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THE INTERNET OF,THINGS BY 2025,1 1 Trillion Total IoT Market. Application Service Revenue Commonwealth of,Opportunity Independent States. Source GSMA Intelligence 2018,North America 242bn,Middle East Africa. 55bn Asia Pacific,Latin America,Sub Saharan Africa. TOTAL CONNECTED DEVICES NUMBER OF CONNECTIONS IN VERTICAL SECTORS BY 2025. 2018 9 1 billion 2025 25 2 billion,Smart Cities 1 billion.
CELLULAR CONNECTIONS,Connected Industry 12 5 billion. 2018 760 million 2025 3 1 billion,Connected Vehicles 1 2 billion. 2G 3G 4G LICENSED LPWA 2G 3G 4G LPWA,Consumer Electronics 3 4 billion. 694 million 66 million 1 3 billion 1 8 billion,Smart Home 5 41 billion. 02 GSMA INTERNET OF THINGS PROGRAMME 03 GSMA INTERNET OF THINGS PROGRAMME. THE GSMA INTERNET KEY INITIATIVES OF,OF THINGS PROGRAMME THE GSMA INTERNET.
What is the Internet of Things OF THINGS PROGRAMME. GSMA DEFINITION The Internet of CAPABILITY to capture higher value. Things describes the coordination services beyond connectivity at GSMA INTERNET OF THINGS. of numerous machines devices and scale For example enable operators. appliances connected to the Internet to generate value by delivering big COVERAGE CAPABILITY CYBERSECURITY. through multiple networks data analytics edge computing and. distributed ledger services Mobile IoT Beyond Connectivity IoT Security. These connected devices include Raise market Enable operators Encourage adoption. vehicles utility meters tracking CYBERSECURITY to enable a awareness and to generate value of the GSMA IoT. devices vending machines trusted IoT where security is support of commercial by delivering big Security Guidelines. consumer electronics and wearable embedded from the beginning at licensed spectrum data analytics edge and IoT Security. technology as well as smart phones every stage of the IoT value chain LPWA solutions computing and Assessment. and tablets Achieved by providing a flexible IoT distributed ledger. security framework and a proven services, The GSMA s Internet of Things approach to end end security with. Programme is an industry initiative the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines. focusing on the following areas and IoT Security Assessment. COVERAGE of machine friendly cost By developing key enablers. effective networks to deliver global facilitating industry collaboration and. universal benefits This includes supporting network optimisation. Mobile IoT which refers to low power the Internet of Things Programme is. INDUSTRY AND REGULATORY ENGAGEMENT, wide area 3GPP standardised enabling consumers and businesses. secure operator managed IoT to harness a host of rich new INDUSTRIAL IOT SMART AGRICULTURE DRONES. networks operating in licensed services connected by intelligent SMART CITIES IOT POLICY REGULATION. spectrum and secure mobile networks, 04 GSMA INTERNET OF THINGS PROGRAMME 05 GSMA INTERNET OF THINGS PROGRAMME. COVERAGE COVERAGE, MOBILE IoT TRUSTED IoT Connected Cow NB IoT enables Precise Cow Oestrus. Prediction Data, Cost effective operator managed secure managed IoT solutions and In China most dairy farms rely on Stable performance NB IoT.
solutions to securely scale the IoT are therefore best placed to extend manual observation to find oestrum sensor supports data storage. their reach to serve the full range which is time and labour consuming and can work at environmental. Mobile IoT refers to low power wide of IoT applications The adoption often at midnight with high rate temperatures of 30 C 45 C with. area LPWA 3GPP standardised of these standardised technologies of omission Such practice makes it IP65 protection grade. secure operator managed IoT in licensed spectrum will allow cost difficult to raise reproduction rate. networks operating in licensed effective delivery of services and and milk output Besides cows the system can also. spectrum including Long Term eventually enable the supply of mobile be applied in beef farms dairy. Evolution for Machines LTE M and modules for devices for a few dollars Connected Cow is a major innovative enterprises and livestock raising. Narrowband IoT NB IoT These are project conducted in a dairy farm with associations China Telecom started. designed for IoT applications that are Mobile IoT delivers connectivity on a over 50 000 cows in Yinchuan city the NB IoT sensor deployment to. low cost use low data rates require massive scale today and will continue Developed by China Telecom Huawei 50 000 cows and up to 1 2 million by. long battery lives and often operate to do so in the 5G future enabling and Aotoso the Little Shepherd the end of 2017 The recent studies. in remote and hard to reach locations key IoT applications 3GPP has cow oestrum detection cloud system show there are 150 million cows. often beyond power sources agreed that the LPWA use cases will adopts NB IoT The NB IoT sensor worldwide with huge demand to. continue to be addressed by evolving strapped on the neck of each cow innovative IoT solutions like Little. LPWA technologies will connect LTE M and NB IoT as part of the can measure its body temperature Shepherd from the industry. billions of devices and existing 5G specifications This will enable a to ensure its safety while detecting. cellular networks have evolved to smooth operator migration path to 5G oestrum for timely mating Details https www gsma com iot. deliver service that can scale as the NR frequency bands while preserving mobile iot case study greater china. market grows and provide complete LTE M and NB IoT deployments Benefits. IoT connectivity Mobile operators www gsma com MobileIoT High detection rate the. and their ecosystem partners are detection rate of the system can. experienced and trusted providers of reach up to 95 which effectively. increases pregnancy rate shortens,pregnancy intervals reduces cost. As the official industry community for LPWA technologies and increases milk output. in licensed spectrum the GSMA Mobile IoT Innovators Realization of comprehensive. unite over 1000 companies and provide a vibrant connection wide coverage and. ecosystem around Mobile IoT The community provides low energy consumption with. members with exclusive benefits such as the opportunity NB IoT network the system can. to promote their solutions in the Mobile IoT Innovators realise comprehensive connection. Directory Find out more and join for free now with terminals up to 100 000 for. www gsma com mioti a single system The batteries can. last for more than 6 years, 06 GSMA INTERNET OF THINGS PROGRAMME 07 GSMA INTERNET OF THINGS PROGRAMME. CAPABILITY CAPABILITY, Beyond Connectivity Unlocking the full value of IoT Big Data across verticals. Unlocking the potential of the and operator community are also The Internet of Things is generating a SMART CITIES. Internet of Things The GSMA is working together to identify how huge amount of data that is currently Sensor data from public and. working with mobile operators on edge computing and distributed retained in vertical silos To illustrate private vehicles traffic lights and. common enablers which facilitate ledgers can be effectively adopted to how data from multiple sources road sensors may be combined. global business models and enable the deployment of services in can be combined and utilised with information on weather and. reduced costs for operator driven verticals such as logistics automotive creating valuable assets and great large events or festivals in order. services beyond connectivity In the and industrial IoT A common monetisation potential consider the to optimise event traffic flow and. area of IoT Big Data the delivery collaborative and interoperable following examples transport in real time. of harmonised data sets and approach in these areas will usher in. valuable insights generated from a new era of IoT solutions helping the SMART AGRICULTURE. big data analytics is accelerating market to scale Data from sensors can help manage. the deployment of operator led www gsma com IoTCapability disease pests and crop conditions. IoT Big Data services The GSMA efficiently Yields improve by. managing the crops and livestock,according to their condition and. ENABLERS FOR DELIVERING SERVICES BEYOND CONNECTIVITY. external factors such as weather or,diseases Improved logistics can.
also ensure that less food is wasted,IoT Big Data Distributed Ledgers Edge Computing. Smart London Air Quality Monitoring with IoT Big Data Analytics. Poor air quality in London and many other cities is causing an. acknowledged public health problem Air pollution is now the world s. fourth leading fatal health risk If cities are to continue to flourish and. prosper then they must tackle this air pollution crisis. The GSMA is working with the Royal Borough of Greenwich on an air quality. initiative utilising mobile IoT and big data technologies which aims to. improve the health prospects and quality of life for citizens while providing. city administrators with vital information to implement new solutions and. quantify their success www gsma com smartlondon, 08 GSMA INTERNET OF THINGS PROGRAMME 09 GSMA INTERNET OF THINGS PROGRAMME. CYBERSECURITY CYBERSECURITY,IoT SECURITY Securing the Port of the Future. Enabling a Trusted IoT Secure IoT Solutions for the Smart City. Without security the Internet of Cover networks as well as service Led by the University of Seville and and the FIWARE based Smart City. Things will cease to exist To enable and endpoint ecosystems the Port Authority of Seville the Platform that aggregates the data. a trusted market companies have to Address security challenges attack Tecnoport 2025 project uses Internet generated by remotely deployed. take responsibility to embed security models and risk assessments of Things solutions to improve the sensors connected via wireless. from the beginning at every stage of efficiency of transport and logistics networks Telefonica has found. Provide several worked examples, the IoT value chain in south west Spain that the assessment process has. helped to highlight some important, As the established trusted providers The GSMA IoT Security Assessment Implemented by a consortium of security features that hadn t been.
of secure IoT services in licensed Based on a structured approach five companies including telecoms raised before all of which were. spectrum mobile operators will and concise security controls operator Telef nica the project implemented by the Tecnoport. not only ensure the long term Covers the whole ecosystem uses new wireless networks and 2025 team Tecnoport 2025 are now. sustainability and growth of the sensors to improve the tracking and planning to use a similar approach as. Can fit into a supply chain model, market they also represent decades remote control of containers passing the basis of other smart city services. of extensive security expertise Provides a flexible framework that through the port and to optimise the in the port and the city of Seville. Therefore the GSMA together with addresses the diversity of the IoT rail and river traffic in the area considering that the assessment. the mobile industry has developed market scheme strengthened the security. a comprehensive set of IoT Security In line with the GSMA IoT Security of their networks and systems with. Guidelines backed by an IoT Security Multiple global operators and Guidelines Tecnoport 2025 uses the IoT solution also increasing the. Assessment scheme to provide a companies from the wider industry a combination of virtual private competitiveness and efficiency of. proven and robust approach to end have already adopted the guidelines networks VPNs private access the port. to end security and the assessment which have point names APNs multiple factor. proven to provide long term value authentication mechanisms and. The GSMA IoT Security Guidelines in creating a trusted IoT The GSMA other measures to keep the new IoT. continues its work with mobile solutions secure,Include 85 detailed. operators and the wider industry to,recommendations for the. further accelerate the adoption of In key components of the project. secure design development and, the guidelines and the assessment the managed connectivity platform. deployment of IoT services,that controls cellular connectivity.
To ensure your IoT products and services are secure. download the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines and IoT,Security Assessment for free. gsma com IoTSecurity, 10 GSMA INTERNET OF THINGS PROGRAMME 11 GSMA INTERNET OF THINGS PROGRAMME. INDUSTRY AND,REGULATORY ENGAGEMENT, The GSMA is working to align market perspectives drive. adoption and grow the market across key vertical sectors. The GSMA works closely with its In particular the GSMA is. partners in the industry to align its working with. strategy and to ensure its initiatives,governments and city planners. are adopted By determining to create smarter more efficient. common capabilities we will make cities,a positive impact on the industry.
the automotive industry and wider,creating solid foundations for the. ecosystem to grow the connected,Internet of Things. vehicle market, Regular engagement and mobile operators and the drones. communication with the industry will industry to identify common. lead to better market understanding challenges which would benefit. resulting in improved IoT products from collective action. IoT REVENUE and services superior user,experience and greater connectivity. data analytics edge computing and distributed ledger services IoT Security Encourage adoption of the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines and IoT Security Assessment GSMA DEFINITION The Internet of Things describes the coordination of numerous machines devices and appliances connected to the Internet through multiple networks These connected devices include vehicles utility meters tracking

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