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Package contents 3,CHAPTER 1 INSTALLATION 3,1 1 Before Installation 3. 1 2 Tools 3,1 3 Vehicle Installation 3,1 4 Safety Guidelines Appropriate Use 4. Connect supplied Display Harness Cable to factory Display 5. Connect VLine Interface cable to Factory Head unit 6. Connecting to VLine 6,Routing the GPS Antenna 7,Routing the Microphone 8. Mounting the VLine Module 9,Understanding VLine Ports 10. CHAPTER 2 GETTING STARTED 11,SUPPORT 13,WARRANTY 13.
EIGHTEEN MONTH 18 LIMITED WARRANTY,GRANT OF LICENSE 14. OPERATIONAL WARNING AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 15,GROM VLINE VL2 SYSTEM. PACKAGE CONTENTS,VLine module VHA8A Video MCFHADD Interface. Cable Cable Red P Tap,GPS Antenna Microphone USB Extension cable. CHAPTER 1 INSTALLATION,1 1 Before Installation, Before starting work with any wiring please wait 90 seconds after turning the.
Ignition to the OFF position and disconnecting the negative terminal of the. battery This is to ensure that no SRS airbags faults are triggered during the. installation when disassembling the vehicle s panels and wiring connections. for the VLINE module installation, Please review the entire manual to familiarize yourself of the VLINE module. and the installation requirements before installing the unit and using it. Have Tools ready for disassembling the dashboard panels to remove the. Some basic tools will be required for stereo removal and installation Plastic. prying tools Phillips head screwdriver 10mm socket and ratchet Additional. tools may be required depending on vehicle and installation preference. 1 3 Vehicle Installation, Each model vehicle dissembles differently The removal of the stereo and. wiring installation requires special technical skills and experience If you do. not feel comfortable doing the installation please consult with your local. car audio shop or installation professional for instructions or assistance if. Carefully remove the factory Stereo and Display out of the dash cavity with. proper tools, It may be necessary to disconnect items surrounding the stereo and display. to remove them and gain access to the back of the stereo to make your. connections,1 4 Safety Guidelines Appropriate Use,By using VLine you agree. to operate VLine only when there are safe driving conditions. to follow any applicable state and traffic laws, to keep an eye on the road at all time while driving.
do not attempt to play video such as YouTube on a display while the. vehicle is in motion, do not use VLine without running the engine for the extended period of. time as it can drain the battery, Do not use Vline in a manner that would distract the driver or that may. otherwise cause injury or death to vehicle occupants or bystanders. IT IS ILLEGAL IN MOST STATES OF THE UNITED STATES AND MAY BE ILLEGAL. IN OTHER JURISDICTIONS FOR ANY TELEVISION OR OTHER VIDEO DISPLAY. STREAM TRANSMISSION OR BROADCAST TO BE VISIBLE TO THE DRIVER. WHILE THE VEHICLE IS IN MOTION YOU AGREE NOT TO USE ANY VISUAL. COMPONENT OF VLine WHILE IN CONTROL OF A MOVING VEHICLE WHERE. DOING SO WOULD BE ILLEGAL OR DANGEROUS TO VEHICLE OCCUPANTS OR. BYSTANDERS DOING OTHERWISE CAN LEAD TO SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH. TO YOU AND OTHERS PLEASE FIND A SAFE PLACE TO PARK AND ENGAGE. THE PARKING BRAKE BEFORE VIEWING ANY VIDEO DISPLAYS STREAMS. TRANSMISSION OR BROADCAST AVAILABLE THROUGH VLINE, Connect supplied Interface Cable MCFHAHDD and Video. Cable VHA8A to the back ot the stereo, Locate GRAY video port at the back of the stereo as shown below Discon. nect the cable that was previously connected connect VHA8A Reconnect. disconnected cable back to the VHA8A cable, Locate 14 pin WHITE and 5 pin GREEN connectors at the back of the stereo.
Disconnect what was previously connected and connect MCFHAHDD cable. to both the corresponding ports at the back of the stereo Reconnect previ. ously disconnected factory cables back to MCFHAHDD cable. Connect reverse wire on MCFHAHDD interface to the main. stereo harness, Use supplied red posi tap connector and refer to the separate manual to. locate reverse wire on the main stereo harness and tap the reverse wire on. VLine MCFHAHDD interface cable to it,Refer to the separate manual. Connect VHA8A video cable and MCFHAHDD Interface,cable to VLine. Route the unused end of Display Cable and Power Audio Cable to the. VLine module and connect them to the correctly labeled ports. Routing the GPS Antenna, The GPS Antenna module is magnetic as well as supplied with double sided. It can be mounted to the top of dashboard or to outside of vehicle whichever. you prefer We recommend mounting it inside of vehicle on passenger side of. the dashboard as shown below Make sure GPS antenna is facing up and there. are no onstructions in front of it, Plug VAUX cable into the CAMERA AV1 on VLine Plug GPS if unplugged.
into VAUX with the purple and green wires facing up Note that there is. no GPS antenna for VLite VLine Lite,Routing the Microphone. Route microphone to a location where it will be able to pick up voice clearly. We recommend to mount MIC nearby the rear view mirror but not directly. on windshield glass Avoid sticking to the hard surface as it will pick up more. Plug the microphone into the MIC port of the VLine module. Testing VLine Operation, Test VLine Operation before mounting the dashboard back WARNING Make. sure to reconnect all unplugged connectors back to the vehicle before. cycling the ignition, Cycle the ignition and press AUX to enter VLine mode You might need to press. AUX few times, If VLine appears on the screen and all factory functions such as climate. controls reverse camera AF FM stereo are working you can mount the dash. board back,Mounting the VLine Module, Mount module in the location free of any moving parts We strongly.
recommend mounting the module in an easily accessible location such as. the glove compartment for an easy access to the USB ports and in case of. needing to upgrade firmware on the VLine module,Mounting Video Cable and Securing VLine. Important Do not bend or pinch video cables to avoid problems with video. signal There should be no any bends of the video cable next to the con. nectors that go to the back of the stereo or VLine and no any sharp bends. anywhere else, Secure VLine with zip ties velcro or mounting brackets to make sure the. VLine does not bounce or move while the vehicle is in motion. Install the interface in a location free from heat humidity moving parts or. direct sunlight Beware of hot air flow from your vehicle s climate control. System s operating temperature range is 30 C to 70 C 24 F to 158 F. Understanding VLine Ports,Not Used WiFi Bluetooth,USB1 Antenna. GPS AV Camera,HDMI IN HDMI OUT,USB 2 CAMERA AV1,HDMI Input MicroSD Card. Pin side up Microphone,OTG USB storage,iPhone or Android connection.
Any other USB device Keyboard Mouse,USB flash drive. Any USB device Android Keyboard,Mouse Android phone. Insert microSD card pin side up to increase storage space for. Vline up to 128GB supported The microSD should be formatted. FAT32 File system format exFAT and NTFS are not supported. Pin Side Up, HDMI input connection to connect external video sources. add plugin to Dashlinq Launcher to use feature,N A not used. Microphone input Connect 3 5mm Mono Microphone,CHAPTER 2 GETTING STARTED.
2 1 Initializing, After connecting the VLine module to the stereo and reconnecting all. unplugged connectors back to the vehicle an ignition cycle will have to be. performed for the stereo to discover VLine and allow VLine to self config. To INITIALIZE,1 Put Ignition Switch to ACC or ON position. 2 Wait up to 5 Seconds,3 Put Ignition Switch to OFF position. 4 Wait 1 minute,5 Turn Ignition Switch back to ACC or ON Position. 6 Press the AUX button until you are able to select the VLINE interface. may take more than 2 presses of the AUX for accessing as first press is. for built in CD DVD changer in most cases,2 2 Functions.
No factory functions of the stereo will be disabled Factory Bluetooth. Navigation Radio and CD player will remain functional. Selecting the VLINE mode, Press the AUX button to access the VLine mode of the stereo to enter. into VLINE interface mode You may need to press AUX few times. Continue on the next page,Using Keyboard, Use supplied keyboard to enter the Wifi password or for any other needs. when you need to type in something,Android Auto, Attach Android phone to one of the USB ports on VLine VL2 Download. Android Auto app on your phone grant all permissions and allow all notific. ations Use Android Auto plugin on VLine to enter Android Auto See video. http bit ly vline android auto,User Manual, Please refer to the User Manual included with your purchase regarding to the. next steps required to set up your VLine Infotainment System. For technical support please visit us at www gromaudio com support html. and fill out the form For live support please go to www gromaudio com. Please check our FAQ at www gromaudio com support faq html videos and. installs at www gromaudio com installs index html,Eighteen 18 Month Limited Warranty.
This warranty covers any supplied or manufactured parts of the product. that upon inspection by GROM Audio authorized personnel is found to have. failed in normal use due to defects in the material or workmanship This. warranty does not apply to the installation expenses Attempting to service. or modify this unit operating this unit under conditions other than the. recommended will render this warranty void, Unless otherwise prescribed by law GROM Audio shall not be liable for any. personal injury property damage and or any incidental or consequential. damages of any kind including water damage resulting from malfunctions. defects misuse improper installation or alteration of this product. All parts of this product are guaranteed for a period of 18 month as follows. Within the first 18 months from the date of purchase subject to the. conditions above GROM Audio will repair or replace the product at their. discretion if it is defective in the material or workmanship. All customers should contact GROM Audio support team at http gromaudio. com support html and obtain an RMA number and Return Instructions All. defective product returned to GROM Audio within warranty period must. be accompanied by the original invoice or copy All shipping handling. charges are non refundable Warranty does not cover normal tear and wear. damages due to negligence improper installation and operation. WITHOUT RMA NUMBER THE RETURNS ARE NOT ACCEPTED,LEGAL AGREEMENT and SAFETY DISCLAIMER. GROM AUDIO VLINE Infotainment Upgrade System hereinafter referred to. as GROM PRODUCT and its related software THIS IS A LEGAL AGREEMENT. BETWEEN YOU AS THE END USER AND GROM Audio GROM PLEASE. CAREFULLY READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT. BEFORE USING THE GROM PRODUCTS BY USING THE GROM PRODUCT. AND THE SOFTWARE INSTALLED ON THE GROM PRODUCT YOU ARE. AGREEING TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF AGREEMENT SINCE GROM. DOES NOT INSTALL THIS EQUIPMENT GROM DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY FOR. IMPROPER INSTALLATION OF THE GROM PRODUCT FURTHER THE END. USER ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THE PRODUCT AND ITS SOFTWARE ARE NOT. INHERENTLY DANGEROUS AND DO NOT PROVIDE ANY INHERENT RISKS. AND THEREFORE POTENTIAL DAMAGES TO THE END USER OTHER THAN. Fitness for its Purpose As manufacturers continuously develop and modify. stereo receiver models they may cause you to experience some technical. difficulties If the product does not operate properly please contact technical. department promptly at www gromaudio com support html. GRANT OF LICENSE, GROM grants to you a non transferable non exclusive license to use the. GROM PRODUCT and its software installed on the GROM PRODUCT the. SOFTWARE and the related documentation solely for your own personal. use or for internal use by your business only on such GROM PRODUCTS. You shall not copy reverse engineer translate port modify or make. derivative works of the Software contained in the PRODUCT You shall. not loan rent disclose publish sell assign lease sublicense market or. otherwise transfer the Software in the PRODUCT or use it in any manner not. expressly authorized by this agreement You shall not derive or attempt to. derive the source code or structure of all or any portion of the Software in. the PRODUCT by reverse engineering disassembly recompilation or any. other means You shall not use the Software in the PRODUCT to operate a. service bureau or for any other use involving the processing of data for other. persons or entities GROM and its licensor s shall retain all copyright trade. secret patent and other proprietary ownership rights to the Software in the. PRODUCT You may transfer all of your license rights in the Software or the. PRODUCT the related documentation and a copy of this License Agreement. And Warranty to another party provided that the party reads and agrees to. accept the terms and conditions of this License Agreement And Warranty. OPERATIONAL WARNING AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS, A EXCEPT AS OTHERWISE CONTAINED HEREIN the PRODUCTS and related. documentation are provided to you AS IS IN NO EVENT SHALL GROM BE. LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES CLAIM OR LOSS INCURRED BY YOU INCLUDING. WITHOUT LIMITATION COMPENSATORY INCIDENTAL INDIRECT SPECIAL. stream transmission or broadcast to be visible to the driver while the vehicle is in motion you agree not to use any visual component of vline while in control of a moving vehicle where doing so would be illegal or dangerous to vehicle occupants or bystanders doing otherwise can lead to serious injury or death to you and others please find

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