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Message from the Program Director, Queen s University has a long and proud. tradition of training many of Canada s leading, Human Resources and Industrial Relations. professionals , For over seventy five years we have offered. graduate education programming that enables, our alumni to make informed and decisive. contributions to the employment landscape , Our core and elective course offerings are.
delivered by leading experts in their fields , ensuring our students are well prepared to. meet the challenges and opportunities, offered by contemporary workplaces Beyond. the classroom the student experience is, enhanced by the opportunity to participate in. our regular speaker series and the annual, inter university negotiations competitions . Graduates of the MIR program provide, leadership cutting edge practice and policy.
direction to many of Canada s most visible, corporations unions non profit organizations . and governments , Choose Queen s MIR and equip yourself. with exceptional training skills and abilities to. propel your future career , Richard Chaykowski, MIR Program. Director,mir queensu ca, Queen s Professional MIR is a part time . multidisciplinary program designed expressly,for experienced managers and senior.
professionals who are seeking to enhance their,knowledge skills and confidence for leadership. roles in labour relations and human resources,management Students benefit from the practical. experience and knowledge of regularly,scheduled guest speakers who are leaders in the. broader field of industrial relations ,Program Features. Relevant applied and leading edge learning is a PMIR. trademark As organizations respond to demographic . social economic technological and environmental, changes the PMIR program is preparing a new generation.
of leaders ,A Strong Curriculum,The core curriculum focuses on the principles and. approaches associated with human resources, management organizational behaviour labour law and. labour relations and labour economics Through a wide. variety of elective courses students individualize their. studies ,A Flexible Class Schedule, Combining full time work personal responsibilities and. part time studies is facilitated by the class schedule The. PMIR program generally 4 5 weekend sessions, Thursday night to Sunday morning in the Fall Winter. and a non consecutive two week residency period in May . June ,An Accomplished and Diverse,Student Body,The PMIR program draws students in mid level and.
senior roles from small to large firms in the private sector . the federal provincial and municipal governments , health and education Their academic backgrounds are as. diverse as their professional experience This contributes. significantly to the quality of the learning enivronment . PMIR Program Structure and Requirements,The PMIR Program Advantages. Required Courses, The Queen s PMIR offers a rich and rewarding learning. Organizational Behaviour, experience with faculty who are leading scholars and. prominent policy advisors among accomplished and Human Resources Management. ambitious student colleagues who are committed to Industrial Relations and Labour Law I and II. making a significant difference in their workplace and Unions and Collective Bargaining. more broadly for the benefit of their organizations Labour Economics and Industrial Relations. Students benefit from the practical experience and Analytical Methods in Industrial Relations. knowledge of regularly scheduled guest speakers who are. leaders in the broader field of industrial relations Elective Courses . Elective courses permit in depth study on such topics. The PMIR emphasis is on Human Resources,Management Labour Relations Labour Law and as .
Organizational Behaviour The program provides Negotiations and Conflict Resolution. participants with advanced skills and knowledge to Contemporary Labour Policy. implement solutions to current and emerging workplace. Industrial Relations in the Global Economy,issues New management skills help translate. commitment into action to meet workplace challenges Finance Accounting. Leadership in Organizations, Through elective courses students apply their skills to the. analysis and resolution of concrete problems Human Rights Law in the Workplace. Advanced Topics in Human Resources, The PMIR class schedule allows students to combine full Labour Arbitration. time professional responsibilities with part time graduate. studies Students generally attend classes in Kingston. Professional skills seminars equal to one third course credit on. over 4 long weekends Thursday night to Sunday, morning in September November January and February such topics as . and for two non consecutive weeks in May June Training and Development. Electronic resources facilitate research as well Analytics and Metrics. as regular contact with faculty and students, Labour Relations.
between class meetings , Human Resource Management. PMIR learning can be applied immediately to the Negotiation and Collective Bargaining. workplace making the program a great investment for Work Teams. employers as well as their employees Employer support. Health Safety and Wellness,to meet tuition and related costs is good value . Employment Ethics and Legal Issues, The PMIR fee structure with an optional monthly Performance Management. payment plan makes this program accessible even to Diversity Equity and Inclusion. students who must rely on personal resources , Contract Administration. Leadership, See the Web page for course descriptions Not all courses are offered.
each year ,mir queensu ca, Learning Beyond the Classroom. PMIR students may also benefit from the myriad of related supplementary activities offered by the School and its. associated units , The regular Speaker Series brings leading analysts and prominent scholars to campus for debate on major challenges in. the field , Core Faculty, Queen s Professional Master of Industrial Relations boasts a full time faculty whose members are renowned for their. commitment to innovative teaching and advancement of scholarship Professional achievements by our faculty include . Significant grants to fund groundbreaking research projects. Publication of leading books texts and papers in prestigious national and international journals. Regular invitations to present research papers and addresses to a wide range of leading professional. and academic organizations, Substantial contributions to various government commissions as researchers advisors and project directors. Practical expertise acquired from a variety of professional capacities in the private and public sectors. This combination of excellence in teaching research and practice provides for stimulating learning . For complete faculty biographies we encourage you to consult http mir queensu ca index cfm students faculty . faculty , Richard Chaykowski Deborah Leighton, Professor and Director Continuing Adjunct.
PhD Cornell University LLM University of Texas Law. Research Interests Labour policy School JD Nova University. labour relations and collective Research Interests . bargaining workplace practices Arbitration Employment law . training and skills development and mediation, Glenda Fisk Jacoba Lilius. Associate Professor and Associate Professor, MIR Graduate Coordinator PhD University of Michigan. PhD Pennsylvania State University Research Interests Organizational. Research Interests Employee implications of high quality. entitlement emotion regulation and workplace relationships occupational. stress in service occupations stress and emotional labour . workplace fairness issues compassion in the workplace . healthcare management, Robert Hickey Bradley Weinberg. Associate Professor and Assistant Professor PhD , Undergraduate Chair Cornell University. PhD Cornell University, Research Interests International.
Research Interests Labour unions Comparative Labour Labour. collective bargaining and labour Relations and Policy Analysis and. relations negotiations conflict Management, management. mir queensu ca, The PMIR at Queens has been on of my. The alumni conference is special because it s greatest professional and personal experiences . designed to address ideas that aren t The pace of the program is ideal for applying. mainstream yet but that everyone will be key learnings in the workplace and the quality. focused on in five years It also gives students of teaching and class discussions with my. an opportunity to network with other MIRs professional colleagues has been extremely. Every conceivable problem of human resources valuable I would recommend this program to. and labour relations is discussed with speakers any HR or LR professional in a senior capacity. who are able to talk about the big picture and feel my competency as an HR practitioner. Peter Edwards Queen s MIR Alumnus has grown significantly since I began the. Vice President of Human Resources and program , Industrial Relations CP Rail Allison Roberts Queen s MIR Alumnus. Director Employee and Labour Relations Wilfrid, Laurier University. For more testimonials please go to mir queensu ca. Queen s Library is one of Canada s leading academic research libraries Featuring attractive facilities and. modern technologies the library provides convenient online access to extensive print and electronic. collections as well as time saving services and research support . As a Queen s University alumni I was thrilled to learn about the launch of the PMIR program . Queen s continues to be a leader in graduate education In today s job market it is important to. maintain your skill set and gain new skills and knowledge A firm believer in life long learning . the PMIR allows me the opportunity to continue my education at the graduate level while. enhancing my knowledge and skills in labour relations and human resources management The. program provides a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge that translates directly into the. workplace The program offers a supportive atmosphere a dynamic group of faculty all leaders in. their respective fields and a support staff committed to furthering each student s success The. structure of the PMIR is attractive allowing me the flexibility to balance full time employment. with part time studies The program continues to be a satisfying and rewarding experience and a. great opportunity to learn from leading scholars and practitioners in the field . Leanne Deodato BA CHRP Queen s University BA 2000 Political Studies PMIR 2012. Stauffer Library Law Library, This is the main arts and humanities library at Queen s It The William Lederman Law Library provides a vast range.
is a state of the art facility housing books journals and of print and online resources all that you are likely to. electronic resources for the fine arts humanities and require for any topic of study or research This library has. social sciences a constantly evolving website with information about the. The large government documents collection includes range of services available . depository materials produced by the federal and Ontario http library queensu ca law . governments United Nations EU and more ,For detailed information please see . http library queensu ca , Student Services and Resources at Queen s University. Student Resources Four Directions Aboriginal Services and Student Centre. Information about Queen s Graduate student Four Directions Aboriginal Centre strives to be a home. services and resources including those listed below away from home for Indigenous students and a site of. is available at http www queensu ca information and support for the broader Queen s. studentaffairs current students graduate community It is a hub of activity and they welcome and. professional students encourage everyone to drop in and learn about the. supports and services available , Academic Calendar Telephone 613 533 6970. Academic Skills Support Student Academic Success Services . Bookstore, http www queensu ca fdasc , Career Services. Centre for Teaching and Learning, Extra curricular Opportunities.
Queen s Student Student Wellness, Community Housing. Office of the University Registrar, Student Wellness Services supports the personal . School of Graduate Studies academic and social development of students at Queen s. Society of Graduate and Professional Students SGPS University by providing a range of programs and services . Student Conduct Office Our mission is to provide a welcoming confidential and. Athletics and Recreation, Ban Righ Centre for women . integrated service that is responsive to the needs of. Food students , Queen s Day Care, Queen s University International Centre QUIC . Safety and Security, http www queensu ca studentwellness home.
Sexual Violence Support and Resources, Student Awards. Student Community Relations,mir queensu ca, Benefit From Experienced Guest Speakers. Past Speakers Include , Jim Vair Chief Education Labour Relations Officer . Ministry of Education, Lecture Title Challenging times Negotiations at the City. of Toronto and Ontario s K 12 education sector, Tim Hadwen Assistant Deputy Minister Edu.
Industrial Relations and Labour Law I and II Unions and Collective Bargaining Labour Economics and Industrial Relations Analytical Methods in Industrial Relations Elective Courses Elective courses permit in depth study on such topics as Negotiations and Conflict Resolution Contemporary Labour Policy Industrial Relations in the Global Economy

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