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ELECTRIC CARS OUTLINE,Historical Background,How an Electric Car Works. Basic Principle,Controllers,Batteries and Chargers. Auxiliary Batteries and DC DC converters,Tesla Roadster. Challenges and Future,References,Indo German Winter Academy 2011 2. ELECTRIC CARS HISTORICAL BACKGROUND, Electric cars were prevalent in early 20th century when.
electricity was preferred in automobile propulsion. Advances in internal combustion technology especially the. electric starter the greater range of gasoline cars quicker. refueling times and growing petroleum infrastructure along. with the mass production of gasoline vehicles reduced prices of. gasoline cars to less than half that of equivalent electric cars. which led to the decline of electric propulsion, The energy crisis of 1970s and 1980s brought a renewed. interest in electric vehicles, Further the global economic recession of late 2000s called to. abandon the fuel inefficient SUVs in favor of small cars hybrid. cars and electric cars,Indo German Winter Academy 2011 3. Historical Background cont,Electric car by Seimens 1904. Ref Bundesarchiv Bild German Federal archive,through en wikipedia org.
Thomas Edison with a car made,by Detroit Electric 1907 1939. courtesy of the National Museum of American,History through en wikipedia org. Indo German Winter Academy 2011 4,Historical Background cont. Tribelhorn 1902 1919,Ref en wikipedia org wiki Tribelhorn. The Henny Kilowatt 1961,Ref en wikipedia org wiki Henney Kilowatt.
Indo German Winter Academy 2011,Historical Background cont. Vanguard Sebring Citicar 1974,Ref www austinev org evalbum through. en wikipedia org,Saturn EV 1 General Motors,en wikipedia org wiki General Motors EV1. Indo German Winter Academy 2011 6,Historical Background cont. Chevrolet Volt 2007,en wikipedia org wiki Chevrolet Volt.
Tesla Roadster 2008,Ref www teslamotors com roadster. Indo German Winter Academy 2011 7,ELECTRIC CARS HOW THEY WORK. Basic Principle, An Electric car is powered by an Electric Motor rather than a. Gasoline Engine, The Electric Motor gets its power from a controller. The Controller is powered from an array of rechargeable. http auto howstuffworks,com electric car,Indo German Winter Academy 2011 8.
Courtesy Oregon Electric Vehicle Association Indo German Winter Academy 2011 9. Electric cars can use AC as well as DC motors,DC motors run on a voltage ranging roughly. between 96 to 192 volts Most of them come,from Forklift Industry. DC installations are simpler,Another feature of DC motors is that they can. be overdriven for short periods of time up to a,factor of 10 which is good for short bursts of. acceleration,One limitation is the heat build up May lead to.
self destruction,Indo German Winter Academy 2011 10. Due to these limitations and other advantages provided. by AC motors like better torque and speed output for. same weight and size DC motors are not used, Any of the industrial 3 phase AC motors can be used. They allow the use of regenerative braking,Forklift Motor AC Motor. Courtesy DIY Electric car blog Courtesy DIY Electric car blog. Indo German Winter Academy 2011 11,CONTROLLERS,Courtesy howstuffworks com. The controller delivers a controlled voltage to the motor. depending upon potentiometer output,PWM controls the speed.
Indo German Winter Academy 2011 12,DC Controller, Controllers continued Indo German Winter Academy 2011 13. AC Controller,howstuffworks com, Controllers continued Indo German Winter Academy 2011 14. AC Controller, An AC controller creates 3 pseudo sine waves which. are 120 degree apart 3 phase AC,A three phase inverter. Using six sets of power transistors the controller. takes in 300 volts DC and produces 240 volts AC,Indo German Winter Academy 2011 15.
Ref Bundesarchiv Bild http auto howstuffworks com electric car Indo Indo German Winter Academy 2011 38 Indo

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