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Dear customer, Thank you for purchasing the best system on the market for your FORD F250 4x4. Truck We are sure you will be happy with this system when your installation is. complete Please take your time during the installation and be sure to do it. correctly Completely read the directions before starting your installation so you. know what to expect Remember your personal safety depends on it Should you. have any questions during this installation feel free to give our tech line a call. 518 270 9822 and we will be happy to help you,Note BE SURE TO CHECK ALL FASTENERS FOR. PROPER TORQUE BEFORE TEST DRIVING,RECHECK AFTER 500 MILES AND BE SURE TO. CHECK PERIODICALLY,Note DO NOT DISCARD THIS MANUAL REBUILD. PARTS COMPONENTS SPECIFIC TO THIS KIT,ARE LISTED WITH PART NUMBERS AT THE END.
OF THIS MANUAL, Read and understand all instructions warnings and safety precautions in these. instructions and your owner s manual before attempting to install these. components, Proper installation of Pure Performance Products requires knowledge of. recommended procedures for disassembly assembly of OE vehicles and. components Access to OE shop manuals and special tools are required. Attempting to install this kit without knowledge of these procedures may affect the. safety of your vehicle and or the performance of these components Pure. Performance strongly recommends that a certified mechanic with off road. experience install this system, Pure Performance does not recommend combined use of suspension lifts body lifts. or other lift devices Combined use of lifts may result in unsafe and unexpected. handling characteristics Also many states now have laws restricting. Vehicle lifts bumper heights and other alterations Consult local laws to. determine if your proposed alterations including installation of this system. comply with your state laws, Pure Performance recommends the use of loctite on all hardware unless noted. Properly block and secure vehicle prior to installation. Always wear safety glasses when using power tools, The use of limiting straps is recommended to avoid possible damage from over.
extending the suspension of your vehicle,Helpful hint. Do not tighten connections until assemblies are installed in entirety. Start with the rear suspension This is easier and it will get you warmed up for the front. suspension, 1 Block the front wheels in place Jack the rear of the vehicle up a minimum of 6 Place jack stands under the. frame as far back as possible Be sure to check for ABS lines emergency brake cables brake lines and breather. tubes becoming tight while jacking the rear of the vehicle Unbolt or relocate as necessary. 2 Remove the rear wheels and tires, 3 Remove the OEM rear shocks and save the hardware for reuse. 4 Remove U bolts retaining axle to the rear springs and move axle several inches away from springs. 5 Inspect the spring pads springs and repair replace as needed. 6 a For the X Factor Systems Only Install the supplied sheet metal lift blocks under the factory lift block. Secure the leaf springs new blocks and the factory block to the axle with the supplied U Bolts Evenly torque the. U Bolts using an X tightening sequence to 85 ft lbs The bump stop pad goes to the inside of the vehicle just. like the OEM cast blocks, Please note For 2008 2016 Super Duties we supply a new top retaining plate for the u bolts as well This. is so you can properly center the rear axle Choose the pin hole you like best in the fabricated lift blocks and go. from there It is typically the forward most hole that centers the rear axle correctly in our opinion Offset the u bolt. top plate accordingly, Fabbed Block w Multiple Centering Pins New U Bolt Top Plate.
New U Bolt Top Plate Top Plate and U Bolts Installed. b For Triple Threat Systems Only Place C Clamps on the OEM leaf spring so the centering pin and. heavy over load springs can be safely removed, C Clamp on Stock Springs Add A Pack Prior to Installation. Please Note If you find out the add a pack with stock pack is too firm for you you can remove one or two. of the small leaves at the bottom of the add a pack as shown below and reinstall. Leaves removed from mini pack prior to installation. Install the supplied custom mini spring pack by bolting it to the bottom of the OEM spring pack using the newly. supplied centering pin Make sure the leafs are all aligned then use the C Clamps again to tighten the pack together. Snug up the centering pin tightening it 30 to 40 ft lbs Then secure the axle to the new spring pack with the supplied. U Bolts Evenly torque the U Bolts using an X tightening sequence to 85 ft lbs In some instances for. example dually owners who want to keep the factory over load spring this can be reinstalled underneath the mini. pack as shown below It will create a firmer than normal ride This is only for those of you who tow a lot of weight. and tow often such as dually owners In some cases the cross pins will need to be bolted in after the pack is fully. assembled and lowered back to the ground,Mini Pack Installed. Shown with Heavy Over Load Installed under the Mini Pack for Dually Owners. Please Note For 2008 2016 Applications prior to securing the OEM spring with mini packs the supplied. fabbed blocks must be installed replacing the OEM cast blocks in order to set the ride height correctly. c For Chase Series Systems Only Remove the factory leaf springs from the vehicle completely Save all. hardware for reuse Install the new leaf spring packs in the same orientation as factory right over the factory blocks. Evenly torque the new supplied U Bolts using an X tightening sequence to 85 ft lbs. Please Note For 05 07 Trucks we convert you over to 08 16 leaf springs for better ride and better. performance Please follow the below steps to complete the process. C1 Grind an X in the head of the 6 factory rivets which retain the front leaf spring hanger to the frame. C2 Using an air hammer chisel remove the rivet heads and push them through the frame. C3 Remove the hanger and clean the frame rail about 8 in front and behind the front hanger mounting. C4 Looking at the frame you ll have 6 holes three on each side from removing the bracket Insert a 1 2. 1 5 Grade 8 bolt with a 1 2 washer into the REAR Upper and lower mounting holes of the removed hanger. C5 Using the FRONT upper and lower mounting holes on the frame install the bracket so the REAR of. the bracket installs into the upper and lower frame holes that previously mounted the FRONT of the mount This. will index the leaf springs forward from their original mount Only the upper and lower holes will line up the other. 4 will need to be drilled once the bracket is tightened using the upper and lower mounting holes as an index. C6 Drill the other 4 holes with a 1 2 drill bit and secure the remaining 4 mounting points using 1 2. 1 5 Grade 8 hardware with a washer and nyloc on each side of the assembly You will need 4 1 2 x 2 bolts with. washers and nylocs to re secure the spare tire crossmember as well When you move the bracket forward 2 of the 3. rivets that retained the rear of the factory located hanger secured the spare tire crossmember As these holes are now. un utilized you will need to secure the upper two open holes with the abovementioned hardware. C7 Torque all the newly installed hardware to 80 ft lbs. C8 Install passenger side leaf spring into the front hanger and attach the shackle to the rear hanger and spin. the nuts on hand tight Final torquing will be done on the ground with the weight of the truck on the leaf springs. Attach leaf springs to the axle with supplied U Bolts torquing to 115ftlbs In a cross pattern. 7 Install the new shocks of your choice with the OEM hardware. Please note the following, If you are installing Pure Performance Prodigy Shocks we supply a custom nut for the frame connection Be sure to. apply red Loctite when torqueing accordingly,Custom Rear Upper Shock Nut Shown. When Installing Reservoir or Bypass Shocks the reservoir attaches to the body as shown and away from the axle. tubes Otherwise the reservoir can contact the axle tube and cause damage to the shock. 2 5 8 Bypass Reservoir Applications Required, 8 If you system included rear stainless steel brake lines install them now Do not bleed the brake lines until the.
installation is complete Be sure to bleed the brake system prior to driving the vehicle Otherwise proceed to the. 9 Reinstall the rims and tires Remove the vehicle from the jack stands and get ready for the front end. It is time to do the front suspension, 1 Block the rear wheels and make sure the parking brake is applied. 2 Jack up the front end at least 6 place jack stands under the front of the frame as far forward as possible. 3 Remove the front rims and tires,4 Remove the following items. a Remove Sway bar end links and discard them since they will not be reused. b Remove the front shocks front coil springs and discard them since they will not be reused. c Remove front control arms and retain the factory hardware. d Remove the front track bar and discard it for it will not be reused. 5 Now it s time to relocate or replace the front brake lines. For the X Factor and X Factor Plus Series relocate the factory brake line holes by drilling 2 25 diameter. holes down and reinstall the front brake line See picture below For all other series replace the stock line with the. supplied stainless steel lines at this time Do not bleed the brake system until the installation is complete and prior. to driving the vehicle,05 07 Super Duty 08 Super Duty. 6 Grab the newly supplied radius arm drop brackets or dropped four link mounts Follow the instructions below. based on the year of your application,For 2005 2010 Models. Slide the supplied x 5 0 long bolt with washers through the hole not being used to mount one of the new 4 Link. or stock radius arms This will allow the mount to sit in place so you do not have to try to hold more than one part. with only two hands While having one 3 4 bolt in the front of the bracket in place swing the new mount up to the. frame and install 2 of the supplied 7 16 bolts with washers and nuts into the back slotted holes of each bracket up. through the matching holes in the frame Some models may have to unbolt an exhaust bracket and drop the hardware. down from the inside of the frame rail for clearance of this bracket when it is re bolted into place. For 2011 2016 Models, Support the transmission cross member Do one side at a time Remove the nuts that hold the cross member in.
place While having one 3 4 bolt in the front of the bracket in place swing the long arm mount up to the factory. cross member studs and re use the factory nuts to fasten the new long arm mount to the cross member Make sure all. the hardware is loosely installed before tightening anything down. 2011 Dropped 4 Link Mount Shown,For 2017 Pres Models. Trim the pinch seam in front of the tranny cross member mounting bolts on both sides as shown below so the. supplied mounts will fit in place properly,2017 Pres Pinch Weld Seem Trimming Operation. If you have the ability weld the seam back together if not not a big deal Then apply a durable finish of your. choice to prevent rust While supporting the tranny cross member remove the tranny cross member nuts one side at. a time and slide on the radius arm drop bracket or 4 link mounts in place Please note there is a specific driver. side and passenger side for this so be sure to fit them in place prior to securing tightly Once the mounts are moched. into position put one supplied x 5 long bolt loosely through the mount and the OEM radius arm mount Then. tighten the cross member bolts first, 7 For all X Factor and Triple Threat Systems reattach the OEM radius arm to the newly supplied radius arm. drop brackets with the OEM radius arm mounting hardware at the frame All Plus and Chase Systems Skip this. 8 For All Plus and Chase Systems X Factor and Triple Threat Skip This Step Install the 4 Link Arms. Set all front upper control arms to 32 5 16 from center bolt hole to center bolt hole The front upper control arm. is the shorter of the two Insert the Prodigy Joint into the new 4 Link Mount in the upper most hole and secure it. using the supplied x 5 0 bolt washers and nylok nuts Attach the front upper control arm to the axle using the. OEM hardware Grab the front lower control arm and set it to the following. 2005 2016 Super Duties 37 1 2 from center of bolt hole to center of bolt hole. 2017 Pres Super Duties 37 7 8 from center of bolt hole to center of bolt hole. Insert the front lower control arm into the bottom most hole in new four link bracket and secure it with the supplied. x 4 5 bolt washers and nylok nuts Attach the front lower control arm to the axle using the OEM hardware. 4 Link Long Arm Mounts 2005 2010 Model Shown,4 Link Long Arm Mounts 2017 Model Shown. 8 Let s install the Front Track Bar,For 2005 2016 Models.
The starting operating dimension for the 4 0 kits Front Track Bar is 38 3 8 from the center of the adjustable joint. to the center of the tapered hole Do not allow for more than of thread to show past either jam nut for final. assembly The adjustable joint goes to the frame connection using the OEM hardware The tapered end secures to. the ball joint on the axle Torque the OEM hardware at the frame to 200 to 249 ft lbs and the nut at the axle to 180. to 200 ft lbs Be sure to tighten the jam nut with the orientation of the track bar set By loosening both jam nuts up. installation manual for pure performance 05 pres f250 ford super duty 3 5 4 0 systems fourth edition 04 25 17

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