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ITLS Basic Designed for the EMT Basic and First Responder this hands on training. course offers basic EMS providers complete training in the skills necessary for rapid. assessment resuscitation stabilization and transportation of the trauma patient The. course provides education in the initial evaluation and stabilization of the trauma. ITLS Advanced This comprehensive course covers the skills necessary for rapid. assessment resuscitation stabilization and transportation of the trauma patient for. advanced EMTs paramedics nurses and physicians The course teaches the correct. sequence of evaluation and the techniques of critical intervention resuscitation and. packaging a patient, ITLS Combined Many ITLS courses choose to train both Advanced and Basic level. providers In these courses the Basic level providers partake of all didactic sessions and. observe the advanced skill stations, ITLS Military The ITLS Military Provider course combines the fundamentals of ITLS. trauma assessment and treatment with recent military innovations utilized in the. world s current war zones The course adapts proven techniques taught in the civilian. ITLS course to the military environment where limited resources are the rule not the. ITLS eTrauma ITLS eTrauma covers the eight hours of ITLS Provider classroom. instruction in an online format covering the core principles of rapid assessment. resuscitation stabilization and transportation of trauma patients ITLS eTrauma is. offered at both the Basic and Advanced levels At the completion of eTrauma the. learner may receive 8 CEH hours from CAPCE or 8 hours of physician CME and is. qualified to take the ITLS Completer course that will lead to ITLS certification. ITLS Completer Course The ITLS Completer course is for the learner who has. successfully completed ITLS eTrauma and wishes to become ITLS Provider certified The. Completer course covers 8 hours of skills learning and assessment as well as the ITLS. written post course exam, ITLS Provider Recertification This course provides continuing education in ITLS for the. experienced provider who has already completed the Basic or Advanced Course. Sample course agendas are available in the 8th edition ITLS Coordinator Instructor. Guide or from the International Office, ITLS Rapid Renewal Provider Update This blended learning program combines an. online course component with the Written Exam and Patient Assessment Practical Exam. REV 2019 2, in the classroom setting to allow current Basic or Advanced Providers to quickly easily.
and effectively renew their ITLS Provider certification. ITLS Instructor Bridge Course Designed for the instructor who has successfully. completed an ATLS or PHTLS instructor course to transition him or her to the ITLS. program The course typically runs 8 hours and a sample course agenda is available in. the 8th edition ITLS Coordinator Instructor Guide or from the International Office. Following completion of an ITLS Bridge course a candidate must be monitored teaching. an ITLS provider course to complete the steps to become an ITLS instructor. ITLS Provider Bridge Course Designed for the provider who has successfully completed. a PHTLS ATT or TNCC course to transition him or her to the ITLS program The course. typically runs 8 hours and a sample course agenda is available in the 8th edition ITLS. Coordinator Instructor Guide or from the International Office. ITLS Access This course provides EMS crews and first responders with training to utilize. the tools commonly carried on an ambulance or first responder unit to reach entrapped. patients and begin stabilization and extrication, ITLS Pediatric Pediatric ITLS concentrates on the care of injured children The course is. designed to train EMS and nursing personnel in the proper assessment stabilization. and packaging of a pediatric trauma patient The course also covers communication. techniques with pediatric patients and parents, ITLS Instructor Courses To become an ITLS instructor one must. 1 Successfully complete an ITLS Provider course and achieve Instructor Potential. 2 Successfully complete an ITLS Instructor course ITLS has a two part course an. online component and a classroom component The steps are. The student achieves Instructor Potential on the Provider course. The student completes the online component of the Instructor course. The student completes the classroom component of the Instructor course. The student instructor candidate is monitored teaching a lecture skill station. and testing of a Provider course,I ITLS Structure, ITLS is a United States not for profit corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section. 501 c 3 of the U S Internal Revenue Service code The ITLS headquarters is located in. Downers Grove Illinois, ITLS is governed by a Board of Directors Board members are elected at the organization s. annual meeting held in conjunction with the ITLS International Trauma Conference Board. members are elected for rotating terms of three years Board seats are also allocated to the. American College of Emergency Physicians and the Alabama Chapter of the American College of. REV 2019 3, Emergency Physicians Each of those organizations appoints one member to the Board of.
Directors Each ITLS chapter is allocated a number of voting delegates based on the number of. ITLS students trained in their chapter during the preceding two year period as defined in the. ITLS bylaws,II Relationship to ACEP, ITLS is the only pre hospital trauma education program endorsed by the American College of. Emergency Physicians ACEP ACEP has endorsed ITLS since 1986 and recognizes the. importance of quality pre hospital care It is dedicated to a leadership role in improving the. standards and training of EMS providers EMS providers emergency nurses and emergency. physicians are members of the same team If EMS providers are well trained and receive. quality medical direction the patients for whom they care will likely have a better chance of. No group is in a better position to understand the needs and circumstances of EMS providers. than the emergency physicians with whom they work ITLS is supported in its educational. efforts by National ACEP and individual ACEP chapters National ACEP maintains a close liaison. with ITLS and has an appointed seat to the Board of Directors Several ACEP chapters also serve. as ITLS chapters and directly oversee the teaching of certified ITLS courses in their respective. III International Conference, Each year ITLS conducts its International Trauma Conference which includes the annual. business meeting of the organization The conference provides excellent educational programs. in addition to the business sessions Opportunity is provided to review the instructional. materials review the results of the teaching of ITLS internationally receive committee reports. and gain general consensus regarding specific items taught within the program. IV Chapters and Training Centres,1 Organization, ITLS is organized as a system of chapters and training centres around the world To be certified. ITLS courses must be coordinated or approved by ITLS chapters training centres or the. International office, In the United States ITLS chapters are administered and conducted in numerous states often. through the state chapter of ACEP in conjunction with a regional or state emergency medical. services EMS agency ITLS chapters may also be managed by hospital or health care systems. pre hospital agencies or other EMS related organizations All chapters and training centres. must be sponsored by established organizations Individuals may not apply for chapter or. training centre designation,REV 2019 4,2 Approval Process.
Chapters and training centres become recognized upon application and approval by the ITLS. Board of Directors The Board of Directors may grant a charter to a not for profit organization. or governmental agency which has applied to become the ITLS chapter ITLS training centres. are typically proprietary organizations that do not meet the requirements for chapter status. ITLS staff and its Global Development Committee review all applications for chapter and. training centre status To become an ITLS chapter or training centre an applicant must. Submit a complete chapter or training centre application. Submit CVs for the intended chapter or training centre coordinator and medical director. Submit a letter of support from the sponsoring organization. Have a core group of certified ITLS instructors, Submit a completed chapter or training centre policy and procedure manual. Following review by staff and the Global Development Committee the applicant will. have a site visit by one or more ITLS designated representatives usually a member of. the Board of Directors and or Executive Director Expenses for the site visit are the. responsibility of the applicant Prior to scheduling a site visit the applicant must sign an. ITLS Host Agreement, The report of the site visit is reviewed by the Global Development Committee and a. recommendation for approval non approval or additional action is made to the ITLS. Board of Directors, Final approval of the chapter or training centre application will be considered by the. Board following the successful site visit,3 Alternatives to Chapter Designation. There are two alternative routes to offer certified ITLS courses courses conducted outside of a. chapter or designation as an ITLS training centre, Courses conducted outside a chapter are approved in advance on a course by course basis by.
the International office These courses may be held in areas without an ITLS chapter or training. centre or where a program is in the process of developing an ITLS chapter or training centre. Designation as an ITLS training centre is also available as an alternative for organizations that do. not qualify or do not choose to become an ITLS chapter These are usually intended for EMS. agencies or proprietary organizations who solely wish to train their own personnel or clients in. ITLS organizations who do not wish to assume the administrative responsibilities of an ITLS. chapter or organizations that plan to train a small number of ITLS students each year. The documentation requirements that follow apply to both ITLS chapters and training centres. REV 2019 5,V Requirements to Become,an ITLS Chapter or Training Centre. ITLS recognizes its chapters by granting a charter to an applicant organization The ITLS Board. of Directors requires that ITLS chapters be not for profit NGO organizations or governmental. agencies ITLS chapters are not franchises and ITLS may approve more than one chapter and or. training centre in any geographic area, ITLS awards training centre status to organizations that are proprietary or otherwise do not. satisfy the organizational requirements of an ITLS chapter. An application to become an ITLS chapter or training centre will not be considered until the. following have been completed,1 ITLS Application, An ITLS application completed in English must be submitted to the International office The. application requests specific information regarding the applicant organization and individuals. seeking the charter the history if any with ITLS courses in the geographic area the. organization s and individuals past experience with ITLS plans for conducting ITLS courses the. projection of ITLS students to be trained each year and involvement with EMS providers and. medical direction in the area, A letter of support from the sponsoring organization must accompany the application The. intended chapter coordinator and medical director must sign the application and attest to their. agreement to comply with ITLS rules and requirements and assume the responsibilities of their. designated roles,2 Developing a Core ITLS Faculty, The applicant must arrange to have a core faculty trained as ITLS instructors The applicant may.
request that ITLS arrange for the initial ITLS course The applicant may also send its faculty to. another ITLS chapter or training centre for the training The applicant organization is. responsible for the travel expenses of the ITLS appointed representative s to be present and. teach or assist in teaching the initial course,3 Advance Notice. The applicant organization must request its initial ITLS course to the ITLS office at least three. months 90 days in advance of the proposed course date. 4 Bridge Course, At the initial provider course personnel will be trained in the concepts of trauma care in. accordance with ITLS guidelines At the same time a bridge program may be offered to. current PHTLS or ATLS instructors to facilitate reciprocal certification An ITLS Bridge course. typically runs for 4 8 hours and will transition PHTLS or ATLS instructors as ITLS instructors. REV 2019 6, ITLS instructor candidates who successfully complete the Bridge course must be monitored. teaching an ITLS course to gain ITLS instructor certification. 5 ITLS Advisory Committee, In order to ensure that representatives of all interested groups are involved in the efforts to. become a recognized ITLS chapter or training centre the applicant organization must establish. an ITLS Advisory Committee The Committee provides input into the process of becoming an. approved ITLS program and provides the mechanism through which personnel have a voice in. ITLS related matters,6 Administrative Structure,The appli.
International Trauma Life Support Becoming an ITLS Chapter Or Training Centre International Trauma Life Support ITLS was founded in the early 1980s as Basic Trauma Life Support BTLS From its early roots as a local and regional trauma education course BTLS grew to have many chapters around the world In 2005 BTLS changed its name to ITLS to

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