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Message from the President,Dear Friends, Happy 45th anniversary to all of you It s you and the donors families businesses and friends who came. before you who have helped us reach this milestone Forty five years as a community foundation is a. testament to the value individuals nonprofits families and leaders place on philanthropy in northwestern. Ohio and southeastern Michigan It resonates from the small three person nonprofit to the larger and. established organizations, We see the footprints of our donors in the journeys and work of many new young leaders We see. organizations providing food and shelter for the homeless while also training them for vocations that. break the cycle of poverty We see the arts thriving mental health gaining more equal footing with physical. health and neighborhoods that have literally risen from the ashes. We are grateful to all of you and the confidence you have placed in our investments and the programs and. strategic planning we support But our reflection on this past 45 years will be short We have work to do. We have just completed strategic planning sessions with our current and former board members and will. soon have a plan that will take us to Year 50 to advance our financial goals and community impact We are. confident that the Foundation will grow and the more it grows the bigger the impact it will have on our region. We appreciate all of you and your commitment to creating a better community for generations to come. Keith Burwell President,Working Toward a, ne of the most significant roles of the Toledo Community. Foundation is that of convener particularly for projects involv. Common Goal ing numerous entities working to solve a significant issue The. Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge which gives major cities. the chance to be named a Champion City and receive up to 1 mil. lion in funding to solve an urban problem and improve quality of life. is a perfect case in point, The Foundation worked with the City of Toledo Toledo Public Schools. the Toledo Early College High School and community leaders includ. ing Dan Johnson Father James Bacik and Tom Brady to create a. compelling proposal for the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Chal. lenge The proposed problem involves the City of Toledo s low college. graduate rate of 17 4 one of the lowest in the state The college de. gree attainment gap adversely affects wages economic growth public. health and other major attributes of a healthy and robust community. Area education and civic leaders recognize that a root cause of this. problem is the need for better access to early childhood education. Forty Five Years and Going Strong continued,TCF s support has been crucial in growing.
Toledo School for the Arts rated Excel,and improving innovative programs A couple. lent by the Ohio Department of Education, of grants we have received from the Foun offers Ohio residents a college preparatory. dation went to the core of TSA s existence academic curriculum in an intense visual and. integrating arts into academic subject matter performing arts environment Open to stu. Other grants from TCF helped TSA move a dents in grades 6 12 the school has grown. part time diversity position to a full time staff since 1999 to include nearly 700 students. position which has strengthened the diversity,within the school and in our work with organi. zations within the community A TCF workshop,on social enterprise has helped TSA become. a leader in social enterprise and workforce,development in education We are being used.
as a resource for social enterprise by schools,around the country. TCF has been one of the best advisors and,friends we could ask for Dave added The. staff meets with us every time we request,advice We have been able to build multiple. endowment opportunities and scholarships, under their assistance As a relatively new The Foundation recognized volunteers were team is so engaged and knowledgeable. nonprofit we have put together practices and essential to the Imagination Station par The reach of their efforts extends far beyond. plans that should help sustain the school into ticularly as a smaller organization said Lori northwest Ohio. the future Hauser chief executive officer of Imagination. We thank those that have given in the past,Station Every quarter we continue to see.
The Toledo Community Foundation s grant for are giving currently or might give in the future. great growth in our program, a volunteer program at Imagination Station said Keith We are looking forward with great. not only got the program off the ground it s Toledo Community Foundation has really optimism to the future. been steadily gaining momentum been an outstanding partner she said Their. In 2014 80 of kindergarteners arrived at Toledo Public Schools by the time they graduate high school Under this model cost savings. needing intervention Giving children an educational boost through to the State of Ohio at the college level would be applied to support. programs like Head Start has proven to create a successful foundation expanded pre K By driving increased enrollment at Toledo Early Col. for all future learning lege both degree attainment and early childhood education would. significantly increase, The most effective approach for solving this issue involves the exper. tise of several entities said Anneliese Grytafey J D Toledo Community Thirty five cities that present compelling proposals will be selected as. Foundation vice president Strategic Initiatives Grantmaking who Champion Cities in early 2018 Champion Cities will each receive a. helped organize the collaboration By bringing everyone to the table grant of 100 000 to engage in a six month testing phase which. we helped facilitate a collaborative proposal that has a much higher will allow them to test key assumptions about selected challenges and. chance for selection refine their proposed solutions In October 2018 four cities will be se. lected to receive 1 million prizes with one selected to receive a grand. Working together the organizations proposed an innovative funding. prize of 5 million to be used towards the implementation of solutions. model that addresses low educational attainment at both ends of the. age spectrum early childhood and college in a way that does not Toledo Community Foundation welcomes working on collaborations. require new taxes such as these said Anneliese We bring an unbiased approach to is. sues and can assist organizations with creating proposals that address. The model is driven by expanded access to Toledo Early College a. the big picture rather than individual solutions We know that funders. Toledo Public School that provides students with a two year degree. are much more likely to support these types of cooperative efforts. C A Place to Call Home,lyde Sluhan s life story could have. been very different As a young boy,growing up at the Lutheran Orphans. Home in Toledo where he lived until he was,18 and emancipated aged out from the.
With the help of Adopt America, foster system life was not always easy But Kirstina Roberts is now the proud mom. although he didn t have parental guidance of these amazing northwest Ohio kids. Clyde had many mentors in his life including,the seniors who lived in the adjacent Old. Folks home who shared with him lessons of,a can do work ethic Florence Rees his high. school English teacher taught him not to set,tle for anything less in life than what he truly. wanted while college professors and business,leaders later took him under their wing.
Some might say that Clyde thrived at The,Lutheran Orphans Home and that its environ. ment formed him into the remarkable family,man and entrepreneur that he became said. Sara Baer one of Clyde s grandchildren The,many skills he learned in the daily chores. done around the Home carpentry garden,ing and a strong work ethic stayed with him. throughout his life,Clyde s hard work perseverance and a love.
for chemistry led him and his wife Marian,to create the Master Chemical Corporation in. Perrysburg where he steered the business to,incredible growth and was a pioneer in cool. ant technology,Clyde was always grateful to the many people. who helped him along the way and it was his,personal mission to leave things better then. he found them said Sara In honor of his,commitment to philanthropy and the couple s.
quiet often behind the scenes good work his, Recently the Clyde and Marian Sluhan Memo and 28 of those children are victims of the. children and grandchildren created the Clyde, rial Fund gifted Adopt America Network with opioid epidemic. and Marian Sluhan Memorial Fund at the, Toledo Community Foundation In the spring of 2017 we met with Wendy. Adopt America Network finds permanent Spoerl president of Adopt America Network. Supporting children in the foster system, adoptive homes for children in foster care in Toledo said Sara We discussed the. seemed a perfect way to honor their, through a national network of public and pri specific challenges faced by young adults.
grandparents, vate agencies and adoptive families In 2017 in the foster care system that were in the. Through our relationship with Adopt America Adopt America Network recruited 26 new emancipation process. Network it is our hope to assist kids growing adoptive families completed 67 home studies. Emancipated young adults who have not been, up in the foster care system in Lucas County and placed 84 children in permanent homes. adopted before becoming 18 often face chal, said Sara We want to support these special AAN is currently providing specialized family. lenges in finding housing jobs and completing, young people and defray some of the ex recruitment efforts for 83 children from north. educational goals, penses faced during emancipation transition west Ohio counties The number of children in.
to independence and personal success foster care has risen 11 in the last five years. Foster Care and Adoption,By the Numbers, We were able to specify three areas of greatest Faith based communities have services with. need said Sara As a result they decided to engaged audiences every week or weekend Number of children in foster care. earmark our gift to support 2018 programs for With the amount of churches and places of. 437 465 United States, emancipated youth 10 000 for education worship in northwest Ohio there are ample op. and training 5 000 for drivers training and portunities to have the display viewed resulting 13 683 Ohio. 10 000 for food clothing and housing costs in more opportunities to find permanent 1 285 NW Ohio. homes for children, The funding from the Clyde and Marian Number of children who. Sluhan Memorial Fund is a tremendous way Our goal is to find an adoptive family for cannot return home. to address the needs of the young adults who every child in foster care said Wendy We re 191 364 United States. must begin a new life out of the foster system tenacious It is not okay to us when a child 3 421 Ohio. said Wendy When these young people age has another birthday in foster care Help. 314 NW Ohio, out of the system they often face challenges ing a child find a permanent home not only. Number of children who,aged out in 2016, Our goal is to find an adoptive family for 56 507 United States.
every child in foster care Helping a child find 895 Ohio. a permanent home not only benefits that child 62 NW Ohio. it also benefits the community Number of children,awaiting adoption. Wendy Spoerl Adopt America Network 117 794 United States. 2 421 Ohio, most young adults are not dealing with like benefits that child it also benefits the com 174 NW Ohio. homelessness medical and mental health munity and the county Lucas County 2017 records show. issues and isolation, To support its efforts Adopt America Network n 1 000 children in foster care. In addition to the 25 000 gift from the Clyde has received 230 000 in funding through. n 59 of new cases involved, and Marian Sluhan Memorial Fund Adopt Toledo Community Foundation over the past. parents using drugs, America Network recently received 25 000 in 10 years.
funding from Toledo Community Foundation s n 30 of the new cases were. We have a really good rapport and working due to opiate addiction. Community Funds for the Northwest Ohio,relationship with the Foundation said Wendy. Heart Gallery The Heart Gallery is a travelling n 300 licensed foster homes. They know me and they understand how, display of photos of some of the 211 children the need is for twice that many. Adopt America Network works,who are in the foster care system in northwest. Ohio and are waiting for an adoptive home We can turn to Toledo Community Foundation. Call Lucas County Children Services,for their expertise in collaborative opportuni. The Heart Gallery is a creative approach that at 419 213 3336 to explore becoming. ties said Wendy They offer advice and, has been successful in other cities across the a foster parent.
guidance with funding opportunities There,nation said Wendy Currently there are only. have been numerous donor advised and To learn more about how you can. a few Heart Galleries in Ohio and until now, other funds through the Foundation that help a child waiting in foster care call. there were none in northwest Ohio, have provided funding for us over the years Adopt America Network at 419 726 5100. ing Dan Johnson Father James Bacik and Tom Brady to create a compelling proposal for the Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Chal lenge The proposed problem involves the City of Toledo s low college graduate rate of 17 4 one of the lowest in the state The college de gree attainment gap adversely affects wages economic growth public

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