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At Emhart creating the future is about growth about change and about taking risks . It is who we are and what we do Our focus is to reduce the overall product assembly costs of our. customers by anticipating needs and meeting those needs with technology and market driven. solutions , Emhart is a global leader in the design and creation of unique assembly technologies delivering depth. and breadth of service and product through a flexible cross functional global organization . Owning The Customer s Total Experience, We provide every customer with the capability to satisfy every aspect of fastening and assembly. technology From concept through installation around the corner and around the globe Emhart. develops and delivers solutions for challenging assembly applications . Technology Optimization Emhart has the ability to objectively match customer priorities applications and manufacturing. Creating the Future Worldwide , environment with the most appropriate assembly technology and fastening systems We provide this. capability through Application Engineers and Mobile Stationary and Virtual Innovation Centers located. around the world Each is electronically linked capable of sharing application data and new design. concepts with each other as well as with our customers . System Integration Emhart provides technological solutions in over 100 different countries For each of these countries and. for every application we deliver innovative integrated systems solutions from concept and design. through system integration worldwide , Product Consultancy Emhart employs Application Analysis and Value Engineering to demonstrate how our technology can. enhance the assembly process and Value Analysis to detail the cost benefit relationship of applying. our technologies , Innovative Services Emhart is infused with the spirit and culture of innovation From our Stationary Innovation Centers to.
our unique Mobile Innovation Centers Emhart, has built a worldwide service and technology. infrastructure to support our customers , 24 hours a day seven days a week . DODGE GRIPCO HELI COIL NPR PARKER KALON POP TUCKER WARREN. Wire Inserts, Wire Inserts, , Heli Coil precision formed wire inserts are readily recognized and. highly regarded products in the industry Since its inception in 1938 Heli Coil has. been identified as an industry leader offering products with superior performance . reliability and integrity , Our strict quality programs ensure that we meet the latest industry standards of QS. and ISO as is evident in our track record of consistently passing audits without. technical findings Our SPC and detailed inspection programs elevate our quality. levels well above our competitors , Heli Coil wire inserts are manufactured with over 60 years of experience We are.
dedicated to exceeding our customer s expectations by providing innovative value . added design and engineering services on time deliveries and excellent customer. service support Heli Coil is committed to developing superior products manufac . tured to only the highest quality standards We are more than just a supplier we. are a business partner , Heli Coil is a registered trademark of Emhart Teknologies Inc . Emhart Teknologies Heli Coil Bulletin 2003 Tel 203 924 4737 Fax 800 732 3116 www emhart com CERTIFIED 3. ISO 9001 OS 9000, Mexico Tel 52 5 326 7100 Fax 52 5 326 7141 ISO 14001. Contents, Page, Heli Coil Inserts, Description 5 6 7. Technical Data, Materials 8, Coatings and Plating 9. Locking Torque Data 10, Corrosion Protection 11, Insert Specifications 12 13.
Design Considerations 14, Process Procedures 15, Drilling. Recommended drill sizes specifications 16 17, Tapping. Tapping depths and Pitch diameters 18 19, Tap Part Numbers 20 22. Tap Dimensions 21 23, Gaging, Gaging practice part numbers 24 25. Installation Tooling, Types and service 26, Hand Inserting Tools 27.
Power Inserting Tools 28 29 30, Tang Break Off Extraction Tools 31. Tangless , Inserts 32, Tools 33, Heli Coil Kits, Thread Repair Kits Master Sets 34. Tangless is a registered trademark of Advanex Inc . 4 CERTIFIED www emhart com Emhart Teknologies Heli Coil Bulletin 2003 Tel 203 924 4737 Fax 800 732 3116. ISO 9001 OS 9000, ISO 14001 Mexico Tel 52 5 326 7100 Fax 52 5 326 7141. Heli Coil screw thread inserts, Types of Inserts Heli Coil inserts are preci . There are two designs of sion formed screw thread coils. Heli Coil inserts worked into a diamond shape , STANDARD which provides The resultant surface finish is.
a smooth free running a mirror like 8 16 micro inches . thread and SCREW LOCK This wire is then wound into a. which provides self locking spiral coil which when installed. torque on the male member into Heli Coil tapped holes pro . vides permanent conventional, by a series of chords on. 60 internal screw threads , one or more of the insert. This assembled insert accom , coils They are available in modates any standard bolt or. inch series coarse and fine screw MIL S 7742 and MIL S . and metric series coarse 8879 UNJ controlled radius. and fine Inch series Screw root male threaded members . Lock inserts are dyed red for See page 8 for material avail . identification ability , Heli Coil inserts are larger in. diameter before installation, than the tapped hole During.
installation the inserting tool, applies torque to the tang re . ducing the diameter of the, leading coil permitting it to en . ter the tapped thread After in , stallation each high tensile. stainless steel coil of the insert, expands outward with a spring . like action permanently an , choring the insert , Standard Heli Coil Insert.
Illustration of the Retention Principle, Size Range . UNC 2 through 1 1 2, UNF 2 through 1 1 2, Metric Coarse M2 through. M39, Metric Fine M8 through M39, Inserts are also available in. UNEF UNS 8UN 12UN 16UN , Spark Plug and Pipe Thread . Screw Lock Heli Coil Insert, Emhart Teknologies Heli Coil Bulletin 2003 Tel 203 924 4737 Fax 800 732 3116 www emhart com CERTIFIED 5.
ISO 9001 OS 9000, Mexico Tel 52 5 326 7100 Fax 52 5 326 7141 ISO 14001. Heli Coil screw thread inserts, FEATURES , BENEFITS . Heli Coil inserts provide locking swaging or keying in High Production. a positive means for protecting place the outward spring like Heli Coil inserts are available. and strengthening tapped threads action of the insert holds it in mounted on plastic strips and. in any material The unique place wound onto reels 500 or 1000. design features of the insert offer inserts per reel With power. Minimize Space Weight installation tooling use of strip. many benefits , Heli Coil inserts allow use of feed inserts will substantially. Stronger Assemblies smaller bosses flanges and increase installation rates by. Tapped threads are strength fasteners than any other insert minimizing handling . ened because the inherent Heli Coil inserts can generally. flexibility of the insert provides be incorporated in existing. a more balanced distribution of designs where no provision Universal Acceptance. dynamic and static loads has been made for an insert Heli Coil Standard and Screw . throughout the length of thread without increasing boss size lock Inserts are the original and. engagement This flexibility also have an extensive background of. Minimize Total Cost tension torque shear vibration. compensates for variation in, Cost savings abound Lower and fatigue tests conducted by. lead and angle error allowing, insert cost lower installation American industry s leading.
each coil to carry its share of the, cost and Heli Coil inserts companies as well as the U S . load , provide design flexibility by Military Successful applications. No Thread Wear allowing a wide choice of in the fields of aviation electron . Thread life is dramatically parent materials while main ics industrial automotive and. increased even after repeated taining maximum threaded military equipment provide a. assembly and disassembly assembly strength wealth of experience and confi . because the insert hardness dence in the performance and. True Clamping Torque , and surface finish practically reliability of Heli Coil inserts . Maximum clamping action and, eliminate erosion of the. bolt tension are assured with, thread form due to friction .
minimum wrench torque be Total Design Service, Corrosion Resistance cause of the mirror smooth In addition to the benefits listed. Under normal environmental surface finish of Heli Coil above Heli Coil provides a wide. conditions Heli Coil inserts inserts range of support to solve fasten . minimize galvanic action ing problems This manual is one. Wide Temperature Range , within the threaded assembly of them the following pages are. Heli Coil stainless steel inserts, because of their superior cor presented in a manner to make it. can be used in temperatures, rosion resistance easy to design in Heli Coil. ranging from 320 F to, inserts to take advantage of the.
Design Flexibility 800 F , extraordinary benefits they. Bolt tensile strength can be provide , Quality Reliability . balanced against parent mate , Stringent Quality Assurance. rial shear strength assuring Additionally our Sales Engineers . and Engineering Standards are, bolt failure rather than parent Applications Engineers and. rigidly enforced in all phases of, material damage Five insert Design Engineers are available for.
the manufacturing process , lengths are available in each consultation of specific designs . This assures integrity of your, thread size When the product gets to the. product design , manufacturing phase our exten , Eliminate Stress sive experience in production. Virtually no stress is intro tooling and installation tech . duced into the parent material niques ensures that you can. because there is no staking indeed make your product better. with Heli Coil inserts , 6 CERTIFIED www emhart com Emhart Teknologies Heli Coil Bulletin 2003 Tel 203 924 4737 Fax 800 732 3116. ISO 9001 OS 9000, ISO 14001 Mexico Tel 52 5 326 7100 Fax 52 5 326 7141.
Heli Coil screw locking thread inserts, LOCKING FEATURES BENEFITS . Heli Coil offers three types of,locking inserts for multiple appli . cations ,Screw Lock Inserts , Positive self locking torque . complying with NASM 8846 , MA1565 and MIL N 25027 . A resilient locking mechanism, applies to Heli Coil screw lock.
inserts that grips the bolt and, Locks Adjustment Inaccessible or Lock Set Screws . prevents it from loosening Screws This simple Miniaturized Positively locks. under vibration or impact design allows Assemblies Heli Coil assembly against. permanent positive Screw Lock insert loosening at desired. Repeated assembly and disas adjustment of screws permits the installa adjustment . sembly without appreciable in any position tion of the lock from protects threads. loss of self locking torque secure against the front or top No against stripping. vibration or impact blind fumbling for under high torque . Savings in space weight and assembly of lock permits use of light. money through the elimina washers or lock nuts housing materials . tion of lock wiring lock nuts behind or under , neath . lock washers chemical com , pounds plastic pellets patches The locking action is achieved by one or more of the insert. and other locking mechanisms coils having a series of straight segments or chords When. the bolt enters the grip coil these chordal segments flex. outward creating pressure on the bolt The pressure is exerted. Hi Torque Inserts between the flanks of the bolt thread to establish an extensive. Similar to Screw Lock except positive and consistent self locking torque over more cycles. higher prevailing torque com than any other prevailing torque mechanism . pensates for reduced friction in, highly lubricated applications . Ideal for higher vibration Military Standards, applications Heli Coil inserts and tooling MA1567 Insert Screw.
Approximate 40 increase in comply with the following Stan Thread Helical Coil Metric. prevailing torque levels dards and Specifications Series Standard Dimensions . Available in 10 through 3 8 Assembly, NASM 122076 thru. UNF only NASM 122275 Insert corro MA3279 3280 3281 Insert . Meets AS3094 3095 3096 sion resistant Helical Coil Screw Thread Helical Coil. 3097 Coarse Thread Inch Series Metric Series Screw Locking. NASM 124651 thru A A 59158 Tools for insert ,Stud Lock Inserts ing and extracting Helical Coil. NASM 124850 Insert corro , Highest prevailing torque insert sion resistant Helical Coil Fine Inserts. available Thread Inch Series FED STD H28 Screw Thread. Enables use of threaded rod for, NASM 21209 Insert Screw Standards for Federal Services. space saving stud applications , Thread Self Locking Inch AS3094 thru 3097.
Allows for any class fit of Series , threaded rod AS3080 thru 3083. NASM 33537 Insert Stan Special Locking Torque Inserts. Eliminates inconsistencies, dard Dimensions Assembly. caused by interference fit studs , Note Heli Coil Hi Torque and Stud . DODGE GRIPCO HELI Creating the Future Worldwide COIL NPR PARKER KALON POP TUCKER WARREN At Emhart creating the future is about growth about change and about taking risks

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