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ICIC Barcelona,Rambla de Santa M nica 8,E 08002 Barcelona. Phone 34 933 162 700,Fax 34 933 162 843,internacional icic gencat net. www gencat cat cultura icici internacional,www catalanarts com. E 08002 Barcelona,Phone 34 933 012 369,Fax 34 933 015 226. ficomic ficomic com,www ficomic com,3 A brief history of comics in Catalonia.
6 The comic industry,8 Comic conventions in Catalonia. 10 Catalan authors,18 Publishers in Catalonia,20 Comic book shops in Catalonia. A brief history of comics in Catalonia, Secret agents destined for disaster such as Mortadelo Filem n Heroes. on the constant look out for adventures such as Capit n Trueno Emblems. of the counter culture such as Peter Pank Dearly loved breed such as. La Familia Ulises Tough guy gangsters such as Torpedo Naughty twins. such as Zipi Zape These are just a few examples of the diversity of TBO appeared. in 1917 the first, the comic industry in Catalonia a sector that boasts a rich tradition of comic book. professionals and publishing houses that look to their future with confidence specifically for. While in the USA the birthplace of the comic industry comic strips. are linked to the daily adult press comic publishing in the early 20th. century in Catalonia found its main support in regular publications for. children Domingu n the first specific publication of humoristic comic. strips was created in Barcelona in 1915 TBO appeared in 1917 the. first comic book specifically for children This emblematic publication. which gave its Spanish name tebeo to the entire genre of comic in. Spain went through several stages until it finally disappeared in 1998. Its pages included famous characters such as La familia Ulises or El. Profesor Franz de Copenhagen Comic books witnessed a time of expansion. with the social and cultural progress propitiated by the 2nd Spanish. Republic 1931 cut short by the Spanish Civil War 1936 39. Despite the economic complications of post war years and the control. of censorship Catalonia resumed its publishing of comics relatively. quickly and by the late 40s Barcelona was once again the headquarters. for the most important comic publishing houses in Spain. Between 1939 and 1945 Hispano Americana de Ediciones published. adventure comics using material from the classics of North American. press and in 1947 another adventure comic appeared that included. The forties and, Catalan authors El Coyote The forties and fifties also saw the birth of fifties also saw.
the popular oblong adventure comic books in which Ediciones Toray the birth of the. popular oblong, Haza as B licas and Editorial Bruguera El Cachorro El Capit n. adventure comic,Trueno El Jabato played a significant role books. Insofar as humorous magazines Editorial Bruguera took the initiative. with the return of Pulgarcito 1947 followed shortly afterwards with. new titles such as El DDT contra las penas 1951 These publications. saw the creation of new characters that were to become extremely. popular and accompany several generations such as El Rep rter Tribulete. Cifr Do a Urraca Jorge Carpanta and Zipi y Zape Escobar Don. P o and Gordito Relleno Pe arroya or Mortadelo y Filem n and 13. r e del Percebe Ib ez, In spite of Franco s repressive policy regarding the Catalan language. two children s magazines written in Catalan appeared in 1951 and. 1961 under the wing of the catholic church L Infantil Tretzevents as. of 1973 and Cavall Fort Barcelona s position as the headquarters of. the main agencies for illustrators working for foreign companies was. also strengthened between the late sixties and mid seventies. In 1973 Ediciones Amaika ventured to publish a weekly of social and. even political humour El Papus At that same time a group of alternative. youths started to publish their own magazines in line with the example. of North American underground comix The death of Franco and the. transition to democracy had a very direct impact on the comic industry. in Catalonia in terms of both form and content Shortly before the first. general elections of 1977 the weekly El Jueves appeared and over. time it has become the leading magazine of social and political critique. A year later Toutain Editor was born which with magazines such as. 1984 Comix Internacional and Creepy strengthened Barcelona s. position as the nerve centre of comic publishing with more ambitious. comics in terms of graphics and content aimed at adult readers. El V bora appeared Between the late seventies and late eighties Toutain Editor opened its. It was an alternative doors to what would become the great comic creators of that time. comic magazine with a V ctor Mora Carlos Gim nez Juan Gim nez Horacio Altuna Josep. majority vocation, Mar a Be Jordi Bernet Alfonso Font Miguelanxo Prado and Josep. Mar a Beroy among others, In 1979 El V bora appeared Published by La C pula it was an alternative.
comic magazine with a majority vocation making it one of the most. popular of the eighties It included authors such as Max Nazario Mart. Pons Montesol Gallardo and Jaime Mart n Norma Editorial was created. shortly afterwards in 1981 and in the footsteps of Toutain Editor was. to provide Cimoc one of the best adventure comics of the time Norma. Editorial was also to open its doors to a more modern comic with a more. ground breaking style with the monthly Cairo and was to become the. gateway for the confirmation of authors such as Alfonso Font Tha. Rub n Pellejero Jordi Bernet and Montesol, Catalonia also became the publishing centre for the most popular format. Barcelona International, of the eighties and nineties the comic book Companies such as Planeta Comic Convention. DeAgostini and Ediciones Zinco made superheroes fashionable Superman started in 1981. Batman Spiderman X Men through the publication of material produced. in the USA by Marvel and DC Along these lines of editorial effervescence. Barcelona International Comic Convention started in 1981 an essential. meeting point for comic enthusiasts and professionals. The nineties were not easy years for the comic industry in Catalonia. Regular magazines lost the impetus of the previous decade and other. models of publishing and contents were required Japanese or manga. comics helped re launch the market and Catalan publishing houses such. as Norma Editorial Planeta DeAgostini La C pula Ponent M n and. Gl nat Ediciones added many titles by Japanese authors to their catalogues. However although the publication of Catalan authors had declined. somewhat small publishing houses such as Camale n and large groups. such as Planeta DeAgostini chose to support local creators for a while. During this period the increase in specialist bookshops encouraged a. growing demand for products in album or book format and in view of. the disappearance of regular magazines national authors started to. publish more ambitious work in graphic novel format At the same time. publishing houses such as Gl nat Ediciones and Ediciones B started. a policy of re publishing comics by Spanish authors both classics from. fifty years ago and the most emblematic titles of the seventies and. eighties Editorial Casals also devoted a certain time to publishing comic. books based on the history of Catalonia while Barcelona based companies. such as Juventud and Salvat published versions of classic French. Belgium comics such as Tintin and Asterix in Catalan and Spanish. Over recent years Catalonia has seen the arrival of new small yet. ambitious publishing houses such as Bang Ediciones and Ponent M n. that along with Norma Editorial Planeta DeAgostini Gl nat Ediciones. Ediciones El Jueves Ediciones B Editorial Casals Editorial Juventud Over recent years. Catalonia has, and Salvat among others produce over 90 of all products published seen the arrival of. every year in Spain Two years ago Panini another Catalan publishing new small yet. house joined the market with the publication of all the Marvel Comics ambitious. publishing houses, material in Spain and more recently the division of Random House. Mondadori located in Barcelona started an interesting policy of publishing. top quality graphic novels All these movements are clear indicators of. the vitality of the comic industry in Catalonia,The comic industry.
The publishing sector is one of the most active of Catalan culture and. economy and holds a leading position in Spain as a whole In 2005. 260 publishing houses over one third of all those in Spain had their. head offices in Catalonia The 30 710 titles and 165 9 million copies. published in 2005 are proof of the power of the Catalan publishing. Within this panorama comics hold a significant position both in Catalonia. and in Spain as a whole According to the Domestic Book Trade Report. regarding the year 2005 comics provided a turnover of 98 78 million. euros throughout Spain In relation to 2004 this represents a 2 13. million euro increase 10 5 million if compared with the 2003 turnover. According to the data of this study published by the Spanish Trade. Federation comics account for 3 4 of total turnover for books in. Comics turnover 2005,in Spain 2003 2005 98 78,million euro. The publishing industry in Catalonia is the indisputable leader in terms. of comic publishing throughout Spain Catalan publishers represent. over 90 of Spanish comic turnover The presence of the largest number. of and most significant in terms of business volume publishing. houses e g Planeta DeAgostini Gl nat Ediciones Panini Comics. Norma Editorial and Ediciones B in Catalonia explains this situation. Spanish market,Manga Superheroes Comics by Spanish. and European authors, Despite there being no official figures per genre manga dominates the. Spanish market with approximately 42 percent of total turnover whereas. superheroes hold 38 percent Comics by Spanish and European authors. represent 18 percent while the remaining 2 come from other countries. Of all comic titles published by Catalan publishing houses approximately. 5 percent are in Catalan whereas the rest are in Spanish It is worth. noting that two senior titles Cavall Fort fortnightly and Tretzevents. monthly created in 1961 and 1951 respectively are still being. Comic conventions in Catalonia, La Federaci d Institucions Professionals del C mic FICOMIC The. Federation of Professional Comic Institutions was created in 1988 in. order to promote comics around Spain This non profit making association. which includes Catalan publishers booksellers and distributors organises. the Sal Internacional del C mic International Comic Convention in. Barcelona and the Sal del Manga Manga Convention Furthermore. FICOMIC organises the presence of Catalan comics at the 2007 Frankfurt. Book Fair and has prepared the project for the future National Comic. and Illustration Centre of Catalonia,International Comic.
Convention,visitors and,141 exhibiting companies in 2007. Founded in 1981 Barcelona International Comic Convention welcomed. 100 000 visitors and 141 exhibiting companies in 2007 making it. the most important in Spain and second most in Europe The presence. of notable national and international authors the presentation of a great. many novelties by publishing houses and the scheduling of exhibitions. relating to the comic sector make Barcelona International Comic. Convention an event not to be missed as proven by the massive influx. of the general public Furthermore the Convention presents different. awards to the best works published over the previous year and a Grand. Prize in honour of a distinguished personality from the world of Spanish. comics Miguelanxo Prado was awarded the 2007 prize. Created in 1995 the Manga Convention welcomed 65 000 visitors and. 123 exhibiting companies in 2006 The growing expansion of manga. one of the most notable phenomena of recent comic history in Spain. Manga Convention,visitors and,123 exhibiting companies in 2006. became apparent from the successful numbers of general public to. visit the convention who were enthusiastic and participative in all the. parallel activities, The forthcoming International Comic Convention in Barcelona is to be. held from 17th to 20th April 2008 at Fira de Barcelona The fourteenth. Manga Convention is to be held in 2008 from October 30th to November. 2nd at La Farga exhibition area in L Hospitalet de Llobregat. Catalan authors, We include here a selection of authors artists and writers all of them. active born in our country as well as those who live and work in Catalonia. Jaume Mar al Abella Josep Maria Be,jaume marzalkanos com www edicionesglenat es.
www marzalkanos com,Jordi Bernet,Sergi lvarez jordibernet telefonica net. bajolapiel yahoo es www edicionesglenat es,www astiberri com. Horacio Altuna,haltuna teleline es,Jordi Amor s,jordiamoros hotmail com. www eljueves es,Carlos Azagra,azagra eljueves es,www eljueves es. Josep Maria Beroy,Ramon F Bachs bernur telefonica net.
ramonf bachs gmail com www beroy es,www marvel com. Dani Boada,Manel Barcel granotes hotmail com,losmael hotmail com www granotes blogspot com. www eljueves es,Marc Brocal Juan Rom n Cano,mark7et gmail com jrcsantacruz ya com. www cavallfort cat comics imakinarium net,Pep Brocal Joaqu n Cera. the comic industry in Catalonia DeAgostini and Ediciones Zinco made superheroes fashionable Superman Batman Spiderman X Men

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