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International Economics, Theory Policy, The Pearson Series in Economics. Abel Bernanke Croushore Chapman Heilbroner Milberg. Macroeconomics Environmental Economics The Making of the Economic. Bade Parkin Theory Application and Policy Society, Foundations of Economics Cooter Ulen Heyne Boettke Prychitko. Berck Helfand Law Economics The Economic Way, The Economics of the Downs of Thinking. Environment An Economic Theory of Hoffman Averett. Bierman Fernandez Democracy Women and the Economy . Game Theory with Economic Ehrenberg Smith Family Work and Pay. Applications Modern Labor Economics Holt, Blanchard Ekelund Ressler Tollison Markets Games and Strategic. Macroeconomics Economics Behavior,Blau Ferber Winkler Farnham Hubbard O Brien.
The Economics of Women Men Economics for Managers Economics . and Work Folland Goodman Stano Money Banking and the. Boardman Greenberg Vining The Economics of Health and Financial System . Weimer Health Care Hughes Cain, Cost Bene t Analysis American Economic. Fort,Boyer Sports Economics History, Principles of Transportation Husted Melvin. Economics Froyen, Macroeconomics International Economics. Branson Jehle Reny, Macroeconomic Theory and Fusfeld. The Age of the Economist Advanced Microeconomic, Policy Theory.
Brock Adams Gerber, International Economics Johnson Lans. The Structure of American A Health Economics, Industry Gordon Primer. Bruce Macroeconomics , Public Finance and the Greene Keat Young. American Economy Econometric Analysis Managerial Economics. Carlton Perloff Gregory Klein, Modern Industrial Essentials of Economics Mathematical Methods for. Organization Economics, Gregory Stuart, Case Fair Oster Russian and Soviet Economic Krugman Obstfeld Melitz.
Principles of Economics Performance and Structure International Economics . Theory Policy ,Caves Frankel Jones Hartwick Olewiler. World Trade and Payments An The Economics of Natural Laidler. Introduction Resource Use The Demand for Money, denotes titles Log onto www myeconlab com to learn more. Leeds von Allmen O Sullivan Sheffrin Perez Sawyer Sprinkle. The Economics of Sports Economics Principles International Economics. Leeds von Allmen Schiming Applications and Tools , Scherer. Economics Parkin Industry Structure Strategy and,Lipsey Ragan Storer Economics Public Policy. Economics Perloff Schiller,Lynn Microeconomics The Economics of Poverty and.
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Markets Business School The Choice A Fable of Free. Trade and Protection Waldman, Edition , Microeconomics. Macroeconomics Policy and Rohlf, Practice Introduction to Economic Waldman Jensen. Reasoning Industrial Organization ,Murray Theory and Practice. Econometrics A Modern Ruf n Gregory, Introduction Principles of Economics Weil. Nafziger Sargent Economic Growth, The Economics of Developing Rational Expectations and Williamson.
Countries In ation Macroeconomics, This page intentionally left blank. International Economics, Theory Policy, NINTH EDITION. Paul R Krugman, Princeton University, Maurice Obstfeld. University of California Berkeley, Marc J Melitz, Harvard University. For Robin, P K , For My Family, M O , For Clair and Benjamin.
M M , Editorial Director Sally Yagan Cover Designer Black Horse Designs. Editor in Chief Donna Battista Interior Designer Integra Chicago. Acquisitions Editor Noel Kamm Seibert Image Manager Rachel Youdelman. Development Editor Karen Misler Image Researcher Diahanne Lucas Dowridge. Editorial Project Manager Melissa Pellerano Permissions Project Supervisor Michael Joyce. Director of Marketing Patrice Jones Text Permissions Editor Joanna Green. Executive Marketing Manager Lori DeShazo Media Producer Melissa Honig. Marketing Assistant Ian Gold Associate Production Project Manager . Managing Editor Nancy Fenton Alison Eusden, Production Project Manager Carla Thompson Full Service Project Management and. Manufacturing Director Evelyn Beaton Composition Integra. Senior Manufacturing Buyer Carol Melville Printer Binder R R Donnelley Willard. Creative Director Christy Mahon Cover Printer Lehigh Phoenix Color Hagerstown. Senior Art Director Jonathan Boylan Text Font 10 12 Times New Roman. Acknowledgments of material borrowed from other sources and reproduced with permission in this textbook appear. on appropriate page within text Credits appear on page 683 which constitutes a continuation of the copyright page . Copyright 2012 Paul R Krugman Maurice Obstfeld and Marc J Melitz All rights reserved Manufactured in the. United States of America This publication is protected by Copyright and permission should be obtained from the pub . lisher prior to any prohibited reproduction storage in a retrieval system or transmission in any form or by any means . electronic mechanical photocopying recording or likewise To obtain permission s to use material from this work . please submit a written request to Pearson Education Inc Permissions Department 501 Boylston Street Suite 900 . Boston MA 02116 fax your request to 617 671 3447 or e mail at http www pearsoned com legal permission htm . Many of the designations by manufacturers and seller to distinguish their products are claimed as trademarks Where. those designations appear in this book and the publisher was aware of a trademark claim the designations have been. printed in initial caps or all caps , Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data. Krugman Paul R , International economics theory policy Paul R Krugman . Maurice Obstfeld Marc J Melitz 9th ed , p cm The Pearson series in economics .
Rev ed of International economics theory and policy Paul Krugman . Maurice Obstfeld 8th ed , ISBN 13 978 0 13 214665 4. ISBN 10 0 13 214665 7, 1 International economic relations 2 International nance . I Obstfeld Maurice II Melitz Marc J III Title , HF1359 K78 2012. 337 dc22, 2010031988, 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1, ISBN 10 0 13 214665 7. ISBN 13 978 0 13 214665 4, Brief Contents, Contents ix.
Preface xxi, 1 Introduction 1,Part 1 International Trade Theory 10. 2 World Trade An Overview 10, 3 Labor Productivity and Comparative Advantage . The Ricardian Model 24, 4 Speci c Factors and Income Distribution 50. 5 Resources and Trade The Heckscher Ohlin Model 80. 6 The Standard Trade Model 111, 7 External Economies of Scale and the International. Location of Production 137, 8 Firms in the Global Economy Export Decisions Outsourcing .
and Multinational Enterprises 155,Part 2 International Trade Policy 192. 9 The Instruments of Trade Policy 192, 10 The Political Economy of Trade Policy 219. 11 Trade Policy in Developing Countries 256, 12 Controversies in Trade Policy 271. Part 3 Exchange Rates and Open Economy Macroeconomics 293. 13 National Income Accounting and the Balance of Payments 293. 14 Exchange Rates and the Foreign Exchange Market . An Asset Approach 320, 15 Money Interest Rates and Exchange Rates 354. 16 Price Levels and the Exchange Rate in the Long Run 384. 17 Output and the Exchange Rate in the Short Run 421. 18 Fixed Exchange Rates and Foreign Exchange Intervention 463. Part 4 International Macroeconomic Policy 504, 19 International Monetary Systems An Historical Overview 504.
20 Optimum Currency Areas and the European Experience 557. 21 Financial Globalization Opportunity and Crisis 586. 22 Developing Countries Growth Crisis and Reform 619. vii, viii Brief Contents, Mathematical Postscripts. Postscript to Chapter 5 The Factor Proportions Model 661. Postscript to Chapter 6 The Trading World Economy 665. Postscript to Chapter 8 The Monopolistic Competition Model 673. Postscript to Chapter 21 Risk Aversion and International Portfolio Diversi cation 675. Credits 683, Index 685, Contents, Preface xxi, 1 Introduction 1. What Is International Economics About 3, The Gains from Trade 4. The Pattern of Trade 5, How Much Trade 5, Balance of Payments 6. Exchange Rate Determination 6, International Policy Coordination 7.
The International Capital Market 7, International Economics Trade and Money 8. Part 1 International Trade Theory 10, 2 World Trade An Overview 10. Who Trades with Whom 10, Size Matters The Gravity Model 11. Using the Gravity Model Looking for Anomalies 13, Impediments to Trade Distance Barriers and Borders 14. The Changing Pattern of World Trade 16, Has the World Gotten Smaller 16.
What Do We Trade 17, Service Outsourcing 19, Do Old Rules Still Apply 21. Summary 21, 3 Labor Productivity and Comparative Advantage The Ricardian Model 24. The Concept of Comparative Advantage 25, A One Factor Economy 26. Production Possibilities 27, Relative Prices and Supply 28. Trade in a One Factor World 29, Determining the Relative Price After Trade 30.
BOX Comparative Advantage in Practice The Case of Babe Ruth 33. The Gains from Trade 34, A Note on Relative Wages 35. BOX The Losses from Nontrade 36, Misconceptions About Comparative Advantage 37. Productivity and Competitiveness 37, The Pauper Labor Argument 37. BOX Do Wages Re ect Productivity 38, Exploitation 39. Comparative Advantage with Many Goods 40, Setting Up the Model 40.
Relative Wages and Specialization 40, Determining the Relative Wage in the Multigood Model 42. ix, x Contents, Adding Transport Costs and Nontraded Goods 43. Empirical Evidence on the Ricardian Model 45, Summary 47. 4 Speci c Factors and Income Distribution 50, The Speci c Factors Model 51. BOX What Is a Speci c Factor 52, Assumptions of the Model 52.
Production Possibilities 53, Prices Wages and Labor Allocation 56. Relative Prices and the Distribution of Income 60. International Trade in the Speci c Factors Model 62. Income Distribution and the Gains from Trade 63, The Political Economy of Trade A Preliminary View 65. CASE STUDY Trade and Unemployment 66, Income Distribution and Trade Politics 68. International Labor Mobility 69, CASE STUDY Wage Convergence in the Age of Mass Migration 70. CASE STUDY Immigration and the U S Economy 71, Summary 73.
Appendix Further Details on Speci c Factors 77, Marginal and Total Product 77. Relative Prices and the Distribution of Income 78. 5 Resources and Trade The Heckscher Ohlin Model 80. A Model of a Two Factor Economy 81, Prices and Production 81. Choosing the Mix of Inputs 84, Factor Prices and Goods Prices 86. Resources and Output 88, Effects of International Trade Between Two Factor Economies 89. Relative Prices and the Pattern of Trade 90, Trade and the Distribution of Income 91.
CASE STUDY North South Trade and Income Inequality 92. Factor Price Equalization 97, Empirical Evidence on the Heckscher Ohlin Model 98. Trade in Goods as a Substitute for Trade in Factors 98. Patterns of Exports Between Developed and Developing Countries 101. Implications of the Tests 102, Summary 104, Appendix Factor Prices Goods Prices and Production Decisions 107. Choice of Technique 107, Goods Prices and Factor Prices 108. More on Resources and Output 109, 6 The Standard Trade Model 111. A Standard Model of a Trading Economy 112, Production Possibilities and Relative Supply 112.
Relative Prices and Demand 113, The Welfare Effect of Changes in the Terms of Trade 116. Determining Relative Prices 117, Economic Growth A Shift of the RS curve 117. Contents xi, Growth and the Production Possibility Frontier 119. World Relative Supply and the Terms of Trade 119, International Effects of Growth 121. CASE STUDY Has the Growth of Newly Industrializing Countries. Hurt Advanced Nations 122, Tariffs and Export Subsidies Simultaneous Shifts in RS and RD 124.
Relative Demand and Supply Effects of a Tariff 125. Effects of an Export Subsidy 126, Implications of Terms of Trade Effects Who Gains and Who Loses 126. International Borrowing and Lending 127, Intertemporal Production Possibilities and Trade 128. The Real Interest Rate 128, Intertemporal Comparative Advantage 130. International Economics Theory amp Policy NINTH EDITION Paul R Krugman Princeton University Maurice Obstfeld University of California Berkeley Marc J Melitz Harvard University Acknowledgments of material borrowed from other sources and reproduced with permission in this textbook appear on appropriate page within text Credits appear on page 683 which constitutes a continuation of the

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