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Introduction, With all of the new and progressive advancements within display technologies and changes within industry standards Ultra High. Definition UHD Wide Color Gamut WCG High Dynamic Range HDR just to name a few makes it a confusing yet exciting time. for all AV enthusiasts and professionals alike When it comes to video calibration we have been utilizing the same standards for. decades The current legacy standards will not suffice in regards to new UHD HDR displays and or content moving forward. Since current UHD HDR test patterns are limited I have created an entire suite of UHD HDR 10 test patterns that not only. adhere to new industry standards they conform to the UHDA UHD Alliance standards and specs UHD 3840x2160 resolution. Wide color Gamut BT 2020 HDR10 10 Bit ST 2086 color spec and ST 2084 transfer function This project follows the same idea. behind my Advanced Calibration Disc an attainable solution to calibrate and or measure your new UHD HDR display without. having to spend thousands on a new UHD HDR test pattern generator I have created all new test patterns from the ground up. triplets that utilize the ST 2084 transfer function precise RGB to YCbCr BT 2020 conversion and H 265 HEVC encoding with the. proper metadata tags so your HDR 10 enabled display can properly decipher these new test patterns This project was also. designed around a familiar layout Basic Setup Patterns Advanced Setup Patterns and Miscellaneous Patterns which include full 5 and 10 window suites I have also. included workflows for CalMAN ChromaPure and Color HCFR calibration software. The test patterns can be download and stored on a flash drive and or an external hard drive for playback on any compatible UHD HDR 10 enabled display or UHD Blu ray player via. USB These test patterns have also been encoded separately into individual files for ease of use and flexibility Please visit our website at diversifiedvideosolutions com for. instruction manuals products services support and see what other video calibration solutions we have available Thank you for your support. Quick Links, DVS UHD HDR 10 Test Patterns AVS Forum Diversified Video Solutions The Official Site. CalMAN Video Calibration Software ChromaPure Video Calibration Software. Color HCFR Calibration Software Kalibrate Limited The Official Site. DVS UltraHD HDR 10 Pattern Suite, This Pattern suite offers a comprehensive set of reference. test patterns to assist in the calibration of your UHD HDR 10. enabled display This suite is comprised of 1 700 patterns. that adhere to the newly regulated standards created by the. UHD Alliance and guaranteed triplet precision I have divided. the pattern sets into 6 main sections Basic Setup Patterns. Advanced Setup Patterns with 5 10 test patches, Miscellaneous Patterns and 3 independent workflows The 3. separate workflows are a set of test patches that follow a. predefined order specified by the calibration software itself. Please see the description below for further detail. Calibration software, Color HCFR version 3 5 1 XX A free yet very intuitive.
calibration software that is compatible with a wide variety of. meters Coined as a Video Projector Monitor Calibration. Software originally developed as ColorHCFR This code base. is based off version 2 1 and will aim for a more open. development process and integrates an ArgyllCMS interface. for continued support and development, ChromaPure version 3 1 XX A paid for software built around a very simplistic yet powerful infrastructure Simply click one of the buttons along the left side of the program. window to open one of its modules Each module performs a different video calibration function and allows the user to quickly bring a any video display with adequate controls. into conformity with industry standards, CalMAN version 5 9 XX A paid for software with an extremely powerful engine customizable workflows and compatible with almost all available meters reference pattern. generators and standalone video processors One of the most comprehensive and flexible calibration software packages available. Basic Setup Patterns,Title Color Profiling, Displaying test pattern and Mastering Theses patterns were designed to improve. Display metadata current revision and the accuracy of a filter based colorimeter. copyright This clip provides pertinent by creating a calibration profile with a. information about the test patterns reference spectrophotometer This profile. within the entire suite and will be applied against your colorimeter. updated accordingly per revision measurements corrects the inaccuracies of. the filter based meter This makes the,colorimeter mimic the accuracy of your. spectrophotometer for this specific display,Meter Position Black Clipping.
Designed to assist with the centering of Demonstrates how well tone mapping is. your video calibration meter applied on the lower end of the digital. range With triplet code value 64 as your,reference point A properly adjusted display. should show bar 68 barely flashing with,bar 64 blending completely into the. background However depending on how,well the tone mapping is implemented a. code value of 72 or 76 may be acceptable Representing 001 and 004 nit respectively. Basic Setup Patterns continued,White Clipping Flashing Color Bars 50 50. Demonstrates how well your display tone You can use this pattern to reference the. maps peak luminance information based color and tint accuracy of your display If. on the metadata in which it s being feed your display is one of the few that. The metadata within this particular includes a color only mode it can be used. pattern is designed to clip at 1 000 nit to adjust color and tint independently. However no matter how much you raise within each color Graded to 50. or lower the contrast controls the peak amplitude and 50 saturation of the. luminance information flashing bars will BT 2020 color gamut provides an. always remain the same even though the light output may increase or decrease attainable target for most HDR 10 enabled displays to achieve roughly 100 nit. onscreen This is due to the internal tone mapping of your display. Flashing Color Bars Color Clipping High, You can use this pattern to reference the Similar to the white clipping pattern This.
color and tint accuracy of your display If clipping pattern demonstrates how well. your display is one of the few that your display tone maps peak luminance. includes a color only mode it can be information based on the metadata in. used to adjust color and tint which it s being feed With the mastering. independently within each color display luminance set to 1 000 nit You. However this color and tint pattern can observe how well the grayscale. should only be used for observation primary and secondary colors are being. purposes as it displays 100 amplitude and 100 saturation of the entire BT 2020 color mapped and or clipped when nearing peak levels roughly the 75 mark. gamut which is currently an unattainable target within consumer displays. Basic Setup Patterns continued,Color Clipping Low Sharpness Overscan. This pattern displays colors clipping on the You can use this pattern to properly. low end of the spectrum It s Not Vital that adjust your display s sharpness and. all colors flash near the 0 mark so long overscan in order to fill the entire screen. as none of the colors flash past mark 0 properly Typically lower sharpness. mark or further This would imply and values are recommended However if the. elevated black floor or lifted brightness image looks soft raise the value until you. see ringing or noise around any of the,black bars or lines within the pattern. then make adjustments accordingly until the ringing goes away Overscan can be. adjusted utilizing the 3 available overscan marks within the pattern For absolutely no. overscan select your display s setting that exposes the entire white border outlining the. Miscellaneous Patterns,Contrast Ratio ANSI Contrast. Utilizing a meter Measure the absolute Utilizing a meter Take individual ANSI. peak luminance and black level of your contrast measurements of your display. display These measurements will provide This will provide a true representation of. you with your display s dynamic contrast your display s native contrast ratio. Miscellaneous Patterns continued,Dynamic Contrast Color Ramps. Primarily utilized for quick observations This pattern set provides a multitude of. Check for any possible changes that 10 bit gradients and steps for both. might occur as the APL varies As the full primary and secondary colors These. field pattern cycles watch for any patterns range from 0 to 10 000 nit 10. changes within the grayscale window If bit digital range 64 940 However the. the grayscale changes with the cycle mastering display metadata is set to. your display is dynamically adjusting 1 000 nit so clipping will be apparent. picture levels above 75 on all patterns,Grayscale Ramps Color Decoding.
This pattern set provides a multitude of This pattern can be used to observe how. 10 bit gradients and steps for grayscale the primary colors red green and blue. These patterns range from 0 to 10 000 relate to gray In order to take full. nit 10 bit digital range 64 940 advantage of this test pattern a display. However the mastering display device with a color only mode is. metadata is set to 1 000 nit so clipping necessary. will be apparent above 75 on all,Miscellaneous Patterns continued. Flashing Color Primary Different nit Levels, This pattern shows red green and blue This file folder encompasses ten separate. bars primary colors and the three grayscale sweeps with mastering display. related secondary colors yellow cyan metadata ranging from 1 000 to 10 000. magenta flashing on top Above and nit provided in 1 000 nit increments. below each primary color the two These patterns can be utilized as a tone. secondary colors related to the primary mapping reference for grayscale and how. color also flash in between your display maps to its native peak nit. Grayscale Sweeps Resolution Patterns, This pattern file folder is comprised of This pattern file folder encompasses nine. ten subsection that include 11 step different 10 bit UltraHD resolution test. grayscale sweeps at different patch patterns Testing your display s native. sizes The patches range from 2 all the ability to resolve fine detail within a 3840. way up to Full Field Utilizing a meter x 2160 pixel space These patterns have. you can observe any change within been divided into horizontal vertical. measurements based on the onscreen patterns with a 1 2 or 3 pixel count in. APL between patch sizes width checkered board mixed resolution. and 1 1 pixel mapping,Miscellaneous Patterns continued. Color Gamuts in BT2020 Patterns ColorChecker Sweeps. This file folder is comprised of 4 separate This pattern file folder is comprised of four. subsections Including a 6 point color and separate subsections The 24 Point MCD. 30 point saturation sweep for both P3 Original ColorChecker 18 Point. and BT 709 color axis points within the ChromaPure Skin Tone ColorChecker 24. BT 2020 color gamut Point Pantone Skin Tones ColorChecker. and The 26 Point Calman Default,ColorChecker These four pattern sets have.
been designed to accurately target 50 of, the BT 2020 color gamut roughly 100 nit The methodology behind this decision was to. provide an attainable target for most HDR 10 enabled displays. Test Footage LG OLED Code based test patterns, This Test Footage file folder includes This file folder contains the LG OLED code. eight separate reference HDR 10 test specific grayscales test patches for all. clips Landscape Nature Skin Tone City 2016 2017 2018 2019 OLED models. Sunset which is displayed in a 1 85 1 Please reference the LG spec sheet links. aspect ratio Oceanside which is below for further details. displayed in a 2 40 1 aspect ratio, Pantone SkinTone Restaurant Scene and 2016 Models 2017 Models. Indian Market Each of the test footage, clips are native sRGB that have been converted to BT2020 ST2084 and have been graded. to 200 300 nit with peak nit levels reaching 1 000 nit Each of the eight test clips can. act as a reference point for before and after calibration observations. Miscellaneous Patterns continued,HDR Clipping Test Patterns Convergence Patterns.
Demonstrates how well your display Designed to assist in front projection. tone maps peak luminance information alignment convergence focus and. based on the metadata in which it s projected image geometry These types of. being feed The metadata within this convergence test patterns typically aren t. particular pattern is designed to clip at needed for fixed pixel type displays like. 1 000 nit However no matter how much LCD or OLED,you lower and or raise the contrast. controls the peak luminance, information flashing bars will always remain the same even though the light output. maybe increasing or decreasing onscreen This is due to the internal tone mapping of. your display,Digital Zone Plate Patterns 4 APL Window Patterns. Designed to expose any anomalies within These patterns were designed to help with. your display s ability to resolves certain calibration on displays with ABL by. resolution frequencies Available in both providing a constant APL throughout the. primary and secondary colors along with entire sweep The constant luminance. instruction manuals products services support and see what other video calibration solutions we haveavailable Thank you for your support Quick Links DVS UHD HDR 10 Test Patterns AVS Forum Diversified Video Solutions The Official Site CalMAN Video Calibration Software ChromaPure Video Calibration Software

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