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P rez Alvarado et al 125, presence of disease modifying genes e g hemoglobin and cheaper methods to treat diseases Rakel 2012 In. F and or environmental influences e g hypoxia different countries this type of medicine includes. Loscalzo and Barabasi 2011 A reductionist approach traditional medicines too Robinson 2015 for instance. would fail to treat such manifestations For this and other Traditional Mexican Medicine due to its efficacy. reasons many physicians and researchers have been effectiveness efficiency in different diseases like. given the task of searching for new treatment strategies diabetes Laguna Hern ndez et al 2017 diarrhea and. Some treatment strategies have shown several dysentery Calzada et al 2017 among others As a. advantages for example strategies where diverse types case in point a study shows that Justicia spicigera. of medicines are integrated to help patient engagement Schltdl Acanthaceae a traditional Mexican medicine. and compliance to self care reduced reliance on plant affects the proliferation of cancer cells culture. pharmacotherapy and enhanced symptom control Katz LNCaP Fern ndez Pomares et al In press As a. and Ali 2009 Particularly in the treatment of heart result of the foregoing Integrative Medicine is exploring. failure the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine integration strategies for diverse health systems. with allopathic medicine has shown several advantages Robinson 2015. such as multi target treatment dialectical logic Other relevant element in IM also tries to integrate. personalized therapy and reduction of side effects healing practices and whole medical systems informed by. Zhang 2015 This and other treatment strategies have evidence Thornton 2013 from the Complementary and. impact in the Health Care System principally to Alternative Medicines CAM into the patient s usual. preventive level where help to health promotion to treatment Rakel 2012 Actually there are already. prevent the inception of disease treatment of clinical practice guidelines in which the scientific evidence. presymptoms control and progression of the disease is question or evaluate about the effectivity on its use in. Katz and Ali 2009 Moreover researchers observed Integrative therapies as supportive care in some diseases. that this kind of models have the potential to reduce the Greenlee et al 2014 The screening or grade of. burden of chronic disease lower the cost of healthcare recommendation of this therapies is A high certainty of. and offer a sustainable health financial paradigm net benefit B moderate certainty of net benefit C less. Herman et al 2014 Due to its shortcomings many moderate certainty of net benefit D moderate or high. researchers and physicians consider this type of certainty than the modality has no net benefit and GPP. medicine important and they have been searching for evidence insufficient to assess the benefits Cho et al. new ways of this kind of treatment named as Integrative 2018 For example meditation has shown grade A for. Medicine IM stress reduction and mood improvement during radiation. therapy in breast cancer patients Greenlee et al 2014. On the other hand lifestyle changes such as diet and. INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE physical activity modification had grade B for. cardiovascular disease with previous existing, Integrative Medicine has different definitions Madsen et cardiovascular risk factors and the same grade for. al in 2017 indicate that it is a current health care behavioral counseling for overweightness Kushner and. paradigm which promotes a whole person approach to Mechanick 2015. health through a coordinated use of appropriate therapies Thanks to scientific evidence of its effectiveness in. originating from inside and outside of conventional different diseases the IM and the CAMs are widely used. medicine Madsen et al 2017 Among its principles this in different countries To cite an instance a research. branch of medicine consider health is more than the showed that in United States 62 of adults used one. absence of disease broad definition of health the type of CAM Barnes et al 2002 In Mexico a study. exploration of a wide ranging spectrum of therapeutics pointed out that 64 of patients with hematological. and beliefs inclusivity coordination of all the parts diseases have used some sort of CAM Jaime P rez et. involve in healing process and patient centered care Ko al 2012 Another research revealed that in the Pediatric. and Schiffman 2013 The recent inclusion of IM in the Hospital of the National West Medical Center at the. pediatric field has allowed to recognize others of its basic Mexican Social Security Institute from Guadalajara. principles as prevention contextually centered Mexico 83 of the researchers and the 69 2 of the. importance of communication between health physicians have used CAMs G mez Martinez et al. professionals and families evidence informed that show 2016 Due to the growing use of this medical facilities. the safety effectivity of the treatment plan and ecological among people health dependencies like the Medicine. sustainability Esparham et al 2018 Institute from the United States have developed. The IM is oriented towards a kind healing elements that strategies to understand how CAMs could become a. takes the body mind and spirit of the person into conventional medical practice Rakel 2012 This is the. account encompasses all aspects of lifestyle named as main reason why such interest in research and. optimal healing and wellness and emphasizes the development of Integrative Medicine Rakel 2012 has. therapeutic relationship Thornton 2013 Rayner et al grown for example in United States in 2012 there were. 2011 Other element of IM is to use less invasive toxic already 29 hospitals making use of Integrative Medicine. Int Res J Med Med Sci 126, Horrigan et al 2012 applied to health processes is addressed by System. Integrative Medicine has implemented some important Medicine Wolkenhauer and Green 2013 Here some. elements like Patient Centered Care which refers to authors described the Complex Phenotype as not merely. treatment recommendations and decision making taking a sum of the typical phenotypes that are linked to every. into account the patient s preferences and beliefs Maizes single possible competitor in the same individual. et al 2009 Another element is empathy in the clinical pathology but as the result of the integration and. relationship or therapeutic partnerships construction interaction of all the components that characterize the. Thornton 2013 which is built upon listening and person Del Bufalo et al 2014 Also it is considered. trusting without judgment and delivered not through that a patient presenting similar clinical manifestations. paternalistic prescribing but through artful questioning may have different underlying disease manifestations. that allows patients to find their own inner motivation to showing disease heterogeneity Gustafsson et al 2014. change Rakel 2012 This influences in the role of the In this manner the disease is described as a non linear. patient in their healing process emphasized the dynamical phenomenon that requires time resolved. importance of the patient s taking control over their monitoring of biological key parameters Wolkenhauer et. health decisions Willis and Rayner 2013 the patient al 2013 For this reason System Medicine included. empowerment element Thornton 2013 always information stemming from molecular cellular. accompanied by the health professional The decision physiological and clinical domains Del Bufalo et al. making could be complemented with a transdisciplinary 2014 Thus clinical decisions are based on a diagnostic. approach that increases the chances of achieving model consisting of a multi layered pattern recognition of. information synergies thereby allowing us to frame better multiple data inputs linked to scientific reasoning about. questions gather more comprehensive data and existing causality Gustafsson et al 2014 In summary System. information to guide health decisions Ciesielski et al Medicine could contribute to the integration of clinical and. 2017 Along this perspective Integrative Medicine s idea non clinical data and of the expertise from a wide range. of continuity in health care is an important element as of disciplines Wolkenhauer et al 2013 as well as. well when a patient continuously visits a specific Integrative Medicine. practitioner and the latter always has the necessary. information about their health process among other. matters Thornton 2013 Maizes et al 2009 This SYSTEM BIOLOGY. continuity could encourage patients to become more. open towards the practitioner regarding emotional and The foundation of Systems Medicine comes from System. mental causes of their disease Maizes et al 2009 Biology this strand of biology deals with the complexity. Evidence points out that this way of treatment brings inherent of the biological systems Bertalanffy s proposed. good results For example it has been reported in a that biological systems comply with general. patient with non small cell lung cancer treated integrating organizational characteristics Cordon 2013 Kitano. acupuncture and allopathic treatment showed an 2007 such as steady state equifinality energy. improvement in his cough as well as his anxiety Raz et conservation among others Bertalanffy 1950 Steady. al 2017 state refers to a time independent state where the system. remains constant despite the permanent flow of matter. and energy with the environment and their associated. SYSTEM MEDICINE reactions are irreversible Bertalanffy 1950 The. equifinality is the ability of biological systems to reach a. The integrative approach to medicine emerged in a socio final state from different initial conditions and in different. cultural context defined by changing patterns of illness ways Bertalanffy 1950 Bertalanffy proposed that in the. changing roles in the health care sector and its practice is cell an effective work balance exists where the. often defined as contrary to the most heavily criticized conservation of energy allows the maintenance of this. traits of the biomedical model Willis and Rayner 2013 steady state Bertalanffy 1950 In fact this proposition. Integrative Medicine deals with the whole person where has been reinforced by studies about thermodynamics of. dynamic interactions are manifested along with all health open systems from different researchers like Mae Wan. and disease components through the integration of Ho Ho and Ulanowicz 2005. multiple networks and connectivity Federoff and Gostin Another important characteristic of biological systems. 2009 From this point of view the biological complexity in System Biology is robustness Ahn et al 2006 which. of a whole system not found within its individual parts is defined as a property that allows a system to maintain. can be perceived Taw 2015 which also allows to its functions despite external and internal perturbations. observe what Del Bufalo Del Bufalo et al 2014 Kitano 2004 Another innovative principle related to this. acknowledges as the Complex Phenotype of biological strand of biology is dynamic stability which can take. systems many forms including homeostatic bistable oscillatory. The issue of biological complexity multi levelness or chaotic Ahn et al 2006 These and other principles. P rez Alvarado et al 127, of Systemic Biology have shown that diseases require a. deep understanding of the underlying cells functions and. that a disease is a non linear dynamical phenomenon. Wolkenhauer et al 2013 Researchers like Andrew C, Ahn suggest that in order to understand the former and.
other principles of systemic biology an integrative. approach is necessary where scientists from different. areas cooperate Ahn et al 2006 In synthesis System. Thinking helps us to understand the complexity of the. disease In the case of Malaria for example this notion. helps us to take into account both environmental and. ecological changes as well as human behaviors Xia et. al 2017 As a result of the foregoing and other reasons. it is proposed that the effectiveness of disease,interventions depends on the efficacy of resource. allocation compliance with target host populations and. responsive feedback of environmental modifications Xia. et al 2017,Thereupon Integrative Medicine is a branch of. medicine that takes care of the whole person including. physical emotional spiritual and mental levels Rakel. 2012 System Medicine is the application of the notions Figure 1 Schematic representation of Five Spheres. of biological complexity at the molecular cellular and Model In this model we can observe the dynamic. organismic level to the pathological processes interdependency between the principal components of. Wolkenhauer et al 2013 Also System Biology is human been. responsible for the research of the organizational. principles of the system level Kitano 2007 These, outlooks form part of System Integrative Medicine interaction which is known to be associated with health. whereby our research team wants to show how biological because family can promote healthful eating physical. complexity is related to the wholeness of human beings activity behaviors and prevent child obesity Lindsay et. and how it affects their diseases al 2015 Some works show that community based. participation and taking into account cultural context. could effectively organize and facilitate large health. FIVE SPHERES MODEL promoting partnerships involving multiple and diverse. Moreover Integrative Medicine provides a particular care to each patient orienting its practices towards healing and emphasizing the therapeutic relationship Its principles harmonize with the proposals of Systemic Biology which acknowledges the complexity integrality and holistic nature of living beings Based on the aforementioned postulates integrate our Five Spheres Model for patient

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