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International Pentecostal,Holiness Church,Place of Hope People of Promise. As Adopted by the 27th General Conference,July 24 26 2013. Dallas Texas,1 112 18 2013, 2013 by the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. All rights reserved No part of this publication may be reproduced. stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any. means for example electronic photocopy recording without the. prior written permission of the publisher, Published by the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. P O Box 12609,Oklahoma City OK 73157,International Pentecostal.
Holiness Church,Editorial Committee,Bishop J Talmadge Gardner Corporate Secretary. Rev Gregory K Hearn Chairman Bylaws Committee,Patti Fulcher. Robyn Keeler, The Editorial Committee gratefully acknowledges the contributions of. General Superintendent A D Beacham Jr Rev Travis Rutland and. Shirley G Spencer,International Pentecostal Holiness Church. Global Ministries Center,P O Box 12609,Oklahoma City OK 73157.
405 787 7110,www iphc org,Table of Contents,Introduction 7. Constitution,Article I Name 41,Article II Organizational Form 42. Article III The Apostles Creed 43,Article IV Articles of Faith 44. Article V Understanding the Articles of Faith 47,Article VI Ordinances 67. Article VII Covenant of Commitment 69,Article VIII Divorce and Remarriage 77.
Article IX Church Property and Titles 78, Article X Procedures for Amending the Constitution 84. Article I Organizational Structure General Level 89. Article II Organizational Structure Conferences 128. Article III Organizational Structure Local Churches 151. Article IV Clergy 174,Article V Financial Guidelines 189. Article VI Dispute Resolution and Disciplinary Procedures 198. Introduction,Introduction, Birthed in 1898 the International Pentecostal Holiness. Church IPHC is a classical Pentecostal denomination that. predates yet was greatly influenced and ultimately defined by. the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Azusa Street Revival at. the turn of the 20th century In April 2006 we joined our. Pentecostal brothers and sisters around the globe in. celebrating the 100th anniversary of that historic event. The IPHC leadership gathered in the historic Octagon. Tabernacle in Falcon North Carolina on January 31 2011 to. celebrate the 100th anniversary of the organizational formation. of our movement as the Pentecostal Holiness Church Though. we were birthed in 1898 it was the 1911 merger of the. Pentecostal Holiness Church of North Carolina and the Fire. Baptized Holiness Church that gave us our theological and. ecclesiastical foundations Over the past 100 years our. heritage has grown from what the Holy Spirit was doing among. us in those years, A significant highlight of the 2011 celebration was the. signing of the Centennial Covenant Document by the leaders. of the American IPHC In the following years the leaders of. the IPHC from around the world signed the Centennial. Covenant Document and the framed article is currently on. display at our denominational offices in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma U S A, IPHC has a rich history of missions and evangelism Over.
the years the church has sought to clarify her mission and. alter her course to meet the ever changing needs of those she. serves As a result we have become a flexible innovative. and rapidly growing denomination At the close of 2012 the. IPHC had more than 4 6 million adherents who attend 16 609. churches located around the globe 1 Growth of this magnitude. has indeed been a miraculous phenomenon for which we give. God all the glory, Vision 2020 is now the marching order for the International. Pentecostal Holiness Church In an effort to Glorify God. Together as we Multiply Disciples and Churches we are. committed to, 1IPHC Churches 10 967 churches with 2 million adherents International. Affiliate Churches 5 642 churches with 2 6 million adherents. Introduction,Praying daily for world evangelization through. intercession and spiritual warfare,Multiplying believers and churches through. revitalization personal evangelism and church, Planting strong churches in major urban centers of.
America and other nations,Developing shepherds hearts that reflect the. compassion of Jesus Christ,Mobilizing IPHC members to discover develop and. deploy their spiritual gifts, As remarkable as our recent growth has been there is still. more work to be done Through Vision 2020 and the principles. outlined above we are challenged to accomplish the following. by the year 2020,500 000 members in the United States. 5 5 million members overseas,1 000 new churches planted in the U S A.
Ethnic minority congregations doubled in the U S A. 80 percent of all existing churches moved to an annual. growth mode,Our presence increased from 103 to 150 countries. We are committed to the mission of apostles prophets. evangelists pastors and teachers in the church today and. seek to minister in the power of these Christ given gifts. Building upon our denominational ministry as relevant. dynamic and demonstrative we have heard the Holy Spirit. further clarify the direction of Vision 2020 Drawing from Isaiah. 54 2 3 we have discerned that the Holy Spirit is calling the. global IPHC to be A Place of Hope and A People of, Promise We have prayerfully discerned Seven Core Values. of our movement as we obey Christ in our generation. Scripture Pentecost Holiness Christ s Kingdom All,Generations Justice and Generosity. This is a kairos moment for the IPHC because God has. chosen to use a classical Pentecostal denomination to. demonstrate to the world the new thing He is doing in our. generation We know that eye has not seen nor ear heard. Introduction, nor has entered into the heart of man 1 Corinthians 2 9. NKJV what God has yet to reveal through His unfolding. destiny for the International Pentecostal Holiness Church. The Editorial Committee,Introduction,IPHC Vision, We are called to be A Place of Hope and A People of.
IPHC Mission Statement, The mission of the International Pentecostal Holiness. Church is to multiply believers and churches discipling them in. worship fellowship and evangelism as we obey the Great. Commission in cooperation with the whole body of Christ. IPHC Core Values,We Prayerfully Value,1 Scripture,2 Pentecost. 3 Holiness,4 Christ s Kingdom,5 All Generations,7 Generosity. IPHC Objectives, God has called the International Pentecostal Holiness. Church to become a kingdom of worshiping priests who will. worship Him with all our beings spirit soul and body We. are to live lives of worship continually giving praise to the. Lord Our churches are to be noted for their praise and. celebration We are to learn a worship lifestyle that will model. for the whole world what it means to love God with all our. might mind and means, God has called the International Pentecostal Holiness.
Church to become a learning community of believers who give. themselves to maturing and maximizing the gifts and calling of. each member of the community We commit ourselves to. equipping the saints for their work of ministry and teaching. them a lifestyle of learning that we may all grow in the. knowledge of God and in effectiveness in ministry, God has called the International Pentecostal Holiness. Church to become an army of witnesses who will live to share. the good news Our entire lifestyle is to be built around the. compassion to witness We are to witness as we travel study. eat work and play We are to choose our vocations homes. Introduction, church sites mode of dress language friends and neighbors. to better witness to our generation, God has called the International Pentecostal Holiness. Church to become a unique instrument of world evangelization. that will penetrate many unreached peoples of this earth with. the gospel We are to gear up like an invading army to go into. enemy strongholds with our lifestyle of worship learning and. witness to build the kingdom of God and establish the reign of. King Jesus,GMC Vision, The vision of the Global Ministries Center GMC of the. International Pentecostal Holiness Church is to,Communicate prophetic vision to the International.
Pentecostal Holiness Church,Empower and assist Conference and Local Church. leadership,Provide resources for equipping church leaders. Network resources and identify opportunities for effective. obedience to the Great Commission, One of the most significant developments in Christianity. during the past century was the appearance of many. Pentecostal fellowships throughout the world Beginning in the. United States and spreading rapidly to most nations of the. world these groups now comprise a major third force in. Christendom whose phenomenal growth has commanded the. attention of the world, The Pentecostal Holiness Church was one of the first. groups to designate itself officially as a member of the. Pentecostal Movement With roots in the midwestern and. southeastern United States the Pentecostal Holiness Church. has played a significant role in the movement from the. The character of the church is seen in its name which. places it astride two major revival streams the Holiness revival. of the late nineteenth century and the Pentecostal revival of. the twentieth century As its distinctive contribution to. contemporary Christianity this church has attempted to. preserve the Wesleyan tradition while perpetuating the. Pentecostal tradition,Introduction, The church s fundamental faith is that God s power to.
redeem man and society is resident in Jesus Christ Son of the. Father who sent the Holy Spirit into the world as the Agent of. salvation It is this faith that God s power is directly available. to everyone to save cleanse empower and heal that gave. the Pentecostal Holiness Church its birth,Spiritual Heritage. The theology and heritage of the Pentecostal Holiness. Church flow from several sources Basically its people look to. the Day of Pentecost as the beginning of the early Christian. church that ultimately produced the movement The, atmosphere of the Upper Room Acts 2 with the sound of a. rushing mighty wind the cloven tongues as of fire the. speaking forth in other tongues as the Spirit gave utterance. and the dynamic public witness that followed have inspired the. church to perpetuate the power of Pentecost in this. generation, In its statement of faith the International Pentecostal. Holiness Church distills and preserves the three great spiritual. reforms of the past five hundred years of Christianity. Lutheran Wesleyan and Pentecostal Each of these revival. movements brought to light and reemphasized truths. concerning the Christian experience that had been neglected. The Lutheran Reformation, The first spiritual reform was the Lutheran Reformation of. the sixteenth century Martin Luther s doctrine of the. believer s justification by faith alone was the most enduring. contribution of the Protestant Reformation to Christian. experience This doctrine became the bedrock of the. Reformation and remains the basic doctrinal foundation of all. evangelical churches including the International Pentecostal. Holiness Church The church regards the new birth as the. conversion experience that admits the believer into the family. of God The church s belief on this crucial point of doctrine is. expressed in her eighth Article of Faith, We believe teach and firmly maintain the scriptural.
doctrine of justification by faith alone Romans 5 1. Introduction, Pentecostal Holiness people thus regard themselves as. spiritual heirs of the Reformation Therefore great importance. is given to evangelism The saving of the lost is seen as the. church s primary task,The Wesleyan Revival,The Methodist Movement begun by John Wesley in. eighteenth century England produced the second major. contribution to the church s theology the doctrine of. sanctification as a second work of grace In Pentecostal. historiography this is seen generally as the second spiritual. reformation of the church,From the beginning Wesley s Methodist Societies. emphasized sanctification as a second work of grace. following conversion calling for a life of holiness and. separation from the world Wesley also used the terms heart. purity perfect love and Christian perfection to describe the. work of sanctification and the life of holiness in the believer. The burden of the Wesleyan Revival was that the, converted believer need not live out his lifetime as a slave to. inborn sin Christ suffered without the gate to sanctify his. people with his own blood This experience of sanctification is. the birthright of every Christian,The Holiness Movement.
When American Methodism was formed in 1784 the, church accepted Wesley s mandate to reform the continent. and spread scriptural Holiness over these lands For over a. century Methodist preachers and churches throughout the. nation promoted the Holiness cause As the church grew. larger and wealthier however the Holiness testimony tended. to fade as a distinctive teaching and experience in the church. Despite attempts to renew the Holiness message in the church. both before and after the Civil War the trend away from. God has called the International Pentecostal Holiness Church to become a kingdom of worshiping priests who will worship Him with all our beings spirit soul and body We are to live lives of worship continually giving praise to the Lord Our churches are to be noted for their praise and celebration We are to learn a worship lifestyle

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