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As a global leader in providing workforce solutions Kelly Services Inc Nasdaq KELYA KELYB We are pleased to present the 2019 India Salary Guide The. and its subsidiaries offer a comprehensive array of outsourcing and consulting services as well guide gives an overview of salaries Permanent and Temporary. as world class staffing on a temporary temporary to hire and direct hire basis Kelly directly employment drawn across different skillsets and experience. employs nearly 500 000 people around the world in addition to having a role in connecting levels in sectors including BFSI E commerce Engineering. thousands more with work through its global network of talent suppliers and partners Revenue FMCG Consumer Retail IT ITES and Pharmaceuticals. in 2017 was 5 4 billion Life Sciences Healthcare The salaries listed are based on the. placements made by Kelly Services India and is an indicator of. Visit kellyservices co in and connect with us on Facebook LinkedIn Twitter current market salaries drawn for said skillsets and experience. OUR EXPERTISE, At Kelly we continue to see demand for talents from our client. organisations with a few sectors being more bullish We are. also seeing as indicated in some of our research reports the rise of the gig economy with many. of our clients experimenting hybrid hiring models This is to suit their talent strategies and to. WORKFORCE Temporary and Contract Placement align better with candidate s expectations With every passing year we are also seeing HR and. SOLUTIONS Permanent Placement hiring managers seeking better predictability of their talent supply chain with Automation. Leadership Hiring talent analytics and AI making inroads to solve some of the existing gaps. Skills are changing fast with the plain vanilla skills making way for more specialisations Some. AREAS OF IT, of the roles that we are seeing today did not exist a few years back and might transform in the. EXPERTISE ITES next few years At least 70 of the candidates placed by Kelly have in the past been part of an. Engineering upskilling program This shows the importance organisations are placing on skill development. For organisations to retain good talent there is a serious need to also relook at some of the. Consumer Services talent engagement programs that exist to ensure good talent doesn t get disengaged quickly. Science As indicated earlier the rise of the gig economy means that organisations today should not just. worry about their talent being poached by competition but also by online talent communities. portals that offer greater flexibility and variety of work. TRANSITION SERVICES, It would be interesting to see how the talent ecosystem will transform and how organisations. employ talent Will we see less of Permanent staff and more of Temp and Contract staff Will. we also see salaries transforming with an outcome based salary structure taking precedence. We have a team of experts who support clients evaluating a staffing vendor change We and more companies increasing the variable component and curtailing the fixed income. administer a series of measures to ensure we transit the customer from their existing Temp. Contract vendor to us with minimum impact to business lesser time and with minimum On this note I am delighted to present the 2019 Kelly India Salary Guide which offers a. wastage of resources and cost spent We have developed this special program only towards look at our business landscape market insights and trends of key industries that are currently. transitions What do you get driving the nation s economy I hope this guide will serve as an useful tool for your talent. compensation planning, Scope Analysis My team and I are ready to assist you with specific queries you may have on our sectors of. Existing Gap Analysis specialisations within India There are many aspects which make an employee productive a. Stakeholder Intervention Program Administration competitive salary is one of them I hope our efforts provide you that crucial input. Technology Intervention,Contractual Documentation Delivery.
Thammaiah BN,Governance Compliance,Managing Director Kelly Services India. Analytics Dashboard Delivery, Account Management with Regular Statutory Compliance updates. INDIA LABOUR,MARKET OUTLOOK, The Indian economy saw a GDP growth of around 7 during 2018 and. is forecasted to grow at 7 5 in 2019 with the core sectors performing. well We are currently seeing sectors such as GICs Automobile and Auto. Ancillary Consumer Durables Retail and Start ups being positive on the. hiring front Unlike last year when the market had paused due to the after. effects of demonetisation and glitches related to Goods and Services Tax. GST implementation the hiring in 2018 picked up across a few sectors. We are likely to see the hiring momentum continue in 2019 India Inc is. keeping a close watch on the upcoming 2019 elections which may have. an impact on certain senior level hiring, In 2018 the Temp and Contract staffing in India got a major boost with. the government opening hiring of workers on fixed term employment. for all sectors This move aims to improve the ease of doing business for. In 2018 the Temp organisations intending to hire professionals for completing specified. GICs Automobile and Contract staffing projects The government is also working on bringing in reforms for the. Auto Ancillary space in India got a betterment of the staffing market in India This will in the long term. safeguard interests of both the employees and employers. Consumer Durables major boost with the, Retail and Start up government opening India currently has 1 6 million engineers 5 million graduates and 0 3.
sectors are positive hiring of workers on million MBA graduates added to the workforce every year How many of. them are employed with jobs of their choice Also how will organisations. on the hiring front fixed term employment, employ this workforce in the future Will we see the rise of the gig. for all sectors economy with critical jobs being managed directly by organisations and. others being outsourced to external freelancers independent consultants. and contractors, As per International Labour Organization ILO the Asia Pacific region. is forecasted to add 23 million jobs between 2017 19 aided by. employment growth in South Asian nations including India As per ILO. by 2019 India will also have 18 9 million unemployed people or 9 7. of such population worldwide This calls for a deeper look at skilling. By 2019 India upskilling and reskilling of professionals and providing better access to. The Asia Pacific will also have education and employment markets Skilling is especially vital in sectors. region is forecasted, to add 18 9 million like IT manufacturing banking engineering and automobile industries. which are impacted by the advent of automation on the shop floor The. unemployed,23 million people or, mid level in services companies also need to find new value in the work. they do as organisations move towards a flatter mid level structure. jobs between, 9 7 As the generation Z begins to enter the workforce it will be interesting to.
2017 19 of such population, see how the different generations work together towards a common goal. Employment engagement needs to constantly evolve to accommodate. worldwide different talent types both internal and external The role of AI and. automation will come to the fore especially while managing a diverse. workforce Technology also has a role to play in performance management. Today HiPo High Potential employees are getting larger salary hikes. double digits while average performers are looking at single digit hikes. However while changing jobs salaries at mid and senior levels are rising. faster in India due to the onslaught of new projects in key sectors and. increased foreign investment inflows Hiring at mid to senior levels too is. expected to pick up in 2019 But at entry level the salaries continue to. remain dismal across sectors, The most important trend is that HR is moving closer to business and. organisations are aligning their business and talent strategies leading. to increased pressure to hire candidates with the right fit and with the. right skills While organisations are struggling to find the right talent. candidates are staring at a resume blackhole in the job market. SKILL SET YEARS EDUCATION MIN SALARY MAX SALARY,INR per annum INR per annum. Banking Operations 0 2 Any Graduate 3 50 000 5 50 000. Corporate Banking 0 2 Finance Graduate 3 50 000 5 50 000. HNI Banking 1 3 MBA 5 50 000 10 80 000,Risk Advisory 2 4 MBA CA CFA 8 80 000 18 00 000. Compliance 2 4 Certified Professionals 5 50 000 12 00 000. Mergers Acquisitions 2 4 MBA CA CFA 9 00 000 18 00 000. Fund Management 2 4 MBA CA CFA 9 00 000 18 00 000, Treasury Operations 2 4 Masters MBA 5 50 000 12 00 000.
BANKING FINANCIAL SERVICES,Relationship Management 2 4 MBA 4 40 000 8 40 000. Training 2 4 Any Graduate 4 40 000 7 20 000,AND INSURANCE BFSI. Human Resources 2 4 MBA 4 40 000 7 20 000,Loan 2 4 MBA 4 40 000 7 20 000. Sales 2 6 MBA 6 60 000 14 40 000, The Indian banking sector is one of the most regulated banking sectors in the world However the sector continues to. Banking Operations 2 6 Any Graduate 6 60 000 12 00 000. struggle with gross non performing assets GNPAs or bad loans of scheduled commercial banks This is worrying as it is. projected to increase further in the years to come Corporate Banking 2 6 Finance Graduate 7 70 000 14 40 000. HNI Banking 4 8 MBA 6 60 000 14 40 000, Having said this the Indian banking industry has also witnessed the roll out of innovative banking models like payments.
and small finance banks which will go a long way in helping the restructuring of the domestic banking industry In India Risk Advisory 5 9 MBA CA CFA 11 00 000 23 00 000. banks employ maximum workforce followed by IT mining healthcare and textiles These sectors collectively account for Compliance 5 9 Certified Professionals 11 00 000 23 00 000. nearly 60 percent of the total employment, Mergers Acquisitions 5 9 MBA CA CFA 22 00 000 40 00 000. On the jobs front around 25 percent of existing jobs in BFSI space are expected to face existential threat by 2022 as the. Fund Management 5 9 MBA CA CFA 17 60 000 28 80 000. sector is witnessing rising adoption of automation to increase efficiency The BFSI sector has been seeing an increase in. adoption of Robotic Process Automation to increase productivity in day to day processes Treasury Operations 5 9 Masters MBA 6 60 000 16 00 000. Relationship Management 5 9 MBA 9 00 000 16 00 000. The sector overall is seeing an increase in demand for cyber security specialists RPA experts AI specialists block chain. architects risk analysts process modellers data specialists and digital officers Sales and marketing roles will continue to Training 5 9 Any Graduate 9 00 000 16 00 000. be in demand as there s always a dearth of good professionals who can acquire more customers Human Resources 5 9 MBA 9 00 000 16 00 000. Many of the biggest banks in the world have setup their Global In house Centers GICs here as India moves towards being Loan 5 9 MBA 9 00 000 16 00 000. an IT outsourcing and analytics hub Candidates from eminent institutions in India are known for their mathematics and. statistics prowess These GICs are more like knowledge centers delivering high end work in risk assessment analytics SENIOR. digital to name a few Not just retail and corporate banking players but investment banks too have established their GICs Sales 10 15 MBA 17 00 000 40 00 000. in India to leverage lower cost to serve extend coverage of services. Banking Operations 10 15 Any Graduate 14 00 000 25 00 000. Appraisals are expected to be around 7 10 with good performers being given 12 15 hikes in 2019 Corporate Banking 10 15 Finance Graduate 16 50 000 40 00 000. HNI Banking 10 15 MBA 16 50 000 40 00 000, IN INDIA BANKS EMPLOY MAXIMUM ON THE JOBS FRONT Risk Advisory 10 15 MBA CA CFA 33 00 000 72 00 000. WORKFORCE FOLLOWED BY IT AROUND Compliance 10 15 Certified Professionals 22 00 000 42 00 000. MINING HEALTHCARE AND TEXTILES, Mergers Acquisitions 10 15 MBA CA CFA 33 00 000 72 00 000. Fund Management 10 15 MBA CA CFA 22 00 000 42 00 000. THESE SECTORS COLLECTIVELY OF EXISTING JOBS IN BFSI Treasury Operations 10 15 Masters MBA 16 50 000 40 00 000. ACCOUNT FOR NEARLY SPACE ARE EXPECTED TO FACE Relationship Management 10 15 MBA 16 50 000 45 00 000. 60 EXISTENTIAL THREAT BY Training 10 15 Any Graduate 16 50 000 50 00 000. Human Resources 10 15 MBA 16 50 000 50 00 000, OF THE TOTAL EMPLOYMENT Loan 10 15 MBA 16 50 000 30 00 000. 8 Hot Job Salary figures relate to base salaries and exclude bonuses incentive schemes or stock options 9. START UP HIRING INDIA IS THE ONLINE RETAIL IN,PICKED UP IN YOUNGEST INDIA IS ESTIMATED.
START UPS E COMMERCE START UP NATION TO GROW OVER, Start up hiring is likely to increase by 20 25 in 2019 We believe the overall sector is far more positive than last year. The Indian banking sector is one of the most regulated banking sectors in the world However the sector continues to struggle with gross non performing assets GNPAs or bad loans of scheduled commercial banks

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