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BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES 7,Employee and Patron Health Concerns 7. Managing Entry and Exits 8,Operating the Venue and Payments 10. Communal Facilities and Spaces 16,Managing Emergency Evacuation 19. Staff Training 19,EMPLOYER OBLIGATIONS 20,APPLICABLE PUBLIC HEALTH DIRECTIONS 21. REVIEW AND RISK MANAGEMENT 21,RESOURCES AND LINKS 23.
STATEMENT OF COMPLIANCE 24,APPENDIX 1 CHECKLISTS 25. COVID SAFE CHECKLIST Food and beverage areas 25, COVID SAFE CHECKLIST Reception entry and exit offices and communal areas 29. COVID SAFE CHECKLIST Gaming rooms 32, COVID SAFE CHECKLIST Entertainment DJ and live entertainment areas including nightclubs 35. COVID SAFE CHECKLIST Adult Entertainment areas 38,APPENDIX 2 40. This document is designed specifically for Clubs Hotels Nightclubs and Adult Entertainment to be. able to develop an individual venue Risk Management Approach to COVID 19 and is scalable to suit. different sized venues At all times venues must meet the Queensland Chief Health Officer s current. Public Health Directions While Queensland Health are the lead agency for the declared health. emergency Workplace Health and Safety Queensland WHSQ also provides further advice and. guidance This plan is to be updated when and if the Chief Health Officers Public Health Directions. Venues may choose to opt in to the Plan in order operate with extended limits during Stage 3 of the. Queensland Government Roadmap to easing Queensland s restrictions The Venue must. Follow and comply with all the requirements in the Plan. Sign and date the Statement of Compliance on your business premises. Compile this information and retain, The purpose of the Statement of Compliance is to enable businesses to demonstrate to the.
community and the relevant government authorities that they are following the Industry COVID Safe. Plan You are not required to submit your Statement of Compliance for approval However a. relevant Queensland Government enforcement officer can check compliance at any time and or. may ask for a copy of the signed Statement of Compliance All operating businesses should be. following the work health and safety guidelines, This plan will form part of the venues overall COVID Safe Operating Plan and Procedures Not all. controls will be practicable in all venues and the guidance contained within should provide the. framework for each venue to adopt to its individual operational needs and differences Each venue. should develop a detailed management plan specific to their needs and operational areas based on. the critical elements of this document Measures must be scalable effective and achievable for your. individual operation, The plan does not replace or omit the food safety requirements including cleaning and hygiene. standards of food businesses under the Queensland Food Act 2006 and subsequently the Australia. New Zealand Food Standards Code,KEY PRINCIPLES, Key outcomes for all venues must be based on the major mechanisms to reduce transmission. Wherever the below terms are mentioned the following definition and requirement is applied The. plan must constantly address the following key principles that are critical in reducing the risk of. transmission of COVID 19 They will be referred to throughout the document. Physical Distancing physical distancing is observed to the extent possible as per health. protocols Patrons must be seated while drinking Drinking may occur at the bar where. patrons are seated and appropriately physically distanced Otherwise patrons may order and. pay for their drinks at the bar but then return to their seat to consume the drink Patrons are. to be encouraged not to mingle with other groups and move unnecessarily around the venue. to minimise risk of spread of infection, Record Keeping Collecting information of people who visit your business as patrons or. other e g contractors is vital to ensure that if required effective contact tracing can occur. Contact information must include name email physical address and phone number as well. as the time at which they attended the venue Signing in is compulsory signing out or. providing an estimated duration of attendance is recommended This is for the protection of. venue staff patrons and Queensland communities Contact information must be kept for 56. days as outlined in the Restrictions on Businesses Activities and Undertakings Direction. Maximum occupancy Venue Capacity as per health protocols This applies to areas of the. business that are open to or used by the public For Example for a caf or restaurant The. dining area but not the kitchen Under stage 3 the maximum number of patrons permitted. in any venue at any one time is determined by the 4 square metre sqm rule 1 person per 4. sqm unless your venue is under 200sqm Smaller venues with a floor space of less than 200. sqm can have up to 1 person per 2 sqm to a maximum total of 50 patrons at a time Personal. Hygiene and Infection Control All measures compliment the workplaces current policies on. disease control and that the measures utilised are based on information provided by. Queensland Health and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. Declared COVID 19 hotspots a list of declared hotspots can be found at. https www qld gov au health conditions health alerts coronavirus covid 19 current. status hotspots covid 19, Dancing is not permitted under this Industry COVID Safe Plan unless the activity is undertaken.
in accordance with the Restrictions on Businesses Activities and Undertakings Direction. No 5 or its successor or an approved Industry COVID Safe Plan Dancing is only permitted. in the form of a structured exercise class in accordance with the industry COVID Safe Plan for. Fitness Facilities or for an adult entertainment performance as defined in the Adult. Entertainment Checklist in this plan, Following the published Queensland Chief Health Officers Public Health Directions These. may change over time and may vary the conditions established in this plan. INTERACTION BETWEEN APPROVED INDUSTRY COVID SAFE PLANS. If there are multiple activities being undertaken at your venue for example dining sports fitness. or recreational several approved industry plans may apply If this is the case apply the following. Where there is clear separation between the activities e g dining and sport the relevant. plan applies to the relevant area You will need to display the COVID Safe Statement of. Compliance for the appropriate plan in each area, This plan complements the relevant sporting plan that applies to outdoor sports such as golf. or bowls The sporting activity itself is covered by the Outdoor Sports Industry plan while. this plan addresses clubhouses and the food and drink services operating within the. clubhouse and associated outdoor areas, Where the activities cross over for example amenities entry exits carparks. o Where possible these areas of cross over need to be minimised Such as designating. a particular entry exit amenities and carpark for each activity. o Where the cross over cannot be minimised a decision needs to be made as to which. plan takes priority in which common area and will be followed. For instance the entry exit carpark and amenities may be common to both. activities and will be managed under the dinning plan. In this case the entity responsible for the dining plan will need to ensure. these areas are appropriately managed and the separate groups from the. dining and sport activity do not intermingle, Where a business is operating alongside of a not for profit community group the business would. normally take responsibility for managing the shared or common areas. The approved Industry plans are located at www COVID19 qld gov au. CHECKLISTS, Venues are to utilise checklists to evaluate each area for the known risks and proposed methods of.
control It is advised that each of these Risk and Control checklists are displayed in each respective. area to remind staff whilst ensuring customers the venue is providing a safe environment for them. Checklists,COVID Safe Checklist Food and Beverage Areas. COVID Safe Checklist Reception entry and exit offices and communal areas. COVID Safe Checklist Gaming Rooms, COVID Safe Checklist Entertainment DJ and Live Entertainment areas. COVID Safe Checklist Entertainment Adult Entertainment areas. Each of these checklists covers as applicable,Physical Distancing. Record Keeping,Wellbeing of staff,Hygiene and cleaning. Deliveries contractors and visitors attending the premises. Venues will use these checklists as a guide for each respective area Each venue must assess risk based. on its layout and other factors The checklists provided cover most items for consideration and can. be simply adjusted to suit individual venue needs,BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES.
Each venue must adapt their own plan but all measures prescribed must achieve the following. objectives and ensure compliance with all existing Workplace Health and Safety Queensland. requirements as prescribed by the Act, The measures ensure compliance with CHO directions and the plan is amended as required to reflect. any changes in CHO Directions, Each venue has a reporting and investigation process in place to identify and rectify system failures to. prevent any reoccurrence, Regular review by key staff and management using feedback of staff to create a cycle of continuous. improvement to processes and procedures, Each venue must have provision for external reporting to industry regulators including but not limited. to the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation and Queensland Health. The following are risks that are common across the industry and contribute to the above checklists. including risk and risk mitigation strategies,EMPLOYEE AND PATRON HEALTH CONCERNS.
As restrictions are wound back there may be some concern from some staff members and. visiting patrons regarding their health,What we are doing to keep you safe. Employees will be given training to respond swiftly and report on any presumed cases of. COVID 19 in the venue, Employees are instructed to stay home if they do not feel well are exhibiting any indicators. and are instructed to contact a manager if they notice a co worker or visitor with a cough. shortness of breath or other known symptoms of COVID 19. Employees who are exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID 19 while at the venue will be. instructed to immediately notify their manager and follow individual duty of care. requirements, Signage will be displayed throughout the venue regarding COVID Safe practices. If a venue is alerted to a presumptive case of COVID 19 staff will work with the Queensland. Health Department Government to follow the appropriate actions recommended. MANAGING ENTRY AND EXITS, Area of entry or exit may not allow patrons to egress whilst practicing appropriate physical. distancing, Entries exits may be manual doors or openings that require people to touch and could result.
in contamination, People may congregate in the area waiting for another patron or taxi and not maintain. physical distancing,Contaminated person can enter or exit this area. What we are doing to keep you safe, Where possible using physical barriers floor markers to direct our patrons and ensure. physical distancing requirements are met, Where possible we have provided a separate exit point. We have removed or appropriately placed furniture in entry area to minimise congregation of. people and maintain physical distancing measures, Taxi pick up areas moved suitably away from entry and physical distancing signage and floor.
markings provided, Signage is prevalent directing our staff and patrons of their role in helping This includes. general information signage such as, o Notice to all patrons to not enter the venue if they. are unwell, have been in close contact with a known case of COVID. have COVID 19 symptoms, have travelled overseas in the previous 14 days or. have been to a declared COVID 19 hotspot in the previous 14 days. The list of declared hotspots may be found at, www qld gov au health conditions health alerts coronavirus covid.
19 current status hotspots covid 19, o Businesses have the right to refuse service and insist that anyone with these criteria. leaves the premises, o Patrons must sign in when they arrive at the venue providing their name phone. email physical address and a sign in time patrons are encouraged to provide a sign. out time or estimated duration of visit to ensure efficient contact tracing if required. Sign out is not required where there is a documented procedure that restricts time. period e g 2 hours maximum dining time per table, o Patrons must adhere to all directions of staff and leave the premises if requested to. o Hand and respiratory hygiene is essential and details on this. o Physical distancing awareness, o Floor markings for suitable physical distancing and. o Encouraging patrons to download the COVID SAFE app. Staff are trained in all COVID Safe measures and are empowered to supervise and enforce all. aspects of our plans to ensure we are a COVID safe venue. Regular Cleaning of entry exit doors and other touchpoints. Cleaning and hygiene measures are known and followed at all times All such measures are. based on CHO and Work Health and Safety Queensland Guidelines in terms of types of. cleaners used how they are used and the frequency they are to be used to ensure best. contractor contact tracing details are to be completed to provide further safety of workers 2 Contents Cover Sheet for COVID Safe Plan Submissions Error Bookmark not defined PURPOSE 3 COVID SAFE CHECKLIST FOOD AND BEVERAGE AREAS 6 COVID SAFE CHECKLIST RECEPTION ENTRY AND EXIT OFFICES AND COMMUNAL AREAS 9 COVID SAFE CHECKLIST GAMING ROOMS When permitted

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