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BMW Ducati Triumph,Motorcycles of Charlotte,Sales Parts Service Accessories. 12999 East Independence Blvd,Matthews NC 28105,704 882 6106. Tues Fri 9 00 5 30,Thurs 9 00 7 00,Sat 9 00 3 00,Sun Mon Closed. Desmo Leanings Summer 2003 2 7 14 03 4 36 PM,Specializing in European Motorcycles. Machining Services,Andy Rounds 408 Plaza Drive Harrisburg NC 28075.
704 455 2434 smcspec aol com,75 Ponce De Leon Suite 102. Atlanta GA 30308,1 877 419 4360,Desmo Leanings Summer 2003 1 7 14 03 4 36 PM. Feature Stories,Roebling Road Track Day,by Jim Calandro. Ducks Along the Blue Ridge,by Jim Calandro Page 5,Daytona Party. by Vicki Smith,Dolomite Tour Part Two,by Christiane Weissbach Berger.
and Stephen Battisson,Saluti dal capo,Greetings from il Capo Page 12. Osservazioni,Piazza Del Mercato Page 9,Classifieds. 2 www USDESMO com SUMMER 2003,Desmo Leanings Summer 2003 2 7 14 03 4 36 PM. Greetings from il Capo, Volume 1 Issue 2 now that is a landmark Do to lead times. to get this written formatted and then on to the printers I. am writing this in early June but as of right now we have. 217 members in the club That is amazing when you consider. we are not even six months old With that many members. I thought it might be interesting to see who we are I share. this information in a statistical manner only as I consider all. the data we have to be confidential, We have members from 26 states and three countries US.
Canada 4 and Australia 1 We have 10 woman or a little. more than 4 5 At a recent rally our better half represented. 12 of our participants so guys they are more involved with. the club than you are J On average we own 3 4 motorcycles. I do not know about you but I have my 4 motorcycle out in. my parts shed Here is a summary of some interesting data. Average age 44,Jim Calandro il Capo,Average years experience 23 5. Clyde Romero Consigliere, Average number of bikes 3 4 Bob Lattanzi Consigliere. Percent who own a Ducati 79 Terry Wyse Consigliere. Percent who own an Italian bike 89,Percentage of woman 4 5. Percent taking MSF course 40 Advertisement Rates,Size B W 4 C Process. Percent with WERA license 16 Back Cover Full page 250 300. Percent with SSC license 12 Inside Cover Full page 200. Full page 150,Break down by state 2 3 page Horizontal 100 150.
1 2 page Horizontal 75 125, AL 2 CA 1 CO 1 CT 2 FL 6 GA 28 IL 3 KS 1 MD 5 MI 1 2 page Vertical 75 125. 2 MN 1 MO 2 NC 77 NH 1 NJ 1 NY 3 OH 10 PA 4 SC 1 3 page Horizontal 50 100. 1 3 page Vertical 50 100,31 TN 12 TX 2 VA 7 VT 1 WA 1 WI 1 WV 2. As you can see the states in the southeast have the largest. Contact us for ad specificiations, numbers That is because our core group is familiar with. our events and is closest Our goal is to create more events. Ad rate is for four issues, farther from our historical locations to bring more riders. into the fold There are two things you can do to make the. club grow One is tell your friends about it and two help us. find new venues for our events so we can make it easier for. new members to make it Remember suggestions will need US Desmo Incorporated. assistance to make it possible because if you live in an area P O Box 615. you will know it better than we can and you local knowledge Waxhaw NC 28173. will help make it a success http www usdesmo com, The use of information in the Desmo Leanings is entirely the responsibility of the reader No liability is accepted by.
the Editors USDESMO Committee USDESMO members or contributors to Desmo Leanings for the loss damage or. injury resulting from the direct or indirect use of information in Desmo Leanings and any errors or omissions therein. The views in Desmo Leanings are not necessarily those of the Editor or the Committee of the US DESMO inc Any. reproduction of articles photos or other such material without the written permission of the Editor or creator is liable. to copyright infringement,SUMMER 2003 www USDESMO com 3. Desmo Leanings Summer 2003 3 7 14 03 4 37 PM,Osservazioni. Thanks to Jim and Crew for Clearly this years DABR was for. A big thanks for the fantastic day another great day at the track the harder Ducatisti The threat. this past Monday to Jim and all I ve ridden with other groups and of rain kept the lightweights at. the guys Bob Bill Clyde Terry have to say this is best and most home The weather really wasn t. and others that made it pos interesting track group that I ve a factor and the riding was great. sible I had a great time even run with period Roebling was a We rode 400 miles probably 50 in. though I was threatened with nice flowing track and my favor the rain. new numbers by Clyde Really ite turn was 4 and my pucker. it was great Both the riding and turn was 9 We had a long drive Ian Sunderland 00135. the camaraderie were fantastic home but it was worth every mile. Thank you and I can t wait to see Thumbs up to the guy on the 250. everyone again in Greeneville who seemed to pass me like he. was on a outside rail in turn 4,Rick Tannenbaum 00014. Tommy Gupton 00089,Send your comments,kudos and complaints to. letters usdemo com, Piazza del Mercato 1991 Ducati 851 mint condition 7500m staintunes Ohlins shock.
1996 Ducati 916 mint condition 6000m just serviced. GiaCaMoto CF slipons and DP rear wheel hugger otherwise. original 9400, 1991 Bimota Tesi 1D SR 2k miles excellent condition Ohlins. 2000 CAGIVA GRAN CANYON, kit CF Bimota slipons 944 kit twin injector truly beautiful. Red Color Nonfango bags and trunk Carbon Fiber machine 19 995. slip on pipes w Staintune diffusers K N filter Chip. 1998 Ducati 996 SPS 5k miles just serviced 50mm full Termi. Seat redone by Sargeant Euro front turn signals Hand gnoni modified cams and high compression pistons upgraded. guards Short and tall windscreens Extra gearing New leads 13 995. Pirelli MT90 tires 10 000 miles Excellent condition 2000 Ducati ST4 1k miles yellow with matching bags mint. 7 500 OBO condition 8995, Bill Birchfield 1991 944 racebike 851 frame no title showa forks and OEM. 704 617 1835 shock revalved steering damper 944 kit with 41mm flatslides. bill qppionline com total loss system new battery new alloy swingarm magnsesium. wheels BCM gastank high pipes 916 bodywork Daytona win. Ducati 748 racebike Red corsa bodywork just built with new. parts througout Marvic mag wheels Corsa parts rear brake. caliper full wiring harness and P8 computer front mounted tail. 1997 DUCATI 900SS CR piece breather box alloy subframe Termignoni Ohlins shock. w HR lowers D D exhaust euro jetting Corbin seat damper AFAM and more Mint condition never raced 8995. Heli bars Yellow SS brake lines includes original seat Ducati 996 racebike Black bodywork Traxxion CF gastank. exhaust body work 12K Fully maintained excellant tailpiece Ohlins Hyperpro graves full 60mm titanium Akrapovic. condition 6 500 OBO slipper clutch Hi tech rearsets brembo race calipers ductile ro. Barbara Nowell tors CF airbox air runners new chain AFAM sprockets 8995. 919 967 7637 Misc Ducati Parts Imola bevel alloy gastank good condition. 650 new Ohlins R T 748 998 forks new in box 1900 Black. Marvic piuma 748 998 used magnesium wheels with newish. Rennsports 1295 900ss red FE solo tailpiece with FE seat. pads mint 495 39mm flatslides with K N filer cables throttle. 400 Red Oscam front 16 and 18 rear wheels for F1 400. Misc 900ss 748 996 parts bodywork wheels electrical etc. Please contact Erv at DucatiErv aol com or 770 205 7774. 4 www USDESMO com SUMMER 2003,Desmo Leanings Summer 2003 4 7 14 03 4 37 PM. Roebling Road Track Day Report by Jim Calandro, After record rains and concerns about a Everyone listened to the riders meeting and.
cold front coming through US DESMO s did not go out too fast in the morning when. first event the track day at Roebling Road the track was cold By the afternoon the. was greeted by cold but clear weather No sun had heated up the track surface and. one in our group of 64 riders seemed in any some serious riding was taking place We. hurry to go out on the cold asphalt and see only had two get offs that put the rider out. how much traction there really was After for the rest of the day No serious injury. registration and technical inspection we just a few bent parts and a sore rider. had a riders meeting We all looked like we Roebling Road is one of those tracks that. were getting ready to invade Russia with just flows from turn to turn If you ever. the amount of gear we were wearing want to practice the no brake drill this is. the track for it Even at speed there are, The orientation laps was the highlight of only a few places where you brake and some. the day as Bill Birchfield the control rider of them not for too long more like you just. pulled off the track at turn four It seems scrub off a little speed For more details on. the shop that had worked on his suspension this track go to our web page and read Bill. forgot to tighten the adjuster nuts on his Birchfield s hot lap. 748 R and the first handful of throttle, pulled the chain slack I wonder what the Everyone had a great time and they all. riders who were following him to learn the want to come back again The good news. proper line around the track were thinking is the track personnel were very happy. Fortunately we had another control rider with us and I was told on more than one. ready to go and he took over occasion that we were the best group they. have ever had to deal with We will be back, This track day had the highest number of again next year For the balance of this. first timer participants and it is good to year we have two track days at Carolina. see more people trying their hand at track Motorsports Park and four weekend rallies. riding Most were a little nervous about so mark you calendar and do not miss any. hurting their prize possession but began to more events. relax Our policy of no passing in turns for,this group helps make it less intimidating. and once they had a chance to follow a,control rider around and learn the proper.
lines things began to come together I found,out it is possible to see a big smile even with. a full face helmet This is the most fun you,can have with your leathers on. SUMMER 2003 www USDESMO com 5,Desmo Leanings Summer 2003 5 7 14 03 4 37 PM. Roebling Road Track Day Photos,Good tires certainly but not GREAT tires. 6 www USDESMO com SUMMER 2003,Desmo Leanings Summer 2003 6 7 14 03 4 37 PM.
Ducks Along,the Blue Ridge,SUMMER 2003 www USDESMO com 7. Desmo Leanings Summer 2003 7 7 14 03 4 38 PM,8th Annual. Ducks Along the Blue Ridge, Despite dire predictions the Eighth Annual was again at the Mount Airy Country club and as. Ducks Along the Blue Ridge was a success The always was well worth the trip over to the gold. weatherman promised 80 chance of rain on clubhouse Only about 68 people showed up for. Saturday and if Friday was an indication he was dinner so there was more than enough food to be. being conservative Several hardy riders managed to had Five pre registered riders did not show up to. get in about 100 miles in rain suits on Friday but no the event and another six did not come to dinner. one was optimistic about Saturday despite coming to the event Their loss as there was. We awoke Saturday morning to the sound of thunder lots of door prizes We had donations from Ducati. and dramatic flashes of lightning When I got up at North America as well as many dealers Please. 7 AM it was raining cats and dogs not ideal duck show your appreciation to these dealers either by a. weather unless you really are a duck I wondered simple thank you the next time you are in their shop. down to partake in the continental breakfast and we or better yet support them with your business The. were all complaining about the weather This was a donations were from. real let down as we had 81 people pre registered a Ducati North America. record for this event With better weather we would Myers Ducati Asheville NC. have surely had over 100 if past experience tells us. anything BMW Ducati Charlotte NC, As we ate a leisurely breakfast I had a southwest Barnett Suzuki Ducati Raleigh NC. view It was still raining behind me I could see Moto Britalia Woodstock GA. daylight blue sky and sunshine Taking a chance Ton Rolland Albuquerque NM. it was pronounced that we would depart at 10 AM,Champion Honda Ducati Charleston SC.
Now looking the other direction thought I had lost. my mind By 9 the rain had stopped and by the Touring Sports Ducati Aprilia Greenville SC. appointed departure time the roads were starting, to dry out We rode up Piper Gap Road with lots of After dinner and door prizes we all headed back. wet spots but as we reached the Blue Ridge Parkway to the hotel Parking lot bench racing and adult. it got better At Sparta we found dry roads and had beverages provided a nice evening for sitting around. perfect riding weather all the way to Mountain City and looking at all the bikes We event had a vendor. TN there selling used Ducati parts I know as a set of. wheels went home in my trunk as the new owner, Cooks is a nice place to stop and eat because of their had ridden his bike to the rally. large parking lot spacious dining room quick service. and good food Many lies were told as calories were Sunday morning was one of those days that were. consumed One of the best roads of the day was made for motorcycles and leathers We took a page. a factor and the riding was great We rode 400 miles probably 50 in the rain Ian Sunderland 00135 Piazza del Mercato 2000 CAGIVA GRAN CANYON Red Color Nonfango bags and trunk Carbon Fiber slip on pipes w Staintune diffusers K amp N filter Chip Seat redone by Sargeant Euro front turn signals Hand guards Short and tall windscreens Extra gearing New Pirelli MT90 tires 10 000 miles

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