refer to the Honda shop manual for service. Injury from moving parts procedures,Do not run the engine unless instructed to do so. Read the instructions before you begin and make sure you have 3 For commercial use log hours of operation to determine. the tools and skills required proper maintenance intervals. To reduce the possibility of fire or explosion be careful when. working around gasoline Use only a non flammable solvent 4 In Europe and other countries where the machinery directive. not gasoline to clean parts Keep cigarettes sparks and flames 2006 42 EC is enforced this cleaning should be done by your. away from all fuel related parts servicing dealer, Remember that an authorized Honda servicing dealer knows your Failure to follow this maintenance schedule could result in non. engine best and is fully equipped to maintain and repair it warrantable failures. To ensure the best quality and reliability use only new Honda. Genuine parts or their equivalents for repair and replacement. INTRODUCTION CONTENTS SAFETY MESSAGES E N G L I S H F R AN A I S ESPA O L ENGLISH OWNER S MANUAL MANUEL DE L UTILISATEUR MANUAL DEL PROPIETARIO DAMAGE PREVENTION MESSAGES GX240 GX270 GX340 GX390 1 Thank you for purchasing a Honda engine We want to help you to get the best results from your new engine and to operate it safely This manual contains information on how to do that

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