Integrative medicine in Italyand the Tuscany experience

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Integrative,medicine in Italy,and the experience,of the Region of. Dr Elio G Rossi,Ambulatorio di omeopatia,ASL 2 Lucca. Complementary medicine in Italy,In Italy today there are almost 2000 MDs using. acupuncture more than 7000 homeopaths about 20 000. MDs with an homeopathic training and approximately 300. MDs who have completed the course on anthroposophy. We can calculate that there are at least 20 000 Italian. practitioners physicians dentists veterinarians, prescribing homeopathic included homotoxicological and. anthroposophical medicines, In Italy homeopathic medicines are found exclusively in the.
pharmacy and they are sold by most of them,In 2000 at least 7000 pharmacies out of 16 000 43. had a section for homeopathic and or herbal remedies At. this moment we can calculate that around 90 of the. Italian pharmacies can offer homeopathic and, phytotherapic products In addiction there are more than. 4 000 herbal shops erboristerie regulated by law since. National law on CM regulation,Italian Government and Parliament have been. urged to pass a national law regulating the,practice of NCM. No such law has yet been passed Since 1986,year of the first law proposal On M P.
Garavaglia more than 50 draft bills about,NCM regulation have been tabled without any. Guidelines of the FNOMCeO on Non,conventional medicines and practices. On 18th May 2002 at Terni the National Council of, the Italian National Federation of Medical Doctors and. Dentists Associations FNOMCeO issued the,Guidelines of the FNOMCeO on Non conventional. medicines and practices,They recognized nine NCMs acupuncture traditional.
Chinese medicine ayurvedic medicine homeopathy,anthroposophic medicine homotoxicology. phytotherapy chiropractic and osteopathy, These practices are considered exclusively under the. professional responsibility of medical doctors and. They must be to all effects medical practice,Complementary Medicine. education and training,Continuing Medical Education CME in general. conventional medicine is obligatory for all medical doctors in. Belgium France Italy Latvia Lithuania Slovakia controlled. by the government and in Austria Bulgaria Czech Republic. Germany Hungary Lithuania Poland Romania Slovakia, Slovenia Switzerland and the United Kingdom controlled by.
the national medical associations chambers councils. In Italy Complementary medicine courses are generally CME. accredited, At this moment we can consider that there are or there have. been till the last year High specialization courses or. Masters or Elective courses included within the basic. teaching programs of quite many Italian Universities such as. Torino Milan Statale and Milan Bicocca Brescia Bologna. Firenze Siena Pisa Roma Chieti Cosenza Palermo,Federation of Chambers of Medical Doctors. Dentists Toward national rules of education,and training in Complementary Medicine. 2002 FNOMCeO Terni resolution, 2006 Constitution of the Inter regional group Complementary Medicine. at the Health National Commission of State and Region Conference. 2007 Tuscany Regional Law n 9 2007, 2008 Protocol of Agreement between Region and Professional Associations.
2009 Regional Rules for CM Accreditation Act n 993 2009 FNOMCeO. Guide Lines approbation, 2010 FNOMCeO Guidelines on Non Conventional Medicine regulation of. training and practice, 2013 Approbation of the Agreement among the Italian National. Government the Regions and the Autonomous Provinces in relation to the. terms and requirements for the quality certification of training and. practice of Acupuncture Phytotherapy and Homeopathy by medical doctors. odontologists medical veterinaries and pharmacists. Italian National and Regional,Federal Healthcare System. The Constitutional Law n 3 of 18,October 2001 has reformed most. part of the Title V of the Italian,Constitution making a so called.
orm of Federalistic State,The rule of the State Government. Ministry etc is to fix the,fundamental principles on. different subjects education,urbanistic and also in. healthcare,The rule of the Regions is to decide,how to to put in pracice and. organize healthcare model,according to the political and social.
perspective of each region,To all the Italian citizens the. Essential level of assistance LEA,are guaranteed which means that. every person has the right to have a,minimum level of healthcare in. each hospital of each region in the,CAMs included in the Regional Essential. Level of Assistance LEA, The Government Act DPCM of 29 11 2001 has excluded.
agopuncture phyitoterapy homeopathy and other CAMs. from the Essential Level of Assistance LEA, In spite of this decision some regions such as Toscana. Bolzano Umbria Valle d Aosta partially in Campania and. only for specific research projects also Emilia Romagna have. included CAMs in their regional LEA, Untill March 2006 according to a census made by CAM. Associations there were in Italy at least 150 public. Complementary Medicine clinics for outpatients in more or. less all the Italian regions,The Italian Permanent Conference State and. Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of,Trento and Bolzano. Inter regional group on,Complementary Medicine,The Italian Permanent Conference State and.
Regions and the Autonomous Provinces of,Trento and Bolzano. Inter regional Technical Group on Complementary,Medicine at the State Regions Conference. Health Commission of,State Regions Conference,promoted the. establishment of an Inter,regional Technical Group. on Complementary,Medicine CM formed by,delegates of most Italian.
Main aim of the Inter,regional Table is to propose. research and rules for CM,practice homogeneously in. the whole Italian Nation,Regional Law of regulation of. Bio natural disciplines, In 2005 the Regional Council passed a regional law. which regulates the practice of the Bio natural,disciplines.
This activity is not included in the field of, therapeutic treatment of diseases but is part of an. area aiming at promoting the wellbeing of the,population. In other words these activities intend to improve, the quality of life and the relationship of everybody. with his social and cultural surroundings and the,environment. Regional Law n 9 2007 mod LR 31 2007, Regulation of the practice of complementary medicine on the part of medical.
doctors dentists veterinary doctors and pharmacists. In 2007 the Regional Council of Tuscany,approved the Law defining the educational. criteria and disciplining the practice of,homeopathy and complementary medicine. on the part of medical doctors and dentists,veterinary doctors and pharmacists. Integrative medicine in Italyand the Tuscany experience Integrative medicine in Italy and the experience of the Regionof Tuscany Dr Elio G Rossi Ambulatorio di omeopatia ASL 2 Lucca Complementary medicine in Italy In Italy today there are almost 2000 MDs using acupuncture more than 7000 homeopaths about 20 000 MDs with an homeopathic training and approximately 300 MDs who have

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