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Richard Newell receives the,Indiana ACPA Pillar Award. he Indiana Chapter of the American Concrete Pavement. Association awarded the Pillar Award to Richard M, Newell The award was established to recognize indi. viduals who through their efforts and contributions have. been pillars of the concrete paving industry Newell in the first. recipient of this award and exemplifies the dedication commit. ment leadership and constant pursuit of improvement of concrete. pavement in the construction industry, Newell served his country as a Navy Seabee He started with. the Indiana Department of Highways in 1958 He was a Concrete. research technician at Central Materials and an area supervisor of. materials for Greenfield District In 1993 Newell became the qual. ity control manager for Berns Construction Company and current. ly is a quality consultant to Milestone Contractors LP During his. career he has been involved with numerous department of trans. portation and industry committees that were responsible for devel. opment of QC QA Specification for concrete pavement Certified. Aggregate Producer Program rewriting of 500 Portland Cement. Pavement section of INDOT Standard Specifications Newell has. also served on many advisory committees for INDOT Purdue re. search projects and has helped train students working on research. projects in proper lab and testing procedures Richard M Newell. ACPA Newsletter AWARD Edition 2013 indd 2 25 06 13 10 27. Award Category Industrial Special Paving,INDOT Upgrades I 69 Rest Area with PCCP. he original northbound rest park on I 69 near Auburn IN. Auburn Rest Area I 69 North Bound, was built in 1966 It accommodated 10 trucks 30 cars INDOT.
and the visitor facilities were in need of a significant up Primco Inc. grade The entire rest area was closed and demolished in GAI Consultants Inc. 2001 and left vacant until the new project was let in March 2011 Fleming Excavation Inc. The new design made more efficient use of the 20 acre site accom. modating 80 trucks and 50 passenger vehicles a new 4500 square. foot handicap accessible visitor center as well as designated pic. nic grounds and a dog walking area, Primco s new Gomaco 2600 Paver utilized the latest stringless. horizontal and vertical control technology They also modified. additional paving equipment to utilize the stringless technology. GPS controlled equipment was utilized to place and trim subgrade. and stone 53 s and 8 s This project required an alternate. lane paving sequence The storm drainage elevation changes that. stretched across several adjacent lanes added to the complexity of. the paving process all easily accommodated with the stringless. technology, Pavement smoothness was checked with a 10 foot straight edge. behind the paver with a 5 foot overlap GSI units mounted on the. back of the paver provided real time smoothness data allowing the. crew to make adjustments on the go The specified 14 inch pave. ment averaged 14 9 inches in depth and for the 11 inch pavement. an average of 11 3 inches was achieved The seven day flexural. strength averaged 637 psi and entrained air registered 6 7 percent. The project was completed on schedule in November 2012 Prim. co placed 43 528 square yards of Portland Cement Concrete Pave. ment at Indiana newest revitalized rest park, ACPA Newsletter AWARD Edition 2013 indd 3 25 06 13 10 27. Award Category Commercial Military Service Airports. Gary Airport Improvements Drive Local Economy,at 28 days of 1 030 psi. he rehabilitation of the apron at Gary Chicago Interna. tional Airport is an incremental improvement that is part and the entrained air. of a larger plan This airport plays an important role to registered 6 percent. ward the effort to revitalize the Northwest Indiana Econ NGC Corp worked out. omy The airport authority local leaders in conjunction with NGC a traffic management. Corp have created a plan that will improve this asset and can be plan that allowed the. implemented as funding becomes available Fixed Base Operator to. Rehabilitation of the navigate aircraft safely,apron began in 2011 around the rehabilita.
with the removal of an tion effort,old Hot Mix Asphalt As the Gary Chicago. apron It was replaced International Airport, with P 501 Portland Authority strives for greater heights the concrete paving industry. Cement Concrete Pave stands ready provide durable solutions on the ground in Northwest. ment PCCP of vary Indiana,ing depth 14 inches, 12 inches and 8 inches Apron Rehabilitation Gary Chicago International Airport. on a P 209 crushed limestone sub base Gary Chicago International Airport Authority. Walsh Kelly Inc secured the assignment and worked to get Walsh Kelley Inc. the 9 490 square yards of PCCP in place in the face of the north NGC Corporation. west Indiana November weather They achieved flexural strength. Award Category Industrial Special Paving,Lafayette Recycler Innovates with RCC. he new Nanshan America Advanced Aluminum Tech The Nanshan. nologies facility on the south side of Lafayette was a de America project con. sign build project Irving Materials Inc presented prime tains two firsts in. contractor Shiel Sexton with the option of using Roller Indiana the first two. Compacted Concrete RCC for site paving RCC answered all lift installation using. the owner s requirements durability speed to construct and cost two high density pav. competitiveness ers and the first appli, E B Paving Inc was the successful bidder The project re cation of RCC as the.
quired 20 135 square yards of 7 inch RCC and 26 875 square yards floor of an industrial. of 13 5 inch RCC placed in a two lift wet on wet process building. E B s skilled placement of this material resulted in Shiel Sexton Timing consist. adding an additional 6 600 square yards of 8 inch and 13 5 inch ency and compaction are the keys to success with RCC The first. RCC for the floor in one of the Nanshan America buildings pass can t sit too long before applying the second pass The correct. gradation of aggregates is critical to achieving density and proper. moisture content is critical to achieving optimum hydration The. contractor s use of high density pavers have made it possible to. achieve RCC placement meeting specification while achieving an. attractive finished product, Nanshan America Advanced Aluminum Technologies Facilities. Nanshan America,E B Paving Inc,Shiel Sexton, ACPA Newsletter AWARD Edition 2013 indd 4 25 06 13 10 28. Award Category State Roads, Delphi to Lafayette Safer on the Hoosier Heartland. he Hoosier Heartland also known as Indiana State Road Indiana State Road 25 Hoosier Heartland in Tippecanoe. 25 in This portion of the Hoosier Heartland Corridor Carroll Counties. also known as Indiana State Road 25 in Tippecanoe and INDOT. Carroll County includes two segments linking Lafayette E B Paving Inc. and Delphi Indiana Segment 1 Phase B was let first in May 2009 Butler Fairman Seufert Inc. under the federal stimulus program Segment 1 Phase A was let. almost a year later Together they total about 11 miles of rural. four lane highway on a new alignment with turf medians a few. at grade intersections 11 bridge structures spanning four creeks. and two county roads, Two interesting revisions were made to Segment A A PCCP. roundabout was added at the junction of Old State Road 25 and. The two contiguous projects were built over three seasons the new alignment In addition the old mainline PCCP was re. Concrete was produced at E B s portable central mix batch moved and replaced at the I 65 interchange and some additional. and delivered to the site in tri axle dump trucks Phase B includ ramp patching with a hot mix asphalt overlay on the I 65 ramps. ed 174 290 square yards of 11 5 inch Portland Cement Concrete The groundbreaking for this corridor was in the fall of 2008 in. Pavement PCCP and Phase A resulted in 219 000 square yards Lafayette Ind The ceremonial ribbon was cut in Delphi on Octo. of 10 5 inch PCCP E B achieved very good Quality Control re ber 24 2012 opening both sections A caravan lead by Governor. sults 10 47 inches of average depth on the 10 inch pavement and Daniels riding in the Purdue Boilermaker Special transport led. 11 8 inches on the 11 5 inches PCCP Flexural strength averaged a lengthy parade of vintage vehicles to near Lafayette and back to. 650 psi with entrained air measuring an average of 7 0 percent Delphi. ACPA Newsletter AWARD Edition 2013 indd 5 25 06 13 10 28. PCCP was used on all nine alternate bid contracts in Sect. member firms for their dedication to excellence on this. Award Category Divided Highways Rural,Milestone Moves I 69 Forward.
ontract IR 33047 Section 3 of the I 69 corridor in. I 69 Corridor Section 3 Contracts 8 9 in Daviess County. southern Indiana was a design build contract in Daviess INDOT. County paved by Milestone Contractors L P for the Milestone Contractors L P. prime contractor White Construction Inc The 6 1 Crossroad Engineers P C. mile segment begins just north of US 50 and the CSX rail line in White Construction Inc. Washington Ind traversing a very rural and generally flat terrain. Milestone set its portable batch plant on the project site. one of four plants that were set up along the I 69 corridor for the. busy the 2011 2012 paving season One of the challenges for this. and other segments of I 69 was getting materials delivered due. to high demand for trucks and the capacity of area stone produc. ers Milestone combined constant communication and aggressive. materials management to keep the project moving forward ulti. mately finishing the project on schedule, Milestone utilized their stringless paving system and added. Gomaco s new real time smoothness indicator system helping the. project team to consistently achieve smoothness incentives This. segment encompassed 203 000 square yards of 11 inch PCCP. The Quality Control results show an average depth of 11 5 inches. flexural strength of 686 psi entrained air at 6 7 percent and water. cement ratio averaged 421, ACPA Newsletter AWARD Edition 2013 indd 6 25 06 13 10 28. Sections 1 2 3 of I 69 We re certainly proud of our. this very significant project,E B Successful on I 69 Sections 1 and 2. 69 Section 1 Contract 4 in Gibson Co was awarded to he I 69 Corridor Section 2 Contract 5 in Pike County. I Blankenbberger Bros for 22 3 M with E B Paving respon. sible for the PCCP on the 3 28 mile long segment Work be. gan in spring 2011 E B placed about a mile of PCCP by. the end of the 2011 season that served as a reliable haul road for. transporting aggregates to the site during the winter. T was one of two segments paved by E B Paving within. the initial 67 mile mega project This contract was let in. February of 2011 and was awarded to Crider Crider, for 24 6 M Work began immediately in the spring of 2011 with. right of way clearing and excavation of the new terrain roadway. Crews hit the road running as soon as the 2012 season started This segment is 2 64 miles in length with 6 bridge structures and. E B was able to make efficient work of the 26 foot widened slab approximately 894 000 cubic yards of borrow and excavation. mainline pavement with their Gomaco 2800 and associated equip. Pavement thickness included 9 inch 11 inch and 12 5 inch. Crews achieved all their Quality Control target numbers produc. ing high quality PCCP with a very smooth ride, E B slipformed 5 2 miles of 26 foot widened slab mainline.
of PCCP single pass in each direction Since the bridges were. done they were able to pave right into the bridge approach lift. up the paver walk across the bridge then set down and continue. paving an extremely efficient operation that yielded excellent re. sults E B s experienced Quality Control team managed the mix. at the batch plant in Petersburg They placed 81 066 square yards. of 11 inch PCCP averaged 11 5 inches thickness 636 psi flexural. strength and entrained air was 6 9 percent The crew delivered a. smooth ride that opened to traffic in November 2012. I 69 Section 1 Contract 4 Gibson Co,E B Paving Inc. Beam Longest Neff LLC,I 69 Section 2 Contract 5 Pike Co. E B Paving Inc,United Consulting, ACPA Newsletter AWARD Edition 2013 indd 7 25 06 13 10 28. Award Category Urban Arterials Collectors,Perseverance Pays Dividends. he long awaited extension of Maplecrest Rd represents. a significant improvement for the community and local. contractor Primco Inc delivered a quality job on time. and under budget The project encompassed 1 5 miles in. total length four bridges one river crossing 230 000 cubic yards. of excavation 450 000 cubic yards of borrow 40 feet of fill under. pavement 40 000 lineal feet of water waste water and storm piping. a 10 foot wide pedestrian providing a durable long term solution. bike path on the east side This federally funded project was a multi agency effort involv. and significant coordina ing local investments from Allen Co the City of New Haven and. tion among multiple gov the City of Fort Wayne The project reduced at grade rail crossings. ernmental agencies over dramatically improving emergency response times in the area In. three seasons The final addition its impact on local economic development was significant. grade was left unpaved as the project greatly improved accessibility to Do it Best Hardware. for a full year to allow newly establisheded World Headquarters at the base of the project. The new design made more efficient use of the 20 acre site accom modating 80 trucks and 50 passenger vehicles a new 4500 square foot handicap accessible visitor center as well as designated pic nic grounds and a dog walking area Primco s new Gomaco 2600 Paver utilized the latest stringless horizontal and vertical control technology They

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